MovieBob Review: THE SHAPE OF WATER (2017)

  • Published on Dec 1, 2017
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  • Ironeagle 777
    Ironeagle 777 Month ago

    honestly you could amend that joke to "if this isn't the ONLY movie about fish-****ing you've EVER seen, I DO NOT want to see your DVD collection!"

  • President Kudsi
    President Kudsi 5 months ago

    2:29 the ironey there is in the 50s the censors would have been fine with a the girl being rapped (if it was off camera) but appauld if she enjoyed it.

  • music loversaxgirl
    music loversaxgirl 7 months ago

    So, you think this movie was so realistic as compared to the Greatest Showman. lol...I liked it, but found it completely forgettable .

  • terry blake
    terry blake Year ago

    I laughed so hard I had to leave the theater a couple of times so as to not disturb others. It was beautiful to look at , wonderfully lighting, set design, costumes and the like.
    But as a fan of Sci Fi and magic realism this story was farcically bad. I mean farce!! To add to the absolute hilarity of the plot and flabby writing (the ending was evident about 23 seconds into the film), the stereotypes were so 2017 Hollywood that people will be able to look back in 30 years and learn of the obscene over the top sense of importance HollyWorld types have. A wonderful snapshot of how the movie industry stereotyped in the mid teens of 21st century. The idiocy being that they were trying to break existing stereotypes and in doing so reinforced stereotypes their own sorry business has been trying to impose on our culture for some time now. Hypocrisy, stupidity, predictability you name it all washes up on the banks of a dirty swamp here.
    Two curiosities that were left unanswered. How does a lowly cleaning lady get absolutely any, never mind completely unabated , access to the greatest military secret of the cold war whenever she so desires? Couldn't these guys in 2017 come up with a costume for our waterlogged reptilian chess master that didn't look as if it was stolen from the 1950's set of The Creature from the Black Lagoon?
    You'll laugh til you cry.

  • Johnlindsey289
    Johnlindsey289 Year ago

    I really enjoyed it, it's no Pan's Labyrinth but i liked it

  • Jon dow
    Jon dow Year ago

  • Stuntman Pat. OTC

    I read somewhere that falling in love with the fish man would have been a lot like falling in love with koko the gorilla.

    • greatness1988
      greatness1988 Year ago

      Johnlindsey289 i do, because all the characters in the game have human level intelligence.
      Fish man was smart, but still seemed like a wild animal throughout the film.

    • Johnlindsey289
      Johnlindsey289 Year ago

      And do you think Mass Effect handles human X xeno romance better?

  • Keldroc
    Keldroc Year ago

    Del Toro is awful at character, story, theme, and basically anything that isn't visual design and cinematography. Every supporting character in this has their arc dropped completely by the halfway mark, and every theme of racism/sexism/religious intolerance, etc. is dropped almost the instant it's introduced. The movie tries to sell the creature as a sensitive being but then has it bite the head off a pet and excuses it as a "wild animal." Can't have that both ways, folks. And while Sally Hawkins' scene where she explains why she wants to save the creature is a great one, none of the scenes with her and the fishman show any of that or sell the relationship beyond the physical. Like so many of Del Toro's films, the intention is good and the premise is compelling, but the execution is emotionally hollow. Left me cold on everything but the performances, which Del Toro isn't able to piece together into anything that works narratively.

    • Johnlindsey289
      Johnlindsey289 Year ago

      What about Pan's Labyrinth, Devil's Backbone, Hellboy 1 & 2 and Cronos?

  • William Bell
    William Bell Year ago

    Sold by the first sentence.

  • ViolettaSachra
    ViolettaSachra Year ago

    It finally came out where i live and i finally got to see it and ooooh man i loved everything. Also fishguy is hot don't @ me!!

  • Blue Rose Blade
    Blue Rose Blade Year ago

    That is perhaps the single most disturbing tagline I've ever heard given to a movie! Good job!

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez Year ago +1

    You do not want to see my DVD collection!

  • sjhmagic1
    sjhmagic1 Year ago

    they'll would let del toro do anything.

  • Bmayo27
    Bmayo27 Year ago +1

    I have to say, MovieBob, I am really loving your stuff!!

  • zadok23
    zadok23 Year ago

    Would it get the same reaction though if it was a man crushing on a fishwoman?

  • RamblingSailors
    RamblingSailors Year ago +1

    BOB: Are you going to review Three Billboards? You gotta take this one in!

