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Canada Soccer's Women's National Team v USA International Friendly LIVE from Avaya Stadium, San Jose

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • Canada Soccer's Women's National Team face rivals USA in an International Friendly LIVE from Avaya Stadium, San Jose, California November 12, 2017
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  • OceanBlue
    OceanBlue Year ago

    USA!... USA!...USA!...🇺🇸.

    • Scotty
      Scotty 9 months ago

      OceanBlue you don’t need to hate on every Canada soccer video...we didn’t do anything to you

  • justin wise
    justin wise Year ago

    Canadian coach disturb players yelling and braying continuously. there is no score board

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  • Michael
    Michael Year ago

    44:33 that sign is HILARIOUS !!!

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago

    Thanks for posting CANADA Soccer. You're f&#*N alrigghhht aaaaahh?

  • adrienne xxx
    adrienne xxx Year ago

    Thanks for uploading this!

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  • Vis Forvendetta
    Vis Forvendetta Year ago +4

    We deserved what we got. We started to play loose with the ball when it was only a tie. Fleming is going to be a star, but she was reckless with the ball near our own net. USA just showed us why they are still the best in the world.

  • Zzzlife Zzzlife
    Zzzlife Zzzlife Year ago

    Canada played very well in the first game. This game too, they did well. But dominance of US team.... you got love!
    Why was there no commentators?

    • artdog4u
      artdog4u Year ago

      I didn't say the did not have enough players to win the cup. I said they had very few top players. Few means 3 and you mentioned their names. My intension was not to knock the team but to applaud them for their exceptional team ball play. They played exceptionally well.When I said stagnant I was not referring to how they play during a game. It was in reference to their historical style of play. I can see they are trying to transforming to skill and speed players now. I just think this transition could have been and needed to be implemented sooner. I am a fan and dedicated support of the USWNT and I also think it possible to both support the team and critique their play.Hopefully this clears things up.

    • Trinh Nguyen
      Trinh Nguyen Year ago

      artdog4u. The Euro's winning team had Martens Lieke ( Messi women's Football) and two best strikers Miedema Viviane and Van De dander. Euro people compared Miedema Viviane as CR7. You didn't think they had enough players to win the cup?. Alex sanchez and Messi were also great players of soccer but you can't put them in the same level. USWNT is transforming to skill and speed players. I think It will take them a year or two. I did not see any stagnant in the second game vs Canada.

    • artdog4u
      artdog4u Year ago

      Trinh Nguyen. Canada has had several top players besides Sinclair. Diane Matheson, Sophie Schmidt ,Desiree Scott and the formidable Melissa Tancredi. I think that Erin McLeod is one of the top goalkeepers in the women's game.Although the USWNT have some top players that doesn't necessarily equate to having the best team. In the 2017 Euro's the winning team had very few "top players" but they had the best team.. So for me it's not who has the better players but who has the better team.I think the point that Vim O is correct. The USWNT level of play has been stagnant and needs to evolve.

    • Trinh Nguyen
      Trinh Nguyen Year ago

      Vim O
      You know that most of Canada players were play for Us WNSL. How many of them stay at the top of the players . Most of the top players were Europe and US. According to my knowledge, Canada had only Sinclair. US still have a lot of players better than Canada national team roster players in the WNSL but couldn't make the team because of competition. The young and skillful players like Pugh, Rose, Chioma, just give them a year or two. The only one problem that USWNT didn't have a good goal keeper. If Jill can find one, I think Canada very hard to beat US even in a good day with the good players.

    • artdog4u
      artdog4u Year ago

      I agree that the team is good but improvements are needed. Other countries have made tremendous improvements and the gap is closing. I think this makes the games exciting to watch but the outcome can be disappointing. Our style of play is stagnant which makes it very readable by other teams.US soccer puts about 20 million dollars a year in to women/girls soccer. More money than any other country. We also have at least 4X's the player pool than any other nation which I believe will makes us have the strongest bench during world tournament play. I think our bench players have always given us an added advantage.Although I was terribly disappointed with the teams losses, I am not sure how they could have been avoided. If they had played lower ranked teams I believe they would have been good enough to win. She also could have included more experienced players on the roster.I did not agree with Jill's tactics at the time because the team was left overly vulnerable.My understanding is her focus was not on trying to put together a team that can win in 2017.Her vision is to put a team together that can win in 2019. I don't like this tactic but I do understand it.

  • apfelsnutz
    apfelsnutz Year ago +6

    Great... no constant Yammer from the announcers... and real crowd reaction as well as coaches giving instructions !!! The real way futbol should be listened to and watched...BRAVO !

  • apfelsnutz
    apfelsnutz Year ago +2

    Excellent ! Thank you so very the hell out of NFL.... go Girls !!!

  • Alaina Dieron
    Alaina Dieron Year ago

    I was there. I was holding one of the USA flags behind the goal!!

  • Da vid
    Da vid Year ago +5

    Fleming is good on the ball but sometimes she plays too much with it. Without a doubt, she was responsible for the second goal conceded. From now on, play smarter and understand when/how to play the ball in different circumstances. Still young, don't waste your talent.

  • Maharajkumar Swamidoss

    running up and down wont get goals # 23.have to shoot the ball towards openant teams goal.miss # 19.

