If you support the “vaping ban”, you’re a...

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • My thoughts on the proposed vaping ban. Let me know yours in the comments!
    Tune in TONIGHT for our LIVE DNC Debate coverage!!!
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  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder  Month ago +2734

    Your opinions on the #VapeBan? And what are you most looking forward to in tonight's stream (8PM ET!!)?

    • Anthony Ferreira
      Anthony Ferreira 9 days ago

      I have to say Steven I don't not align with s lot of your beliefs but still Everytime I watch one of your videos you come well equipped with evidence and your perception on that evidence well done in this video and it's truly amazing to see that even though you stand at different point on the political spectrum than me. You can still look at cold empirical data and see that this is government hand waiting to go up the people's ass.

    • JDewitt345 Guy
      JDewitt345 Guy 14 days ago

      Don Townsend I agree wholeheartedly, though smoking isn’t banned. You are supposed to hit cartridges or pods or whatever they are calling it now about 10-15 times which gives around the same amount per hit. Now let’s talk statistics, smoking within the student population is at an all time low while vaping is at an all time high. Which one would you prefer kids do more smoke or vape because if you remove one they will just do the other.

    • Marinos H
      Marinos H Month ago +1

      It's government crying about losing cigarette tax dollars.

    • Jacob Black
      Jacob Black Month ago

      I will still vote Trump. He is light years better then the Democats who are are running against him in my view and 100% better then his opponent on the Republican side. I dont agree with Trump stopping vaping. However he is far better than anyone else running against him.

    • Dan and Lilly’s Beard Product Reviews
      Dan and Lilly’s Beard Product Reviews Month ago

      Don Townsend there’s roughly 24mg of nicotine in one full flavored cigarette.
      Minus this brand new trend of nic salts, most ppl vape 1.5mg to 12mg of nicotine
      Which is 1.5mg of nicotine per 1ml.
      Or if they vape 12mg nic that’s 12mg per 1ml
      1ml is a lot of puffs off an e-cig and is no where near the amount of nicotine you get in one cigarette.
      There’s less nicotine in an e-cig. That’s why it’s being used by lots of ppl to stop smoking.
      There’s also the option to get the nicotine strength you want so you can ween down.
      Try finding that with cigarettes.

  • EJB
    EJB 16 hours ago

    This is a old video but just a comment on the Vape Ban in Massachusetts. They banned sales because they are the most dangerous thing to ever exist, but what I find extremely strange is that Massachusetts shops are allowed to sell online to people not from the state of Massachusetts. If these are so dangerous and life threatening why is the Governor okay with people from his state sending these dangerous products to people out of state? To me that proves that it’s all complete horse shit ,and their is no concern for legitimate vape products,and it’s just about the profits they make from cigarettes being effected

  • Andy
    Andy 22 hours ago

    trump sucks.

  • L2 _bl4z3
    L2 _bl4z3 Day ago

    why dont we just ban em all besides cigars

  • Not your Business

    Exactly!!! Smart man right here

  • Cody
    Cody Day ago

    9 deaths apparently is enough to ban vape but you’re telling me alcohol is totally fine I mean it kills people who drink it and it kills people who don’t drink it (drinking under the influence and having a car crash)

  • XxXboxesXxX xx
    XxXboxesXxX xx 2 days ago

    I know that vaping isnt supposed to be bad and all, I just cant see how inhaling smoke could be good for you.

  • crazy_little_ white_boy

    You make a lot of sense in this video, but the only question that i have to ask is, isn't it true that vapes let water into your lungs, and then causing pulmonary edema. keep up the good work by the way!

  • Drew
    Drew 2 days ago

    I dont support banning vapes. Im sick and fucking tired of dick and jane millenial blowing their vape smoke in my face as I walk passed the sidewalk outside a restaurant holding my 2 year old or 6 month old. Theyre "within legal distance away" and laugh their disgusting, about to be shot in the face, asses off.

  • Jason Lampione
    Jason Lampione 2 days ago

    I support the vape ban, and I'm still a conservative, it just shows you the level of ignorance in this video.

  • Cønv.
    Cønv. 2 days ago

    couldn’t have said it better, we have too many people from being so biased as it is our choices for our health. If vaping was effecting mass groups of people and causing cancerous cells and other symptoms this would be more understandable but at the time being this is unconstitutional and should be fought against for our rights.