  • Gubby
    Gubby Year ago

    While well filmed and well acted, I found the whole thing to be an exercise in poor pacing and frustrating characterization. The movie jumps right into the main plot without doing anything to set up even the most basic plot elements, the most glaring being the romance which comes out of absolutely nowhere and, because the fish man never signs anything more complex than "egg" and "music", it feels actually really rapey when it finally becomes a romance. As far as I could tell there wasn't a single shot or scene that establishes to the audience that this thing is any more intelligent or able-to-give-consent than a chimpanzee. It had no character, it had no apparent goals or thoughts of its own, it just ate some eggs and listened to some music, didn't like being tortured, and went along with whatever Elisa wanted, whether it be rescuing him, setting him free when she decided he should be free, or fucking in the bathroom. All-in-all an excellently made and fairly entertaining mess.

  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman Year ago +1

    Moviebob, can you make a review about the Infinity Wars trailer?? It would be cool to know where things may go considering in Thor Ragnarok, Thor loses an eye in a fight with Hela and, eventually, Ragnarok ensues destroying Asgard, making the Asgardians nomads from there on out. Also, Odin dies, Thor fights Hulk and unlocks full Thunder powers. Post credit scene reveals Thanos arriving to Earth.
    How do you think Thor and the other Avengers will care will fare against Thanos based on the trailer?

  • RamblingSailors
    RamblingSailors Year ago

    Also, can I just say that my headcanon is that this is Abe Sapien's origin story?

  • RamblingSailors
    RamblingSailors Year ago

    "...Yeah, I'm gonna f*ck the fish guy."
    You silver tongued romantic, you.

  • vazak11
    vazak11 Year ago


  • Justin Murtagh
    Justin Murtagh Year ago

    A like just for the opening statement.

  • Anthony Lankford
    Anthony Lankford Year ago

    I thought the trailer was a trailer for the new hellboy movie and I'm sure I wasn't the only one since Doug Jones is basically playing Abe again.

  • Nishant Maddineni

    I guess that makes her pescosexual...

  • Stevie's Chayness

    Water? never touched the stuff. Fish f*ck in it.

  • Akron162
    Akron162 Year ago

    If this movie was made in Japan the monster would have been an octopus.

  • Bar_Pirate
    Bar_Pirate Year ago +1


  • Julián Ramírez
    Julián Ramírez Year ago +1

    "Best movie about fish-fucking of the year". So... it's better that "Bait" then.

  • Arvid P.
    Arvid P. Year ago

    Oh man, are we bleeping out words again? It's so annoying, I was really glad that he stopped doing it after moving to TVclip. I guess doesn't like F-Bombs.

  • Alfa alulum
    Alfa alulum Year ago +1

    do you won to watch the shape of water (2017) full movie click link here

  • DBLoCK_ThE_KeyBlade Master

    So what if Abe and Nuala actually did it? Got ya

  • Abiy BattleSpell
    Abiy BattleSpell Year ago

    hentai is pretty neat

  • popodono
    popodono Year ago +5

    These are the kinds of movies I wait all my life to see.

  • MyssBlewm
    MyssBlewm Year ago

    I want to see this film so much!

  • Rene Vill
    Rene Vill Year ago

    You SHOULD see my DVD collection Bob! 'Humanoids from the Deep' is THE best fish-fucking movie of all time.

  • Elphaba84
    Elphaba84 Year ago

    You're really hung up on the whole fish fucking part of this film, aren't you?

  • JC Legendary
    JC Legendary Year ago

    It's only weird if you've never played Darkstalkers. Fuckable fishmen are totally normal.

  • Salana Salamone Art
    Salana Salamone Art Year ago +1

    i can not wait to see this

  • Hieronymus Heim
    Hieronymus Heim Year ago +1

    man, now i am hyped for that!

  • The Battlesword
    The Battlesword Year ago

    I can’t believe I live in a nation that has to wait another MONTH just to see this

  • J. C.
    J. C. Year ago

    Perfect intro.
    Wait... Doug Jones? Is this a prequel to Hellboy?!?!

  • Connor Syrewicz
    Connor Syrewicz Year ago

    Bob you got this one so wrong... This movie was terrible...

  • N. L. G.
    N. L. G. Year ago +1

    Okay, so basically the fish sticks his fish dick into her fishy schlick, and then they watch some movies and fight the system. Cool beans.

  • jackal27
    jackal27 Year ago

    I never appreciated Del Toro until Crimson Peak last year, but DAMN the man is a visionary.

  • DeadpanTurtle
    DeadpanTurtle Year ago

    I feel like Guillermo del Toro's level of weird awesomeness is basically what m knight was trying to achieve with signs and lady in the water.

