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Matt and Kim - FOREVER - (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
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    Directed by Colin Devin Moore and Matt Johnson
    Song produced by Lars Stalfors and Matt Johnson
    Additional vocals by
    Mark Hoppus (of Blink 182)
    Max and Cole (of SWMRS)
    Additional production by Flosstradamus
    We owe the people above BIG TIME
    FADER LABEL 2018

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    Snapchat: mattandkim
    VERSE 1
    we’ll bring our A team
    Theres no second string
    Mr T with all those rings
    we’re like the 92 dream team
    We’ll shine way too bright
    i see you squint those eyes
    back in school I should have tried
    When life is failing you’re my cheat sheet

    Don’t want to live forever
    In this world of shit
    World of shit this world of shit
    Don’t want to live forever
    If things stay like this
    Stay like this things stay like this
    VERSE 2
    We’ll cause a stampede
    Running through the streets
    I can dance better in a seat
    As you’re making fun of me
    Don’t want to live forever
    In this world of shit
    World of shit this world of shit
    Don’t want to live forever
    If things stay like this
    Stay like this things stay like this
    Sneakers worn out sole
    Drag your feet time to move
    No diamonds just coal
    I got nothin to prove
    All my jeans are black
    All these streets are gray
    Running wind to back
    Let’s just sail away
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Comments • 668

  • Gol.D Mustafa
    Gol.D Mustafa 2 hours ago

    I just started listening to Matt and Kim and i totally love them. I had this song on repeat for two days straight lol keep up the great work!! Just ignore all the haters, just like me other people love you guys

  • jman
    jman 5 hours ago

    this should have more views

  • Power production Music

    My everyday forever song

  • Victoria Wade
    Victoria Wade 12 hours ago

    I love You!

  • mia bezada
    mia bezada Day ago

    cant wait for the San Diego show <3

  • Porter L
    Porter L Day ago

    nice use of the marching snare in the background

  • David Ruiz
    David Ruiz Day ago

    Not their best stuff, but good.

  • Dr Worm
    Dr Worm Day ago

    It wouldn’t be a Matt and Kim song if Matt didn’t mention his sneakers at least one time. I love it 😁

  • IDiggPattyMayonnaise

    Damn Kim's figure is insane. Girl is fit as fuck

  • DanGuyWhat311
    DanGuyWhat311 2 days ago

    Great song ! and Kim dancing is always A+ !

  • Lenny Hankins
    Lenny Hankins 2 days ago

    So happy to see Kim in her happy place. Not very happy with the song though. I understand that this year especially has been a "don't wanna live forever" type of year but I really love playing your videos and songs for my daughter. She will have to miss this one though. I do not want her to think of this world as "shit". I still love you guys and always will.

  • john Janssens
    john Janssens 2 days ago

    Wtf Matt n kim

  • Sarah Marlow
    Sarah Marlow 2 days ago

    KIM’S BACK!!! Can’t wait to see you both in DC!! 💚

  • Callmebrooky Ross
    Callmebrooky Ross 2 days ago

    Kim!! You're one of the reasons I started playing drums! I'm so happy to see you getting back to it. You're such a boss!!!!

  • bam-rothgeb
    bam-rothgeb 3 days ago

    their relationship is literally perfect ugh ♡♡♡

  • DJ Pipsqueak
    DJ Pipsqueak 3 days ago

    Nice just nice keep it up.

  • Austin Swartz
    Austin Swartz 3 days ago

    You guys are LITERALLY the best.

  • crazy killerking
    crazy killerking 3 days ago

    Luv yals music

  • Don Catalog
    Don Catalog 3 days ago

    Love it!!! Cutest, most creative couple ever!

  • Barry Gibson
    Barry Gibson 4 days ago

    See you guys in Pittsburgh!!!! Can't wait...

  • prunejune93
    prunejune93 4 days ago

    Congrats kim!!! And thank you Matt for helping Kim through everything!!

  • deets crash
    deets crash 4 days ago

    Whoa! Awesome new song matt&kim \„/

  • TheCalebEffect
    TheCalebEffect 5 days ago

    Been listening on repeat the past few days... Just bought two tickets! See ya in April ;)

  • Leaf S
    Leaf S 5 days ago

    For sickness and worse, in this world of shit, my wife has been there to keep me strong. Our unity shines bright. She's my cheat sheet. Thanks Matt & Kim

  • Crybaby Warren
    Crybaby Warren 5 days ago

    MATT AND KIM BACK THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁

  • Emma
    Emma 5 days ago

    This is definitely my theme song for 2018 💕❤️✨

  • Trey Duncan
    Trey Duncan 5 days ago

    I heard mark hoppus sings in this song is that true?

  • Rfarrell
    Rfarrell 5 days ago

    this songs been out for 4 days and I've already listened to it an unhealthy amount of times...

  • DeViLsFaNo6
    DeViLsFaNo6 5 days ago

    And on your new tour please come to the norva!!!!

