Trump Gets SNUBBED By Toronto Raptors

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • Will the Toronto Raptors visit the White House? Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!
    Rick Strom
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Comments • 8 115

  • TYT Sports
    TYT Sports  Month ago +161

    Do you think the Raptors will visit the White House? Leave a comment below!

  • Ronnie Hopkins
    Ronnie Hopkins Day ago +1

    If you will like for trump to be your father let me know but me fuck that bitch yes I said bitch

  • Kawhi Leonard
    Kawhi Leonard 2 days ago +2

    It’s sad how no one realizes what trump said about where ppl live. Not everyone is a privilege ass like trump. As a leader he should be mature enough to respect where ppl come from and how hard they work. Yet ppl in these comments defending trump and shitting on the raptors and Canada

  • Gerald Green
    Gerald Green 3 days ago +1


    • Eddie Davis
      Eddie Davis Day ago


    EDDYBOY Jr 3 days ago +1

    haha πŸ˜‚ love it

  • kingdudeh
    kingdudeh 3 days ago +2

    no White House for us we heading to parliament hall

  • pete aplin
    pete aplin 4 days ago +7

    Who really truly gives a rats ass?

    • Joe Martin
      Joe Martin 3 days ago

      pete aplin The Trump cocksuckers.

  • je suis Informaticien
    je suis Informaticien 5 days ago +3

    trump ban iraq and the same time america has milittary base in iraq without any permision, can someone expan that to me ???

    • Eddie Davis
      Eddie Davis Day ago


    • je suis Informaticien
      je suis Informaticien 3 days ago

      @Joe Martin

    • je suis Informaticien
      je suis Informaticien 3 days ago

      @Joe Martin

    • je suis Informaticien
      je suis Informaticien 3 days ago

      @Joe Martin no sir, it's more than that belive me

    • Joe Martin
      Joe Martin 3 days ago

      je suis Informaticien LOL, oil + money + fascism is > than any nwo crap

  • Ron Whitehorse
    Ron Whitehorse 7 days ago +1

    Den ev am not upset dont wat football or basketball no more I play them

  • Ernesto G
    Ernesto G 10 days ago +6


  • Greek Titan
    Greek Titan 12 days ago +3

    It be respectful if they did

  • Supernova12034
    Supernova12034 12 days ago +1

    Half the raptors team is from africa

    • pete aplin
      pete aplin 4 days ago +1

      Supernova12034 and you’re from another shithole galaxy... oooooh!

  • Greek Titan
    Greek Titan 13 days ago +2

    He the prez... Show some respect...

    • Tommy Kawston
      Tommy Kawston Day ago +1

      @Greek Titan Show me one person that he respects other then dictators?

    • Ambushofblacks
      Ambushofblacks 3 days ago +1

      to get respect you got to earn it, nobody has to respect someone who does not deserve it, he is a public servant, he is suppose to serve the people we owe him no loyalty

    • Greek Titan
      Greek Titan 3 days ago

      @Gunman610 once he became president he earned it

    • Gunman610
      Gunman610 3 days ago +1

      @Greek Titan He demands it, but no...he hasn't earned it.

    • Lord Short
      Lord Short 4 days ago +1

      trump ain't shit. Fuck him! Hope he dies soon.

  • JT Romeo
    JT Romeo 14 days ago +3

    Fuck trump draft Dodging coward pussy

  • Michael O'Connor
    Michael O'Connor 14 days ago +1

    Good vid, but Cameroon doesn't need a 'the' like The Congo does, mate.

  • Snicky G
    Snicky G 14 days ago +2

    I had at least hoped the raptors would respect the office of the president but obviously they are as classless as all the other idiots who refuse to go to the WH! My thoughts on Ujiri have certainly changed since I heard him say he was honored to have ego maniac, narcissist, traitor Hussein as a friend!

    • DBinner
      DBinner 8 days ago

      @skull quebec CANADA'S team! It's Toronto's team. All you ban wagon Ass Wipes. Get your own team. And they are Classless over paid Idiots.

    • Nate Cruz
      Nate Cruz 10 days ago +1

      Lol stop crying

    • coronaflo
      coronaflo 11 days ago +2

      I think Trump fans think Canada is a U.S state

    • mr. tuffour
      mr. tuffour 12 days ago +7

      @Snicky G narcissist? Ego maniac? Sounds alot like trump

  • Puarii YOUNG PINE
    Puarii YOUNG PINE 16 days ago


  • Brian Daniel
    Brian Daniel 18 days ago +7

    Fuck trump hell no they wont go

  • Earl Edward
    Earl Edward 18 days ago +2

    I would enjoy visiting the white house no matter who was president. so what crawled up their asses?
    I do not support that shit-hole team anyway.
    re-play the championship, this time with all Warriors team players healthy and see what happens. BITCHES

    • Nate Cruz
      Nate Cruz 10 days ago +2

      You don’t have to deal with racism or bigotry.

