SEC Shorts - Alabama learns he's been kicked out of the Playoff Club

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • It was a tough weekend for the Alabama Crimson Tide. First they lose an Iron Bowl for the ages on an illegal substitution penalty, then they learn they've been kicked out of the Playoff Club.
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Elijah Gilliam
    Elijah Gilliam 8 days ago +1

    Tua doesn’t get hurt and doesn’t fumble that ball Alabama wins that game against LSUAnd it’s urban doesn’t get that logo at the end of the first half Bama wins again

  • Hannah Skipper
    Hannah Skipper 12 days ago

    I love that last second reference and the kick. 😂😂

  • 82ghall
    82ghall 13 days ago

    kicking said it all

  • M M
    M M 22 days ago

  • Christopher Wolfe
    Christopher Wolfe Month ago

    😂That kick at the end!😂. Well, played, that was beautiful!😂

  • Paul Lyrch
    Paul Lyrch Month ago

    Should be a good game between Michigan and Alabama

  • Morgan Grey
    Morgan Grey Month ago

    I guess paying Student Players doesn't work anymore?...i'm sure saben will find away to get better players.

  • racerxgundam
    racerxgundam Month ago

    the genius of this? its actually a UTAH DISS! lmfao

  • Big Styx
    Big Styx Month ago

    I wonder how many Bama fans were triggered.

  • Rashad Cheney
    Rashad Cheney Month ago


  • Andrew Pestotnik
    Andrew Pestotnik Month ago

    Are people really delusional enough to believe that they won't be right back there next year?
    I hate Alabama as much as anyone, this video won't age well

  • MegaMr46
    MegaMr46 Month ago +1

    Suck it Bama!

  • spencer lower
    spencer lower Month ago +1

    Why wreck the blazer:(

  • Jordan P.
    Jordan P. Month ago

    These are shorts are getting pretty damn good, keep it up!

  • Blake
    Blake Month ago

    My grades higher than a crack ho twentyfi minute aftuh she find a onvilope wit 2 thousunt dolla in it what some sucka done dropped. Cause I smart.
    Yo grades lower than a got damn rattlesnakes belly. Cause you stupit

  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith Month ago +1

    Maybe Alabama will make the Birmingham Bowl this year.

  • Joan Mandeville
    Joan Mandeville Month ago

    Better have a good. One this week for georgia!!

  • Kelishia King
    Kelishia King Month ago +1

    From an #AUBURN fan I love this! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Itsfire
    Itsfire Month ago


