How to triple your memory by using this trick | Ricardo Lieuw On | TEDxHaarlem

  • Published on Dec 12, 2017
  • Do you recall studying for your exams? You probably do. But do you remember how you studied, how you memorized French words or the year of the American civil war? Now, that’s probably harder. As a teenager, Ricardo Lieuw On was packing groceries when he knew what he wanted to study: he wanted to learn about learning. He picked up a study in psychology and learned how to reduce his learning time from 3 hours to 1 hour on the same piece of content. He gained the same knowledge in 200% less time. And specially for TEDxHaarlem, he shares the secret of his technique.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • jtgdyt2
    jtgdyt2 2 days ago

    Nice technique. I'll try to remember to do that.

  • M X
    M X 2 days ago

    If reading a chapter takes me 3 hours, then trying to make a story like this of a chapter will take 10 hours

  • ItzYeBoi X
    ItzYeBoi X 3 days ago

    It’s actually true you memory actually triples
    Like mine did 0*3: 0!!!
    Holy moly thanks so much tho....l

  • Patrick Fideles
    Patrick Fideles 3 days ago

    Please, translater in portuguese

  • JustRevision
    JustRevision 3 days ago

    0:10 I've heard that before, A phone ringtone??? Idk

  • dennis brown
    dennis brown 3 days ago

    I forgot what he said

  • punkrock6660
    punkrock6660 4 days ago

    But he showed us the notes of his story. At the beginning we were not meant to keep any notes. Just to remember.

  • Ritesh singh
    Ritesh singh 4 days ago

    8 out of 10

  • Bruna Zamp
    Bruna Zamp 5 days ago

    I remembered all of the words. But I just switched the order of band and date lol I learned that memorization technique in introduction to psychology class.
    I made a story so I could associate one word to another. “I met a beard guy that was holding an object and wearing a funny jacket. It looked like he was keeping a secret. He was on the edge. Nothing happened. He said he was in a band which was really cool, but the date ended up going so bad that i punched him and he started smelling like gass”
    Weird and crazy story lol but since it had to be fast thats what my mind made up

  • Borna Jurkic
    Borna Jurkic 5 days ago

    Do the Harleem shake!

  • Tom
    Tom 6 days ago

    Seventh grade skill set. It works but with limited applicability.

  • Miajah Johnson
    Miajah Johnson 6 days ago

    This was amazing

  • All In
    All In 7 days ago

    I feel he is using the mind palace but on the body

  • VGLV
    VGLV 7 days ago


  • Lojaz Zojal
    Lojaz Zojal 8 days ago

    I'll remember the presidents a lot easier as opposed to remembering some ridiculously long speech

  • Wr Im
    Wr Im 8 days ago

    Extreme Cliche

  • volcano pussy melt your peter like ice

    dont remember
    Dang it man. Lol.

  • Petri J
    Petri J 9 days ago

    Oh, so this is why people in those memory competitions are able to say all lists also backwards. Interesting.

  • mainul hoque
    mainul hoque 10 days ago

    1. Beard
    2. Object
    3. Jacket
    4. Secret
    5. Edge
    6. Nothing
    7. Date
    8. Band
    9. ......
    10. Gas

  • chris antonouthou
    chris antonouthou 11 days ago

    B3,b12 & omega 3 fish oils will probably help

  • lampsizgod
    lampsizgod 11 days ago

    I don't think I'll be able to remember all of this by the end of the video.......

  • Jamie Fummy
    Jamie Fummy 11 days ago

    Bread object

  • Priyanka Hodam
    Priyanka Hodam 11 days ago

    I almost missed the video while reading the comments to know whether it works or not😁

  • thara m b
    thara m b 14 days ago

    Beard object jacket secret edge nothing date punch gas

  • kls
    kls 16 days ago

    Does it worth to be in TED talk?
    My precious time is wasted....

  • Arabic songs
    Arabic songs 17 days ago

    I actully do this when I study physics I turn the symbols into silly Arabic words and laugh about them a little and it actully works it makes me memories them for longer 😂

    • Homo sapien
      Homo sapien 9 days ago

      You don't have to byheart anything in physics if you simply understand how the equation works(it's proofs, derivations etc)..your methods take lot of energy and thinking to make code words..