  • A.M. Wolf
    A.M. Wolf Year ago +1

    *"Hell of a movie this is, go see it should you, young Skywalker."*

  • DoctorLazers
    DoctorLazers Year ago +1

    There's never a movie I look forward to more than Del Toro's next masterpiece.

  • Geek Soup
    Geek Soup Year ago +1

    "Yeah I think I'm gonna f--k the fish guy" okay that one cracked me up. Also do you have a Venom t-shirt because that would look really good with a black sports coat.

  • The Cynical Historian

    1:00 - unintentionally funny - "The shape of water is cut more it less from the same cloth"

  • queendsheena1
    queendsheena1 Year ago +40

    That woman really is into fucking fish. I must see this? Yes, I must. Del Tora is a true master. Or seductress? Both?

    • BLAIR M Schirmer
      BLAIR M Schirmer Year ago +1

      _Unnamed Manphibian_ ... Doug Jones
      _Protofeminist Mute Fishfucker_ ... Sally Hawkins

  • CycloneMetal
    CycloneMetal Year ago

    between this, The Disaster Artist, and Star Wars, December's gonna be a helluva month for movies.

  • samualwatkins
    samualwatkins Year ago

    "Fish, (bleep) in it."

  • luchomscyfy
    luchomscyfy Year ago +5

    It's hard to believe, with the fall of the Dark Universe, that never didn't ocurred to Universal to call Del Toro to make the shape of its Cinematic Universe a la Kevin Feige. This could be a great version of The creature of the Black Lagoon.

    • __
      __ Year ago

      They did, they were playing footsie with the idea, but universal ultimately said no; dumbasses

  • Shitstirrer
    Shitstirrer Year ago

    Careful with the auteur statements. Just remember Tim Burton used to occupy a niche all of his own at one point too.

    • John Coe
      John Coe Year ago

      You..... have a point......

  • Adam Hoffman
    Adam Hoffman Year ago +1

    So, from the description I'm not just seeing Creature from the Black Lagoon influences but also influences from H. C. Andersen's "The Little Mermaid".

  • P S
    P S Year ago +2

    Huh... I think I read this fanfic already....

  • Cephalopod51
    Cephalopod51 Year ago

    3:15 Is that The Story of Ruth they're watching? Now that's a rare Biblical epic. Appropriate too, since it involves a heroine falling in love with an rebellious outsider to her society, and her lover getting persecuted by the oppressive religious order she serves.

  • Bunny in the Box
    Bunny in the Box Year ago

    Del Toro taking the "To obey, just like that...only people like you captain can do that." Philosophy to storytelling.

  • MarkRavingMad
    MarkRavingMad Year ago

    Okay, have my attention.

  • Dave Talks Video Games

    Oh wow, that joke at the start was pitch perfect. Now to watch the review :D

  • Omega Styles
    Omega Styles Year ago

    My sibling told me this was Abe Sapien origin

  • adrian jas
    adrian jas Year ago

    I want to see Del Toro make a movie out of the Transmetropolitan comics.

  • Carmai7
    Carmai7 Year ago +4

    Fish fucking is going mainstream!

  • GammaWALLE
    GammaWALLE Year ago +4

    0:05 What's wrong with The Little Mermaid? :(

  • David
    David Year ago +3

    She sure loves them fish sticks

  • The One and Only Michael McCormick

    Alright, we’re all thinking it.
    Abe Sapien origin story!

  • Wheatboi
    Wheatboi Year ago +1

    My GF is super excited for this movie. Puts no effort into hiding the fact that she too wants to fuck the fish man.

  • Angry Yogbuscus
    Angry Yogbuscus Year ago +1

    Abe-sapien v.0.9

  • D Mano
    D Mano Year ago

    Very similar to this short released in 2015...
    Even down to the woman mopping the lab where the creature lives. Although, and I do love Del Toros' work, I'd rather see a feature length version of the short

  • AlucardaLaCarte
    AlucardaLaCarte Year ago

    Neonomicon done right, huh?

  • Louis Duarte
    Louis Duarte Year ago

    What the deuce? I couldn't see anything! Just one big, black space where the video should have been.
    But for me, the old "the real monster is man" twist is so overused, it's normal. I think a bigger twist to these movies would be "PSYCHE! The REAL monster is the least human-looking thing in the room! You big, dumb idiot!"

    • Joey245
      Joey245 Year ago

      You may have to close your browser and reopen it again. It happened to me a few times, and I suspect it has something to do with TVclip ads and AdBlock not playing nice with one another for some reason.