    • Trinh Nguyen
      Trinh Nguyen Year ago

      Sorry for my misunderstood. I agreed with Jill on the idea of rebuilding the team. Do you see Jill switched Press to right wing forward for this game. she used to play as center forward. she can dribble and quick release shot to score goal. It is good to try and see how player fit in. Most of the foreign teams are moving to speed and skill and physical player like French, Netherland, England, Denmark,Spain. if you want to bring back WC or O cup, you have to rebuild your team in that way. Dunn was OK with her speed and and skill but she little bit small. She is still on the team but Her club did not want to release her for this game. I think if you want to win the game, your defensive backs need to have the speed and be able to defense one on one. USWNT had a loaded good midfield and forward players but the back was lack of speed and skill. That was the reason she tried to rebuild it. That was my opinion.

    • Maharajkumar Swamidoss
      Maharajkumar Swamidoss Year ago

      sorry my friend you missunder stood my comment was for # 23 of usa team and 19 is power all rounder crystal dunn.

    • Trinh Nguyen
      Trinh Nguyen Year ago +1

      Did Christine Sinclair, Leon, Fleming,Nichelle score on the game. They all Canada good players. If each player have to score a goal like you said, How many goals for each side?. more than 10 goals?.#23 was defensive back player. She was not a forward or midfield. Her position was come up to support the attack but score goal is sometime happens. occasionally only. Did you see how good Leon played on her first game and how bad Leon played on this second game. #23 player for that purpose.

  • Goofy
    Goofy Year ago

    Did anyone catch Christen Press taking off her boots and socks to change into flip flops right in the middle of the pitch? I think that's really a bit too much!That totally ruins my image of her. Too bad!

    • howard weitzell
      howard weitzell 3 months ago

      What a bunch of ninny’s!

    • Zzzlife Zzzlife
      Zzzlife Zzzlife Year ago

      Of all the replies I love the one left by Malika and artdog4u. Lovely!
      To you bhleong, I would suggest that please trust these players's judgement about their own bodies. These are world class players. If she removed her shoes there must have been some very valid reason. And none of us, not you, not me, none of the other commentators here, has real knowledge of what happened. Give the player benefit of the doubt: I mean trust their judgement. We are not on the field. We are not working as hard as they do for 90 straight minutes. ( not counting any of the practice time). Let not such a very small thing ruin your image of any of them. They are lovely, they are strong, they are beautiful, they are intelligent, and above all they are among the BEST in the world. Let us love them, support them, encourage them......

    • artdog4u
      artdog4u Year ago

      bhleong, I am sure that if you had let her know ahead of time that taking her shoes and socks off on the pitch, almost in front of you, would lead to your being disappointed she would not have done it.You have to give the team a list of things that will leave you disappointed in them. Make sure to include the feet thing.

    • Mj
      Mj Year ago

      bhleong ur feet is going to hurt if u r practicing non stop and training I honestly don't blame her. You don't know how it feels to be practicing hella hard when ur coach makes u I do so she is still my favorite u just left a stupid ass comment especially toward the end u said that ruined my image of her wtf

    • ste mak
      ste mak Year ago +1

      omg your answer made my day!!!!!!!!!!!i can't stop laughing!!!!!!!thank you!!!

  • Maharajkumar Swamidoss

    still I think ,its my personnel opinion,with out heath dunn and kreiger this once dominant womens soccer team is not real power-packed.if I am wrong please forgive me.

    • 21stcenturyenigma
      21stcenturyenigma 11 months ago

      Chris Radovan Crystal Dunn is the fastest runner in women's soccer and a one of the smartest defenders.

    • Trinh Nguyen
      Trinh Nguyen Year ago

      Vim O
      Remember US vs Sweden game 2016!!!!. That is why she had to test with 10 ranking teams and find a solution. It better to lose in friendly cup than WC or O. I don't think Pia is better than Jill. She is new, Time will tells.

    • Chris Radovan
      Chris Radovan Year ago

      Heath maybe but Dunn I can’t see how she makes the team stronger. She is not a dominant defender nor is she dominant offensively. Yes she scored 4 goals against Russia but her overall performance in 2017 was not all that good to begin with. Scoring against. Russia is far easier than scoring against teams like France, Canada etc

    • Mj
      Mj Year ago

      Maharajkumar Swamidoss ur not I miss KRIEGER crystal is still in she is in England though

  • Maharajkumar Swamidoss

    sorry to say this, but it looked like to me the second goal scored by alex morgan is an off-side goal.if I am wrong please forgive me.first and third goals are gem of a goals for sure.

    • San Junipero
      San Junipero Year ago

      Time stamp pls

    • Trinh Nguyen
      Trinh Nguyen Year ago +2

      Do you know the rule of the off-side?. when Press already released the ball, Elex was still above the Canada # 5 player. watch the play again.

    • Da vid
      Da vid Year ago

      Hard to see from this angle. But this always happens in US soccer.. no replay of whether the player is offside or not.

  • Dunning Kruger
    Dunning Kruger Year ago +5

    Get an amateur announcer to commentate at least. im sure they would love the opportunity.

  • Jattay
    Jattay Year ago +1


  • Oroz TRAP
    Oroz TRAP Year ago +2

    GO CANADA 🇨🇦