DISGUSTING Hygiene Makes Gordon Pull the Fire Alarm | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Apr 21, 2018
  • The shower curtain result was disgusting.
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  • ThatWeirdDorito Bruh
    ThatWeirdDorito Bruh 35 minutes ago

    He cook....

    He look...

    But Most importantly...

    He find the gook!

  • LonelyPizza Is Here!
    LonelyPizza Is Here! 39 minutes ago

    *Dats Grease From da Hood*

  • shon azulay
    shon azulay 2 hours ago

    i got so tramautized i washed my hands for a good seven minutes in real life

  • Ahmed Nadeem
    Ahmed Nadeem 2 hours ago

    Firemen: Why did you call for us?
    *Ramsay: I am going to burn the place down.*
    Firemen: 🙄

  • Logan Keeton
    Logan Keeton 3 hours ago

    4:25 right call 👏👍

  • Natayo
    Natayo 4 hours ago

    What episode and season ?

  • Quinton Shull
    Quinton Shull 6 hours ago

    Did she think the mold was gonna chase her around the room??

  • give me 100 subs n ill make vids

    I wonder what the cameraman thought

  • Ajay Herrera
    Ajay Herrera 7 hours ago

    I luv Gordon he is very concerned about other people well being and that is true kindness

  • Christina Stanifer
    Christina Stanifer 7 hours ago

    That place makes me 🤮🤮

  • Kameron Terry
    Kameron Terry 8 hours ago

    Fucking BURN IT

  • shadow05 PW
    shadow05 PW 9 hours ago

    Anything above 30 is in the danger zone


  • I'm Inside/Anime weeb
    I'm Inside/Anime weeb 9 hours ago

    I'm surprised they even had a fire alarm tbh

  • Erick Kozlowski
    Erick Kozlowski 9 hours ago

    I got a hotel ad on this vid 😂

  • Med. exe
    Med. exe 9 hours ago

    0:32 was dat in the shower...

  • Cacteyes
    Cacteyes 9 hours ago

    0:42 love the bloody handprint on the wall yum yum

  • Jean Simard
    Jean Simard 10 hours ago

    That's "Parts per million" simple ppm test

  • charizard tdm
    charizard tdm 10 hours ago

    I literally died when it said 5680

  • d maria
    d maria 11 hours ago

    I hate this woman

  • Roy Sharp
    Roy Sharp 11 hours ago

    which episode is this one? I want to watch the entire show

  • Clout Goggles
    Clout Goggles 12 hours ago

    "Anything above 30 is dangerous" *reads 5680*

  • Destiny UnicornSquad
    Destiny UnicornSquad 13 hours ago

    Can someone please explain why he pulled the fire alarm

  • Thecatlover121 Gale
    Thecatlover121 Gale 14 hours ago

    By the time I go downstairs I want an answer

    Lol who's dad/mom DOESN'T say that

  • Eric Judkins-van buren
    Eric Judkins-van buren 14 hours ago

    Another Legionaires Convention.

  • Rissa
    Rissa 14 hours ago

    5,680?! That’s actually, absolutely disgusting

  • Ayee_itz_Bianca
    Ayee_itz_Bianca 14 hours ago +1

    Don't drop the soap.

  • Med. exe
    Med. exe 14 hours ago

    Diarrhea had 803......................................

  • Laura Hart
    Laura Hart 14 hours ago

    2:20 “You’ve never stayed here in 10 years?!” *test tube shaking intensifies*

  • Atomic Nuke
    Atomic Nuke 16 hours ago

    *touches bacteria*

    Rubs eyes

  • Lephanite
    Lephanite 18 hours ago

    I think the device was wrong from 573 i think it meant 573 million

  • Lephanite
    Lephanite 18 hours ago

    What episode was this on

  • Andrew Konhauser
    Andrew Konhauser 18 hours ago

    Actually it’s pretty accurate in the bath room bacteria breeds like trolls of Minecraft basically very fast

  • Michaela De Lima
    Michaela De Lima 19 hours ago

    Gordon has the ability to make someone feel like their being scolded hardcore without being shouted at😂

  • Controversial Clytie
    Controversial Clytie 19 hours ago +3

    5,680!? I think it's hard to keep a place that dirty

  • ZingerFlame
    ZingerFlame 20 hours ago +4

    Anything above 30 is dangerous
    Old witch: shits on the floor
    Gordon: 803
    Shower curtain: exists
    Gordon: *5680*

  • David Gaming Remastered

    Nibba he has ebola in the vents.

