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Mission Impossible 2 - Intro - Rock Climbing Scene

  • Published on Nov 16, 2014
  • Ethan Hunt climbing rocks with his bare hands. At the top he gets the glass which shows him his mission.
    You can buy the movie from here:
    I don't have the rights of the movie to publish, they belong to Paramount Pictures, Cruise/Wagner Productions, Munich Film Partners & Company (MFP) MI2 Productions.
    Official Sites: , on. 1q8WXpz
    Filming Locations: Argyle Place, The Rocks, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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  • Alexios Kage
    Alexios Kage Day ago

    That just would not happen in real life. His fingers would be extremely cramped by now and he couldn't just catch himself on a 5 m jump.

  • Laid Back
    Laid Back 2 days ago

    My fave MI movies:
    1. Fallout
    2. MI:2
    3. Rogue Nation
    4. MI:1

  • Shinydeee94
    Shinydeee94 3 days ago

    Does anyone know the name of this song?

  • Kieran Roper
    Kieran Roper 4 days ago

    Whenever I climb up a mountain on Breath Of The Wild all I can think of is this.

    PUA CHANNEL 7 days ago

    Ethan Hunt: I wondering why pilot didn't ask me if I'd like to come down with the crew.

  • Freddy Alcocer
    Freddy Alcocer 11 days ago

    Tom cruise sexy

  • DeAngelo Stevens
    DeAngelo Stevens 11 days ago

    Ethan Hunt rock climbing can't compare with Kelsey Winslow from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

  • Peter Simpson
    Peter Simpson 13 days ago

    Scots career stalled coz he was better lookin than tom cruise. Hollywood politics

  • jimmy2k4o
    jimmy2k4o 15 days ago +1

    Toms face says “Ouch my shoulder”
    Thinks: get the shot before my shoulder blade snaps!

  • Christian Sandberg
    Christian Sandberg 15 days ago

    Cool I am from Sweden and visit my brother in Australia, Sydney and it was really great. I hope i visit Australia one more time, that was awsome, i saw the Blue mounains. and it was cool. I want to visit my brouther one more time. So so long baby

  • senthil kumaran.P
    senthil kumaran.P 17 days ago

    What is that BGM ?

  • Rebecca Denicola
    Rebecca Denicola 18 days ago

    I find it hilarious that he did an Austin Powers cameo as Austin Powers.

  • Cyberdemon Mike
    Cyberdemon Mike 19 days ago +3

    The best scene of this movie. And probably the only good one

  • satish kumar
    satish kumar 23 days ago

    Zap mama almost played equal role as cruise..

  • The Great Bamboozler
    The Great Bamboozler 26 days ago

    Man... them bill collectors be chasin you down Tom!

    THE PRINCE RAGNAR 26 days ago

    2:48... Ethan : here we go again

  • Dark iRon Bricks
    Dark iRon Bricks Month ago

    When was this movie made?

  • Joe Wong
    Joe Wong Month ago

    I don't understand how crazy mofos actually do shit like this in real life????

  • Casey Thomas
    Casey Thomas Month ago

    What's the name of that song?

  • norrapat boonchukusol

    this scene make me shock

  • jbauer140
    jbauer140 Month ago

    This movie was more like a hair commercial for PANTENE LOL GREAT HAIR TOMMY

  • Bravo-1
    Bravo-1 Month ago +1

    Fuck me Tom Cruise was 36-37 years old here.

  • callocal1969
    callocal1969 Month ago


  • Muhammad Rizki Firdiansyah

    What is tittle of the song?

  • snappy
    snappy Month ago

    Jacques Chirac dans les Guignols 🤣 rip Chichi.

  • john navin
    john navin Month ago +1

    "i will let u know where i m going but it won't be a holiday" gotta love that line

  • Ishaan Khushu
    Ishaan Khushu Month ago +1

    Did anyone know how he's gonna get down the cliff

  • Akash Deep
    Akash Deep Month ago

    Can anyone name the song ?

  • Lucas Bazzo
    Lucas Bazzo Month ago

    Wait if that helicopter never came how tf was he getting down ?

