Inside the 2020 C8 Corvette [Full HD Footage]

  • Published on Aug 31, 2019
  • Watch this 2020 C8 Corvette high quality c8 interior review. I was happy to get up close and personal with several 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvettes at the Bowling Green Kentucky National Corvette Museum. The interior is unique on the 2020 C8 and I do a nice comparison to the C7 interior. C8 Startup and C8 Exhaust clip at the beginning was from footage in the next video I will be posting.
    Full Corvette C8 vs C7 video coming soon. I also will review the exterior of the mid engine C8 to the C7. I will also compare the C8 exhaust note, versus a c7 exhaust note.
    I like the C8, but am excited for the C8 Z06, as I hear that will be a beast of a car!
    Did you watch my other 2021 C8 Corvette video? Here it is: This 2020 C8 CORVETTE is EPIC *EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE* :
    The 2020 C8 Corvette by Chevrolet has a Tremec 8 speed dual clutch transmission or 8 speed DCT. The engine is a mid-engine LT2 6.2L Small Block V8 with 485hp/369 KW @6450 RPM when equipped with performance exhaust and for torque: 470 lb/ft /637 NM @5150 RPM when equipped with performance exhaust with an 11:5:1 compression and a bore stroke of 103.25MM x 92MM.
    The C8 exhaust sounds great!
    Aside from the C8, what do you guys think about the Toyota Supra (that Stradman and TJ Hunt) have bought. do you think the Supra is a good investment? The Stradman and TJ Hunt have already made some epic content with it. What about the Ford Mustang GT500. Would that be a cool car to see on my channel?
    What do you think about StreetSpeed717 and his corvette content. Are corvette ZR1's still cool? Shmee150 thinks so.
    My camera:
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    I can't wait until I hopefully get a press car and can do a full review on the 2020 C8 Corvette. I'd love to see the C8 Z06 when that comes out and also see the C8 Convertible for the first time as well. I think the C8 Convertible will be an interesting car.
    My last video was an exclusive look at a 2020 C8 Chevrolet Corvette in the wild. This 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Mid-Engine C8 was black with yellow brake calipers and yellow stitching and seat belts. We searched the Corvette Museum and the Corvette Track, but had no luck. We eventually spotted the 2020 C8 when I was about to head back to Nashville, Tennessee. The exhaust note on the new 2020 C8 sounded so good. It was loud and fast too! We cruised along side the new Corvette.
    #2020corvette #c8 #corvettec8
    Technically this car will come out in 2021 and will be the 2021 Corvette C8.
    It was surreal seeing it in person and I am so happy we found one in the wild. The interior of the corvette c8 is so unique with the square steering wheel and the cockpit design of the interior. The Mid-Engine had plenty of carbon fiber options and the mid engine design is something completely new to corvette. The C8 pricing starts at $59,995 and gives you 490 horsepower! The Z51 package is an extra $5,000. The 3LT package starts at $71,945.
    My dad currently has a 2015 Corvette C7 Z06 and I think we are going to wait until the new C8 Z06 comes out to buy that car then. The C8 Z51 is pretty fast too though... or so I hear!
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  • Drive 615
    Drive 615  Month ago +13

    For everyone asking.. here is my full vlog camera set up
    My camera:
    My lens:
    My mic:
    My gimbal:

    • Got Game
      Got Game Month ago

      Drive 615 can’t u swap the c8 steering wheel into a c7 it sounds like a plug and play feature

    • WisdomOverWicked 777RULES666
      WisdomOverWicked 777RULES666 Month ago

      I Don't Know Where You Got Your Info, But Technically The First C8 Corvette Is Available to Buy in September October 2019. Z06 In 1stQ of 2020, Then The Baddest Fastest Corvette Available The ZR1 Probably Late Spring.

    • Drive 615
      Drive 615  Month ago

      appreciate the thorough reply! thank you for your support and kind words!

