John Lewis Christmas Ad 2017 - #MozTheMonster

  • Published on Nov 10, 2017
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    Joe befriends a noisy Monster under his bed but the two have so much fun together that he can't get to sleep, leaving him tired by day. For Christmas Joe receives a gift to help him finally get a good night’s sleep.
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    The music is Golden Slumbers performed by elbow, the original song was by The Beatles.
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  • Runtime: 2:11
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Comments: 7 618

  • Sabrina Mackay
    Sabrina Mackay 19 minutes ago

    Omg so cute just don’t ask why I cried at the end... 😢

  • Vegtam
    Vegtam 42 minutes ago

    WTF is this? John Lewis - we want to see whites being killed in your adverts. This isn't good enough. FFS!

  • gary potter
    gary potter Hour ago

    Why does the mosnter disappear when he puts that light on 🤔

  • erin lol
    erin lol Hour ago

    Hi juliette

  • Potato Couch
    Potato Couch Hour ago

    This ALWAYS gets #1 on trending and I'm SO happy for it!

  • Francisco Francco
    Francisco Francco Hour ago +1

    Oy vey goyim, merry Christmas

  • DinoboyAaron
    DinoboyAaron 2 hours ago

    imagine if pyco killer in costume

  • John NoNameGibbon
    John NoNameGibbon 2 hours ago +1

    I like how the commercial tries to be controversial by doing the Cheerios commercial thing and making the mom white.

  • anon V
    anon V 3 hours ago

    My fellow consumers boycott these shameless fat cat companies who exploit people on zero hours contracts, make a real change this year and buy from companies that don't exploit people in such a disgusting way. Companies like john lewis are part of the reason why we don't have decent jobs anymore.

  • anon V
    anon V 3 hours ago

    John Lewis are scum of the earth, merciless exploitation of people on zero hours contracts, disgusting

  • Sam Dallison
    Sam Dallison 3 hours ago

    Anyone see the 23-19 on the monster at 1:20??

  • teun Heideman
    teun Heideman 4 hours ago

    Ik cry

  • Duncan Knifton
    Duncan Knifton 4 hours ago

    Sorry....not this year

  • Stripethecatsoldier ROBLOX

    Golden slumbers, #1 on trending, hell yeah, this is the next king of ads.

  • Helen Ayres
    Helen Ayres 5 hours ago

    Oh man, if you're upset about brown people in UK Christmas ads, then I have some news about Jesus that you may want to sit down for... 🙄

  • Anzz Media
    Anzz Media 6 hours ago Remix Hardest Name

  • John Dobson
    John Dobson 6 hours ago

    Play it on Guitar or piano

  • Andrew Webb
    Andrew Webb 6 hours ago

    I was told I'd need to have a hanky at the ready to watch this advert, but it's not sexy at all, what a con.

  • Afgan No3
    Afgan No3 6 hours ago

    on a separate note my dog ''dillo' does not care one bit that john lewis decided to ignore international copyright law and produce this blatant knock off toy. since my wife brought MOZ home last week our dog has been fu**ing it ragged. its as if the toy is a female dog in season. its lucky you can put them in the washing machine, as ours is as soggy as a students cum rag........

  • Future Nations
    Future Nations 7 hours ago +3

    #It's okay to be white.

  • Rich Hood
    Rich Hood 7 hours ago +1

    Well done for ripping off Chris Riddell’s book, “Mr Underbed”. How about some original though instead of stealing someone else’s creation?

  • leo cannone
    leo cannone 7 hours ago +1

    Proud to be an inspiration for John Lewis, but next time, please call us...
    our short film created last years :

    • Dean White
      Dean White Hour ago

      Actually both of you copied "Mr Underbed", but yours, frankly, is a lot creepier. Yours looks like pedo-bear.

  • Lewishamiltonsux
    Lewishamiltonsux 7 hours ago +2

    Rock bottom.

  • Herbie Adventures
    Herbie Adventures 8 hours ago

    Check our shop for dog collars, leashes, bandanas and hike gear.
    Thank you!

  • FevirreTheWolf
    FevirreTheWolf 8 hours ago +1

    Frankie's holiday was better than this

  • Rob Hof
    Rob Hof 8 hours ago

    NO, don't like this one.
    Last year was better.!!!

