John Lewis Christmas Ad 2017 - #MozTheMonster

  • Published on Nov 10, 2017
  • Click here to continue the story and make your own monster:
    Joe befriends a noisy Monster under his bed but the two have so much fun together that he can't get to sleep, leaving him tired by day. For Christmas Joe receives a gift to help him finally get a good night’s sleep.
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    The music is Golden Slumbers performed by elbow, the original song was by The Beatles.
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Comments • 6 958

  • JR & The Crew
    JR & The Crew Day ago

    Yo wassup

  • Emma Lou
    Emma Lou 4 days ago +1

    That was cute

  • Kevin Walker
    Kevin Walker 8 days ago

    Where is Rumplestiltskin? Hey goyim where is he? Ratfaced little bastard.

  • Kevin Walker
    Kevin Walker 8 days ago

    TOTAL KIKERY. 6 million percent.

  • علي القرني
    علي القرني 9 days ago

    تابعو قناتي

  • te7ence
    te7ence 13 days ago


  • Alexis Koptilov
    Alexis Koptilov 13 days ago

    I need to point out, that resolving the fear of monsters by befriending a child and then giving them a nightlight does not seem logical. I mean did he intend to scare him first and then befriend him to show that monsters are not something to be scared of. Which would be outrageous as well because that would be generalizing all monsters into just one image. Even so what would the nightlight have to do with the whole occasion? I mean he proved his point by befriending the child why did he need to give him a gift? Furthermore, the kid did not even care about his monster friend leaving. What does that tell us? Consumerism makes friendship obsolete?
    "Good job" John Lewis.

  • MattShoreditch
    MattShoreditch 13 days ago

    Love Moz the Monster!

  • Frank C. Graves
    Frank C. Graves 14 days ago

    Lovely and enjoyable mix of song and video. Outstanding. Sorry I've missed our channel before. I subscribed so I will know when you add new ones. Thanks.

  • Fred Smith
    Fred Smith 15 days ago

    Will next years advert show anything I can relate to?

  • Emilio9 barns
    Emilio9 barns 15 days ago

    What kind of idiotic advert is this. How does the ugly, massive monster relate to Xmas? ??

  • Полина Малых

    Hi! I very want lamp like this . I don’t know where it can buy. Help , please! I am from Russia . May be you know web site, where it can buy. Thank you !:)

  • hunter young
    hunter young 17 days ago

    Heckin moz

  • #Domitille# #Fontaine#


  • puoslerrious
    puoslerrious 18 days ago

    You know the Man in the Moon advert the other year? - well have just found 'John Lewis Advert Almost '.... Original music is good. ...

  • Marc Harris
    Marc Harris 18 days ago


    ALZA_HD 19 days ago

    I can’t believe they spent £8 million on this

    HELP I HAVE NO SKIN 19 days ago +1

    OUT OUT OUT get these brown people OUT of our society

  • Justin Angelo Alvarez
    Justin Angelo Alvarez 20 days ago

    Why so many dislikes? Is it because the story is quite incomprehensible?

  • Ad Sins
    Ad Sins 22 days ago

    ( Great ad! I've made an 'Everything Wrong With' Video on my new channel. Please have a look!

  • Nic Brunetti
    Nic Brunetti 23 days ago

    So funny this got quietly dropped...

  • marveso
    marveso 23 days ago

    They fucked up pretty badly with this one

  • Ika Ika
    Ika Ika 23 days ago

    who songs?

  • Fernanda Baratto
    Fernanda Baratto 24 days ago


  • Xiaoyu Niu
    Xiaoyu Niu 25 days ago


  • Amy Daley
    Amy Daley 25 days ago

    My cousin is the girl

  • Ink Catt
    Ink Catt 25 days ago

    Merry crimble

  • kashattack
    kashattack 25 days ago

    I didn't like this at first because it wasn't as good as some of ones from previous years but this has really grown on me. It's much better than last years version. Great ad.

