Kitchen Nightmares US [Season 4 Episode 2] "Classic American"

  • Published on Dec 13, 2016
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Comments • 2 968

  • predatorsilver
    predatorsilver Year ago +594

    A Million Dollars in Debt, gotta love America.

    • Shawn Maydole
      Shawn Maydole Day ago

      That's their fault not America

    • Alejandro Perez
      Alejandro Perez Day ago

      go communism

    • Mikey Way's Unicorn
      Mikey Way's Unicorn 22 days ago

      This comment's reply looks like a political warzone

    • Mikey Way's Unicorn
      Mikey Way's Unicorn 22 days ago

      Instantly thought of Brendon Urie's vine XD

    • Bruno Nascimento
      Bruno Nascimento Month ago

      I love how the guy said "got love America" in a sarcastic way, like "how can a estate / country let a small business have 1 million in debt and still open" and people are talking about trump, facism and a lot of bs lol. The funny part is: you can have 1 million in debt because you don't pay or you can have 1 million because you borrow a lot of money from the bank and they still give you more money lol

  • Michael
    Michael 10 hours ago

    If that’s normal, your abnormal 😂😂😂😂

  • Thiên Phước Nguyễn Duy

    Sub hông hiểu

  • Thiên Phước Nguyễn Duy

    4 phút đầu không hiểu cho lắm

  • Jaida Body
    Jaida Body 5 days ago +3

    They did not just serve a multi-Michelin star chef no Kraft mac and cheese 🤣

    • Rodolfo Ali
      Rodolfo Ali 3 days ago +1

      They did,they did....why did they tho!?

  • Autumn the Squirrel
    Autumn the Squirrel 5 days ago +1

    I wish I could serve Gordon Ramsay Kraft Dinner.

  • Urs Schaffer
    Urs Schaffer 5 days ago +1

    Amazing that you can lose a million with such a small place!!

    • Syphirioth
      Syphirioth 4 days ago +1

      Its more amazing that some companies are multinationals and can hold it... And overcome set back after set back in comparison with the small place. Theres something fishy about it if you ask me.

  • V. Lander
    V. Lander 5 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay is literally Owen Wilson's twin. I mean "wow"

  • itsthecolleenlife
    itsthecolleenlife 6 days ago

    It is really goddamn weird hearing my own name said so many times, I dunno how all you Joshes and Sarahs do it

    LOSER 8 days ago +7

    I recognize Kraft mac n cheese when I see those noodles

  • Brian Martin
    Brian Martin 10 days ago

    The bus boy saying if you can do your burgers like this we will be okay... not a smart move kid.

  • Faisal Balouch
    Faisal Balouch 18 days ago +1

    If i ve money i would have helped them.... They r closed such a bad news such a shame.

  • Mikey Way's Unicorn
    Mikey Way's Unicorn 22 days ago

    There's no such thing as bad mac and cheese for me... (Don't hate me ahh TuT)

  • Jacqueline Marie
    Jacqueline Marie 26 days ago +24

    "Personally i like the food but wtf do i know , i was a bricklayer" 😂😂😂

  • Ariel Princess
    Ariel Princess 27 days ago +2

    Arrogant ppl disgusting food

  • Taofish
    Taofish Month ago +8

    want to see how they're doing now?

  • Steven S
    Steven S Month ago +12

    Dominick would have done well in the mob and I would not be surprised if bodies were buried somewhere-maybe behind a brick wall.

    • Doomy McDoomerson
      Doomy McDoomerson 11 hours ago

      Or he used the customers to dispose of the bodies.

    • Erica Carter
      Erica Carter 22 days ago +1

      +Mikey Way's Unicorn lol right!!??

    • Mikey Way's Unicorn
      Mikey Way's Unicorn 22 days ago +1

      +Erica Carter BUM BUM BUMMMMM *thunder in the background*

    • Erica Carter
      Erica Carter Month ago +1

      I was the one that liked this comment because I totally got that vibe also.

  • Wake Up
    Wake Up Month ago +7

    I think most of these restaurants on the show are in it for the makeover only, they actually think a coat of paint and table change will help!

