Madden NFL 19 - Official Reveal Trailer


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  • Philip Pinto
    Philip Pinto 11 hours ago

    I’m going to stick to Fortnite

  • ashleigh roy
    ashleigh roy 12 hours ago

    No changes to relocation....... what a bunch of bs. Madden kneels to the nfl once again.

  • BhostOldVerb
    BhostOldVerb 12 hours ago

    This is secretly madden 17 with updated rosters

  • Der Dude
    Der Dude 17 hours ago

    Pls, this year With german language and subtitles!

  • Casey Beavers
    Casey Beavers 19 hours ago

    Hey EA Sports, y'all better have PC version of Madden this year sucka's!

  • clay grandia
    clay grandia 20 hours ago

    How much money u gonna try to take from us this year EA?

  • Tdizz
    Tdizz 20 hours ago


  • VerySexual Penguin

    on one hand I think shaquem griffin will do good but on the other hand I don't know

  • Joseph Commale
    Joseph Commale Day ago

    this is ass, there still embarrassing the eagles, saqoun can’t even break through Philly DL

  • James
    James Day ago

    So we can’t just update madden 18

  • Sean Snipes
    Sean Snipes Day ago

    I've been waiting 25 years to do the Lambeau leap in Madden, can someone please tell me if I can do the Lambeau leap in this game!!!

  • Synyster Shadows

    Wow this looks..... Just like the last 6 years....😂😂😂😂😂 what a joke.

  • Izzy Locc
    Izzy Locc Day ago

    One Year I Would LOVE If Madden Would Put The Actual Players On The Team On The Sidelines Instead Of The No Faced Dummies Who Just Wear The Uniforms

  • Angel D. Renteria

    I can't believe it. The Browns look SO good against the Steelers in this game. I wonder if they can be like this in real life.

  • MisterJonesification

    Sad that all these years later I'm still playing 2k5 lol.

  • Amazing Ronak
    Amazing Ronak Day ago

    I’m the god at madden

  • Video Vlogs 101
    Video Vlogs 101 Day ago

    So I haven't bought a madden since 2016 and Here we go with a trailer that will look nothing like the game wow. What ever happen to 2k sports making a football game? Geez

  • hazyhit420 beardog

    Is it gonna be rigged like the real game is...gambling brings out the worst in everything...I would be happier if they just got rid of sports all together...atleast Wal-Mart would have more employees..

  • Zanktron 911
    Zanktron 911 Day ago

    shaqueem griffin with one hand will be the only good part about this

  • Jourdan Gibson
    Jourdan Gibson Day ago

    You guys want to know how to get M19 for free (you have to have the 3 most recent ones) heres how
    1. Turn on your Madden
    2. Go to Community Files
    3. Search anything about "2018" "2019" or like "Madden 19"
    4. DL the most Downloaded one
    5. Load
    6. Enjoy Madden 19 2 months early!!!
    (You wont have the new Titans or Jags unis but who really cares)

  • Love Drop
    Love Drop Day ago

    Did EA sports give up trying to delete the negative comments, or do they just wait to clean them up in the morning? This is brutal

  • James Russo
    James Russo Day ago


  • Soan TRainer
    Soan TRainer Day ago

    This is not Skate 4

  • Chastin Zimmerman

    J.R. Smith is the best nba player

  • Alllan Muc
    Alllan Muc Day ago

    Bruhh mayfeild aint gonna b able to j shrug off a hit from watt he goin down

  • bilal mian
    bilal mian Day ago +1


  • Zakkai Holmes
    Zakkai Holmes Day ago

    Bruh they need to add My Career like in 2k like if you agree

  • D. H.
    D. H. Day ago

    How do you guys decide which teams to show off? Just curious because I feel every year it’s like the same teams: Pats, Giants, Steelers, etc.

  • FiveStarConn !
    FiveStarConn ! 2 days ago

    I wanna know if baker mayfield completed that pass or did it just get picked off

  • Sir Smoove
    Sir Smoove 2 days ago


  • brucee
    brucee 2 days ago

    EA weird for that Browns moment in the trailer 😂

  • Eddie Castro
    Eddie Castro 2 days ago +1

    If they could do a intro before every game like dis like when u play vs , multiplayer dat would be dope like a cut seen when every one bouta line up on the line then it goes into game play 👌🏼💯

  • Berave Trolliolli
    Berave Trolliolli 2 days ago

    Nice, welfare checks raining on the field, drive-bys and food stamps for the first 12k blacks to buy it

  • i framed rodger da rabbit

    Dear Madden: won't you put a couple hall of fame classic teams on the game like they do in 2k

  • i framed rodger da rabbit

    Dear Madden: please bring back created team with out having to play franchise mode

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 2 days ago

    Doesn't look like anything new, yet another Madden that seizes to impress me in player heart, feedback, & creativity

  • testingbroh
    testingbroh 2 days ago


  • My Crazy Mothafuckin Podcast

    Why is the playing field so big?!?!?!

