We Found a CREEPER DATE in Minecraft Hardcore!

  • Published on Aug 8, 2019
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  • MashyPolarZX _
    MashyPolarZX _ 9 hours ago

    Aaa you should've named him big boi wacc

  • Anthony Gremlin
    Anthony Gremlin 10 hours ago +1


  • Ayo Oloyede
    Ayo Oloyede 11 hours ago

    you have to make a bow

  • franco and friends /franco moreira

    He protecc he attacc but most importantly he stop creepa going boom boom behind your bacc

  • Patrice Duffy
    Patrice Duffy 16 hours ago +1

    Dan's favourite song I'm blue da ba dee

  • Alec Doane Sta. Maria
    Alec Doane Sta. Maria 16 hours ago

    you can see the iron golem's foot at 2:11

    IMPOSSIBLE Ent. 21 hour ago

    *unbreaking is absolutely terrible* unbreaking 3: am I a joke to you?

  • Kristina V. Pagalaran-Caron

    did he just say iron golems take fall damage?? dan golems are iron they are litterally made of iron it can survive fall damage! lol xD!

  • Springtrap Gaming

    XD Dan?

  • Kim Flynn
    Kim Flynn Day ago

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But best of all, hE gIvE eM zOmBiEs tHaT bIg BoI wAcC

  • Fakey Fake
    Fakey Fake Day ago +1

    0:44 LOL

    • Fakey Fake
      Fakey Fake Day ago


  • Crystal Colour Purple


  • Katie Morgan
    Katie Morgan Day ago

    Plot Twist: He switched it off hardcore mode so he can keep his world

  • Owlmations Yt
    Owlmations Yt Day ago

    Dan: *enchanting armor* "ugh unbreaking is terrible!"
    *enchanting pickaxe* "ooh unbreaking is good!"
    Bruh! There both good either way!!!!

  • Fireblade166
    Fireblade166 Day ago

    Once you trade with a villager it won't change its profession, that's why the farmer isnt switching.

  • Cookie_Monster
    Cookie_Monster Day ago +1

    You should name them Sizzles and Sizzlyyy

  • The Master1679
    The Master1679 Day ago

    iron geloms do not take fall damge

  • Penguin Plays
    Penguin Plays 2 days ago

    You can’t change them if you traded with them

  • Chili Bean
    Chili Bean 2 days ago

    The creeper literally had an arranged marriage lolllll

  • Emma TEM
    Emma TEM 2 days ago

    Red stone is Red
    Diamonds are blue
    Dan is Santa
    And The villagers are elves too!

  • Elyan Ryder-Hanrahan


  • huawei yfive
    huawei yfive 2 days ago

    The iron golem and the ocelot don't take fall damage

  • The Gaming Reaper
    The Gaming Reaper 3 days ago +1

    Dantdm: 33:06 " do not go into the portal, i will be so upset with you"


  • Zay Money
    Zay Money 3 days ago

    Ik I’m very late but iron golems do NOT DROWN or TAKE FALL DAMAGE everybody

  • TheZeSpiole
    TheZeSpiole 3 days ago


  • Matthew Alvarez
    Matthew Alvarez 3 days ago

    “If two of them exploded me, that is by FAR enough to kill me”
    Me: didn’t he survive two creeper explosions at the same time?

  • Brothers Gaming Network

    Those who spawn together,despawn together.


  • SpeedyMario13
    SpeedyMario13 3 days ago

    its not 2 by 2 rooms you have for your villagers its 2 by 6

  • Zane Ro'Butterstick
    Zane Ro'Butterstick 4 days ago +1

    The one time you actually want mobs to show up, they don't.

  • Hi is me Theodore
    Hi is me Theodore 4 days ago

    Lol he didn’t notice the well😂

  • Theresa Dinh
    Theresa Dinh 4 days ago +1

    # villager Spond a Iron golem 🤣

  • Jack Findlay
    Jack Findlay 4 days ago

    im-pasta! 3:44

  • Super Shay
    Super Shay 4 days ago

    you could probably put looting on ur shears fore more wool, and you can also get another book and add on to ur lofting sword to make it looting III.

  • Galactic Cross Games

    Next be fling peeps

  • Christen Sanders
    Christen Sanders 4 days ago

    The iron golems protec attack and attack protec

  • Roblox_gamer10 29
    Roblox_gamer10 29 4 days ago

    Build that blocks up there

  • William Logan
    William Logan 4 days ago

    It needs to be one further layer of bookshelves not one higher

  • TheWildGacha 1390
    TheWildGacha 1390 4 days ago +2

    Dan:I'm gonna take my horse...
    Me:TO THE OLD TOWN ROAD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marek Krzeminski
    Marek Krzeminski 4 days ago

    The creepers could've walked away?

  • HappyDiamondPL Gaming

    Anyone saw another golem under the vending machine at 2:10 ?

  • MC_RedstoneMasta
    MC_RedstoneMasta 5 days ago

    Dan u r da best!!! u r so smart

  • Creeper PotatoASD
    Creeper PotatoASD 5 days ago


  • Mac and Cheese
    Mac and Cheese 5 days ago

    Put gold tools in because u get better enchants so then the enchants from the gold tools lock and stay

  • Mg 30
    Mg 30 5 days ago

    This is the moest dangerest boat out there says dan
    Also dan AWW man
    Me ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Mg 30
    Mg 30 5 days ago

    The Little slimes dont count as monsters i know that becuse i took on home on accsident but i cud still sleep

  • Mg 30
    Mg 30 5 days ago

    Dan if there are more iron golems ore..... not
    Name iT warain of the 13 warrior+gaurdian+of the 13= that

  • Mg 30
    Mg 30 5 days ago

    God dan push the golem off he wont die or tale damige

  • dank_ Shrek_meme471
    dank_ Shrek_meme471 5 days ago +3

    Hit the 👍 Button below if you play Minecraft or fortnite. ↙↙↙↙↙↙

    LIL SKAAPIE 5 days ago

    Hey Daniel how about you react to Felix's Minecraft series epic

    • R-dity
      R-dity 5 days ago


      (I know his name is Daniel but still)

  • Daisy Fun World
    Daisy Fun World 5 days ago

    Thanks for saying my name in a vid :D yeah my name is a flower

  • Amanda Romans
    Amanda Romans 6 days ago

    You can in chant Books in A enchanting table

  • AlfaDarkWolf ADW
    AlfaDarkWolf ADW 6 days ago

    El Stabbay

  • Konnor Brasell
    Konnor Brasell 6 days ago +1

    19:08 pillager

  • A toys world Inc.
    A toys world Inc. 6 days ago

    Iron golems don’t take fall damage

  • Fortnut Deno
    Fortnut Deno 6 days ago

    2:12 the iron golem legs haha

  • AwesomenessTOTALLY [kkb]

    dan, you need more XP. go to the nether and mine nether quartz or mine coal to get XP

  • Bardia Barghi
    Bardia Barghi 6 days ago

    2:11 u can see golems feet through the vm

  • Archana Ravindran
    Archana Ravindran 6 days ago

    dan... golems dont get fall damage!! ;-;

  • Miguel Peredo
    Miguel Peredo 7 days ago

    Im gonna take my horse o that old town biome im gonna ride till i find some cows

  • Ace FNAF YT
    Ace FNAF YT 7 days ago

    Pretty sure iron golems don’t take fall damage.
    Plus why not put books in the enchanting table? Sure it may be more expensive but hey books are better and more abundant than just using some armor or weopons