  • Marc Whelan
    Marc Whelan Month ago +5

    That's some sad looking Mac and cheese, if you could even call it that 😯

  • Sarah Soto
    Sarah Soto Month ago +6

    12:30 me leaving a family meeting
    😂😂😂 #classicamerican

  • trixie honeydip
    trixie honeydip Month ago +12

    Damn did they really give him that craft mac and cheese

  • Christine Cannibal
    Christine Cannibal Month ago +8

    That really pissed me off that literally the first 5 minutes of their relaunch the waitress' go on a smoke break at the SAME TIME. As a smoker whos worked in a resturant, you NEVER go at the same time. Always have somebody fill in for you. Then swap... I think they were smoking a joint real quick because why would they go together otherwise. Nobodys that stupid. They were getting a lil high. Not that there's anything extremely wrong with that but they went about 15 min too late. If they wanted to smoke they shouldve done it 10 minutes before service. Selfish bitches.

    • Christine Cannibal
      Christine Cannibal 6 hours ago +1

      +Michael If it's slow, nobodys really there and theres someone to cover just in caee hell ya

    • Michael
      Michael 10 hours ago

      Christine Cannibal But would you go outside for a smoke while serving?

    • Christine Cannibal
      Christine Cannibal 6 days ago


    • Mustang Cartel
      Mustang Cartel 16 days ago +2

      Are you single that's the question 😂

  • Christine Cannibal
    Christine Cannibal Month ago +10


  • Michael Pinegar
    Michael Pinegar Month ago +4

    I thought the guys job was manager?? He wasn't doing anything, and how do I get the two waitresses number?

    • Brian Martin
      Brian Martin 10 days ago +1

      Michael Pinegar remember this is about 10 years old.

  • Phosphophyllite
    Phosphophyllite Month ago +2

    Cauline is a bitch

    VDL VDL Month ago +3

    Colleen had to be super cute when she younger

  • fartwrangler
    fartwrangler Month ago +10

    I like Ramsay, but I hate the hyperdramatic background music.

    • Alberto Chávez
      Alberto Chávez Day ago

      The UK version doesn't have that, just music to make some ambient and then silence so you can hear what they are saying. Plus the uncensored dialogue.

    GOOGLETUBE Month ago +4

    Put that Teresa on a plate and sop her up with a biscuit.

  • Xob
    Xob 2 months ago +21

    What Happened Next?
    Gordon revisits and Colleen is in charge of the front of house, Naomi is in charge of the kitchen and Kevin is still in the kitchen. Business is up 35% and Dom is still buying the ingredients but is no longer in the kitchen. Gordon orders the meatloaf and thinks it is delicious, a 10.5/10. Gordon has a surprise from them both, he presents them with Long Islands Best Burger Award from Good Times magazine. Yelp reviews were mostly positive after the show was filmed.
    Classic American closed in August 2013, posting the below on their website
    "It is with a heavy heart that I tell you all that Classic American Restaurant has closed.
    I would like to thank all of our employees, friends, family and loyal customers for your support and patronage for the last 13 years. It has been our pleasure to serve you!
    Thank You!
    We will still be offering our catering services and can be reached through facebook."
    Classic American aired on January 28 2011, the episode was filmed in November 2010 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 4 episode 2.

  • Ari
    Ari 2 months ago +4

    Ayyy chef mic

  • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    At least the Manager is honest

  • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    How the fuck can one fuck up Mac & Cheese!?

  • Destiny Demon
    Destiny Demon 2 months ago +1

    This place still in business, and if so is it better than it was?

    • Camden Senneff
      Camden Senneff Month ago +1

      "What Happened Next?

      Gordon revisits and Colleen is in charge of the front of house, Naomi is in charge of the kitchen and Kevin is still in the kitchen. Business is up 35% and Dom is still buying the ingredients but is no longer in the kitchen. Gordon orders the meatloaf and thinks it is delicious, a 10.5/10. Gordon has a surprise from them both, he presents them with Long Islands Best Burger Award from Good Times magazine. Yelp reviews were mostly positive after the show was filmed.

      Classic American closed in August 2013, posting the below on their website

      "It is with a heavy heart that I tell you all that Classic American Restaurant has closed.

      I would like to thank all of our employees, friends, family and loyal customers for your support and patronage for the last 13 years. It has been our pleasure to serve you!

      Thank You!