  • Noah
    Noah 2 days ago

    Trash trailer eagles won super bowl and now u have eagles looking bad in the trailer

  • Bruce Leroy
    Bruce Leroy 2 days ago

    I will be taking a knee on this one.

  • The Man
    The Man 2 days ago

    It’s magic the browns scored on a good team wow

  • August Cheng
    August Cheng 2 days ago

    Fuk u Madden u suck

  • micah weems
    micah weems 2 days ago

    EA can you change the scoreboard different color or something new been looking at the same one for couple of years now

  • Orlando MJ
    Orlando MJ 2 days ago

    The graphics tho!!!!

  • A well organized paper towel

    What's the difference between this and madden 18?

    SSJRONNIE 1 2 days ago +1

    Why madden trying to make the bad teams last year look good😂😂

  • Leon Taylor
    Leon Taylor 2 days ago

    Looking forward to madden 19.

  • Antoine Bennett
    Antoine Bennett 2 days ago

    I just wanna know can you catch ? 😂

  • J New
    J New 2 days ago

    Madden 09 looks amazing

  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott 2 days ago

    Be done 7

  • Kingleo14
    Kingleo14 2 days ago

    0-16 still making it in the Madden NFL 19 trailer 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Александр Кочнев

    Good! bring back more NHL on your PC! Pre-order want do!

  • Louisiana A.K.
    Louisiana A.K. 2 days ago

    All I ask is that they give up the sole rights to the nfl and allow some competition in the football games area. May the best game win.

  • Charlie Lawson
    Charlie Lawson 2 days ago

    If this is the best quality footage they could find to put in a trailer, we’re all fucking doomed

  • J B
    J B 2 days ago

    Do they kneel during the anthem?

  • Matthew Dolente
    Matthew Dolente 2 days ago

    Make Madden 2 disks. One for MUT etc. the other for franchise, superstar mode. That way it'll be less crammed and more space to devote new features and play.

  • Nathaniel Rieder
    Nathaniel Rieder 2 days ago

    Prolly the shittiest trailer for madden ever.

  • Zack Wilson
    Zack Wilson 3 days ago

    Looks like another piece of trash from EA...

  • Dewayne White
    Dewayne White 3 days ago

    Nothing changed but the date and time!!!!

  • 313C
    313C 3 days ago

    It’s like the game got even worse hope you go bankrupt

  • Jarvaris Kennard
    Jarvaris Kennard 3 days ago

    t.o on the cover

  • Torrey Bauer
    Torrey Bauer 3 days ago

    Please tell me that Mayfield is not on the cover of the game!!!! Bad enough the Browns are terrible. Now we have the curse of Madden!!!! Oh well as an Ohio native I am used to disappointment.. Just hope that I am wrong ...????

  • Oscar theLeoFan
    Oscar theLeoFan 3 days ago

    Fifa 19 looks better

  • Infamous Money Hunter

    Hey EA if your mediocre developers are having trouble making madden on the switch just port the WiiU version of madden 13 and call it madden 19. Just make sure it isn't a total failure of a port like wwe 2k18. Also I like your new motto: EA - We out here chasing dat money!!! It's much better and honest than "it's in the game".

  • Niick Young Jr.
    Niick Young Jr. 3 days ago +1

    Might as well turn this into a battle royale game.

  • Gage Jernigan
    Gage Jernigan 3 days ago

    the eagles d is too good to let a rookie run it over EA...

    ROB TEX 3 days ago

    Can't wait for more opi dpi pass interference calls, oh wait they were non existent in most of the game well pretty much the whole game

  • dad bro dude
    dad bro dude 3 days ago

    It's the same game year after year but this time they did some shading. All of the movements that were showcased in this trailer have been in every madden since madden 25. I remember when Madden actually tried to make good games instead of just trying to trick morons into buying new games every hear. Now that they own the rights to NFL they ruined football games for the consumer and profited off of dummies with deep pockets. I will never purchase another Madden for as long as I live. #hotgarbage #dumpsterfire

  • Devon Araeb
    Devon Araeb 3 days ago

    EA should start releasing PC versions as well.......