  • DeViLsFaNo6
    DeViLsFaNo6 5 days ago

    I love Matt and Kim they put on such an amazing show there music is amazing and Kim I am so happy you are back!!!

  • Blokesky
    Blokesky 5 days ago

    i am in love with you guys O.O i just found yall yesterday and man i cant get enough i accidentally clicked on this video yesterday and it is the best mistake i have ever made <3 new fan for sure!!!!

  • James Haughney
    James Haughney 5 days ago

    So happy to see Kim dancing and enjoying herself again. I love it!

  • Robert Alvare
    Robert Alvare 5 days ago

    can we have a discussion thread on this song?

  • Maggie Hartill
    Maggie Hartill 5 days ago

    Heyyyy it's me, maggs, trying to get an access code to get tickets early to see your show at Mr Smalls in the Burghh, whatcha think??

  • Urmum
    Urmum 5 days ago

    Can't wait for the album!

  • Adan V
    Adan V 6 days ago

    Awesome Love yalls videos. Keep up the good work love yall : )

  • Nicholas S.
    Nicholas S. 6 days ago

    Why don't I hear Mark Hoppus?

  • Chippy 42
    Chippy 42 6 days ago


  • Brad Rothschild
    Brad Rothschild 6 days ago +1

    Im so pumped to see them in NYC

  • John Galt
    John Galt 6 days ago

    What's that sound used at 1:06 (and later)? Kind of reminds of an email sent notification on iOS.

  • Roger Jennings
    Roger Jennings 6 days ago

    Jesus H. She gained like 100 lbs.

  • libbren
    libbren 6 days ago

    dude you better BELIEVE i'm going to go apeshit at your charlottesville show. Shit I might just out dance Kim i'm so fucking stoked

    • libbren
      libbren 6 days ago

      (also play cinders please favorite song <3)

  • Ellen Washington
    Ellen Washington 6 days ago

    I can't stop listening to this!! It's so good and seeing Kim dance is AMAZING!!!!

  • ChinnyChinChin
    ChinnyChinChin 6 days ago

    I think at like 2:41 if it went to color it would've been cool.

  • Legs
    Legs 6 days ago

    What a pile of shit

  • nut master
    nut master 6 days ago

    oh no the whites are at it again

  • SWiMRuS
    SWiMRuS 6 days ago

    you know why i'm here:)

  • Usernames today suck

    Worst song they have put out. Decent chorus, but everything else is disappointing for them

  • RadioGuy1000
    RadioGuy1000 6 days ago

    Like to see ya back at Bonnaroo : )

  • Drew Finn
    Drew Finn 6 days ago

    haha jesus guys, don't be the reason why the bar is so low

  • Truman_Blue
    Truman_Blue 6 days ago

    that was disappointing. wheres the Matt on keys and kim on drums this sounds like shitty radio pop :/

  • Alex VonBerg
    Alex VonBerg 6 days ago

    One of the worst things I've ever seen/heard.

  • mutantpunk
    mutantpunk 6 days ago

    Love this song saw it here been listening to it on spotify alot at work and elsewhere video is fun also good to kim dancing glad she is up and about

  • Rodrigo Melo
    Rodrigo Melo 6 days ago

    I don't know how to dance, but when I listen to Matt & Kim's songs or I see Kim dancing I just start to shake like a crazy and I think about going to a dance class!
    Love you guys!

  • Renard Againster
    Renard Againster 6 days ago +1

    *Concerned look at Kim´s leg during the whole video*

  • Look Above Earth
    Look Above Earth 6 days ago

    Love the camera work in this video!

  • Urmum
    Urmum 6 days ago

    The comeback is better than I could have imagined!!!!

  • phlangephace
    phlangephace 7 days ago +1

    EELS + Low + Sleigh Bells = Matt & Kim

  • Yunkzilla
    Yunkzilla 7 days ago

    Some parts of the world may be shit, but this song makes it a little more bearable.

  • Jesse Broman
    Jesse Broman 7 days ago

    Cool! Are the drums ok?

  • Papa House
    Papa House 7 days ago


  • Matt Garuccio
    Matt Garuccio 7 days ago

    Can you guys PLEASE repress all your albums on vinyl or release a boxset?

  • Alexis Gilbert
    Alexis Gilbert 7 days ago

    You guys were my first concert and I swore to myself I would see you guys every time after in Chicago. Favorite band to this day and still have the signed Christmas card ;)

  • Camila Barish
    Camila Barish 7 days ago

    Love this ✌️ kisses from 🇧🇷 😘❤️

  • rootuseralpha
    rootuseralpha 7 days ago

    This camera work is badass!

  • icek9a
    icek9a 7 days ago

    This video looked like you guys had a ton of fun making it! Glad Kim is up and dancing again!
    Love the video and you guys!

  • jordan chaske
    jordan chaske 7 days ago

    I'm feeling this new Matt and Kim song and this music video was entertaining and Kim can play the drums like A pro and I'm into this song now

  • junekowsky onez
    junekowsky onez 7 days ago

    Matt and Kim were great in 2008 and still sound great! Aaah the memories!!!