  • calvin yes
    calvin yes 25 days ago

    I remember switching on the advert seconds before the last part (monsters grunt) and I was hella shook 💀 💀 💀

  • IGuyCalledJoe
    IGuyCalledJoe 25 days ago


  • Watermelon Cat
    Watermelon Cat 26 days ago

    I think the Bear and the Hare was the best advert

  • Sunny John
    Sunny John 26 days ago

    Wow so amazing

  • Ben  Cleaver
    Ben Cleaver 26 days ago

    What a load of rubbish. Sorry that's the third year they have lost the plot, in my eyes. But to each his own.

  • Tiffany Hoang
    Tiffany Hoang 26 days ago +1


    ROSA BENN 26 days ago +1

    John Lewis...BRAVO

  • Sienna Noel
    Sienna Noel 27 days ago

    I miss you moz 😭😥

  • Sharon Jackson
    Sharon Jackson 27 days ago

    Sweet. But I liked last year's better :) Merry Christmas everyone.

  • TheunknownMan
    TheunknownMan 27 days ago +1

    I'm also one of the many who is really disappointed by this years JL Christmas Ad, but luckily there is a TV Ad similar like this one, but with the right twist. Look JL this is how the story should have been:
    PS: Here are the Translations from German to English:
    Boy: Friendship with a monster? Never ever dad! :(
    Dad: Well, if you offer your friendship to the monster, it definitely won't say no to it. Just try.
    Boy: Here you go dear monster, now please be my friend.
    Claim: You can do more

  • Sab_ 789
    Sab_ 789 28 days ago

    Who’s watching this 3 days before Christmas? 😘❤️

  • Tony John
    Tony John 28 days ago

    For corbyn voters.

  • Milner Mcgrath
    Milner Mcgrath 28 days ago

    The story doesn't make sense, its pretty bad considering they take all year to try and get it right.

  • J Stevens
    J Stevens 28 days ago

    He grows up to become a Yardy and robs the poor beast

  • David Warren
    David Warren 28 days ago

    Jez ?

  • Pro Chloe
    Pro Chloe 28 days ago


  • Erik Sorvino
    Erik Sorvino 28 days ago

    Christmas is Jesus Birth. And God will win this Iluminati Zionist ideology. Happy and Merry Christmas to all.

  • BudsToon The Kids Gallery

    happy Christmas.. very nice video...

  • Direct Faith
    Direct Faith 29 days ago

    Plays with the kid, hides under the bed when the dad comes in, it's just text book at that point

  • live mc
    live mc 29 days ago

    Fox is good

  • Clare Saunders
    Clare Saunders Month ago

    made me cry when I 1st saw it..pulled the heartstrings x

  • Mến Nguyễn
    Mến Nguyễn Month ago

    do you guys know the name of the great song in this video? thks:)

  • Only2Gamers
    Only2Gamers Month ago

    I love this

  • Toivids
    Toivids Month ago


  • ameliamak
    ameliamak Month ago

    good music but the video isn't as good as previous ones.

  • Isleofwight Dave
    Isleofwight Dave Month ago

    I refuse to let this ruin the Beatles original for me.

  • Lucas Lee-Kennewell

    I like it

  • Pizza Gamer
    Pizza Gamer Month ago


  • adolphin flipper
    adolphin flipper Month ago

    Weapons manufacturers...we have just the arsenal for you

  • priscilla darling
    priscilla darling Month ago

    i'm crying :(

  • Game Monkey
    Game Monkey Month ago

    Cutest monster ever!

  • eeloftheworld
    eeloftheworld Month ago +2

    wtf is this

  • Dee Campbell
    Dee Campbell Month ago

    This song for Christmas no 1

  • Naomi Plan B
    Naomi Plan B Month ago +1

    I cried! The monster loved the kid so much, he was willing to sacrifice being away from him.

  • bamtchikabambam
    bamtchikabambam Month ago

    This ad is a pale copy of a French indie short movie... shameful! French movie for comparison:

  • Oliver Miyajima
    Oliver Miyajima Month ago

    Bad one

  • PacMonster146
    PacMonster146 Month ago

    And a million miles away theres a man on the moon lonely.....

  • Kiera Soames
    Kiera Soames Month ago +1

    This reminds me of the song video called never forget you by Zara Larsson

  • OWNIC Status
    OWNIC Status Month ago

    Wow amazing

  • madalicex
    madalicex Month ago +4

    The PC brigade strikes again.