  • Vikram
    Vikram Day ago

    This gordon Ramsay cares about hygiene,but he doesnt even wear gloves when he is touching the food..Washing your hands isnt enouggh

  • Periodictpr ttv
    Periodictpr ttv Day ago

    he couldve gotten arrested

  • United States Marine Corps

    Gordon is fucking Superman with a hygienic measure....

  • Janina Suz
    Janina Suz Day ago +1

    Live bacteria as left the chat

  • Ray Blackburn
    Ray Blackburn Day ago

    i can tell you for a fact them motels hotels never call for HVAC maintenance unless the A/C breaks and is full of legionnaires disease and slime molds and same thing with their ice machines
    You would actually be safer drinking water from a toilet in Mexico than using ice from a motel hotel ice machine or even from one in a fast food joint same thing
    Has to do with health inspectors making bundles of money in bribes to allow them to stay open is what I found for a fact

    LPS SUPER Day ago +5

    *Anybody here after the 803 shetty rug*

  • 2Lyrical
    2Lyrical Day ago

    wtf are the firefighters going to do? hose the building down ?

  • mystified killer 101

    10 or below: 5 star
    15 or below: could be better but 4 point 9 stars
    30 or below: clean please
    5000 or more:Do I really need to explain?

  • aislynn mullins
    aislynn mullins Day ago

    This is just disgusting...MY LITTLE SISTER HAS BETTER HYGIENE AND SHE IS 8-11
    im not saying her age

  • gunner kitts
    gunner kitts Day ago


  • PlainJane
    PlainJane Day ago

    What a wretched excuse for a woman, no matter a hotel/restaurant owner. Disgusting person, disgusting place. Just call the health department on them, shut them the hell down. That place is a death trap.

  • InsomniacASMR/JakkuWolf Epic Streamz

    That is completely unacceptable, if that was my hotel I would have 4 cleaners for every floor like I would want my hotel so clean you could eat off of it. That is beyond disgusting jesus

  • Parker Rappoport
    Parker Rappoport Day ago +1

    Ramsay opens a hotel; He runs a test: 9,980!

  • The wolf pack 2020

    3:06 “WHAT IN THE FUCK”

  • Thuy Ngo
    Thuy Ngo Day ago

    Damn Gordon your savage
    Btw wait till the end of the video

  • [] Addie YT []
    [] Addie YT [] Day ago +1

    Make a Non Vaccinator Parent watch this

  • Daystrikezツ
    Daystrikezツ Day ago +1

    Yea no I'm gonna stay at that days inn and have the free breakfast and enjoy my day.

  • Big Chungus ,
    Big Chungus , Day ago

    Good my guy

  • Ellirocks12345 ROBLOX

    pause 0:41.... just why?

  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas Day ago

    I'm really Surprised Ramsey isn't dead or dying from all these bacteria and💀 germs ☠he comes in contact with☠

  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas Day ago +4

    You could run a DIESEL ENGINE with that gunky grease...talk about recycled fuel!

  • IAmJinx
    IAmJinx Day ago

    *he pulled the fire alarm*

  • YouTube sensation

    Rug got a higher power level than season 1 DBZ characters

  • Shyohbi Xxx
    Shyohbi Xxx Day ago

    The way she got in the chair lmao me

  • AshYo
    AshYo Day ago

    The Jamaican lady sounds like Consuela from family guy.

  • Kizzy gaming network

    ITS OVER 5000 3:18

  • Captain Avery
    Captain Avery Day ago

    What does the meter mean exactly? Like what does it repeat?

  • Mizuku 04
    Mizuku 04 Day ago

    5680 wow

  • TheBigBlueChubbyBunny

    Ramsay has such muscular arms.