  • Toto Uganda
    Toto Uganda Month ago

    Georgia too

  • MetallicA AlabamA
    MetallicA AlabamA Month ago

    Whenever I'm pissed at Gary Danielson for sticking his nose so far up Joe Burrow, Ed "Cant get this big ol fat creole sausage outta my throat" Orgeron, LSU, Gus "My bus is gonna go boom" Malzahn, and the Auburn Tigers buttholes, I watch these and it helps me laugh. Yeah, Ol Slick Nick, and company didnt make it this season, oh well. Played LSU, and Auburn better than most teams did all season with half the roster on crutches. Yep, but ain't no sadness here, just sitting back, and gonna watch Saban toss them rings around this offseason to all these recruits, and I guarantee he ain't missing on these high profile players, especially on defense. And mabe Tua comes back, mabe not. It would be magic if he did, cause I promise he wont step off the field like Tebow did after coming back his senior year. But hey, I'm ok with Tebow. Hell, he's the only media guy that is looking at people like Gary Danielson, Tim Brando, and the whole Gameday crew like "I dont know what yall celebrating,but Saban is about to put a hurting on all you Bama fatigued hobos. And what really makes it look bad for the media,is the fact yall look bad cause ya hating because you know Saban, and Bama is still good. Lost 2 games by a total of 8 points, to the soon to be #1 playoff team at home, with a recovering Tua, and still bout beat em. In the road at Auburn where someone needs to take the 1 off the damn clock, 1 second dont belong at Auburn no more, retire that shat! And we were on a second string QB, that lit Auburns HIGH PROFILE defense up so bad, that Gary Danielson was gonna blow a load in his draws until Auburns defensive line finally did something. It's ok Gary Danileson, I'm not through with your poop stained face. But in all honesty, Im happy for LSU, Im happy because they finally know what it's like to get a taste of a little bit of success. But, I damn sure wont be rooting for ya corndog eating cajun booty sniffers, and yall the only team in history to have two Booties that went back to back with each other, just sayin. Nah, I'm gonna be rooting for an old friend of ours, names Jalen Hurts, and I hope he squats 700lbs of doo doo on Joe Burrows Heisman Trophy, and Oklahoma wins the natty, and that's for Jalen, not you Oklahoma. We had him first. Just remember, when Bama beat Tennessee, he was smoking the cigar wit dem Bama boys. And I promise you, them Bama boys gone be right there with Jalen. Saban will be too. See, all you sad little fanbases cant say I'm the least bit butt hurt, nor can you say that about any Bama fan, you know why? Cause we got the GOAT, and we got Bama. The last time we had 2 losses in the regular season or more, we went on and won back to back, the last time we missed the national title game 2 years in a row, we won 2 outta the next 3. LSU is 1 and done, unless Tim Brando, and Gary Danielson decide to go write another check to the SEC officials to be a worthless pile of steaming cow manure from the plains of Auburn, while eating a corn dog outta Ol Ed "My butts in my throat" Orgeron's butthole. But that would be Gary Danielson in a bikini. Yeah about him, I nominate him for worst biased commentator in the history of the sport. His nose is so brown from purple and gold doo doo, and Orange and Blue doo doo that he could make a SEC west doo doo cake, and eat it with his brown nose with one sniff. Probably would put Joe Burrows panties, I meant tighty whities in there so he would get all excited when it stick to his nostril. Never have I seen anyone praise someone more that LSU and Auburn, LSU more, because he and Brando play sword fights in the kiddie pool together. You know, yeah, you might say I'm a little angry because Alabama got dropped to 12th with 2 of easily the best losses by any team out there. Bama should be in a New Years 6, and if they dont get in, that's a tragedy, and it makes you guys in the media look even more like chumps with a chip on your shoulder cause YOU CANT EQUAL WHAT BAMA CAN DO! That's the only anger I have, the rest is just rest and relaxation. And I ain't saying nothing but tha truth, I could say more. But I'll leave it at this, because I done spread all the cheer around about Gary Danielson all I need to. I just hate it when a piece of crap like he is, will fake his way when Bama is winning championships, but when they lose he cant contain his hate for em. It's like Saban, or Bryant or someone slapped the hell outta him while he was in school, someone hurt that dudes feelings from Alabama. They probably took the one girl he thought was a virgin, and rimmed it out so Gary couldn't make no headway. Well I be damn! I figured it out. It's ok Gary. They still love you at Corndog By U. But whatever love anyone had for you at Bama, you might as well go on and retire, cause Saban and Bama bout to wax the SEC logo with a new name the Saban Electrocution Chamber "It just hurts more" You done pissed that little man off. If you didnt notice that dudes leg bouncing at the presser after the Auburn game, then you best watch out. He bout to go balls deep in this mutha. Ed "Why do I sound like a toad" Orgeron will be selling corndogs in 2 years, and Gus "I keep wanting my bus to go BOOM" Malzahn is gonna do just that, make his Gus bus go Boom, as it rides off a cliff in a fiery blaze. And the sad part, Arkansas is gonna already have a coach, probably one that will be better than he would have been anyway. Believe me, I ain't the only one thinking this stuff bout to happen, I'm just the one saying it. And when it happens, I hope Saban makes you bow, and kiss DA RINGS, cause he comin for ya and he ain't taking no more dookie off you crazy muthas. It wont matter how many penalties Alabama gets next season. Whomever Alabama plays is just collateral damage in the way. Its gonna happen, yall just messed up. Oh yeah, SEC, please get your officials some glasses, or get em something, because they suck. I nominate them for protest officiating crew in the history of college football. Not just against Alabama, against every team except LSU. Joe Burrow couldnt run to the porta John quick enough last season without pissing his pants, and now all of a sudden this dude has a month to run or throw in the pocket. Hell, I heard LSU fans hollering "Oh snap, we holdin like hell. flag? Okaaay!" And dont say it didnt happen, LSU had the least holding calls this season, or close to it. But I bet they didnt have many, and you dont come into Tuscaloosa, and say "We knew we were gonna win" after just getting your butts shut out last season to an injured Tua and company in Tampon Stick,La yeah the used kind. That's what ol Ed "WTF is wrong with that throat" Orgeron said after the Bama game. Sounds a little corndoggish to me. But, I give them old cornbread weenie covers some credit. They ok, but dont be surprised when Jalen and Oklahoma beats yalls ass. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL MUTHA BLEEPING TIDE! By the way SEC shorts, yall still make a damn funny video. I still got love for yall.

  • Big John
    Big John Month ago

    Bet they could have used Jalon ha ha ha ha ha. He gets to go to the big dance and they stay home and cry

  • Beacon342
    Beacon342 Month ago

    First it's a major plot hole to put weight bearing on an broken leg when he kicks the bottle. Second the leg in the cast is mocking Tuas booted leg after the injury which is off limits for decent humor. Third Oklahoma has a better chance than Utah and could have also fit around the A on the jacket. Fourth this same actor played Georgia after the south Carolina loss. How can one expect to follow this series? Fifth why is LSU entering the club by walking past the dumpster? Sixth a championship game loss by ohio state, Clemson, lsu, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Utah would mean Alabama would maybe...ok well never mind.

  • SeaDav018
    SeaDav018 Month ago

    Welp. This one stings.