  • Gaynor Colbourn
    Gaynor Colbourn Month ago

    The Fox and Mouse fake ad is WAY WAY better than this one. It turns out The Fox and The Mouse was actually a project by the CGI and FX department student of ESMA Art School in France, while the real thing is directed by Michel Gondry and allegedly cost £7 million to make.

  • Gaynor Colbourn
    Gaynor Colbourn Month ago

    The Fox and Mouse fake ad is WAY WAY better than this one. It turns out The Fox and The Mouse was actually a project by the CGI and FX department student of ESMA Art School in France, while the real thing is directed by Michel Gondry and allegedly cost £7 million to make.

  • stevcolx
    stevcolx Month ago

    Best avert ever

  • Gaynor Colbourn
    Gaynor Colbourn Month ago +1

    I'm not impressed! The first one with the snowmen was way way the best so far. This was rubbish!

  • Gaynor Colbourn
    Gaynor Colbourn Month ago

    I'm not impressed! The first one with the snowmen was way way the best so far. This was rubbish!


    I'm dreaming of a brown christmas!

  • Little Singer
    Little Singer Month ago


  • Little Singer
    Little Singer Month ago

    That’s so cute ! Like if you seen the Sainsbury’s o e

  • caljam 123Z
    caljam 123Z Month ago

    my mums fanny looks like moz the monster

  • Vanlalhruaia Sailo
    Vanlalhruaia Sailo Month ago

    i love the song it majes me cry👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

    MAHESWARY .P.NAIR. Month ago


  • Nessy Yellow
    Nessy Yellow Month ago

    Blimey! This is scarey for little ones. They might want to watch mine instead. We took Santa and Rudolph around beautiful Castleton last week :-) (

  • Mouth of Sauron
    Mouth of Sauron Month ago +1

    SO BRAVE! More like #POZmonster

  • Soylent Green
    Soylent Green Month ago +1

    What a strange fucked up advertisement!

  • Antonio Bradshaw
    Antonio Bradshaw Month ago

    love love love

  • thegreenman
    thegreenman Month ago

    more satanic garbage from your masters, make friends with demons that are interfering in your life so they can feed in peace! Joe receives a gift.....a thousand points of light (read up on that). what joe really needs is a crucifix and an exorcism. I mean whats next? He Man dancing with skelitor and then holding him up in the air in some kind of a dirty dancing parody? Wouldn’t surprise me!

  • LegitCatcher21
    LegitCatcher21 Month ago +1

    Millions gone into this

  • AnimeBearCharlie x
    AnimeBearCharlie x Month ago

    This is heartbreaking again..I loved it..😣

  • Scoobs newton
    Scoobs newton Month ago

    its not the best youve ever done john😬its not Elbows best song either

    MINI SHOW Month ago

    I dont understoodt the finale..

  • Thourt Entertainment

    So dead 😂

  • Esther Mols
    Esther Mols Month ago

    John Lewis plagiarism row gives Christmas sales boost to Mr Underbed

  • Esther Mols
    Esther Mols Month ago

  • Andee
    Andee Month ago +1

    Is it just me? or does Moz remind anyone else of Mr Bean?

  • Conor Winterburn
    Conor Winterburn Month ago

    The monster was suicidal

  • hypnosisplay
    hypnosisplay Month ago

    I made a piano tutorial for this song. If anyone wants to check it out and learn the song, then this is the link: (

  • The Surgeon
    The Surgeon Month ago

    I don't get it.
    1. Kid is scared of monster 😱
    2. Kid befriends monster 🙃
    At this point it is a lovely Christmas advert
    3. Monster feels bad for keeping the kid up too late so pisses off and buys him a light instead 😯🎅🏿
    4. No more monster 😢
    5. But he's back OR IS HE 🤔

  • Lell Mi
    Lell Mi Month ago +10

    Have Merry Jewish Christmas!

  • Emily Montanez
    Emily Montanez Month ago

    I don’t get why you guys are hating it? It’s not even bad. Yeah other ones are better but this one is still adorable.

  • Happy Halite
    Happy Halite Month ago

    i love this. warm feelings. cried on the first watch. Thank you, team!