  • Turbo Egg Salad
    Turbo Egg Salad Year ago

    Is it shot on film or digital?

  • Pokerface
    Pokerface Year ago

    I'm really annoyed that this movie isn't getting wide release for a few more weeks. Why only show it in NYC for one fucking day?

  • Espurr Fitzroy
    Espurr Fitzroy Year ago

    I don't think I have a better fish f%$@ing movie in my collection (since i haven't seen "shape of water") *BUT* I _do_ have a pretty good fish f@#$ing movie called "Dagon" based on Lovecraft's "Shadow over Innsmouth". you should review it in "schlocktober" ^_^

  • Lew Archer 1949
    Lew Archer 1949 Year ago +1

    A woman fucking a fish sounds more Cronenberg body horror than romantic.

    • Casey Goddard
      Casey Goddard Year ago

      "Shadow over Innsmouth"

    • Salana Salamone Art
      Salana Salamone Art Year ago +1

      finally the cronenberg rom com we've all been waiting for

    • Gorinich Serpant
      Gorinich Serpant Year ago +2

      I just came up with a new act of time travel fuckery. Go to Lovecraft and tell him all the things that happened that would confirm his worst fears. Then after he's done his initial freak out, explain how that thing that he reviles with the core of his being really isn't that bad.

    • Lew Archer 1949
      Lew Archer 1949 Year ago +1

      Gorinich Serpant Yes. Dagon. It was truly heartwarming.

    • Gorinich Serpant
      Gorinich Serpant Year ago +2

      Wasn't "women have consensual sex with fish people" part of the horror premise in that one Lovecraft short story?

  • Everett Harris
    Everett Harris Year ago

    4:16 "Even though 'The Shape of Water' feels like it POURS more to the middle of his overall output..."
    I see what you did there Bob!

  • SuicidalPooh
    SuicidalPooh Year ago

    Doubt you will read this but will you be reviewing punisher

  • hahaha430
    hahaha430 Year ago +6

    I've always thought that about Sally Hawkins. Every movie she is in it's like 'oh she was amazing' and then a second later 'yeah of course she was, it's Sally Hawkins.

  • stanj85
    stanj85 Year ago +1

    Seriously Bob?! What does it take to get 4 stars?! I didn't hear you say one negative comment on the movie. But still it doesn't quite make it. Is this a meme of yours? Are you trying to tell us that no movie is deserving? I guess this doesn't really matter, but still...

    • Orion Burns
      Orion Burns Year ago

      It's probably the predictability of the film.

    • Mathew Gibbons
      Mathew Gibbons Year ago

      This is the problem with star ratings, people are reluctant to use the highest rating even when they really like something.

  • Dan Cooper
    Dan Cooper Year ago

    Stoked to see this. Doug Jones is the best.

  • Platano Cruz
    Platano Cruz Year ago

    Kinda curious if del toro would consider doing the Japanese seinen 'wolf guy' now.

  • Jeremy Leyland
    Jeremy Leyland Year ago +8

    Looks like Abe Sapien finally gets a girlfriend.

  • Elsa Williams
    Elsa Williams Year ago +33

    Day one, baby. Let's see some goddamn FISH DICK.

  • Amanda Diamond
    Amanda Diamond Year ago

    Manphibian is my new word today.

  • Jaden Asher
    Jaden Asher Year ago


  • Uriel238
    Uriel238 Year ago

    Obviously EOD propaganda. (Ia! Ia!)

  • Rawbeard
    Rawbeard Year ago +1

    3 months until it comes to theaters in Germany. how do they expect me to not buy or pirate the bluray release that will be out long before that? fucking Germany, man.

  • BraveFencer Musashiden

    Between the opening and the comments I can't stop laughing. 😂

  • Taylor Davies
    Taylor Davies Year ago +1

    when are you going to review the Christmas prince. I want someone to articulate how bad it is.

  • Jerrod Schembs
    Jerrod Schembs Year ago

    how come this video was censored? every fbomb was bleeped. I was enjoying the uncut reviews.

    • Jerrod Schembs
      Jerrod Schembs Year ago

      moviebob, oh good. I was afraid that history was repeating itself like what happened with the last sight you did film reviews for. Also it does work out comedically given the topic, in retrospect the bleeps hammer the shocking nature of the film more, I guess shocking. thanks for the clarification, also big fan of yours since your first few GO videos. keep up the great work.

    • moviebob
      moviebob Year ago +1

      My own decision, strictly for comedic effect

  • Michael Scally
    Michael Scally Year ago +51

    0:00 - 0:07 Oh, Bob... You haven't seen the fandom floating around Breath of the Wild's Prince Sidon, have you?

