Hyena Walks Right into a Pride of Lions

  • Published on Feb 6, 2018
  • Louis Le Roux (61) was on vacation at Gharagab in the Kgalagadi National Park when this incredible sighting unfolded.

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    LatestSightings.com recalls his story: “160km North of Nossob, the camp was hot and very dry. The last 34km 4x4 track from Unions End to Gharagab took us 2.5 hrs due to road condition and we enjoying the different scenery of the Red Kalahari.
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    Kraai (my wife and best friend of 41 years) and I, were booked into a cabin at Gharagab. On our arrival at 2pm the camp was quiet and it was cooking hot. During the evening we saw that there was a brown and also a spotted hyena at water hole with a few springbok and an eland in the background. The eland was very nervous and disappeared into the night without a sip of water. It was obvious that there were predators roaming this area as all animals were extremely cautious.

    At 03h30 next morning we were woken by lion roars somewhere in the vicinity. We both smiled and knew that was why we came all the way to Gharagab on the bad Kgalagadi roads. I decided to sit outside on the wood deck merely a meter above ground level and listen to the night sounds but my wife reprimanded me and said it was too dangerous. It was awfully quiet so I went back to bed. At 05h00, I was woken by “something” and I felt uneasy, what had woken me? I walked out onto the wooden deck from where I could clearly see the water hole. My neck hair raised as I became aware of “something” and a strange smell was in the air but it was dark and I could not see anything.
    I was peering into the night when I noticed movement happening in front of the deck. There they were, lions… Once I regained control of my heart beat and breathing rhythm, I smelt the familiar scent of them. By now all my senses were awakened and I was immediately aware of the potential risk and danger so close by. I moved slowly back into the cabin, which felt like eternity, only 3-4 steps. The damn wood floor of the cabin made an awful lot of noise, each heart beat was a canon sound against my ribs case. Kraai was sitting in her bed and asked in a lowered voice “Lou is it you, what’s wrong?”. From the open cabin door we were watching the lions and attempting to close the cabin door but with each movement and noise the lioness closest to the deck was looking right into my eyes. After a few minutes we realized that 3 lionesses were right in front of our wood deck. Previously we had experienced a close encounter with lions in the central Kalahari and we had no desire to repeat such experience. Once in a lifetime is too much. We stood dead still watching these lions less than 5m from our flimsy wood cabin, not out of curiosity but out of fear and respect.

    Times like these feel like an eternity and all sorts of thoughts flash through one’s mind. Dawn was breaking fast. We stood there exchanging eye contact with one another too scared to move or make a sound. Just before sun rise lionesses walked down to the waterhole and another 3 lionesses joined the ones in front of our cabin. We never even noticed these lionesses and again heart pounding and breathing out of control. For the 3rd time within an hour I was forced to regain self-control. I grabbed my video camera and videoed the 6 x lions at the water hole. From the water hole all 6 x lionesses walked back to the 4 x cabins and passed between cabin 4 and 3. As I was videoing the lions my wife mentioned that a brown hyena was casually walking past our cabin down to the water hole. The lions were now behind our cabin on the crest of the dune and were looking in all directions when they spotted the hyena at the water hole. The lions used our cabin as shelter to stalk the hyena. It was the hyena’s lucky day as he managed to escape the great chase of the pride.
    I have realized that any safari in Africa is a bucket list to millions of people and this fact made me understand what a privilege it is to be a true African. Getting into our 4x4 and towing our off-road caravan into any direction we choose with the benefit of nature right on our door step is an amazing blessing”.
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  • محمودعلى المصري

    هرب الملعون منهم

  • Moses K
    Moses K 7 days ago

    are lions that fucking slow?

  • Bowingbear CEO
    Bowingbear CEO 8 days ago

    They weren't even really trying

  • dwayne carter
    dwayne carter 8 days ago

    They pounced on that nigga.... 😂😂😂😂. I'm happy he got away because he fucked up big time.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 days ago

    Legend has it that the hyena is still running to this very day...

  • Денис ORMOND
    Денис ORMOND 9 days ago

    Повезло сутулой

  • I S M A
    I S M A 9 days ago

    Stfu let us watch the video!!!! We know what's going on you don't need to State the obvious

  • MyYTChannel
    MyYTChannel 9 days ago

    And that is how you get away from aggressive women.

  • Peachesxo
    Peachesxo 9 days ago

    Lol once he realized there was like 6 of them charging right at him, he noped the fuck out of there real quick 😂

  • Andre Harris
    Andre Harris 9 days ago

    At 0:46 swear I heard that voice from the arab videos. Tick tick tick tick.... RUN... 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

  • Rafael Stachissini
    Rafael Stachissini 9 days ago

    Run forrest run

  • Central Scrutinizer
    Central Scrutinizer 9 days ago

    .........they let it go.

