Hyena Walks Right into a Pride of Lions

  • Published on Feb 6, 2018
  • Louis Le Roux (61) was on vacation at Gharagab in the Kgalagadi National Park when this incredible sighting unfolded.

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    LatestSightings.com recalls his story: “160km North of Nossob, the camp was hot and very dry. The last 34km 4x4 track from Unions End to Gharagab took us 2.5 hrs due to road condition and we enjoying the different scenery of the Red Kalahari.
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    Kraai (my wife and best friend of 41 years) and I, were booked into a cabin at Gharagab. On our arrival at 2pm the camp was quiet and it was cooking hot. During the evening we saw that there was a brown and also a spotted hyena at water hole with a few springbok and an eland in the background. The eland was very nervous and disappeared into the night without a sip of water. It was obvious that there were predators roaming this area as all animals were extremely cautious.

    At 03h30 next morning we were woken by lion roars somewhere in the vicinity. We both smiled and knew that was why we came all the way to Gharagab on the bad Kgalagadi roads. I decided to sit outside on the wood deck merely a meter above ground level and listen to the night sounds but my wife reprimanded me and said it was too dangerous. It was awfully quiet so I went back to bed. At 05h00, I was woken by “something” and I felt uneasy, what had woken me? I walked out onto the wooden deck from where I could clearly see the water hole. My neck hair raised as I became aware of “something” and a strange smell was in the air but it was dark and I could not see anything.
    I was peering into the night when I noticed movement happening in front of the deck. There they were, lions… Once I regained control of my heart beat and breathing rhythm, I smelt the familiar scent of them. By now all my senses were awakened and I was immediately aware of the potential risk and danger so close by. I moved slowly back into the cabin, which felt like eternity, only 3-4 steps. The damn wood floor of the cabin made an awful lot of noise, each heart beat was a canon sound against my ribs case. Kraai was sitting in her bed and asked in a lowered voice “Lou is it you, what’s wrong?”. From the open cabin door we were watching the lions and attempting to close the cabin door but with each movement and noise the lioness closest to the deck was looking right into my eyes. After a few minutes we realized that 3 lionesses were right in front of our wood deck. Previously we had experienced a close encounter with lions in the central Kalahari and we had no desire to repeat such experience. Once in a lifetime is too much. We stood dead still watching these lions less than 5m from our flimsy wood cabin, not out of curiosity but out of fear and respect.

    Times like these feel like an eternity and all sorts of thoughts flash through one’s mind. Dawn was breaking fast. We stood there exchanging eye contact with one another too scared to move or make a sound. Just before sun rise lionesses walked down to the waterhole and another 3 lionesses joined the ones in front of our cabin. We never even noticed these lionesses and again heart pounding and breathing out of control. For the 3rd time within an hour I was forced to regain self-control. I grabbed my video camera and videoed the 6 x lions at the water hole. From the water hole all 6 x lionesses walked back to the 4 x cabins and passed between cabin 4 and 3. As I was videoing the lions my wife mentioned that a brown hyena was casually walking past our cabin down to the water hole. The lions were now behind our cabin on the crest of the dune and were looking in all directions when they spotted the hyena at the water hole. The lions used our cabin as shelter to stalk the hyena. It was the hyena’s lucky day as he managed to escape the great chase of the pride.
    I have realized that any safari in Africa is a bucket list to millions of people and this fact made me understand what a privilege it is to be a true African. Getting into our 4x4 and towing our off-road caravan into any direction we choose with the benefit of nature right on our door step is an amazing blessing”.
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  • Joban Sandhu
    Joban Sandhu 6 hours ago

    That hyena is on steroids

  • Amin Samnani
    Amin Samnani Day ago

    Hyena outran the lions

  • Angel Pacheco
    Angel Pacheco 2 days ago

    Mato p****** c****** a tu p*** madre nunca ayudes a ningún animal p******

  • W Wood
    W Wood 3 days ago

    Shame they didn't kill it

  • puirYorick
    puirYorick 5 days ago

    An inexperienced pride clearly failed in their ambush. A good lead lioness would have shown more patience. These were likely just youngsters taking the random chance to teach a wandering hyena a lesson.

  • Kira1Lawliet
    Kira1Lawliet 5 days ago +1

    I am both impressed and disappointed at the dearth of Lion King references on this thread.

  • Paulo Sergio Teixeira

    Viva os leões

  • Paulo Sergio Teixeira

    Viva os leões

  • честный чеоловек

    Львы как китайцы, едят всех


    Lions espécies covardes!

  • Pharoah Monk
    Pharoah Monk 7 days ago

    Sign that damn hyena up with the Detroit Lions. He can run against a good screen by the defense.

  • Ex Muslim: JESUS IS GOD


  • VeteranCape
    VeteranCape 8 days ago +1

    Generic balls comment

  • simon3133
    simon3133 8 days ago

    ni ma

  • itsmeyohta
    itsmeyohta 9 days ago

    Hyena: awfully quiet...oh F. M. L. !!!