  • Ryan Dewski
    Ryan Dewski 2 days ago +1

    Perfectly said, I think people need to understand they can support someone without supporting all of their ideas

  • flucktions t
    flucktions t 2 days ago

    I'm glad I live in canada

  • Klynical TV
    Klynical TV 3 days ago

    I’m underage (17) and vape and smoke cigars I’ve been doing so for a few years, do I think I’m stupid yeah kinda but it’s such bullshit when I hear people start telling me “YoUrE gOnNa DiE” and I have to say.....ummm did you actually read the articles and studies, did you actually read up on this shit and realize it’s black market, fake thc dab carts. It starts to annoy the fucking shit out of me and ik i can be classified as one of the reasons that they wanna push it away, but I didn’t start because of flavors or anything like that, I started because it felt it made me feel good and when there isn’t a lot of things that can normally do that for me then I said fuck it, yes it is addictive, yea i know obviously pretty much nothing besides normally oxygen should be going into your lungs, I get that, but don’t make me feel like I’m a felon of some sort because I like something that you may not as Steven pretty much covered here and from me vaping I got my mom to stop smoking, my grandfather to stop smoking, my uncle to stop smoking, some of my friends to stop smoking, so even with the bad there comes good and I feel people really just need to relax and say we were wrong and we should point the finger at these ‘black market’ sellers for these products that they tampered with

  • to be
    to be 3 days ago

    i am a smoker of 34 years. i began vaping over 3 weeks ago. i feel my health getting better and not worse. it's absolutely true that vaping is 95% better than smoking. everything in a vape is in a cigarette only much much more. the government is just losing billions of dollars to vaping and they want it to stop.

    • MrTicTic
      MrTicTic Day ago

      Just quit at that point lol

  • Duke Volatire
    Duke Volatire 3 days ago

    I used vaping to stop smoking and it worked! I started smoking when i was 17 smoked a pack a day until my dad passed away from cancer 3 years ago. I made a promise to.my dieing father that I would quit. So i replaced cigs with vaping and then took the nicotine level to 0 and within a few weeks i was reaching for the vape less and less. Until one day i just stopped reaching for it or think about. Its really worked havent i havent had a cig in over 2 years and i dont vape anymore! We shouldnt ban it, im tired of people telling what I can and cant do to my own body. Im supposed to live in a free country but your starting to limit my choices and my freedom for what? Why is it the companines fault and not the parents fault. Im tried of people using children as an excuse to continually strip away my rights.

  • Frank Olivieri
    Frank Olivieri 3 days ago

    If you support the “war on drugs”, you’re a...

  • Cal Brown
    Cal Brown 4 days ago +1

    To be honest just smoke weed

    • Kennedy.570
      Kennedy.570 Day ago

      Cal Brown well sadly they banned that too. Welcome to America

  • Intelligent Gorilla
    Intelligent Gorilla 4 days ago

    The only ban I'd support in relation to smoking are cigarettes. Everything else is open season.

  • Sophie Rein
    Sophie Rein 4 days ago

    Please keep telling me I’m not a principled person because I don’t want kids to keep dying from something that can easily be prevented. 🙄🙄

    • Kennedy.570
      Kennedy.570 Day ago

      Banning drugs doesn’t work. It creates a black market. And anyways, vaping isn’t dangerous. The only dangerous vapes are fake THC pods contaminated with Vitamin E Acetate.

  • Garrett Stroop
    Garrett Stroop 4 days ago

    its not good if people get the image the e-cigarettes are good because now we have more and more young people using them which although they are better than normal cigarettes, they are still very very bad for you in the long run.

  • Oneida v
    Oneida v 4 days ago

    its like they want people to vape lol
    if you tell a kid he cant eat the cherio infront of him and point and say no that is bad !
    he will eat it and give 0 fucks just because you told him he cant.
    good job FDA you are promoting vaping to kids and making it cooler because its illegal.
    fuck me you are smart.
    why not ban rock music because it promotes violence or games and maybe all the propeganda about war aswell
    maybe stop taking people in for the army because after seening what they saw there also gonna be violent right ?
    you guys make as much sence as my buddy after 8 glasses of vodka

  • Shenton James
    Shenton James 4 days ago

    I'm an old school smoker. What do I think about vaping? Rubbish. What do I think about vapers? Unwriteable. Do I want to vape? Hell no! Am I against the vape ban? HELL YEAH! Vapers wanna vape who am I to say they can't?

  • MananaMan
    MananaMan 4 days ago

    The thing is, tobacco is still completely free to use and has all these flavored options like vanilla, grape, peach, strawberry etc
    Meanwhile vaping which may not be 100% safe for you after many decades is still 1000x better for you than tobacco is
    Juul has gone over the top making it impossible for you not to see the "nicotine is an addictive substance" warning to the point where its probably annoying their customers
    So not only is this stupid in its own right, but it also doesnt make sense for the ideology of america.

