Top 10 Things That IT (2017) Did Differently

  • Published on Sep 20, 2017
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    Books to movie adaptations are never perfect, and with IT having a TV miniseries from the 1990s, there are plenty of differences worth noting from all versions of the story! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Biggest Changes made by IT 2017! But what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be the more graphic R-rated style, the film losing the flashback storytelling aspect, or Georgie's death? Watch to find out!
    #10. The Era in Which the Story Takes Place
    #9. Patrick Hockstetter
    #8. Blood Oath
    #7. Mike’s Parents
    #6. Henry Bowers
    #5. The Neibolt Street House
    #4. Beverly Marsh
    #3, #2, #1 ?
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  • Sophie Davids
    Sophie Davids 19 hours ago


  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown Day ago +1

    I love stand by me

  • Joking Plays
    Joking Plays 2 days ago +1


  • Joking Plays
    Joking Plays 2 days ago +1


  • typhlosion 787
    typhlosion 787 2 days ago

    #1 It was actually a good movie

  • Versatile of Music
    Versatile of Music 3 days ago

    I bet Eleven would beat the hell outta him.

  • The Man Becky Lynch Straight fire

    If Tim Curry's pennywise had a son it would be Bill skarsgard's pennywise

  • Nero Mattacchione
    Nero Mattacchione 3 days ago +2

    So were just going to ignore the Turtle and the Ritual Of Chud?

  • Jeff Todd
    Jeff Todd 4 days ago

    The 90s movie blows the new ones out of the water. I give the new one 2 thumbs down I left halfway through the movie. To much cgi. To predictable. And they tried to hard to be scary. TERRIBLE

  • Jeff Todd
    Jeff Todd 4 days ago

    1 thing the new "it" did differently was try way to hard to be scary and being predictable and stupid

    DEEZ NUTSxdDEE 5 days ago


  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield 5 days ago +1

    Excuse me sir! Do you have prince albert in a can? YOU DO?! Well you better let the poor guy out! wuhAH wuhAH wuhAH!

    • Chris Redfield
      Chris Redfield 3 days ago +1

      Megan Elaine Underrated reply

    • Megan Elaine
      Megan Elaine 3 days ago +1

      Excuse me ma'am! Is your refrigerator running? It IS! Well you better go catch it before it runs away! HA-HA! HA-HA! HA-HA!

  • TimmyCedar1500
    TimmyCedar1500 5 days ago

    Tim Curry) I want the real pennywise
    Bill Skårdsgard) The real pennywise
    Ronald McDonald) Perfection

  • themis sevdali
    themis sevdali 5 days ago

    Tim curry as pennywise is so much creepier and scarier and he had less make up and special effects.the new pennywise was ok but thats not It!!

    • Aditi Arora
      Aditi Arora 4 days ago

      The current Pennywise has no specific effects at all. It's his smile and his eyes. Google it before dropping in poorly informed comments.

  • RainbowOoof
    RainbowOoof 5 days ago


  • cynder623
    cynder623 6 days ago +2

    IT 1990 - Comedy
    IT 2017 - Horror

  • CyberMiddi
    CyberMiddi 6 days ago

    It 1990 does 30 years later

  • killin it l
    killin it l 7 days ago

    its not a great story in my opinion just not movie material

  • Cody Doget
    Cody Doget 7 days ago

    The nebolt house was in the 1990 adaption Stan sees it as a mummy then gets locked in and names the birds then get out and runs into bill

  • Maximilian Sengchanh

    Is that John Cusack, the one who got "sucked dry"?

  • Ezekiel Hortaleza
    Ezekiel Hortaleza 8 days ago

    It 2017 took place in 1989 and It chapter takes place in 2016

  • Tammy Segear
    Tammy Segear 8 days ago +1

    You'll flot too

  • Benjamin De La Rosa
    Benjamin De La Rosa 9 days ago +1

    It remake sucks

  • Film Fangirls
    Film Fangirls 9 days ago

    I love the changes personally.

  • TMR Cyclops
    TMR Cyclops 9 days ago +3

    The 2017 movie is 27 years after the 1990 movie. LOL

    • Sander_LL
      Sander_LL 5 hours ago

      IT returns every 27 years...

  • Dennis DeWaters Jr
    Dennis DeWaters Jr 9 days ago

    Hmmm the fact the 2017 pennywise is way scarier than 1990

  • The Karen
    The Karen 9 days ago

    The 1990 was sooooo good omg

  • Alexander Weller
    Alexander Weller 10 days ago

    4:40 Actually, the reason why Henry went after the Losers alone in the 2017 film was that he killed Belch and Victor. There's a scene that was shot for the 2017 movie (in the part where the Losers enter the Neibolt Street house to defeat It) which showed Henry in the car with the dead bodies of Belch and Victor inside with him, revealing that he killed them. This scene was cut from the movie, however, but it was also a change from both the book and the miniseries (in which Belch and Victor are killed by It).