  • Станислав Дмитриевич Мудрый

    А бля не львицы а пинсионерки дагнать не могут. Одна воще чуть в омарак не упала. Им только на черепах охотиться.

  • Todd Simpson
    Todd Simpson 10 days ago

    Dum dee dum dee dum dee dum hyena saw but didnt see..till lioness moved then it was off to races. Bet its heart didnt stop for few hours after that one. Maybe died in next township of heartattack when it did stop. Lol

  • ambokozo
    ambokozo 10 days ago

    Landscape looks like Africa but the lions and the hyena look like asiatic.

  • Kambo Micheal
    Kambo Micheal 10 days ago +1

    Ambush failed
    Get a man stupids

  • killakam3600
    killakam3600 10 days ago

    Female hyenas are skeptical about hunting hyenas because a bite can be dangerous, but a Male is an expert hyena killer. An adult will not give af and dive right into an attack with no remorse. It only takes it a couple seconds to kill a single hyena.

  • Dingo Greet
    Dingo Greet 10 days ago

    Shit the lions were almost invisible

  • Elvis dinkel Dinkel
    Elvis dinkel Dinkel 10 days ago

    He was looking for Cecil lol

  • Farhan Pervez
    Farhan Pervez 11 days ago

    Never been so disappointed after seing a 10M views video...

  • Sadique Shaikh
    Sadique Shaikh 11 days ago +1

    Good running 👍👍👍

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    selfie kroos 11 days ago +1

    Some small ass lionesses

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    John Doe 11 days ago

    Eat some veggies for once...

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    Rasheed Ahmad 13 days ago

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  • Jay Es
    Jay Es 13 days ago

    scandalous just let him walk into his own death lions are cold haha

  • Айбек Тураров


  • luis el toro
    luis el toro 14 days ago

    Las leonas le tuvieron miedo por eso no la alcanzaron

  • Vikram Srinivasan
    Vikram Srinivasan 14 days ago

    Just miss

  • Errol Green
    Errol Green 14 days ago +1

    5 lions 1 hyena and he got away...SHAME.

  • no coment
    no coment 14 days ago

    Lions. Russian vs Hyena Ukrainians

  • waqar khan
    waqar khan 14 days ago


    A ONE NEWS 14 days ago

    Bach gaya

  • Sonia Fay
    Sonia Fay 15 days ago

    The hyena looks bigger than those lionesses

  • Shashank Bedade
    Shashank Bedade 15 days ago

    That hyena looks bigger than lionesses

  • Krishna Murthy
    Krishna Murthy 16 days ago

    Great escape

  • Timothy Soko
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    This video is empty!

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    HunkpapaLakota 21 day ago

    when an innocent black dude walking the streets n cops are around...

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    Radhika Technical 22 days ago +1

    Loins are not interesting .....
    Just they playing..

  • Agosto Ceilings
    Agosto Ceilings 23 days ago +1

    Your videos really suck. Pointless

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    The lion who ran after hyena first is having an illegal affair with so he let it go.😊

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    GPS cheated hyena

  • Eusebio Portillo
    Eusebio Portillo 25 days ago

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  • good is not better
    good is not better 26 days ago

    hhhhh female lions r afraid from heyna
    they plan and wait and were so close to him and do nothing and back
    like who want to show the others he is not afraid while he is really afraid
    if it was a female tiger that will be defrent .

  • عبدالكريم عبدالله

    هرب بجلده 😂😂

  • Ruben Delgadillo
    Ruben Delgadillo 27 days ago

    Reminds me of 1968 when my squad walked into an ambush in Vietnam!

  • TheOne 151
    TheOne 151 28 days ago +1

    Lion King real life!

  • Tantani Wahid
    Tantani Wahid Month ago

    كون شدوه كون شبعو فيه التصرفيق

  • Michael Kelligan
    Michael Kelligan Month ago +1

    Should have played "Suicide Solution" by Ozzy Osbourne during this video.

  • ricky autry
    ricky autry Month ago

    This got 9mil views an no death wtf waste of viewing time smh

  • dolocollector
    dolocollector Month ago

    One lucky bastard. Imagine if the king was around!

  • Mr. Otero
    Mr. Otero Month ago

    Cats don't have shit compared to a dog's stamina!!! Bye bye kittens!!

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    Gente ... vejam esse talento tvclip.biz/video/opJEGvDaTYE/video.html

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    SACHA MARZULLO Month ago

    Suicidal challenge hyena edition

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side Month ago

    *Hyena has a stronger bite force than a lion. Almost twice the bite force. Notice that lion stopped when it got close to the hyena and the hyena slowed down too cause the lion was at it's ass.*
    *It's not about strength. The lion can kill the hyena surely but it won't be an easy kill. With it's bite force, any lion it grabs while dying will have permanent injury which is another jungle way of saying "delayed death".*

  • terry breedlove
    terry breedlove Month ago

    Young lions good thing for the messed up looking Hyena the king was sleeping somewhere else.