  • the username
    the username 9 days ago

    Пять молодых львов, не смогли догнать какую-то старую, облезлую и отбившуюся от стаи гиену. Лошары.

  • قاهرم قاهرهم

    لا ياعارات شلون تخلو ينهزم

  • Кирилл Павлюченко

    С геолокацией у этой гиены всегда было плохо, но с бегом - очень хорошо.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 10 days ago

    I just saw that hyna today she is still runing

  • Tholib Ag
    Tholib Ag 10 days ago

    lion cengoh

  • Shuai Chiao 天朝頭等撲虎

    Lucky bastard to get away from 4 giant hungry chats!

    • HyenaRage
      HyenaRage 2 days ago

      Shuai Chiao 天朝頭等撲虎 Why bastard?

  • Flash
    Flash 10 days ago

    Just another day in Chicago.

  • Jonnycole Matombée
    Jonnycole Matombée 10 days ago

    Adam. .I agree with your coment

  • Keith Bardwell
    Keith Bardwell 10 days ago

    He had some BALLS!!! ⚾️⚾️⚾️🤣🤣🤣

  • rocky primes
    rocky primes 10 days ago

    Lion has been given a tough dining

  • Simko Mala
    Simko Mala 10 days ago

    Big chance .

  • Mskat_Khaled AR
    Mskat_Khaled AR 11 days ago

    🤣🤣😂🤗220 km

  • pinku singh
    pinku singh 11 days ago

    ये गांडू शेर है

  • sachin singh
    sachin singh 11 days ago

    sometimes hyena runs faster than a cheetah

  • Oladele Olawaiye
    Oladele Olawaiye 11 days ago

    At 0:48 the hyena is like: "oh shit"!

  • The Alpha Male
    The Alpha Male 11 days ago

    Those pussicats where too slow or not hungry enough 😋

  • 유정민
    유정민 11 days ago

    하이에나가 아니잖아??

  • محمد ابراهيم ابو شيريفة

    اي عربي يضغط لايك عشان الأجانب يفتكروا الكومنت ده في حاجة مهمة

  • Leo Ezzo
    Leo Ezzo 12 days ago

    Reminds me of that one time I was lost in the wrong neighborhood.

  • William Burk
    William Burk 12 days ago

    He was a 100 miles and running lucky bastard!!

  • Gilson Martins
    Gilson Martins 12 days ago

    TVclip padre reginaldo rosse.

  • Mr.N
    Mr.N 13 days ago

    Must be the pussaaay he ate n lost his bearings ... Lol ... That pink mofo is a drug ...

  • adminmovie
    adminmovie 13 days ago

    IT'S A PRANK BRO....

  • Lu babz
    Lu babz 13 days ago

    Hyena was probably singing:
    🎶🎶🎶 Making my way downtown walking fast
    Faces pass and I'm home bound
    Staring blankly ahead just making my way
    Making a way through the cr... WHAT THA?! ABORT! ABORT!

  • كامل الجبوري


  • dsdfsdf dsfsdfds
    dsdfsdf dsfsdfds 14 days ago

    5 fucking female lions couldn't catch a hyena !!

  • Muhd Mukhriz
    Muhd Mukhriz 15 days ago

    0:48 Hyena "Oh shit! I owe these guys lot of money!"

  • JD
    JD 16 days ago

    Thank god he got away. Those are the rarer type of hyena.

  • Pernicion
    Pernicion 17 days ago

    What the hell? Why does this video have such a bad like to dislike ratio? It's amazing footage... the title says what it is, no click bait... I'm blown away that 28% found this worthy of a thumbs down.

  • Lumthaipou Kamei
    Lumthaipou Kamei 17 days ago

    That was the moment when your hostellers knows that you brought a home made food😂😂

  • uğur çabalak
    uğur çabalak 17 days ago +1

    They are children not adult. So they can't

  • Nural Huseynaliyev
    Nural Huseynaliyev 17 days ago

    The world would be a better place without hyenas and wild dogs

  • Julius Paul
    Julius Paul 19 days ago

    They didn't miss! They were just trotting after to shoe it away.

    JOSHUA JAMES 19 days ago

    He’s raping my ear

  • Edgearth
    Edgearth 20 days ago

    nothing happened.
    another time waster

  • Dre Lucas Channel
    Dre Lucas Channel 21 day ago

    Legend tell it that the hyena is still running to this day

  • D K9
    D K9 21 day ago

    The way he dips the very instant he spots them looooooool

    MAKE JOKE OF 21 day ago

    Thank God.. saved

  • Vijay. Ravi
    Vijay. Ravi 22 days ago


  • Jerry Alexander
    Jerry Alexander 22 days ago

    4.2 speed

  • Bassline Rally
    Bassline Rally 23 days ago

    The one that got away

  • TheGreatDane
    TheGreatDane 23 days ago +2

    Hyena's bites are actually stronger than that of a lion.