  • Rasigan19 serial new name uma mageswari Rasigan

    Old is gold
    New is bold

  • dave duha
    dave duha 10 days ago

    fuck watch mojo

  • banjosinclairr 26
    banjosinclairr 26 10 days ago

    In 2017 mike gets raised by his uncle not his grandpa 🤦‍♂️


    • Alena DB
      Alena DB 6 days ago +1

      No it’s his grandpa lmao

  • jacob drolet
    jacob drolet 10 days ago

    Amazing grease bullies vs 80 punks bullies who will win 😂

  • Mia Pope
    Mia Pope 10 days ago

    Is Geogie still alive

  • Mia Pope
    Mia Pope 10 days ago

    IsGeorgie still life life life

  • iSuRRendeReDuK
    iSuRRendeReDuK 11 days ago +1

    1 it was crap
    2 it was crap
    3 it was crap
    4 it was crap
    5 it was crap
    6 it was crap
    7 it was crap
    8 it was crap
    9 it was crap
    10 the original was ok

  • Akbar Shabazz
    Akbar Shabazz 11 days ago +7

    Crackheads getting their crack be like:
    For 27 minutes I've dreamt of you. I've craaaaaved you. I've missed you!

  • bad74maverick1
    bad74maverick1 11 days ago

    just watched IT chapter 2 and it followed the book really well. There was some interjected PC crap on a character or two but still good!

  • Peter
    Peter 11 days ago +2

    The new one is a total joke smh I will keep it the original the 1990 version.

    • Coline Collard
      Coline Collard 10 days ago

      Neither actually made the novel justice. At least the 1990 tv adaptation explained why It likes eating children and why it scares them first. In the novel Derry itself is full of people turning a blind eye to all the evil around them and often condoning it to a worrying degree. It's made clear in the novel Derry itself housed a lot of negative energy which made it an ideal place for It to reside in. The losers discover that it's not just It which is evil but the town itself appears cursed with people doing wicked things totally independently of It.

      This whole angle is merely implied in the 2017-2019 movie adaptations but pretty much swept to the background in order to focus on It as some sort of ultimate boogeyman.

      To be fair the novel plods along way too long in places with endless flashbacks making it dull to read at times.

  • Dustin Brown
    Dustin Brown 11 days ago +2

    Y’all realize that pennywise is based on John Wayne gacey the serial killer that hid the bodies of young boys under his floorboards

  • Madi Bootsman
    Madi Bootsman 11 days ago

    I’m reading the book for school we have to read one and I chose IT

  • SnApple
    SnApple 12 days ago

    IT 2017: We're not supposed to be funny!
    IT 1990: *we're FRIGGEN CLOWNS!*
    Did you get the reference? :)

  • shinning armor girl
    shinning armor girl 12 days ago

    2019 anybody?

  • snugglebuglol
    snugglebuglol 12 days ago +16

    tbh I thought the original IT was scarier since the clown look more realistic.

    • Shay
      Shay 8 days ago

      Coline Collard EXACTLY!! Someone I finally agree with !!

    • Coline Collard
      Coline Collard 10 days ago +2

      Tim Curry is genuinely scary and charming at the same time. You laugh with him but still know the joke's on you.

  • BlueFieldGamer
    BlueFieldGamer 12 days ago

    IT 🤡

  • Tarantula Teen
    Tarantula Teen 12 days ago +6

    I got an ad for the IT chapter 2 movie when I clicked on it 😈🤡🎈

  • Airbear
    Airbear 12 days ago +1

    I liked the 90s version because pennywise seemed more like a real clown, and kind of understand how to mess with them while still seeming like he’s having fun. The new version is just an alien creature dressed as a clown.

  • Mystery LT
    Mystery LT 12 days ago

    Bully: Hey stupid
    Boy who’s getting bullied: Penny come here

  • AniqueGaming Aniq
    AniqueGaming Aniq 13 days ago

    Pennywise Said: Beep Beep Witchy

  • EUSL84
    EUSL84 13 days ago

    What is even scarier and sad is that the protagonist from the 90's film is already dead :(

  • jordan wahab
    jordan wahab 13 days ago


  • awsomespecs
    awsomespecs 13 days ago

    it sucks him as much as he SUCCED a lot of people

  • Daniel J Maximoff
    Daniel J Maximoff 13 days ago

    Pennywise belongs with Harley Quinn.

  • Lukie Driscoll
    Lukie Driscoll 13 days ago

    1:59 Ya See Eddie And The Rest ?

  • Lukie Driscoll
    Lukie Driscoll 13 days ago

    Do you see Eddie and the rest?

  • Ivybeatrice Ramos
    Ivybeatrice Ramos 14 days ago

    Ithink 2017 and this coming IT chapter 2 are the scariest.

  • dead head
    dead head 14 days ago

    it: look a tasty treat
    me: *pukes
    it: even better
    me: it's McDonalds
    it:I'm not rolled
    me: more fries plese

  • dead head
    dead head 14 days ago

    I watched it for my first time today and instantly fell in love with the movie and still can't forget the movie

  • gacha person
    gacha person 15 days ago

    IT chapter two is coming out in 2 days!!!

  • Julio César Segovia
    Julio César Segovia 15 days ago

    I got a ad of it chapter 2

  • Addison & Kendra
    Addison & Kendra 16 days ago

    Pretend I said something funny you say you can like this comment