We TESTED Viral DIY Life Hacks... (you won't believe what happened)

  • Published on Jan 14, 2020
  • DIY's are all the craze.... but can you actually do them yourself?? or is that a bunch of lies.... lemme put it to the test
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  • Brennen Taylor
    Brennen Taylor  3 days ago +498

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    • Karina Partida
      Karina Partida Day ago

      You haven't visited Kim in a long time can you make a video with her..pls

  • GWYNETH Harina
    GWYNETH Harina 8 hours ago +1

    IS KIM from your old video still safe and alive

  • Dom Hays
    Dom Hays 8 hours ago


  • John K
    John K 9 hours ago

    What’s with the Bieber t-shirt

  • ayden Jacobs
    ayden Jacobs 10 hours ago +1

    Oh uea and on the bottom is milk not COKE because the milk curdurled

  • ayden Jacobs
    ayden Jacobs 10 hours ago

    Btw there is science behind the wrench coca cola is very acidic so you can take any highly acidic liquid and it will break down rust

  • Amanda Racioppa
    Amanda Racioppa 11 hours ago

    Dudeee...put bread in ur brown sugar too makes it soft too

  • Aldo Cruz
    Aldo Cruz 11 hours ago

    Why there a sign that says text me behind brennen

  • Nicolas Cereghino
    Nicolas Cereghino 11 hours ago +1

    I really want you to go in the worlds worst hotel ever and do a worlds worst hotel review and stay in the worlds worst hotel ever with nearly zero stars rating if I could rate it zero stars I would.

  • lolgirlRegina Carter
    lolgirlRegina Carter 12 hours ago

    I been did the balloon phone case and it works

  • Gabriel Madero
    Gabriel Madero 12 hours ago

    You should do the claw machine hack

  • Big Nate
    Big Nate 12 hours ago


  • Owen Richardson
    Owen Richardson 13 hours ago

    Orange peel juice is actually flammable... fun fact

  • David Baez
    David Baez 14 hours ago


  • Alyssa Kalappura
    Alyssa Kalappura 14 hours ago

    What if you put milk in a bowl after eating ice cream?

    XDTHEGOD XD 14 hours ago

    I wish these comments were normal

    •ASTROKET• 15 hours ago

    Call me plz I'm lonely 775 538 4683

  • Nova.
    Nova. 15 hours ago


  • Kenia Arnold
    Kenia Arnold 15 hours ago

    The ballon trick was good if u can’t get it doesn’t mean it’s busted

  • Kenia Arnold
    Kenia Arnold 15 hours ago

    Or do u just want people to call u all day

  • Kenia Arnold
    Kenia Arnold 15 hours ago

    Do you know there’s a phone number on top of your microwave

  • Captain Junior
    Captain Junior 15 hours ago +1

    he doesnt respond on his number its only like a text noti for every video he posts

  • XXXMario DG Diaz
    XXXMario DG Diaz 15 hours ago

    I saw a phone number

  • Nanc Hill
    Nanc Hill 16 hours ago

    I knew about the bread hack. I've done that myself.

    MOHAMED ABUKAR 16 hours ago

    9:41 saw his number

  • Bryce Hilke
    Bryce Hilke 16 hours ago

    to make a cookie soft put it in the microwave

  • SS Beast
    SS Beast 16 hours ago


  • willy g
    willy g 16 hours ago

    The bread absorbed the moistened from the cookies

  • Call me Venom
    Call me Venom 17 hours ago

    Wait nobody new bread kept cookies soft?

  • Kevin Stolberg
    Kevin Stolberg 17 hours ago

    Whoa whoa whoa.........................

  • Rui Pena
    Rui Pena 18 hours ago

    Hey Jake do you want to know what this orange and this knife have in common? What? Both can pop a balloon! *proceeds to pop a balloon with a knife*

  • Sckritzy
    Sckritzy 18 hours ago

    What is the beat that he uses when a life hack works

  • vTeK_Delta - Apex Legends

    How do u make ur hair like that I would really like to know

  • Stephany Cisneros
    Stephany Cisneros 19 hours ago

    You filmed the zeroz 2

  • Logical Lists
    Logical Lists 19 hours ago +11

    who’s been a HUGE fan of Brennen before 2019??
    👇I’m Gifting Next 67 Subs 🎁

  • Green Punch 5.0
    Green Punch 5.0 19 hours ago

    Put the cookies in the Microwave

  • Scarlet Murillo
    Scarlet Murillo 19 hours ago

    LOL...Brennen you forgot to place the pink dye under the pot for the T-shirt😂 It’s why it didn’t turn Pink! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Savagegamer v2.0
    Savagegamer v2.0 21 hour ago +1

    Alert Brennon Taylor is running out of tik Tom hacks

  • Rebecca Hall
    Rebecca Hall 21 hour ago

    Coca cola also removes battery acid build up

  • Vinixee
    Vinixee 23 hours ago

    “Biggest success in the whole video” but it was the first “hack”

  • Biona Tom
    Biona Tom Day ago +1

    14:49 - Brennen screaming … again. lmao

  • Paul Jimerson
    Paul Jimerson Day ago

    Lol. "Cum of sum yung guy"

  • Landan swanson
    Landan swanson Day ago

    Instead of Coca-Cola and Mentos
    It's Coca-Cola and milk

  • Erica DawnTM
    Erica DawnTM Day ago +1

    Love how faze rug not only takes your video idea, does every single hack that you did like it was him who seen them in the first place.. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • chauntyele
    chauntyele Day ago

    i used to drink pop & milk when i was younger 🤣

  • games & animations

    is that text me ..do u wanna a girl frined?

  • Izza Adeel
    Izza Adeel Day ago

    Nobody :
    Brennen changes shirt 20 times

  • Izza Adeel
    Izza Adeel Day ago +1

    The bed is lava
    Like if you didn't care

  • Jaya Bala
    Jaya Bala Day ago

    You did the avocado wrong.

  • Kalyssa Orikasa
    Kalyssa Orikasa Day ago

    Citric acid is in orange peels

  • Amaan zone
    Amaan zone Day ago

    I'm done with this series!

  • jordin 2456
    jordin 2456 Day ago

    For the first cookie hack after he put the bread in he sed that the cookie were leteraly brand new then he sed he got the cookies last night SO WICH IS IT ARE THEY NEW OR OLD DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN

  • Tessa Mast
    Tessa Mast Day ago

    Literally the bread just absorbs the moisture... I thought everyone knew this

  • Drew From The Ville

    12:52 mark tell me what he said everyone lol and I thought this was a kids channel lol

  • Nain Alejandro
    Nain Alejandro Day ago

    Brennen do u know who is xxxtentacion

  • Alic Dale
    Alic Dale Day ago

    *Equilibrium occurs*
    Them: WTF the cookie gained moisture and somehow this bread is dry

  • Hoss Shdkx
    Hoss Shdkx Day ago

    I’m the one call you

  • David Moore
    David Moore Day ago

    I lie how he was pouring it on next to a computer

  • Denelle Pritchett

    The liquid in the orange peel is oil, it's a good fire starter too!

  • Tanvir Ghura
    Tanvir Ghura Day ago

    Lol 😂 at 12:04 you can see he has proudly put his unsolved Rubik’s cube on the stand