  • Mark Heltman
    Mark Heltman 3 days ago

    They're making another one? Cool

  • Joseph Collazo
    Joseph Collazo 3 days ago

    Sounds like Omar is speaking. "Ayyo, leason here Bey.If you come at the king, you best not miss.

  • Odin Martinez
    Odin Martinez 3 days ago

    Can't wait for this

  • Dylan Porter
    Dylan Porter 3 days ago +1

    I've been saying it forever. They're just gonna keep on spitting out this trash and not change anything because YALL KEEP BUYING IT. #boycottmadden

  • jordan fick
    jordan fick 3 days ago

    Saquon running looked dumb as hell 😂

  • Mecaela Culberson
    Mecaela Culberson 3 days ago

    Madden 09.2

  • Trollasaurus Rex
    Trollasaurus Rex 3 days ago

    Madden 15 looks cool....oh wait.

  • No More Depression
    No More Depression 3 days ago

    Bro Saquon Barkley runs like a duck on here wtf?

  • Joe Thomas Jr
    Joe Thomas Jr 3 days ago +1

    I know they got at least 1,000 from me...

  • Joe Thomas Jr
    Joe Thomas Jr 3 days ago

    They make millions on us every year...And it's the same old thing. Just looks a little bit better... Wake up.....

  • Javier Preze
    Javier Preze 3 days ago

    Too bad sorry ass madden graphic where suppose to look like this since 1st gen Xbox and it still looks the same .... I wish 2k could put madden out of there missory


    I hope they added to franchise mode

  • Hawkeye 03
    Hawkeye 03 3 days ago

    Why does he look so weird when he’s running?

  • Savage 21
    Savage 21 3 days ago

    Put a 1st person

  • bob101
    bob101 3 days ago

    Very meh

  • D Cash
    D Cash 3 days ago

    I need to know if we are going to have custom stadiums in 19 MUT. Why give us uniforms but still have to play in generic team stadiums??

  • allnikeeverything
    allnikeeverything 3 days ago

    In all seriousness this looks like madden 10..

  • Jaden May
    Jaden May 3 days ago

    Who else is playing Madden while watching this??

  • Mubeth Praditya
    Mubeth Praditya 3 days ago

    there is no game's rival so ea free to make this

  • god
    god 3 days ago

    why is there a gap delay when u run lol

  • Mag- nos7s
    Mag- nos7s 4 days ago

    Bring back the 2k football franchise.

  • Terelle Hunt
    Terelle Hunt 4 days ago

    That mess up this was post to be about the eagles

  • Daniel Spannknebel
    Daniel Spannknebel 4 days ago

    Yea great hype now take off all the bias UT settings and compensation n il believe so tired of ur pre set even team cheats when you have a 99 overall team and a 80 overall team can run ur team over somethings wrong. LISTEN E A if you want madden to survive and not die then take off all filters of gameplay and make it all user skill based and not have cpu compensate for noobs to keep it even.. Madden 18 was biggest rip off ever with power ups .packs etc to get nothing in return and lazt but not least give the bucs players some more respect with there ratings how am i suppose to compete against cheat brady with a trash winston card , let user create UT name , logo , stadium and chemistrys making it more flexable and personal will put yalls game thru the roof and like said in beggining no morr hidden height settings , celebrayion and compensation . .if this 19 is not fixed im done with madden for good which is sad bcuz ive played madden since day in 80s and its a shame to not enjoy ur favorite game you dont have to taje my word but you see how fortnite took half ur customers bcuz its free , legit , seldom lags or glictches and doesnt extort its customers over every item nickel or dime.

  • Luis Angel Guillen
    Luis Angel Guillen 4 days ago

    Graphics look like madden 12

  • freddy sims
    freddy sims 4 days ago

    Go BROWNS !

  • Chris Betha
    Chris Betha 4 days ago

    So you put T.O on the Cowboys AND show footage of the Giants and Barkley running all over the Eagles? The disrespect is fuckin real. I swore we just won the SB

  • daniel russell
    daniel russell 4 days ago

    Gonna be another dumbass story line where you don't play any NFL games in it just some dumbass game show

  • Broncos Stampede
    Broncos Stampede 4 days ago

    Dear E.A For Madden Overdrive??.....KEEP SEASON MODE!!!!!...Thank You.

  • I-am TheRealWill
    I-am TheRealWill 4 days ago

    let’s be honest, only reason I’m gettin this is because of Lamar Jackson lol

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 4 days ago

    I preordered that boy today

  • Tony Sky
    Tony Sky 4 days ago

    Basically change the cover on madden 18 and then put it on the shelf.