  • Chris Astin
    Chris Astin 4 days ago

    And welcome to the gun debate

  • John Benenati
    John Benenati 5 days ago +6

    I've NEVER been so embarrassed in being an American with all the fake news. We're becoming a communist country!!

  • michael cohen
    michael cohen 5 days ago

    Tobacco money, That is what this is all about ,Do you really believe the govt cares anything about your health,Not one bit,,,,,,,,,,

  • xxNickxx
    xxNickxx 5 days ago

    I love you

  • Indigoetz
    Indigoetz 5 days ago

    Marijuana cures cancer and has MANY “medical” benefits. Only if it’s organic, though. When you get weed from a doctor or a dispensaries you get nothing but GMO’s and chemicals that try to give you different flavors and smells and appearances. Organic, home-grown weed is extremely more potent and more health benefits. Same with LSD, Psylocibin and other pyshcs. But all vaping is bad. Especially THC vaping. All of the people making concentrate from the weed are saying they never said to put it in to vapes. People may not be dying, but some people do get pretty sick from it all. “95 % THC, 5% other” They put all kinds of nasty chemicals and GMO’s into these device for “flavor” and “preservation” and what ever other bullshit. If you’re not growing it to yourself whether it be tobacco, marijuana, mushrooms, etc. then it’s best you stay away from it from my perspective.

  • Cheezy Chez
    Cheezy Chez 5 days ago


  • Kurt Kocaine
    Kurt Kocaine 5 days ago

    Well I have a feeling this won't age well, because we still don't know the full effects of vaping 26 deaths were confirmed if I'm not mistaking by the CDC and there's currently over a thousand people sick with lung related problems and I get the point it prevents the use of cigarettes but I just got out of hs and my most of my friends who vaped started smoking cigarettes and I assume it has something to do with the humans dopamine levels.

  • Joseph Tudino
    Joseph Tudino 5 days ago

    Socialists don't support the vaping ban you idiot. The type of government intervention that socialists support is intervention that changes the economy so it works better for working people, not this fringe crap.
    Also you need to debate Sam Seder. We all know you're afraid to do it.

  • Justin Hart
    Justin Hart 5 days ago

    Well said, Steven.

  • Hooman Hoomani
    Hooman Hoomani 5 days ago

    I always support free choice for everyone baning anything would not help anyone's everybody should have choice to vape or not to smoke or not to do drugs or not but I have to tell you I only vaped for a few days now I am on antibiotics and ventaline since 5 days ago I shortness of breath having said that I am still against ban of anythings everything should be available to anyone's

  • TheOkThx
    TheOkThx 6 days ago

    I do not smoke, never did, don't support or care. but there's one thing, if I'm on a public space and I get any kind of smoke on my face straight from someone else's mouth and lungs... well... I kinda don't enjoy it, so for all I care, ban it, at least on public spaces, or don't, whatever.

  • HeyImLincoln
    HeyImLincoln 6 days ago +2

    300,000 people drown a year. Ban swimming

    • Kaiser McNugget
      Kaiser McNugget 5 days ago

      Ban pets and zoos. 200 people die a year from animals

  • John Morrison
    John Morrison 6 days ago

    So you are saying medical assisted suicide should also be allowed?

    • James
      James 4 days ago

      @John Morrison
      I see. Wasn't aware due to it not being on this video. Either way it is a sensible question then. Maybe you'll get an answer but I wouldn't hold my breath.

    • John Morrison
      John Morrison 4 days ago

      @James its relative because he seems as the type to not support it.

    • James
      James 4 days ago

      I have no idea how this question is relative...however isnt it already in places like Washington? Not to mention how does it hurt you or I if it is legal and allowed? From a religious stand point everyone says "free will" it's a person's will then let it be. It wont send you to hell if someone chooses that option if that's where you're coming from. Most places have hospice as well, I'm not sure how as a society we see enough compassion to put an animal down to end suffering, but we as humanity should be doomed to suffer until the grave.

  • Rurpz
    Rurpz 7 days ago

    We need to ban food it causes deaths from choking- Feminist liberial lover 68

  • Skye
    Skye 7 days ago +1

    The reason that I want vaping banned is because we don't know it's effects of it. I do not vape and I don't think people should smoke or vape. That doesn't have anything to do with why I support the ban, because for the most part people can do what they want. I support it because at the moment people don't know what they are getting into when they vape, and based on the ridiculus amount of sudden deaths and illness around vaping, I'm willing to bet that they are more harmful than cigarettes, and it's even worse that they are very targeted towards children. For the record I hate Donald Trump and am liberal. And as of this comment there have been deaths that have been directly linked to tobacco Vapes

    • mark angel
      mark angel 5 days ago

      Industry been here for more than a decade, sudden 5+ death due to it, so ban it? Lets say ban alcohol, alot of accident been due to it, alot of crimes and shooting and killing that not only harm the user but also the people around him. Aren't you a brighr person.