  • Blessbo 01
    Blessbo 01 24 days ago

    That hyena went from 0 to 100 real quick

  • Mentat
    Mentat 24 days ago

    Hyena is thinking, "I'll run away slowly so the lions get strung out behind me, then I'll turn and off them one by one."

  • Meno Passini
    Meno Passini 24 days ago

    Those lions looked a little skinny. Maybe they didn't have enough energy and stanima from lack of eating.

  • Eddy Anrsm
    Eddy Anrsm 24 days ago

    Wish if they could catch it and tear the hyena into parts..

  • D'artagnan
    D'artagnan 24 days ago

    I didn't know hyenas could run that fast!

  • yeicob
    yeicob 24 days ago +1

    Corre correeeeee

  • jesterlead
    jesterlead 24 days ago

    0:50 Au Revoir Shoshanna!

  • tham trinhthi
    tham trinhthi 25 days ago


  • Dgv Chsujjk
    Dgv Chsujjk 25 days ago


  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen 25 days ago

    đu.mẹ. mấy. con.su.tu.nó. đối. như. lu.quây. phim

  • e-Control Empresarial
    e-Control Empresarial 25 days ago

    Happy end

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin Wright 25 days ago

    For a pack of Lions y'all some pussies how did you let one hyena smoke all y'all

  • Ernie Rodriguez
    Ernie Rodriguez 25 days ago

    Hyenas are bad mf's, takes more than one lioness to take one out , lioness don't wanna get bit by those bone crushing jaws

  • Paulo Eusebio
    Paulo Eusebio 25 days ago

    Lionesses: You in da wrong hood, muddafuka.

  • Silvio Fernandea
    Silvio Fernandea 26 days ago


    ATAHUALPA867 26 days ago

    Lazy lions. Less hyenas the better

  • Augustinho Demko
    Augustinho Demko 26 days ago

    A hiena corre mais que todas as leoas!

  • Wildman2012
    Wildman2012 26 days ago

    It's usually the other way around: a pack of hyenas bothering a single lion with her kill.

  • Untamed
    Untamed 27 days ago

    Why are you running???!!

  • Eugenio Tapia
    Eugenio Tapia 27 days ago

    Ooh pleez lordy lordy...feetz don't fail me'z now....!!!

  • Selin Sevgi Terzi
    Selin Sevgi Terzi 28 days ago

    This is not a hunting attack. Lionesses probably tried to drive him away from region. Lionesses are skilled hunters. None of them went for a kill.

  • Sam Raj
    Sam Raj 28 days ago

    Even 4 lions not matched for this 1 hyena.

  • Shakim Brooks
    Shakim Brooks 28 days ago

    Wow amazing

  • reece balai
    reece balai 29 days ago

    Fucking retard



  • Cristian Camilo Alzate Aguilar

    Hyenna: haha! See you latter slow ass Bitches!

  • Luchon20082010
    Luchon20082010 29 days ago

    thats not a hyena from South Africa. Thats another type that lives near sea

  • Mister Jones
    Mister Jones 29 days ago

    Pussy Lions! - if you want a Hyena lunch you gotta run faster than that!

  • kutipan video
    kutipan video Month ago

    yeah hyena must go

  • Sabbo Sabbo9919360070 gonda

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  • Sabbo Sabbo9919360070 gonda

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  • J Real
    J Real Month ago

    He was like "oh shit!"

  • SS3 Goku
    SS3 Goku Month ago +1

    That hyena ran like "oh shit... I'm out"!

  • Chandra Prakash
    Chandra Prakash Month ago

    The man with voice was Russian

  • Joe Newman
    Joe Newman Month ago

    Where's the hyena?
    All I see is lions chasing a jackal!

  • Schnabitz Furnum
    Schnabitz Furnum Month ago

    How the f?

  • zeon hydro
    zeon hydro Month ago

    Suicidal hyena decides to end it. *GONE SEXUAL*

  • 10 2
    10 2 Month ago

    Damn bruh.. they need to put that muthafucker in the Olympics!!

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez Month ago

    Asian lions and hyena

    • Butters
      Butters Month ago

      Carlos Gomez lions are not native to Asia..

  • Dorjee Gyadatsang
    Dorjee Gyadatsang Month ago

    Oh you ain't catching no crackhead.

  • PC Gaming & Sports
    PC Gaming & Sports Month ago +4

    Would have been different story if male lion was around..

    • dezperado2006
      dezperado2006 5 days ago

      What makes you think the male lion is any faster or has that much more endurance then the females allowing it to keep up and catch the hyena.

    • Mentat
      Mentat 24 days ago +2

      No, the males are even lazier. They wait until the females have made the kill and then just barge in and eat first.

  • LJ-B
    LJ-B Month ago

    He still out run ever single last one of them