  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy Month ago +1

    This playoffs is gonna be so much better without Bama

  • Steve Ark
    Steve Ark Month ago

    Notre dame should be number 1 they are better than all the other bot teams in college football

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    I’m not a Bama fan but I had them in a 4 game parlay and that’s the only thing I had wrong so it hurts big time. That missed Kick cost me money😭😭

  • Leanne Hyde
    Leanne Hyde Month ago

    Poor man😪

  • Mr. Goodbar
    Mr. Goodbar Month ago

    Really bad.
    Dont waste your time.
    And, YES, Auburn RULES!!!!!

  • John Hyde
    John Hyde Month ago


  • Michael Toland
    Michael Toland Month ago +1

    Water bottle off the post .

  • Ask BAMAGRL26
    Ask BAMAGRL26 Month ago

    This one really HURT😭😭😭

  • Gwheel Hogman
    Gwheel Hogman Month ago

    Love it

  • stone cold cowboy
    stone cold cowboy Month ago +1

    They let the bamy boys in a couple of years ago when they should not have been there!!! That was their last National championship!!!!

  • Galaxy Miles
    Galaxy Miles Month ago +3

    Big Ten Shorts need to be a thing now

  • Brandon Parnell
    Brandon Parnell Month ago +7

    I was Expecting Clemson to show up and be like “hi there, lovely weather today?”

  • John Dyer
    John Dyer Month ago

    Alabama had to stay undefeated if they wanted a national championship. This year it was not to be.

  • RJ Spinello
    RJ Spinello Month ago

    That pun tho

  • Wareagle86
    Wareagle86 Month ago

    Loved it, and War Damn Eagle!

  • Jackjuke Scott
    Jackjuke Scott Month ago +1

    Sucks but roll tide

  • In All Kinds Of Weather

    2:49 😂😂😂😂🔻

  • Yeah Buddy
    Yeah Buddy Month ago

    I would love to see a secret Santa video and see the teams exchange gifts.

  • Shawn Bishop
    Shawn Bishop Month ago

    Alabama is going to the Taxslayer Bowl or even the Belk Bowl. Went from playoff regularee to the Toliet Bowl and they better hope that they don't face App State.

    If Bama faces App State in a bowl game then I'm going to be so divided because App State will have that win over our heads as us Georgia Southern fans/students/alumni deal with their mouths about beating Bama. I cannot stand Bama either so I'm going to stay neutral in that game.

    As of now, I just want App State win on Saturday in the Sun Belt Conference Title game and have Memphis and Bosie State losing so that Georgia Southern can get rewarded (of providing the only loss for App State) with a better Sun Belt Bowl game such as the Autonation Cure Bowl or an unique bowl game opportunity such as the Pinstripe Bowl, Quick Lane Bowl, First Responder Bowl or the Armed Forces Bowl.

  • Kaden Johnson
    Kaden Johnson Month ago

    alabama would smack clemson

  • Johnny Underhil
    Johnny Underhil Month ago

    This is a classic.. Go Dawgs

  • Judith Forgony
    Judith Forgony Month ago

    Just leave Alabama alone, stop cursing Alabama, it's not funny you both look like jackasses

  • Robert Byrd
    Robert Byrd Month ago

    Wait til they get nixed out of the new years 6 bowls too!

  • Richard Lowery
    Richard Lowery Month ago +1

    135 Alabama fans don't like this video.

  • Youtuber Trump
    Youtuber Trump Month ago

    Another Natty for Clemson!

  • TIGER nation
    TIGER nation Month ago


  • Matt Sprayberry
    Matt Sprayberry Month ago +11

    You know what would have been even funnier if LSU would have taken Auburn as a date

  • Kyle Pence
    Kyle Pence Month ago

    Auburn fan here was mad whenever they got a playoff invite in 2017...glad they wont get one this year!

  • Frank Jones
    Frank Jones Month ago

    Ouch that hurts! Funny... but hurts! Rtr anyway!

  • Pump Up The Jam
    Pump Up The Jam Month ago +5

    “Now you just wait one second!” “Wait, just *one* second?”
    That was literally perfect

  • Bert Smith
    Bert Smith Month ago

    Feinbaum and Corso still got the Gumps in the playoffs. Hoodwinked and Bambozzled Haha lol by a high school p e teacher . Lost to the Tigers, maybe next year they can play Mizzou.

  • Jason Norman
    Jason Norman Month ago +6

    "Your friendly neighborhood (Utah)" lol

  • SgtRoszell
    SgtRoszell Month ago

    Ouch 🥶if I don’t laugh I’ll cry 😆😃😀🙂😐😑😶😕☹️😣😭... but as greased up def guy says... “see you guys next year”

  • Dutch Resistance
    Dutch Resistance Month ago

    It only funny because it’s true! Most fans would want them in with three loses! ....but they didn’t play another “powerhouse” other than the two loses.
    Yikes 😳. I live the beer can hitting the goal post, too. Well done

  • Justin Harry
    Justin Harry Month ago +1

    Honestly can’t believe people still think Alabama should get in they lost 2 and both of those where to a ranked team so they haven’t won one ranked game all year 😂😂😂

  • Garrett McAlister
    Garrett McAlister Month ago

    Some of your best work yet