      We will still be offering our catering services and can be reached through facebook""

  • Kim Diep
    Kim Diep 2 months ago +2

    4:10 Lemme show you da wae

  • Semipr0
    Semipr0 2 months ago

    THis has to be FAKE NO ONE can survive with no customers

  • Ariel Princess
    Ariel Princess 2 months ago +2

    “We think we do a pretty good job” so hilarious for national television

  • Ariel Princess
    Ariel Princess 2 months ago +3


  • Lucifer Himself
    Lucifer Himself 2 months ago +1

    Fox 41 WDRB... southern indiana?

  • Donald Esmay
    Donald Esmay 2 months ago +14

    9:25 I can see how people think he is picky, but this episode has a great moment where you get to see how he actually finds the quality of the food. On a loaded burger, people just stuff the whole thing in their mouths on each bite, but Ramsey actually peels back all the filler that gives the meal taste to decide if the core ingredient (burger) is prepared well enough.

  • Adam White
    Adam White 2 months ago +12

    "Enter as a stranger, start dating the owner." LMFAO! So funny!

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang 2 months ago +5

    They should see hotdogs and BLT there’s and that would be a true classic American diner, I would get sliders, and turkey Swiss club, wings, meatloaf, Mac n cheese bite, I’ll get everything probably tbh😂😂😂😂

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang 2 months ago +6

    There’s a kitchen nightmare video, “restaurant only has 13 menus but 50 tables”

  • Big Digg322
    Big Digg322 2 months ago +7

    " If that's normal, then you're *abnormal* "

  • Deanna Jackson
    Deanna Jackson 2 months ago +25

    That Kraft's macaroni and cheese, though... 🤢

    • Big Digg322
      Big Digg322 2 months ago

      Plus it's the crappy easy mac microwave b.s. 😱 it's edible/decent if you cook it from the box on the stove.

  • confused little potato
    confused little potato 2 months ago +23

    personally i like the food *but what the fuck do i know i was a bricklayer*

  • poopdeckpappy..
    poopdeckpappy.. 3 months ago +6

    Ok they were done before they got started all that money for a small place...they were taken but the last owner.

  • Emma Cole
    Emma Cole 3 months ago +37

    They deadass served him Kraft mac&cheese

    • Jxhn781
      Jxhn781 2 months ago +1

      The thing is how did they mess that up

  • Noah Delaney
    Noah Delaney 3 months ago +15

    At least the manager knows his opinion is worthless

  • Simmie Davis and band /Timbara

    No one has hair nets, or pull hair back.

    • LOLA G.
      LOLA G. Month ago

      Simmie Davis and band/ Timbara do they wash their damn hands after all the damn smoking? They look grungy and probably smell like cigarettes.

  • Fexzz
    Fexzz 3 months ago +22

    How on earth do two waitresses manage to get 770k$ to buy this place in the first place? No way in hell would a bank give you a loan that size without qualifications or a clear business plan

    • ellaminns
      ellaminns 10 days ago

      Banks were giving people mortgages when they had no way they could pay them back, so it's not that far fetched... Plus one of them at least had to sell their home later on so they possibly re-mortgaged it to get the cash for the business and then the bank could have been asked for a commercial mortgage for the property only (because the bank can take it back if they default)
      Sure sounded like they were split investments as they specifically split the cost of the business and the building went stating how much they paid.

    • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness
    • Silke Held
      Silke Held 2 months ago

      the blond could made some money with her bodey ;)

    • krhub79
      krhub79 3 months ago +3

      I wondered that too. I assumed a co-signer, like Coleen's parents or their boss they purchased the restaurant from. Even w/ a great credit score it doesn't seem feasible. That's quite a sum for 1st time business owners, who presumably made a modest salary as servers.

    • 3Eighties Opinion
      3Eighties Opinion 3 months ago +4

      You can sell drugs or get a bank dumb enough to give you a loan

  • ezzz9
    ezzz9 3 months ago +6

    Has he ever liked one thing at the start of a show or are they on the cutting room floor.

    • ellaminns
      ellaminns 10 days ago

      Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack in Brighton UK. He cleaned his plate and loved her food.

    • Emily B
      Emily B 11 days ago

      He liked cindee's foil swan🦢🤣

    • Jalen Bell
      Jalen Bell 20 days ago

      Bread pudding by Chef Emil. Type in Zekes in Louisiana!

    • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness
      Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness 2 months ago

      Yes, he has liked some of the food...

      it was either the chef's own recipe or not made in-house

    • Jörg Heinrich
      Jörg Heinrich 2 months ago +1

      Sure he did… but he is honest to the People he´s working with… and the truth sometimes hurts... It´s unbelievable how ignorant and arrogant those bungler are who called themself a cook/Chef... In my opinion Gordon Ramsay is one of the best cooks in the world…

  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton 3 months ago

    watch the subtitles are funny LIKE MATTHEW GRAFTS

  • Gianna Crespo
    Gianna Crespo 3 months ago +14

    ‘Excuse me, this is hot’
    *proceeds to hand back plate instead of simply waiting for it to cool down *

    • Bruno Nascimento
      Bruno Nascimento Month ago

      Hot from pepper

    • Wyrm
      Wyrm 3 months ago +4

      He meant chilli not temperature you nana

  • OllieOfOzzie
    OllieOfOzzie 3 months ago +15

    "Come in as a stranger and go out with the owner" HAHAHAHA

  • richeyrich81
    richeyrich81 3 months ago +11

    Does anyone ever notice they never redo the kitchen so it will be up to optimum performance

    • ellaminns
      ellaminns 10 days ago

      +Darth Bane +1 for use of the word 'wombat' though

    • Darth Bane
      Darth Bane Month ago

      Derek Charette that was harsh

    • Lauren Cliver
      Lauren Cliver 2 months ago

      They have, quite a few actually.

    • Derek Charette
      Derek Charette 2 months ago +5

      +richeyrich81 The only thing that's SIMPLE here is you big boy. YOU can _simply_ FUCK OFF, because you haven't got a clue. What I'm doing right now is proving to people that you're a complete moron, and ''Nothing is ever simple.'' is absolutely correct, because this show has renovated dozens of kitchens with expensive equipment. I DARE YOU TO READ MY WHOLE COMMENT, THEN TRY AND TELL ME THAT YOU STILL THINK YOU'RE RIGHT, idiot. When a kitchen needs to be fixed and equipment needs to be replaced, THEY REPLACE THE GODDAMN EQUIPMENT YOU WOMBAT. I will defend Gordon Ramsay 100% on this show, because we in the industry KNOW that Gordon has a burning passion for food and he truly goes above and beyond to help these restaurants, and he's even gone so far as to help some of these restaurants out with money out of his own pocket. FOR EXAMPLE, on the last restaurant of Season 3, ''Sushi Ko'', Gordon installed 7 brand new Traulsen under counter refrigeration units, valued at $2,300 EACH; 2 brand new Vulcan dual deep fryers valued at $4,200; an 8-ring gas burner Vulcan range w/ dual independent ovens valued at $8.400; a brand new Blodgett salamander oven valued at $1,200, and a brand new class A Traulsen 8'x3' walk in freezer valued at $5,000, and a custom constant remote temperature monitoring integrated together through all their Traulsen units, valued at $1,300. WITH INSTALLATION, THEIR NEW KITCHEN IS WORTH $50,000 USD. *FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS* YOU FUCKING MISCREANT DUNCE! I DARE YOU TO SIT THERE AND TELL ME THEY DON'T FIX THESE KITCHENS.

    • Tony So
      Tony So 2 months ago +3

      +richeyrich81 Hes not wrong. Judging from your comment, you havent seen a lot of KN...

  • Amanda Harker
    Amanda Harker 3 months ago +25

    It's good to see owners that don't fight Ramsey.

  • Jennifer Santillana
    Jennifer Santillana 3 months ago +13

    I would love to eat at one of Chef Gordon Ramsay's restaurants!!! Reservation required right???

  • Titus Sassole
    Titus Sassole 3 months ago +1

    Is Naomi cross eyed?

    • Trivpyvibes \
      Trivpyvibes \ 2 months ago +1

      I don't believe she is. It didn't seem that way for me

    • Titus Sassole
      Titus Sassole 2 months ago

      +Tony So Well I can't because I'm not fortunate enough to have high speed internet.

    • Tony So
      Tony So 2 months ago

      +Titus Sassole Im saying if i can see it on my tiny screen, id assume other people to do the same.