  • Taemeister
    Taemeister 18 days ago

    i...i FARTED

  • Hi There
    Hi There 19 days ago

    I think the most valuable piece of wisdom in this presentation was his reminder to explore your own methods of learning, to expand, and experiment. His closing remarks really pulled it all together because that technique he employed however fascinating with the association and all but is anyone else actually using this?

  • Robynbird43
    Robynbird43 19 days ago

    When I repeated words over and over, I remembered 8 out of 10 all in the right order. When I tried to visualize, I had no idea what some things would look like and my mind went to other things, not helping me remember much except the part I already knew. Oh well...

  • notarmxr
    notarmxr 20 days ago


  • Nathaniel Leonce
    Nathaniel Leonce 20 days ago


  • pavel raul
    pavel raul 21 day ago

    This is but a glorified PR video. Also, this mnemonic technique (together with the Palace of Memory) is known since Antiquity.

  • Elizabeth FitzGibbon


  • Akshay S
    Akshay S 22 days ago

    hey thats my idea

  • Kabir MBAYE
    Kabir MBAYE 23 days ago


  • Rama Rao
    Rama Rao 24 days ago

    DHYAANAMANOPRASTHAAN method of meditation will give good results in improving memory

  • johny sins
    johny sins 26 days ago

    But how can someone memorize complex organic mechanisms and reactions with this trick😒😒

  • Jeff Mejia
    Jeff Mejia 26 days ago

    Learned this years ago......Dominic O' Brien, Tony Buzon how to mentally peg, learn number sequences in order at one glance...I got all 10 easily at the beginning of the comes in handy if you have to remember a phone number or any number and there's no time to find a pen or grab your phone to jot it down especially if you're on the road driving. Your friends will be really impressed.......

  • All rounder Guys
    All rounder Guys 27 days ago

    you people are in a wrong place .Just follow Arpan Sharma who is memory king & world record holder

  • Amir Muhammad
    Amir Muhammad 28 days ago

    so, the answer itself it's experiments?

  • Lyrica List
    Lyrica List 28 days ago

    Can it help memorize calculus better?

  • karmadipsinh rana
    karmadipsinh rana 28 days ago

    because i already remembered brush junior clinton brush senior obama and trump thats why i remember all that

  • Rob Hamilton
    Rob Hamilton 29 days ago

    I am surprised by all the complaints and criticism in response to this talk! Sure, it speaks about memorising (and this technique is at least 2 000 years old - it was used by the ancient Greeks - so there is lots of evidence that it CAN work). But more importantly the speaker is talking about not giving up on yourself, not giving up on learning, and being prepared to try doing something in a different way to the way you have tried previously. I admire his courage for sharing a very personal story.

  • Songtao Chen
    Songtao Chen 29 days ago

    It seems like to create a simple and impressive story can help people to memorize things well, since people's mind will always automatically memorize what they don't notice, however, this theorem might be true, I still memorized fuckin nothing.

  • Paulina Meier
    Paulina Meier 29 days ago +2

    if you don't show me how to triple my good husband, my house and my bank account, then the empty word does not use anything ;-)

  • Nicola Crump
    Nicola Crump Month ago

    Beard was an object that wore a jacket with a secret edge no one or nothing wanted to date him because he looked like a band members who's been punched in the stomach filled with gas....
    Weird and makes no sense I know

  • Minhaj Tariq
    Minhaj Tariq Month ago

    Beard object jacket secret edge nothing date band punch gas

  • Sri Bhandari
    Sri Bhandari Month ago

    There is nothing new, This is what they teach in every memory improvement course, take any book or speaker - same thing. learning to remember abstract concept - math, chemistry wont be easy as remembering 10 unrelated words

  • Shadow Echo
    Shadow Echo Month ago

    0:55 After I read, I only memorized 3 things.

  • Mystique
    Mystique Month ago


  • Owais Shaikh
    Owais Shaikh Month ago

    Who else came here for exams?

  • Nipuni Dassanayake
    Nipuni Dassanayake Month ago

    Not beggar, bagger... that cracked me up!

  • Brandon Meza Gonzalez

    Please people, when is the trick?

    NIKIMBO Month ago

    Brilliant 👍🏿👍🏿

  • Shahzeb Ayub
    Shahzeb Ayub Month ago

    i was only known to bush and trump ,from now on ,may be , because of that method i will know every common figures as well. in short the gist is 'don't be too serious in memorizing or learning'.