    • vidmuncher
      vidmuncher 19 days ago

      +Nick De Marco S C A L I E S

    • Nick De Marco
      Nick De Marco Year ago +1

      Or how about... furries...?

    • GammaWALLE
      GammaWALLE Year ago +6

      Oh, we’re counting video games?
      In that case, ahem...

  • Angus Wallace
    Angus Wallace Year ago

    im disappointed yet also exited to know that they don't explain why they where torturing the fish man, disaponted because they smacks of lazy writing but exited cause then there my be theories to be had

  • Immy Rowe
    Immy Rowe Year ago +21

    I am very confused... yet intrigued...I feel like Del Toro is just messing around with us now in the 'how awkward can you make a film summary?'

  • LordMichaelRahl
    LordMichaelRahl Year ago +73 it Abe?

    • Volvandese
      Volvandese Year ago

      His similarity to Abe pretty much ends at "is a fish man."

    • bimapringgo
      bimapringgo Year ago

      maybe a distant relative of Abe.

    • Nick De Marco
      Nick De Marco Year ago

      Abe wasn't worshiped as an Amazonian river god.

    • RamblingSailors
      RamblingSailors Year ago

      TheTygre I don't know if that's canon, but I would totally read that story.

    • TheTygre
      TheTygre Year ago

      Nah. Abe's wife is a New England ghost who still haunts their seaside manor because he never came back from being an ocean Freemason possessed by an angel/Cthulhu jellyfish.
      ... I don't get to talk about how great BPRD is a lot.

  • sonicpsycho13
    sonicpsycho13 Year ago +10

    I want to hear what have to say about Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. It seems like something moviebob would love.

    • KW
      KW Year ago

      Adam Sherman of course. I'm just dreading this upcoming Oscar season. If it's anything like last year, it'll be nonstop culture war bullshit.

    • Adam Sherman
      Adam Sherman Year ago +1

      Art can be problematic and still be good.
      Look at both _Blade Runner_ movies.

    • KW
      KW Year ago

      sonicpsycho13 I think I already know. He shared that Godawful thinkpiece from Alison Willmore, so yeah. He's of the opinion that 3 Billboards is "problematic." What a shock.

    • DoctorVancouver
      DoctorVancouver Year ago

      sonicpsycho13 I think he did a review for this already.

    • Adam Sherman
      Adam Sherman Year ago +1

      I saw it. It was fucking amazing.

  • kloggmonkey
    kloggmonkey Year ago +21

    i seriously thought this was a stand-alone film about abe sapien.

    • MarchingGrrl
      MarchingGrrl Year ago

      Also the eggs. I guess Abe preferred them rotten.

    • kloggmonkey
      kloggmonkey Year ago

      doug jones, yeah i know. one of the reasons why i assumed it was abe.

    • MarchingGrrl
      MarchingGrrl Year ago

      Same actor in the suit. Headcannon for me.

    • Salana Salamone Art
      Salana Salamone Art Year ago

      i wish omg, maybe next year

  • Christian Neihart
    Christian Neihart Year ago +171

    1. Get del Toro to make a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Seriously, it's long past due.
    2. Let Guillermo make his "At the Mountains of Madness" movie.
    3. Profit.

  • Nuke
    Nuke Year ago +11

    Guillermo del Toro is a goddamn scalie.

    • Johnlindsey289
      Johnlindsey289 Year ago

      Nothing wrong with that! i mean hey see Skyrim where an elf or human male can marry a female Argonian

  • The Cinematic Mind
    The Cinematic Mind Year ago +8

    My favourite film of the year.
    If Pan’s Labyrinth was the best live action fantasy film of the last decade. The Shape of Water is the best live action fantasy film of this decade.

    • The Cinematic Mind
      The Cinematic Mind Year ago

      Nyk Carnsew Ok

    • Nyk Carnsew
      Nyk Carnsew Year ago

      The Cinematic Mind usually when people say "the last decade" they're referring to the last ten years before now, I've never seen that phrase used to refer to the previous decade.

    • The Cinematic Mind
      The Cinematic Mind Year ago

      Nyk Carnsew You do know I wrote “If Pan’s Labyrinth was the best live action fantasy film of the *last decade*
      You seen to completely missed that didn’t you.

    • Nyk Carnsew
      Nyk Carnsew Year ago

      The Cinematic Mind Pan's Labyrinth came out more than a decade ago.

  • Eva Weiand
    Eva Weiand Year ago

    I am so happy to hear you say you liked it.