    • Titus Sassole
      Titus Sassole 2 months ago +1

      +Tony So You still haven't got it through your head to answer the question. So now who's the funny guy?

  • Mark Simeon
    Mark Simeon 3 months ago +5

    Take a shot every time Coleen cries

  • BapBop
    BapBop 3 months ago +12

    Ramsay to the fat boy
    :chew it before swallowing it
    LOLOL 😂

  • John Byrd
    John Byrd 3 months ago +17

    It definitely looks like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

    • Miguel the musician Torres
      Miguel the musician Torres 2 months ago

      You never see that tiny of elbow pasta

    • Deja Porter
      Deja Porter 2 months ago

      +Derek Charette it tastes fake to me they should've used Velvetta lol, but to each his own😅😆

    • Derek Charette
      Derek Charette 2 months ago +1

      Yes it definitely was. I could clearly see the yellow and blue, and the typical little cutting of the slit on the top so it doesn't exploded in the mic. Haha... In all honesty though, to be fair, that Kraft Mac&Cheese product is served all over the country on kids menus, and I still eat it at the restaurants I've worked at. It's quick and simple as all hell, the kids love it, and adults order it for the nostalgia they get from it. I've seen people come up to my kitchen and ask if they could buy an entire case of it (24 packs in a case) and they didn't care what the price was. They had always been such nice and polite customers that I just gave it to them for free and just paid for the case myself out of petty cash.

    • Deja Porter
      Deja Porter 3 months ago +1


    AGENT PT 3 months ago +6

    Hw is the place doing now??

    • AGENT PT
      AGENT PT 3 months ago +2

      +Jonas H. Tq fr the update

    • Jonas H.
      Jonas H. 3 months ago +3

      They closed down the restaurant, only offer catering.

    AGENT PT 3 months ago +7

    If that is *normal* you are *abnormal*
    - Gordon Ramsay

  • Melissa Mckinney
    Melissa Mckinney 3 months ago +6

    Don't hire a friend to be the chief

  • luke Gilbert
    luke Gilbert 3 months ago +3

    "Kevin if that's normal your abnormal"

  • I’m Kpop Trash
    I’m Kpop Trash 3 months ago +30

    12:47 dude yeeted his drink

  • Captain bludream
    Captain bludream 3 months ago +6

    Naomi is kinda cute

  • ALFeneFLA
    ALFeneFLA 3 months ago +6

    Dominick is like a cartoon!!

  • Fortnite Username: SWEATUNTILDEATH

    I need to think about being a chef now

  • Dean McAndrew
    Dean McAndrew 3 months ago +25

    This is one of my favourites, just normal working class folks trying to get there slice of the American dream!
    Not greedy, not totally in the know, but still fighting it out!
    I like that, I’d eat there on that principal alone. Anyone who’s willing to work for nothing to try and make it happen gets my respect ✊🏼👊🏼

  • Please Continue
    Please Continue 3 months ago +31

    Also are we all just gonna sit here and act like that busboy isn’t 12 YEARS OLD?

    • ellaminns
      ellaminns 10 days ago

      I mean, its got to be better than a paper round?

  • Miggi so bad
    Miggi so bad 3 months ago +4

    That is cool

  • Orn Gorn
    Orn Gorn 3 months ago +23

    $240,000 for the "business" and another $440,000 for the property, loans of course - STUPIDITY. The dumb broads were in financial hell before they had their first customer.

  • Orn Gorn
    Orn Gorn 3 months ago +20

    "We need someone to show us the way." Ramsey is in the restaurant for 15 minutes and has already diagnosed the problem - SHITTY food.

  • Sanane Moruk
    Sanane Moruk 3 months ago +10

    39:54 he was never seen again don‘t trust him 😂

  • Sanane Moruk
    Sanane Moruk 3 months ago +14

    12:48 Throoow it biatch he is a fake sh*t
    22:04 Thooow it again fake sh*t

  • Rockabye Rose
    Rockabye Rose 3 months ago +16

    I can’t get over him throwing that coffee at the poor bench ☠️⚰️

  • You Must Be Bored.
    You Must Be Bored. 3 months ago +12

    It looks like a fucking retirement home. Probably tastes and smells like it, too.