    MRAHMAN 2 days ago

    His power level is too high

  • Notorious
    Notorious 2 days ago +1

    Kitchen nightmares, hotel hell and next will be shitty schools or terrible supermarkets. 😂

  • Butterfly Queen
    Butterfly Queen 2 days ago

    *Grease from the hood*

  • Tristian Playz
    Tristian Playz 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey Should Have Subscribe Now Or Else I Will SCREAM at you

  • LeviathanLlama
    LeviathanLlama 2 days ago

    Actuate fuckin response

  • MaryArts
    MaryArts 2 days ago

    Sad thing in many normal apartments it is not different. I lived in two rented apartments before and I checked the steam dischargers and no one ever vacuumated them or anything. If I live in a apartment for over a few months, I would clean things like these sooner or later. How can people live like that?
    People think that vacuuming the floor is enoug. Urgh.
    I need a device like him

  • Angelia Ashanti
    Angelia Ashanti 2 days ago

    Does anyone know which episode this is?

  • Omg you’re so right

    Bloody Americans

  • Rexxxy the Wode
    Rexxxy the Wode 2 days ago

    I know whats in that shower.

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein 2 days ago

    That curtain is so contaminated it can mutate and eat that diarrhea rug from Karen's hotel.

  • Not Human
    Not Human 2 days ago

    Thats biodesil at that point

  • AL EX
    AL EX 2 days ago

    I wish I wasn’t eating cookies when that thing read 5,000🤮

  • x_p4
    x_p4 2 days ago


  • Aidan Rodriguez
    Aidan Rodriguez 2 days ago

    I recamend Applebee's. All good is fresh there. Not frozen.

  • Claire of Hodges
    Claire of Hodges 2 days ago

    Everyone in the comments are saying they put hand sanitizer on after when really it’s duplicating the amount of germs you have 😂

  • Evelyn Xie
    Evelyn Xie 2 days ago

    he just walks in a stranger's room

  • Strawberry Cat
    Strawberry Cat 2 days ago

    *suddenly becomes germaphobic*

  • Adrian David Nater
    Adrian David Nater 2 days ago

    It's over 5,000!!!

  • Kamen Springer
    Kamen Springer 2 days ago +18

    "Anything above 30 is bad"
    *Looks at measure and it says 5680*

  • galaxy panda
    galaxy panda 2 days ago

    Did anyone else come to this video after watching the old lady and the diarrhea?

  • LittleParade
    LittleParade 2 days ago

    Everyone's reaction to the gross hygiene results is to put their hands right up to their face and jaw dropped mouth.

  • LittleParade
    LittleParade 2 days ago

    *5680?? N A N I*

  • Patrick Earthridge
    Patrick Earthridge 2 days ago +41

    Imagine if Gordon Ramsay himself barged into your hotel room, started pulling up the carpet and screaming "ITS FOKIN MOLDY!!!".

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther 2 days ago

    I’m so tempted to throw an anti-vaxx kid in that hell hole

  • San Junipero
    San Junipero 3 days ago

    Watching these videos always makes me wonder just how bad my local hotels and restaurants secretly are

  • CrimsonGD
    CrimsonGD 3 days ago

    Are you kidding me? Anything over 30 is in the danger zone. But 5000??!?!????!?!?!?? That’s crazy!

  • -Gacha Tea-
    -Gacha Tea- 3 days ago +5

    Gordon best put on some gloves and wash his hands with bleach

  • Mikael Laurila
    Mikael Laurila 3 days ago

    VEGETA! what does the scouter say about his power level???

  • Sherie Kuizon
    Sherie Kuizon 3 days ago

    Gordon: “5680, what in the fuk”

    Me getting out of the shower: 4:01

  • Luis rios
    Luis rios 3 days ago

    Fucking pulls the fire alarm 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Sheila Balderas
    Sheila Balderas 3 days ago

    From where this episode from

  • Desmond Kwong
    Desmond Kwong 3 days ago

    0:42 What is that in the back?!Please tell me it’s Ketchup

  • Cheezy_ RioT
    Cheezy_ RioT 3 days ago +4

    Level 1 Crook: Hygiene Level 10
    Level 100 Boss: 5680...

    • Cheezy_ RioT
      Cheezy_ RioT 2 days ago

      Yo! Thanks for the highlighted comment and 1 like!!!

    1THEBULLETSPONGE 3 days ago

    0:07 is she laughing?