  • Frank Cope
    Frank Cope 9 hours ago +1

    You know what's cooler than a Monsters Inc Ripoff?

    My new mixtape

  • Maxine Cramb
    Maxine Cramb 10 hours ago

    Love the music, that's about it. Not a Christmas advert and lacks the emotional side of things. John Lewis adverts have gradually been going down hill. 😕

  • Karl Walker
    Karl Walker 10 hours ago +1


  • Leelee 101
    Leelee 101 11 hours ago

    This comment section almost made me cry 😭 why so much hatred.

  • Ransoms Residential - Exeter, Devon

    Don't forget ours #ChristmasBeginsAtHome - Small businesses can try too! :)

  • 김대휘
    김대휘 13 hours ago

    love it

  • Jamie W
    Jamie W 13 hours ago +1

    Totally naff! How many children will have nightmares from this nonsense???

  • CaptainDerp
    CaptainDerp 13 hours ago +1


  • Barney & Fred
    Barney & Fred 13 hours ago

    Always cost millions to make it , that much money would give a lot children a good night sleep.

  • Gayle Turner
    Gayle Turner 13 hours ago


  • Spud
    Spud 15 hours ago

    Why are people so angry at this? I don't get it.

  • Ann Rogers
    Ann Rogers 16 hours ago

    Much preferred the Fox and the Mouse.

  • Fergal O'Sullivan
    Fergal O'Sullivan 18 hours ago

    Go figure !!!

  • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986

    Mutt the Monster

  • Francis Drake
    Francis Drake 19 hours ago +1

    Disgusting advert!

  • Frankie J
    Frankie J 20 hours ago

    Ignore the Daily Fail, its a stunning advert for kids adults im 29 and i adore these John Lewis adverts each year xxxxx

  • dank monster
    dank monster 20 hours ago

    This is funny

  • Liam Tube
    Liam Tube 20 hours ago


  • J P
    J P 20 hours ago +2

    It's OK to boycott John Lewis for their offensive Christmas advert!

  • Kebra Mc
    Kebra Mc 20 hours ago +1

    This is terrible

  • Tweet Protocol
    Tweet Protocol 20 hours ago +3

    ... and of course, the mum is.... white. Yawn.

  • Alex Wegner
    Alex Wegner 21 hour ago +2

    I wonder how many white brits will be getting arrested by the hate crime unit this christmas for "inappropriate" comments on this wonderful enriching diverse ad ;-)

  • Sophie Paraha
    Sophie Paraha 21 hour ago

    Just because the mother is white doesn’t mean she’s not his mum?????? My mother has blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin and is 100% European. I am tan, brown hair, brown eyes and 50% Māori, 50% European because of my dad. Smh people who cares if she’s white

  • mr wolf
    mr wolf 21 hour ago +1


  • TheIrishStew 64
    TheIrishStew 64 22 hours ago +1


  • Enid Malloy
    Enid Malloy 22 hours ago

    Actually crying!! So good 😃

  • glowworm2
    glowworm2 22 hours ago

    That was adorable!

  • lee chang
    lee chang 22 hours ago

    great advert

  • Witcher Knight
    Witcher Knight 23 hours ago +2

    That moment you realise your Grandfathers, and great Grandfathers fought the wrong enemy.

  • goforit666
    goforit666 23 hours ago +2


  • adel djoudi
    adel djoudi 23 hours ago

    omg how is it still n1 trending

  • Yoda'sMom
    Yoda'sMom 23 hours ago

    I prefer monty the penguin

  • Mighty Whitey
    Mighty Whitey 23 hours ago +1


  • AllThingsFootball

    Well it couldn't be worse than year.........

  • Pierre Gashagaza

    this is different lol

  • Spinler Muckflitt
    Spinler Muckflitt Day ago +1

    Please dont buy from businesses that promote the Kalergi plan

  • Saharakkandola
    Saharakkandola Day ago

    Honestly, this will never be as good as the 2015 advert, man on the moon☹️

  • Sarah O'Gorman
    Sarah O'Gorman Day ago

    They make the best adds

  • Mary Kate Kelly
    Mary Kate Kelly Day ago

    Are people honestly giving out about the fact the child isn't white....