    • WhoAmI?
      WhoAmI? 3 months ago +1

      Yeah walls don't seem to taste good

  • ImSkiiLLe92 FTW
    ImSkiiLLe92 FTW 3 months ago +15

    This nigga just throw his drink like it was nothing 😂😂

  • liquid democracy
    liquid democracy 3 months ago +36

    That mac and cheese looks like Kraft's hahhaha

    • thclungz 710
      thclungz 710 3 months ago +1

      I'd be pressed if they brought that to me

    • Please Continue
      Please Continue 3 months ago +2

      nerdgal dorkski That would be because, well, it is Kraft lol

  • Thetechgenius
    Thetechgenius 3 months ago +20

    so just because the kids order it, its ok for it to be nasty and tasteless? No, if my 10 year old would taste that he wouldnt eat it. The kids need to be treated with as much respect as adults, or more. That was a bullshit excuse.

  • chris burks
    chris burks 4 months ago +9

    Who saw the guys driving at night with no lights on?

  • Megan G
    Megan G 4 months ago +15

    I found this episode more depressing than anything😕

  • Romney Mcgruber
    Romney Mcgruber 4 months ago +24

    The boyfriend saying *i was a bricklayer, wtf do I know???* I feel for that guy. I love food, but knowing fine dining from slop? I might as well be a blonde trying to find her way out of a paper bag.... it’s not going to happen and everyone will laugh at me trying.

  • Romney Mcgruber
    Romney Mcgruber 4 months ago +8

    No matter how many times I watch these, the hilarity of the complete and utter failures is so laughable it’s laughable

  • JordanTheBeast31
    JordanTheBeast31 4 months ago +23

    12:47 casually yeets the drink while hugging someone.

  • Jessica Hernandez
    Jessica Hernandez 4 months ago +22

    i swear every singgle restraunt i see on this show they got a microwave heating up food . LOL

  • ilovepickles45
    ilovepickles45 4 months ago +2

    This is season 3 episode 2

  • living my best life
    living my best life 4 months ago +11

    Closed in 2013, still does catering tho!!

  • Earth in a box
    Earth in a box 4 months ago +31

    I love that of all things the kid was intimidated by Gordon's hair!! Not his height not his imposing personality, his hair!! 😂 ❤

  • Samantha Farmer
    Samantha Farmer 4 months ago +17

    We have s failing restaurant but our food is so good...smh...people will come to a crap building as long as you have good food

    • LiquidDIO
      LiquidDIO 3 months ago +4

      That's actually true. Last spot I worked was around 100 years old, nice wood flooring and exposed brick, but the bar and booths were a mess, along with the kitchen, the plumbing, the outside, etc. Place pulled in 100k in food, liquor and catering a month, though.

    • spicenug
      spicenug 3 months ago +3

      Yeah there's a restaurant near my place that looks ugly as hell but they make gorgeous food.

    • Gabby Mouse
      Gabby Mouse 4 months ago +6

      Yes, they will. My parents had this little hole-in-the wall restaurant years ago. The decor was crap, just very basic stuff, no tables, just stools at a counter, but the food was excellent. People would literally stand in line to get a burger or hotdog with the chili my dad made. They made great fries, too, and clam chowder. It closed because of their personal problems, but you're right, all people really care about is the food.

  • Suzanne D.
    Suzanne D. 4 months ago +14

    Cue the microwaves.
    Finally a receptive owner.

  • Dr. Morteza Delroba
    Dr. Morteza Delroba 4 months ago +10

    everybody smokes ! I would never go to a place like that..

    • ellaminns
      ellaminns 10 days ago

      +Elle Cee You know too much salt can kill you too, right?

    • Michael Pinegar
      Michael Pinegar Month ago

      @Dr. Morteza Delroba Hope you have a good chef at home, every chef I know smokes, drinks and has probably smoked weed in the cooler.. if everybody was healthy you wouldn't have a job.

    • Elle Cee
      Elle Cee 2 months ago

      +Lynnie Shaw pay close attention cancer enthusiast...the best chefs also train their palates. The point you clearly missed is that these mediocre cooks, in this particular clip, will likely have a harder time becoming better cooks because they dont already have trained or well developed will be harder to develop a palate that has been trained to taste disgusting food and has been killed by cigarettes. Thought that was pretty obvious but apparently whatever your smoking is killing more than just your tastebuds. Godspeed!