  • Baby King Music
    Baby King Music 7 days ago

    Este mi regalo de inicio de año dale play y no olvides suscribirte que esperassss ya esta en mi canal

  • Judy Strouhal
    Judy Strouhal 7 days ago

    This just made my day and I cannot wait to see you guys in Houston in April!!!!

  • FusionAttraction
    FusionAttraction 7 days ago

    Shit i thought Matt and Kim were a smaller band from the NFS Nitro days with your song "Daylight". Pretty good acomplishments from you guys!

  • Chabely Vargas
    Chabely Vargas 7 days ago

    Is so great see kim so happy playing the drums and dancing , after all these hard months.

  • DarthNerd9
    DarthNerd9 7 days ago

    So Glad Kim is back and dancing/drumming again! Looking forward to more music and to seeing you both when you go back on tour again!

  • Erika Hansen
    Erika Hansen 7 days ago

    What a great anthem for the current world climate. ;-)

  • mattersin
    mattersin 7 days ago

    I'm sorry but this is dog shit.

  • vickee1001
    vickee1001 7 days ago +1

    Been listening to this on repeat for two days <3 Sooo good!!! :')

  • Anne Marie Nester
    Anne Marie Nester 7 days ago +1

    Completely lame hipster garbage. This is corporate music disguised as being underground . Don't be fooled people these lame ass tossers are the biggest prostitutes in the music industry, there sole purpose is to churn out cheap mindless boring music with the hopes of it one day being a car commercial.

  • myndtrypp
    myndtrypp 7 days ago +1

    This is the music I've been missing these past few years.

  • Danielle Robinson
    Danielle Robinson 7 days ago

    You guys are amazing!! So excited to see you both again when you come to DC in May! I would love to work with you! I'm a photographer and would love to do a shoot with you both that day or take some pictures at the show! My Instagram is ( Thank you both for making the world a better place!

  • Peter Danner
    Peter Danner 7 days ago

    So glad to see you guys back in action. Seeing Matt's reactions to things throughout the injury and recovery process reminded me of watching my wife go through a similar thing and realizing that sometimes you can hurt much more from someone else's pain. You guys are so lucky to have each other.
    Ok on a far less emotive note, would you ever think of doing a rig rundown video? Just showing some of the equipment and maybe plugins, DAW etc you use. Would love to see that.

  • Sarah Medeiros
    Sarah Medeiros 7 days ago

    This is an awesome song, my brother died last year and we used to rock out to daylight, it is hard to listen to it now but he would of loved this song 💜

    • Matt and Kim
      Matt and Kim  4 days ago

      I am so sorry to hear that! I can't imagine what that feels like to go through. -k

    EXPENSIVEWASTE 7 days ago

    Kim lookin thick

  • Chris Benoit's Daycare

    This bitch needs some titties.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 days ago

    Glad you guys are back. Trump 2020. Get your money in the stock market baby!!!

  • Caryn McGrenra
    Caryn McGrenra 7 days ago

    loved you guys since Daylight <3 hopefully this new single means a new album soon?

  • Benjaman Pollhein
    Benjaman Pollhein 7 days ago

    Y’all are too damn cute.

  • Angel Nazario
    Angel Nazario 8 days ago

    Matt and Kim starting posting new is dancing and jamming song and music is good...thanks Matt and album soon??? 😁

  • Andrew McCoy
    Andrew McCoy 8 days ago

    Thank you for this.

  • Magic Dragon
    Magic Dragon 8 days ago

    Song so nice had to listen to it twice

  • Magic Dragon
    Magic Dragon 8 days ago

    Wow this song and Hey Now are sooooo perfect

  • Broken Brad
    Broken Brad 8 days ago

    Wow I know what am getting tattooed next to my lyrics of daylight now :) this song is so fucking good, theme song of 2017/2018, so happy you guys are back and so happy that the songs are not trash :) like some Gucci gang nonsence haha

  • samar bakir
    samar bakir 8 days ago +1

    Love u

  • Shane Zuniga
    Shane Zuniga 8 days ago

    Cool kim doing well loving the song

  • Raymond Lozada
    Raymond Lozada 8 days ago

    This is off the MEAT RACK! Lol. Love u guys

  • ChitownBanging
    ChitownBanging 8 days ago

    she lookin thick nice...

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez 8 days ago +1


  • Mr. MouseMan
    Mr. MouseMan 8 days ago +1

    The thumbnail looks like she is torture in the 1950s

  • Lukas Hauf
    Lukas Hauf 8 days ago

    Guys you are amazing! Love your music and this new song is another masterpiece! Keep it up! 🔥👍🏼

  • Slavabsp
    Slavabsp 8 days ago

    U wanna do something incredibly but ... no

  • perfecteuphoria
    perfecteuphoria 8 days ago

    Another brilliant song! I’m glad you’re better Kim, get it girl!