  • Dark Philosopher
    Dark Philosopher Month ago

    I did way better on the first test which I had only thirty seconds to memorize visually than the second test which I heard once but was drug out over the course of three minutes.
    Even if people did memorize the story better, it took six times longer making the initial test/comparison absolutely meaningless and downright kitchen product commercial deceptive.

  • Gold Eagle
    Gold Eagle Month ago

    The point of this video isn't about memorizing, it's about experimenting and trying new things in order to find better ways of doing things, but nice video...

  • RS RSB
    RS RSB Month ago


  • Cecil Hunter
    Cecil Hunter Month ago


  • M Reuter
    M Reuter Month ago +78

    How to memorize stuff easier for real:
    Long passages or phrases: type it out and read through it, then change the font and read through it again, then go through and change the font color of the end of some words to white. ex: the word "memorize" would look like "m " then try reading through it again, maybe change the font again or font size, keep getting rid of the end of words until you have almost the entire passage changed to blank space and word beginnings. This helps you memorize the words and phrases themselves and changing fonts helps you to remember words in relation to the sentence and not the location on the page, our brains like to take shortcuts wherever possible.
    Object pairings (ex how to know which name matches up to different groupings): for this you will need to memorize truly at least one or two things. When trying to remember object pairings, try to remember relationships of one thing to another. Think about the words themselves if all else fails. Are the words in alphabetical order when they appear in the right order? Reverse alphabetical order? Do the word sizes go from big to small, or vise versa? Does the series of things follow a pattern? Maybe the mneumonic just happens to follow the same first letters as your friend-group, the relationship doesn't have to be a typical one. Take the word "parallel", for example, the two L's make parallel lines. Your mind is always looking for the relationships between things, if you provide it even subtle ones, it is more likely to remember them.
    Random other things: Making stories does help occasionally, but so does songs, visualizing things, drawing things out (maybe you're learning about Einstein's theory of relativity and you draw a cone that goes over a dog's head to help you remember the shape of mass in the space-time continuum, it doesn't always have to directly relate), picturing things on different parts of your body so you remember it when you look at that part of yourself, prolonged occasional exposure, linking memories or locations with what you wish to remember, thinking of it abstractly and relating it to real life (maybe you just measured something at 6 3/4 inches and you need to remember that for your project you're working on, imagine what you'll be doing in 6 3/4 hours or what you'd buy with $6 3/4 and you'll remember the object or thing you'd be doing far better than the numbers). There are lots of small things that your brain can cling to and make up far easier than a complicated story, and your needs vary per occasion so your memorizing tactics probably will too.

    I hope this helps! I've personally found it easier than the one-size-fits-all storytelling tactic that we're often taught.

    • BeastUpp
      BeastUpp 9 days ago


    • Gabriel Malcolm
      Gabriel Malcolm 13 days ago


    • M Reuter
      M Reuter 19 days ago +4

      +Sushila Mhetre It's not a competition, I just wanted to help make people's lives easier any way I could.

    • Sushila Mhetre
      Sushila Mhetre 19 days ago

      The only comment which has less likes then my comment 😂😂

    • yacoub gaming
      yacoub gaming 23 days ago

      I actually learned what u wrote on how much I kept on saying it cuz I can't understand 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Afsha Hanfi
    Afsha Hanfi Month ago

    The most important change start with individual,start with u....👍

  • Hshdh Hshshj
    Hshdh Hshshj Month ago

    Object ,beard, joket

  • Tastemaker
    Tastemaker Month ago


  • Tim Hitch
    Tim Hitch Month ago

    is he describing an acid trip? lol

  • I'm a huge faggot
    I'm a huge faggot Month ago

    why does his voice sound like a balloon leaking air?

  • Ewan McFadyen
    Ewan McFadyen Month ago

    Took me up until Ford to realise what was happening!

  • Riezman Iskandar
    Riezman Iskandar Month ago

    Thanks this works for me!! Now I remember all the bitches I dumped!!

  • Gabriel Ciecielung
    Gabriel Ciecielung Month ago

    ok sure i'll remember
    wearable thing
    did i get it?

  • Stephen Porter
    Stephen Porter Month ago

    I’ve just forgotten what he said!!!