    • Lynnie Shaw
      Lynnie Shaw 2 months ago

      Elle Cee you’re both retarded. Some of the best chefs in the world smoke.

    • Elle Cee
      Elle Cee 3 months ago +1

      +Jordan Willett people that want to eat flavorful food care. Smoking kills tastebuds and distorts sense of smell. How do you know if the food being served is tasty when you literally cant taste the food?

  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon 4 months ago +8

    Cry, cry, cry some more...😢 Both of them have no business running that restaurant! It’s like there is all waitresses and no bosses! And all the non stop crying 😭 has me asking are women emotionally stable enough to be out of the home!? Lol jk kind of...

    • LiquidDIO
      LiquidDIO 3 months ago +1

      +Suzanne D. Because they don't know any better, unfortunately.

    • Suzanne D.
      Suzanne D. 4 months ago +3

      I don’t understand why inexperienced people can put so much money into owning a restaurant.

    • TheYtseMan
      TheYtseMan 4 months ago +5

      I just don't get why you said that and I'm really mad at you. Assuming the show is not scripted (which sadly, it is), that woman is a super fine example of personal improving and courage. She's literraly THE ONLY ONE doing everything right and is SURROUNDED by fucking idiots (she should dump his husband).

    • TheYtseMan
      TheYtseMan 4 months ago +4

      You don't know anything. That thing you said is completely horrible. Maybe you should be the one unable to leave your house or even have access to the Internet.

    • Devon Washington
      Devon Washington 4 months ago

      I was completely thinking the same thing. Too many emotions involved.

  • TheMaloney
    TheMaloney 4 months ago +11

    Those accents are brutal. I could listen to them goomba NY/NJ accents all day without quitting or killing myself.

    • Romney Mcgruber
      Romney Mcgruber 4 months ago +1

      TheMaloney *SHUTUPPAYOUFACEA* 🤣🤣🤣🤣 like maaaaayrio and weegee?

  • Derek Allen
    Derek Allen 4 months ago +7

    Look closely at 24:00. Was that a tiny roach that crawled across the plate?

    • Koonas98
      Koonas98 4 months ago

      Think it's grease running down the salad

    • AmourChinita VIDEOS
      AmourChinita VIDEOS 4 months ago

      Looks like grease dripping down the lettuce

    • Jair Ramirez
      Jair Ramirez 4 months ago +2

      Derek Allen it looks like grease dripping down

  • Ibu Maverick
    Ibu Maverick 4 months ago +4

    Don is truly upper echelon of society

    • Romney Mcgruber
      Romney Mcgruber 4 months ago +1

      Ibu Maverick you could say... he’s the *TOP GUN* ?

  • Shirohana
    Shirohana 4 months ago +28

    Meanwhile... I'm eating a piece of bread with cheese on top.. And I microwaved it because I'm broke LOL 😂😂😂

    • Emily B
      Emily B 11 days ago

      Chop some onion, grate the cheese, toast the bread, meanwhile heat in chef mic 1.30 min, spread & enjoy
      Seriously, I freaking love cheese toast like this!
      For added class, top with smoked paprika...🍞🧀😍

    • Shirohana
      Shirohana 4 months ago +1

      +Dark Assassin it's actually not That bad, especially when you're starving and you have to procrastinate food choices😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Dark Assassin
      Dark Assassin 4 months ago +2

      Shirohana San Not gonna lie man, that sounds kinda good

  • Xx412xxbluntz
    Xx412xxbluntz 4 months ago +6

    Some people are idiots.. We haven't got paid in over a year.....

  • Chris Hutch
    Chris Hutch 4 months ago +24

    I found it interesting that despite being a bit abrasive Dom had a good perspective and insightful advice. Given the right guidance he could be an amazing manager or more.

    • Deanna Jackson
      Deanna Jackson 2 months ago +2

      Definitely agree with this.

    • spicenug
      spicenug 3 months ago +5

      I liked Dom, yeah he can come across as a bit abrasive but he seems like a good man who genuinely had Colleen's back.

    • Keilidh Hicks
      Keilidh Hicks 3 months ago +7

      Not just that, but he legitimately wanted Colleen to succeed and had her back. I find that they were the most adorable couple.
      Plus he was so willing to make the necessary changes at the end there.