    • Boywonderr71
      Boywonderr71 Month ago +1

      Very nice video.
      I love the Blue two tone, wish they had solid blue, but hey, better than nothing. Would love to see Elkhart Lake blue and blue interior.
      I prefer white for easy cleaning, the silver vehicles tend to blend into the road to easily so I try not to buy that color.
      I'm a Elkhart Lake blue man myself, or any similar blue with metal flake. The flat colors are boring to me.
      My wife is artist, does graphic design work, and we agree that car manufacturers need 5o step up their paint game! Big time!. Vw offers 40 colors but cant get them. Dodge & Ford offer nice purple and greens respectively. We need more coppers, metal flake orange, deep purple and many other colors. Acura has one of the best, most amazing mass production paint (although it's extra 6k) that I've ever seen! Watch AMMONYC mini documentary on the New NSX paint. Amazing

  • Robert H
    Robert H 14 hours ago

    The back reminds me of a Camaro

  • Shea Larson
    Shea Larson 4 days ago

    Kind of looked like a male stem bong bowl piece thing in the glove box. Kind of seems like after he realize what it was he shut the glove box really fast.

  • Bubba Cee
    Bubba Cee 5 days ago +1

    Man!! I'm thinking now i will sell my 911, ('99 ) and get me the C8 -- when is it coming out to the public?

  • Darian Jackson
    Darian Jackson 9 days ago

    This guy corvette is automatic lame come on bruh

  • Bryce Masters
    Bryce Masters 9 days ago

    Was that a pipe in the blue glovebox? Lol

  • Carmine LoCasto
    Carmine LoCasto 10 days ago

    Ford gt has now left the chat 🤣

  • Jahfus
    Jahfus 10 days ago

    When he closes the door it sound cheap as hell 🤐 nice car tho

  • A H W
    A H W 12 days ago +1

    All this for less then 100 k?? Dam jealous of you guys if that car is here it might cost more then 250 k😂 sad

  • OKH NN
    OKH NN 15 days ago

    did they made a manual gear of it ???!!!

  • T.O.S HIGH
    T.O.S HIGH 16 days ago

    Smh Jesus Christ I know I’m not the only person who looked at this video and said ima grind hard for this. Those prices aren’t that bad with a couple thousand down and good credit you can own one of so happy that everybody in my generation loves “foreign cars” so much that things like this slide under the radar until they SEE YOU IN IT lol

  • AMODEUS316
    AMODEUS316 17 days ago

    Excellent real time comparison between the C8 and C7. I have not seen anyone do that yet. Excellent work. Thank you.

  • Ian Dante
    Ian Dante 18 days ago

    interior reminds me of a lexus

  • Mag neto
    Mag neto 20 days ago

    RIP manual Corvette.

  • عمر العنزي
    عمر العنزي 20 days ago +2

    هل من عرب هنا؟

  • bluesguitar1973
    bluesguitar1973 21 day ago +1

    I see a lot of over inthusiasct owners wrecking these soon as they get them. Under than 3 sec 0-60 times seem like a recipe for disaster for testosterone men trying to showoff.

  • Eric
    Eric 22 days ago

    This doesn't look all too good at all, not happy about this.

    TE-SHAUN TV 22 days ago

    Nice car....too bad they didn't make a Manual transmission model.....

  • Victor Crowley
    Victor Crowley 23 days ago +1

    the blue interior 😍

  • kevin g
    kevin g 24 days ago +1

    Let us know more about the financing of the c7 and the c8 for ownership 👍🏾

  • Dave mACK
    Dave mACK 25 days ago +1

    It took a very long time but Chevrolet has finally made an Italian sports car.

  • Hush The Myth The Dagger

    This car blows me away!!

  • Luxury arranged Lifestyle

    Worst handeling car

  • AnimeFreak
    AnimeFreak 27 days ago

    I have a 2018 gs c7 love my car to death but honestly I saw a 2020 corvette and it’s not a nice car I would guess it was base model but even so the car looked like it was to high up it just look to normal but I’m sure the z06 and gs model it’s going to look bad ass but the base model they could’ve made it look a lil bit better

  • MSGibsonplayer
    MSGibsonplayer 27 days ago

    Good looking car, but at 5:00 and 5:19 the white stitching is not even close to being lined up. Poor QC.

  • chuck broadfield
    chuck broadfield 28 days ago

    Its made by GM how well built will it be

    • Scythe5.0
      Scythe5.0 27 days ago

      I don’t know, but never buy a 1st generation car

  • Scott Dunavant
    Scott Dunavant 28 days ago +1

    Wait... electric door exit switch ?? In an accident that won’t work.