  • Archie Bayquen
    Archie Bayquen Month ago

    I came here to see how it can help me memorize medical texts. Medicine is too difficult, a lot to memorize!

  • Nouaman Adli
    Nouaman Adli Month ago

    used this to memorise the periodic table of elements 10 years ago

  • Biplab Pal outside
    Biplab Pal outside Month ago

    If anybody don't mind anything i actually misread "memory" as "money " thus i came here.

  • Beta ray bill Jackson

    Donald Duck you son of a

  • Piyush Sumera
    Piyush Sumera Month ago

    All these memory champions can remember the 19 subjects of medical school and can they crack an entrance exam constructed at the end of med school totally based on their rote memory???
    Can they???If they cant,then they are no memory champions..
    Any topper of medical entrance exam would give better tips on retaining information which are totally based on rote memory..
    I am nit desrespecting other courses but medical education is totally based on rote memory..

  • Sushila Mhetre
    Sushila Mhetre Month ago +300

    How many of you are scrolling down to check whether it works or not 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Olivia Das
    Olivia Das Month ago

    Yes I realize that no matter how much I think remembering things isn't important, it actually is. I have become so dependent over my phone to keep track of things.

  • Amaizing stuff
    Amaizing stuff Month ago

    I am learning for the law school , and it is very dificult , i need an advice please?

  • David Xia
    David Xia Month ago

    Beard object jacket secret edge nothing band end punch gas

  • trendsetter video
    trendsetter video Month ago

    *but i am always😴*

  • Cath Souza
    Cath Souza Month ago

    This is like when Hannah Montana showed us the bones in the body.

  • Tanish Bajaj
    Tanish Bajaj Month ago

    Brilliant bro...

  • anime episode9
    anime episode9 Month ago

    Make bizzare images to learn things that's it

  • Jenna Urry
    Jenna Urry Month ago +57

    it took me 4 minutes to realize the title said "memory" not "Money" smh

  • idk what to call ir

    Beard object jacket secret nothing date band punch

  • Blue eyed Eurasian
    Blue eyed Eurasian Month ago +2

    Well it was quite similar to the technique that I discovered myself. Was expecting something new😏

  • Alain Bédard
    Alain Bédard Month ago

    God, people are so densed. He's just giving one method. He's not saying it's applicable to everything. He's encouraging people to try knew things, to find other ways to help then have a better memory.

  • Technical Gamer AK
    Technical Gamer AK Month ago


  • Dimitry Bessonov
    Dimitry Bessonov Month ago

    So the trick is to visualize stuff in order and use word play to remember names and stuff? The thing is that you have to prepare for this, right? How much time will it take you to create that? In real life situations it makes no sense, cause your brain have to act fast. Mostly when you listening and/or watching. I can't say to my teacher or anyone else "Oh hold on a sec I forgot is that thing related to a bacon or a bird". There is no tripling your memory, just some metaphors and allegories.

  • Secret Starch
    Secret Starch Month ago +1

    I did the same thing with 1st words before he said me 😏😏😏

  • Secret Starch
    Secret Starch Month ago +7

    Can anyone hear that robotic voice ??

  • Mariana Oliveira
    Mariana Oliveira Month ago

    Who else should be studying but instead is trying to know how to memorise faster?

  • jovada
    jovada Month ago

    I already know this technique, but still nobody has been able to explain how to actually use it. I can memorise a deck of cards, but how does this help me get through a college course??

    • Da'marius Wingfield
      Da'marius Wingfield Month ago

      The trick is to collect a certain number of things and apply a visual image. However recalling said image plus an action or gesture makes it even more powerful.

  • Vincent Cardona
    Vincent Cardona Month ago

    I got 7 out of 10 words. Hehehe not too shabby.

  • Dimitri Von Mondragon

    30 seconds are enough to memorize. Just Get the first letters of the words then memorize 😊.

  • Leslie Carnes
    Leslie Carnes Month ago

    Loved this!

  • n Jai
    n Jai Month ago

    I got it write by making it as story in my mind :)

  • me me
    me me Month ago

    My memory is good

  • bootyclenches
    bootyclenches Month ago

    This is just mnemonics lmao nothing new or revolutionary :/

  • Thota sivaji
    Thota sivaji Month ago

    Waste of time

  • Toqir Anwar Khan
    Toqir Anwar Khan Month ago

    Read tony buzan memory books u will have better technique