  • Leviticus Bennett
    Leviticus Bennett Month ago

    What’s the name of that song

  • Sweeta Aileena
    Sweeta Aileena Month ago

    Love you Ethan hunt addicted in you
    Love from India

  • Win090949
    Win090949 Month ago +1

    Imagine if Ethan is still wearing the glasses after the message ends...

  • GameDjeenie
    GameDjeenie Month ago +1

    This movie may be the wealest in the franchise but it's still a decent movie... Says a lot about the franchise when the worst movie is still enjoyable.

  • Mayah Parkour
    Mayah Parkour Month ago +1

    حسن فرحان

  • Mayah Parkour
    Mayah Parkour Month ago +1

    علاءابوتبارك البصري هذاابوتبارك شكد كيفت من انكسرت ايدا

  • Mayah Parkour
    Mayah Parkour Month ago

    بابل المسيب

  • João Vítor Prado
    João Vítor Prado Month ago +1

    Uncharted 4

    WILTACULER 2 months ago

    I’m not sure how he can be so agile with balls that big.

  • Rahul Surya
    Rahul Surya 2 months ago

    rahul tryinna climb peaks of conciousness ... getting stuck at every moment but not giving up...

    then at amazon in 2015.... the transformation happened into surya when lord krishna intervened...

    and only then after seeing the potential sjv came calling..

  • Rahul Surya
    Rahul Surya 2 months ago

    whenever a man like krishna or someone from his school of yoga reaches the peak there is always a guru of the highest capabilities who guides such people ...

    then vyasa

    now sadhgurjv

  • Sam Tebbutt
    Sam Tebbutt 2 months ago

    Heard the Dixie Cups track on the radio the other day and it reminded me of this scene. Absolutely amazing!

  • Bhavik Patel
    Bhavik Patel 2 months ago

    John woo director was creative👌👌💕

  • Emanuele Cupini
    Emanuele Cupini 2 months ago

    Tom Cruise is full of steroids in this movie

  • kernowarty
    kernowarty 2 months ago

    He had a harness on that was digitally removed for the movie!!!

    • Laid Back
      Laid Back 2 days ago

      kernowarty Still a badass thing to do.

  • भक्तीयोग Junction

    Song name??

  • Anton Kuranov
    Anton Kuranov 2 months ago

    You keep calling me Tom. You really shouldn’t.

  • Alexandra Fouris
    Alexandra Fouris 2 months ago

    hum los angeles et australie tournages cool les paysages grandioses apres moi kiff paysage le reste non rien a cirer car du cinema donc .........

  • Stoned Prophet
    Stoned Prophet 2 months ago

    Why do my palms get sweaty when I watch this scene?

  • V For vendetta
    V For vendetta 2 months ago +1

    The director of this movie 🎥
    Same director of film
    John travolta
    And Nicolas cage

  • Velpoem
    Velpoem 2 months ago

    Jackie Chan, I believe it. Tom Cruise, I don't believe it.

  • Infinix X553
    Infinix X553 2 months ago

    Tom cruise at his prime,cool,charismatic,agile,good as team leader too..better than 007😯

  • Marcus Ware
    Marcus Ware 2 months ago

    im sry i passed out when he was taking a break on that rock corner

  • xc5647321 xc5647321
    xc5647321 xc5647321 2 months ago

    NO------FRIKKIN --------WAY! I used to skydive but I would NEVER do this!

  • Andrea Vittorio
    Andrea Vittorio 2 months ago

    2000 or 2002?🤔 anyway very great movie🔝

  • ssjwes
    ssjwes 2 months ago

    My hands sweat when I watch this.

  • Allan Mootoocurpen
    Allan Mootoocurpen 2 months ago

    He's the best

  • Eric Norman
    Eric Norman 2 months ago +1

    Ive climbed that. Its easy.

  • Niclas grylls
    Niclas grylls 2 months ago


  • Magnus Lindh
    Magnus Lindh 3 months ago

  • BenzimerVEVO
    BenzimerVEVO 3 months ago

    3:30 Is anyone going to talk about the reflection of the camera crews on his right sunglasses? ( Your left )