    • Freddy Bell
      Freddy Bell 27 days ago +1

      No they have to have manual releases

  • Jamebond47
    Jamebond47 28 days ago

    Question for anyone financing, how much $ are yall putting down?

    • servicarrider
      servicarrider 28 days ago

      It's a toy. If you can't pay cash buy something previously loved that's within your budget. Never finance an automobile, boat, motorcycle, toys in general. Put that interest in your own pocket and save for your shinny new bobble.

  • Rodney Phillips
    Rodney Phillips 28 days ago +2

    Does anyone know if there is a 12v cigarette lighter accessories plug??? I don't smoke but I use a radar detector. Speed traps are everywhere so I hope the C8 has an area for this....

  • SXS Marine
    SXS Marine 29 days ago

    I don’t like it. The cockpit takes away from the driver passenger experience to me. Only time my corvette goes out is with the wife and hell the new C8 looks like it would be hard even to hold her hand in that thing. I understand what they where going for but it’s to much. To me the c7 is a better looking car for sure

  • Eric Patterson
    Eric Patterson 29 days ago

    Guess no one can talk shit about corvettes interior anymore.

  • Walter Palmer
    Walter Palmer Month ago +1

    Yeah but--- does it pop up into a camper ??

  • Walter Palmer
    Walter Palmer Month ago

    What a fine car !! So tempting.

  • In Korea
    In Korea Month ago

    Horrible interior set up

  • Betty Bean
    Betty Bean Month ago +1

    Was the video taken by a 10 year old?

  • Donna Peroche
    Donna Peroche Month ago +2

    Amateur video recording and commented like a 12 year old.

    • Rush patriot
      Rush patriot 29 days ago

      You do comment like a 12 yr old dont you

  • Demerrill Spencer
    Demerrill Spencer Month ago


  • Chance
    Chance Month ago +2

    WoW!! Awesome super car.

  • Redneck Fantasy Factory

    Love the Gauges 🥰

  • Pedro Flores
    Pedro Flores Month ago +1

    0:09 😂

    MADRID Month ago

    I feel like the c8 corvette doesn’t look as appealing as the c7 exterior wise. Although the interior In the c8 looks a lot nicer.

  • Myballsitchsomethingfierce

    That blue is beautiful

  • Its Lit
    Its Lit Month ago +3

    Will it have red leather interior ?

  • 04srt4champ
    04srt4champ Month ago +2

    Love how its separating driver from the passenger

  • glen phillips
    glen phillips Month ago

    True lies .

  • MJ Prose
    MJ Prose Month ago

    Not passenger friendly. Corvette taxi more likely.

  • K A
    K A Month ago

    Only one part they share between 2020 and previous model. There is no similarity at all.

  • 챈챈이
    챈챈이 Month ago +1


  • Kenneth Hacker
    Kenneth Hacker Month ago +1

    GM knocked it out of the park!! Suck it up Ford guys... It's gonna take Ford years to catch up to this vett ha ha ha

  • سوق سيارات بغداد 😍

  • Randy Greer
    Randy Greer Month ago

    Saw it today in person, still wide on the outside very narrow in the inside, NO reason for that huge console . Watched several bigger people have issues with space.

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez Month ago

    Blue interior is ugly as sh!t and theres no Corvette in this Corvette. FAIL...

  • AXO893
    AXO893 Month ago

    Beautiful Car!

  • OnlineCarShow
    OnlineCarShow Month ago +3

    Does the silver big custom button bug anyone else on steering wheel? Just off balances that interior but maybe I’m just being too picky.

  • Kalan Hitchens87
    Kalan Hitchens87 Month ago +3

    that sure does look like a weed pipe in the glove box. it's even in a baggie what's going on?

  • Julio César López López

    Apoyo es auto ¡Es genial!

  • Larry Molek
    Larry Molek Month ago

    As much as I LOVE Corvettes as entry level supercars Ferrari has already replaced the 458 which 8 years ago was a better mid engine car

    • Carlos Rodriguez
      Carlos Rodriguez Month ago

      I agree in a way. A Corvette is a Corvette not this Euro styled horsesh!t. They should have kept the long hood, front engine body style. It was already faster than the 458.

  • Bruce Chapman
    Bruce Chapman Month ago


  • Bryan Razo
    Bryan Razo Month ago


  • slaythegodz
    slaythegodz Month ago

    Interior looks hideous.