  • King Kenny
    King Kenny Day ago +1

    there's no such thing as a happy mudshark

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith Day ago +2


  • draawvaught awa
    draawvaught awa Day ago

    Terrible they get worse every year even Walmart do better ads lol

  • jelly s
    jelly s Day ago +4

    Fed up. Grow up people,not everything has to be politicly correct...
    Politically correct checklist;
    Doctor who-check
    Christmas adverts-check
    BBC (UK) -check
    Grrrrr so much more

  • GlitchItOut
    GlitchItOut Day ago

    7mil views? My vid s only get 10 can anybody help me change that?!?

  • Mahony
    Mahony Day ago

    Click my picture and show me some support, thanks it means alot really

  • Inspiration Of Life

    Thought that was quite good

  • Walter Leonardi
    Walter Leonardi Day ago

    what's the name of the song?

  • firefoxhits
    firefoxhits Day ago +5

    Why is the kid with his Dad? And why is he shacked up with a white woman? It must be Merry Kilergi season!

  • The Red Celt
    The Red Celt Day ago +4

    Gross and disgusting promotion of WhiteGenocide! This also has NOTHING to do with Christmas or the meaning behind it!

  • TooMuchBaka
    TooMuchBaka Day ago +1

    Not the best....

  • itsjemmabond
    itsjemmabond Day ago

    I don't get it...

  • TJ Taco
    TJ Taco Day ago

    I saw Theresa May version first lmao

  • flaggerify
    flaggerify Day ago

    Ripped off book by Chris Ridell.

  • Dan Allen
    Dan Allen Day ago

    I have no idea at all why this ad is going to make me shop as John Lewis. Can someone explain?

  • George S
    George S Day ago +9

    I'm dreaming of a *hu-white* Christmas

  • Lunar Cat
    Lunar Cat Day ago

    This legit made me cry

  • Nu Chairco
    Nu Chairco Day ago

    I love it.

  • xXKittyCat8Xx
    xXKittyCat8Xx Day ago


  • godlyelf
    godlyelf Day ago


  • Pista Joska
    Pista Joska Day ago +5

    His dad should be in jail

  • Bandari Nithish
    Bandari Nithish Day ago


  • Christina Davies
    Christina Davies Day ago +1

    Shame that the whole idea is stolen from a 1986 children's book by Chris Riddell. John Lewis I hope you will be compensating the author generously!

  • Fuji Wuji
    Fuji Wuji Day ago

    John Lewis never fails to produce some of the most memorable Christmas adverts.

  • Jim B
    Jim B Day ago +1


  • b12 o
    b12 o Day ago +8

    I wonder are the Africans countries making christmas commercials with white children in them, because Europe isn't. They seem to have a phobia of white children.

  • Hannes Ryderup
    Hannes Ryderup Day ago +3

    Disgusting! I bet the people who made this commercial doesn't celebrate Christmas, they celebrate chanukah!

  • Kami Furio
    Kami Furio Day ago +7

    Are there any native Brits left in the UK? It does not look like it from this year xmass adds!

    • Kami Furio
      Kami Furio 10 hours ago

      Then you should hurry up and visit the UK ASAP,  cause the natives are getting replaced at an alarming speed by africans and middle easterners as this ad clearly shows and promotes!

  • Thomas Edlin
    Thomas Edlin Day ago

    great song

  • Aryan American
    Aryan American Day ago +10

    Miscegenation needs to be outlawed. No more mixing of the races.

    • Shan Parke
      Shan Parke 18 hours ago +1

      Aryan American ffs who let you out of your cave again 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • John Jacob
    John Jacob Day ago +18

    Diversity causes constant conflict.

  • King Towmeey
    King Towmeey Day ago

    I always look forward to John Lewis Christmas ad!

  • Wowzers426
    Wowzers426 Day ago

  • Max Wavy
    Max Wavy Day ago +3

    Who else is already in the Christmas mood? 🙋🏽‍♂️

  • Georgia Day
    Georgia Day Day ago

    This is the best one and also the hedgehogs jumping on the trampoline !!!!