  • Lady Galeophie
    Lady Galeophie 7 days ago

    Honestly, the only kids I see vaping are kids that have never touched a real cigarette. Although I don't know the real statistics I think that vaping for kids is almost a gateway to worse addictions while for adults it's an alternative and safer step away from real cigarettes. Don't vape unless you're trying to get away from tobacco. It's that simple.

    • Lady Galeophie
      Lady Galeophie 7 days ago

      And Marijuana I don't care about. Just don't do it around kids and keep the age to 18 or maybe even higher since that's when the brain finishes development. And I swear to God don't do it during school because that's not good for anyone. But any adult should be free to do it in the safety of their homes or parties with designated drivers.

  • Anaia Lissie
    Anaia Lissie 7 days ago

    you mean not a libertarian?

  • dreamcreate31
    dreamcreate31 7 days ago +24

    I swear it’s always the stupid people who ruin it for everyone else

    • Jaystashe yadigg
      Jaystashe yadigg 3 days ago +1

      aww i’m sorry can you not vape anymore ?:,-/ shut yo fein ass up 🤣

    • Marin Cericov
      Marin Cericov 3 days ago

      dreamcreate31 that’s wht I’m sayin

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith 8 days ago +6

    Government needs to stay out of the American's business
    Keep your finger out of my pie

  • Sean Monsour
    Sean Monsour 8 days ago

    Thank you steven i love you

  • D•G•X Satosho
    D•G•X Satosho 8 days ago

    I agree with you here stephen, however there have been deaths from non-cannabis related, over the counter vape products. My mother just had a woman come into her E.R. for shortness of breath and coughing, she had not been using cannabis or black market juice's/pods. She died about two days later. So although I agree it's a terrible Idea to ban vaping for numerous reasons, there have been non-black market related deaths. Anyway love the content!!!

  • Keith Burns
    Keith Burns 8 days ago +1

    I vaped for a month or so. 6% nicotine. I up and quit just to help a friend quit.

  • Edward Sanchez
    Edward Sanchez 8 days ago +1

    Why would you ban vapes...

  • Kurt Garwood
    Kurt Garwood 8 days ago

    I think Trump and the FDA are backing this due to pressure from the medical profession who tend to push these things, plus the vaping industry has far less credibility in Washington than groups like the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (the face of the medical profession/anti-tobacco lobby). Plus there are a lot of dumb suburban college-brainwashed women that will reflexively support these things, and these are the "swing voters" that Trump needs to win over/neutralize in 2020.

  • Translusent
    Translusent 8 days ago

    Or America could just ban high nicotine e-juice or just ban e-juice with nicotine just like Australia.

  • Common sense American real man

    Parents raise their kids to listen to them when they tell em no. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Devin Primary
    Devin Primary 9 days ago

    Does your car seat go down any?

  • Saiyvin Wesley
    Saiyvin Wesley 9 days ago

    “You have a problem, and I suggest seeking help or having a cigar”

    I’m dying lmao

  • Jlbmixes90210
    Jlbmixes90210 9 days ago +1

    Thets just ban walking and give everyone a mobility buggy.

  • JordanLikesRed
    JordanLikesRed 10 days ago

    yes, what does matter is when your lungs fucking die from vaping and smoking.

  • Frosty Jokerr
    Frosty Jokerr 10 days ago +1

    Stoners won’t get mad because they were the ones pointing out on big media social media pages that they were underground/black market THC vape pens

  • Dreadedstarz
    Dreadedstarz 10 days ago

    I don’t have an opinion on the vape ban

  • Mike Cutlip
    Mike Cutlip 10 days ago

    Does it really matter even if they ban flavored vape juice they will sell unflavored juice and also “flavor drops” you can add to the unflavored vape juice. You see this now in Illinois that can’t sell vape juice with nicotine in it so they sell nicotine powder you add to it. Which can be even more dangerous because you can’t really control the levels of nicotine in e-juice

  • Murphy Jazz
    Murphy Jazz 10 days ago

    Been 3 weeks without a cigarette....... now im a full on vapist!

  • HuMan Being 34/7
    HuMan Being 34/7 10 days ago +4

    Nearly four thousand people do not like you trying to shed the light. Would That be the politicians?

  • HuMan Being 34/7
    HuMan Being 34/7 10 days ago

    Vaping is safe smoking is dangerous......change my mind