  • TheAntiTrope
    TheAntiTrope Month ago

    When you chicken out of the suicide mission at the last minute.

  • Salli Ala Nabi صلي علي النبي

    Lions don’t want to get injured, the hyena can bite them severely. As hyenas eat bones like butter, its bites are way stronger than lions.

  • Tanmay Rout
    Tanmay Rout Month ago

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    Marion Tahana Month ago

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  • Adam
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  • David JR
    David JR 2 months ago

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  • Usama Usama
    Usama Usama 2 months ago

    It is fist time I'm watching that lion fails in catching someone it is nothing exept ALLAH wanted to save heyans life

  • Mushroom Troops
    Mushroom Troops 2 months ago

    Hyena: I'm fast as fuck BOI still fast as fuck BOI
    Lions: COME HERE BOI

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  • Dave Ridlespriger
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  • Dave Ridlespriger
    Dave Ridlespriger 2 months ago

    I was all up in your faces and when I turned y'all stabbed me in the back COWARDS!! I don't kick it with back stabbed. Put that on criminal investigation,lie detector tests included

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    bistnu rachs 2 months ago

    They are sitting like commando style

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    Saed Jekey 2 months ago

    Where is Morgan Freeman? I need to know what went wrong. I wanted that hyena to be punished lol. I just hate them.

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    Harrison Little 2 months ago

    brown hyena are fuckin rare

  • Bulb
    Bulb 2 months ago

    The lions looked young - you could still see the faint spots or patches on the juvenile crouching under the bush nearest the camera. There was no adult male (had there been, the Hyena would have been history) and although they weren't overeager to actually close in for the kill, their teamwork left a little to be desired; most of the lions were way too late to have a realistic hope of taking anything down even had they wanted to.

  • Jim Cane
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  • Devil Smile
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    Hyena to simba: "if you ever come back we'll kill ya!!"
    2018: "............."

  • DanDiabloJSY
    DanDiabloJSY 2 months ago

    Hyena walks into a pride of lions...
    And runs away.

  • Phil Graves
    Phil Graves 2 months ago

    Complete waste of time. Do not watch the hyena gets away. You're welcome

  • Xim Xa
    Xim Xa 2 months ago

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  • Country Boy
    Country Boy 2 months ago

    man that pussy ass shit

  • Tye Bundy
    Tye Bundy 2 months ago

    Got caught in the wrong hood lml

  • xSlayerx
    xSlayerx 2 months ago

    This is the real *Wrong turn*

  • bryce251
    bryce251 2 months ago

    Lol at 00:49 Its like, "Yeaaaaaaaa no" then just hauls ass.

  • King R
    King R 2 months ago +1

    Theose Lions are pussy females. If there was only one male lion he wouldn't be alive!

    • hyena131
      hyena131 2 months ago

      +King R For the *SECOND* time now, nice job 'posting' rather than 'replying' to my post. Like the under the radar, chicken shit coward thief in the night you are? That's right, pissy lil' bitch - there is no notification of your foot stamping, childish post either in my TVclip account or the email account linked to it. I saw it coming from you a mile away.
      English is clearly your 2nd language, himbo. *LOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    • King R
      King R 2 months ago

      +hyena131 fuck your English language and fuck your country!

    • hyena131
      hyena131 2 months ago

      ​+King R Nice job 'posting' rather than 'replying' to my post. Like the under the radar, chicken shit coward thief in the night you are? That's right - there is no notification of your foot stamping, childish post either in my TVclip account or the email account linked to it. I saw it coming from you a mile away.
      English is clearly your 2nd language, himbo. *Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!*

    • King R
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      +hyena131 shut up loser

    • hyena131
      hyena131 2 months ago

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      "homur." *LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  • Axel Jesse
    Axel Jesse 2 months ago

    Ohh he got his life

  • Spills51
    Spills51 2 months ago +1

    My god STFU! Like a retarded child who cant be quiet.
    And the lions all deserve to starve for having dinner givin to them and fucking that up.
    Slap your woman also please for talking out of place :)

  • Darryl Fields
    Darryl Fields 2 months ago

    0:48 The exact moment Mr Hyena discovered that he fucked up. 😂😶😂

  • KNO
    KNO 2 months ago

    Lol I was like: "Bro you can't outrun a hyena"
    For those who don't know lions have terrible cardio. If you had like an ostrich to ride on and had a spear you can pretty much tire out lions and kill an entire pride.