• Published on Sep 8, 2019
  • I Tested The PH of EVERY BOTTLED WATER! Trying all the water brands and doing a a ph water test with Dasani, Evian, Voss, Aquafina and more! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! WATCH me tasting them all tvclip.biz/video/J0e5KDzzmCg/video.html Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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  • Manolito Maningo
    Manolito Maningo 6 hours ago

    that a lot of water bottles !!😱😱😱

  • lady ema
    lady ema 6 hours ago


  • Cutiepies Videos
    Cutiepies Videos 7 hours ago

    Ok she doesn’t know about the environment 🥤

  • hamalama dingdong
    hamalama dingdong 7 hours ago

    And i oop

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light 7 hours ago

    Wheres the diet water?Lol

  • Ana's Life
    Ana's Life 9 hours ago

    vsco girls are screaming😂

  • Xander Mouser
    Xander Mouser 9 hours ago

    Dear park

  • Kim Hill
    Kim Hill 9 hours ago

    I drink poland spring

  • Kim Hill
    Kim Hill 9 hours ago

    How comes no one tests Poland spring water

  • Lexi Nguyen
    Lexi Nguyen 10 hours ago

    The water that I drink is Aquafina

  • TheMystic Pyro
    TheMystic Pyro 10 hours ago

    Did you know at theme parks they sell Dasani because Dasani has a slightly bigger salt content so it makes you want to buy more

  • Nicole Zenko
    Nicole Zenko 10 hours ago

    When I noticed vitamin water at 0:22, I dided off happieness
    especially when I found the pink one IM DRINKING IT RN

  • tiny cookie
    tiny cookie 11 hours ago

    I was drinking crystal guiser while watching this

  • Kelly Cannobbio
    Kelly Cannobbio 11 hours ago

    Essentia, baby! 👌🏻💪🏻👏🏻

  • Requiem Queen
    Requiem Queen 12 hours ago

    Literaly just here sipping my *Great Value* water....

    TEE HEE 12 hours ago

    U forgot nestle

  • fleurie
    fleurie 13 hours ago

    That good old Costco water

  • Payton Beighley
    Payton Beighley 15 hours ago

    Can we get a pt2

  • Damien and the dogs
    Damien and the dogs 16 hours ago

    I drink core

  • TotallyNot Jillian
    TotallyNot Jillian 16 hours ago +1

    I wish she would’ve test Poland spring water

  • Felicia Pagan
    Felicia Pagan 16 hours ago

    Ahh you forgot Dasani

  • Ivory Sanders
    Ivory Sanders 16 hours ago

    I drink Dasani

  • Jazzmine Gage
    Jazzmine Gage 18 hours ago

    And I opp sksksksksks save the turtles

  • Daizy YT
    Daizy YT 19 hours ago +1

    We Stan a Hydrated Queen

  • Maddie Fetzer
    Maddie Fetzer 19 hours ago

    She lives in Arizona Bashas is only in Arizona I think

  • Ēmiły Mšp
    Ēmiły Mšp 21 hour ago +1

    Who remembered she didn’t test her tap water?

  • Phyllis Smith
    Phyllis Smith 21 hour ago

    I was relieved that essence was purple

  • Puppy Luv123
    Puppy Luv123 21 hour ago +1


  • Puppy Luv123
    Puppy Luv123 21 hour ago +1

    The VSCO girls are quaking!

  • tia-monae west
    tia-monae west 22 hours ago

    Save the turtles

  • Nicole Quinn
    Nicole Quinn Day ago

    Very different to vysco girl one
    You then : # save the turtles no plastic
    You now : buying every bottled water (it's plastic )

  • Scissors Beat Paper


  • Ziggy I
    Ziggy I Day ago +1

    Isn't neutral green not blue?

  • slik T.
    slik T. Day ago

    the red cap is for the US Open. i think its golf shit

  • Makyla
    Makyla Day ago

    Man life water and Aquafina is all I want- I was I writing this I thing There is drugs in the waterA

  • Aries Vigil
    Aries Vigil Day ago

    Essentia water is my favorite!!!

  • Fastel AJ
    Fastel AJ Day ago

    Im drinking core water rn lol I'm glad its healthy!
    But wtf I always drink life water now I feel like--

  • Håppŷ Däŵñ :P

    I drink a water that wasn't on here...

  • Jayson Lloyd
    Jayson Lloyd Day ago

    You want 7.0 ph that's nutral

  • Alexa Sterling
    Alexa Sterling Day ago

    My bf thinks dasani is good ig his wrong

  • Adrianna Ogle
    Adrianna Ogle Day ago

    u should make your own water brand since u seem to know a lot about it

  • Isabel Garrigó
    Isabel Garrigó Day ago

    why is this so incredibly entertaining?

  • The Cookie Girl Gamer

    Wheres my giant eagle brand

  • Ana Miranda
    Ana Miranda Day ago +1

    I acquired sparkling water .... but only ones with flavor

  • Lauren Nazer
    Lauren Nazer Day ago

    You forgot the box water 💧

  • Real Bride Of Chucky

    Honestly this was one of my fave videos ! Please do more stuff like this... its intriguing 🌹💋❤

  • Kristina Clarvoe
    Kristina Clarvoe Day ago +1

    I love Essentia so I was happy to see it was one of the best! Drinking healthy water is essential to life y’all! Great vid!

  • evesgalaxy
    evesgalaxy Day ago

    Thank you for this video! i see i wasted my money on some. I'm glad the one's I did like by taste past the test.

  • KEMMI TV !
    KEMMI TV ! Day ago

    anyone else was looking for Poland’s Spring?

  • Diandra Thompson

    Me need a new phone

    My my mom shut up

  • UuU
    UuU Day ago

    What about Poland springs

  • luz gonzalez
    luz gonzalez Day ago +1

    You forgot Niagara water

  • Puppy Games
    Puppy Games Day ago

    Sniper wolf: the water place
    Me: *sees plastic* I am calling the VSCO girls
    VSCO girls after I call them:SAVE THE TURTLES SKKKK AND I OPP

  • London Edwards
    London Edwards Day ago

    Alkaline is the best me and my family drink it 24/7

  • Jeneveive Tester

    I did this in aquatic science

  • Brihanna Scott
    Brihanna Scott Day ago

    Hey ssniperwolf I have some of those water bottles at my house

    I LOVE FAIRYTAIL Day ago +1

    Guava juice beat u to this

  • Kassandra Kassy
    Kassandra Kassy Day ago

    Don't waste the water

  • hanna fox
    hanna fox Day ago

    She didnt test vas water

  • Yannie Squad
    Yannie Squad Day ago

    Where did she get that change color stuff and scale