    • Gunman610
      Gunman610 11 days ago

      The Raptors played the same number of games that the Warriors did.

    • Bear 7
      Bear 7 15 days ago +1

      Earl Edward your mouth is a shithole.....

    • F
      F 18 days ago +2

      What happened? Did that shit-hole team cost you a lot of money?

    • Brian Daniel
      Brian Daniel 18 days ago +6

      Fuck you and the racist White House and fuck the entire trump family

  • Jesus Ramos
    Jesus Ramos 18 days ago +5

    Ratbastard, Donal drop. Dead you sorry sonof a PUTINS BITCH

  • Stu Phi
    Stu Phi 19 days ago +1

    Most of the garbage is coming from the biggest shithole on the planet
    Rick Stroms mouth
    Literally besides sucking cock he has dudes dump right in his mouth
    He prefers getting young immigrant men to do it , hoping the can’t speak English well enough to report him .
    He has s trophy for for being the most enthusiastic shithole

    • Brian Daniel
      Brian Daniel 18 days ago +1

      Fuck Donald Trump bitch ass coward

  • stilllife2
    stilllife2 19 days ago

    Good for you, Rick. Who would voluntarily go anywhere to be snubbed??

  • Sean Steele
    Sean Steele 20 days ago +9

    Why would anybody think NBA players would want shit (fast food) for a celebration dinner? Who would?

    • Sean Steele
      Sean Steele Day ago

      @Lily Lily hopefully he will go there more and super size .

  • Fahad Khan
    Fahad Khan 20 days ago +1

    Majority of the NBA teams and members I have issues about Trump comments and ideology

  • gamer pro omg
    gamer pro omg 20 days ago +6

    Trumps goal is to turn the US into a shithole country.

    • Eddie Davis
      Eddie Davis Day ago


    • Eddie Herrera
      Eddie Herrera 2 days ago

      @Earl Edward shut up DONALD Trump Sucks dick

    • Mega Traum
      Mega Traum 11 days ago

      @MazBringsby typical Trump supporter. Just angry and uneducated. They always comment stuff like this if you insult the man whom dick they suck.

    • MazBringsby
      MazBringsby 18 days ago

      @Earl Edward Why are you so angry?

    • Earl Edward
      Earl Edward 18 days ago +2

      ya sure asshole, fuck you punk little kid

  • Big Smoke Guitar
    Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago +4

    Not one sports team outside of the South want anything to do with Bottom Boy.
    Funny how stupid the Racist Right is. They're the only ones who fell for PeeBoy's bullshit.
    And they wonder why we call them DUMB

  • desi derata
    desi derata 20 days ago +1

    You are imagining things. Who cares if Raptors are not invited or if invited, turn down the invitation? Being a winner in sports does not make you bigger than the president of the United States of America. Raptors is a Canadian team, was it invited by the Canadian prime minister? No? So what are you bitching about?

    • Mario Maggiolo
      Mario Maggiolo Day ago +1

      Yes they were invited by the Prime Minister

    • Mega Traum
      Mega Traum 11 days ago +1

      you the most ignorant mfer. Take Trumps dick out ya mouth pussy

    • Eh Achilles
      Eh Achilles 18 days ago

      @Mark Lim but on the slight chance I made him rethink what he has said or previously thought is all I care about. You cant change a person or force them to look, you can show them the door/window but they have to walk/look through by themselves

    • Mark Lim
      Mark Lim 19 days ago +4

      @Eh Achilles don't even bother explaning things to a close-minded moron.. it would only be a complete waste of effort and time

    • Big Smoke Guitar
      Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago +4

      EVERYBODY'S bigger and better than President Dumbass Failure.
      Except to those stupid assed gullible Idiots that fell for his LIES

  • Braktooth
    Braktooth 21 day ago +4

    TO for the win! Again!

  • Joe Weis
    Joe Weis 21 day ago +10


    • Sir Sly
      Sir Sly 16 days ago +2

      Ya forgot bout bush jr

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 21 day ago +8

    Trump is a POS basically.

  • JellyOnMyDick
    JellyOnMyDick 21 day ago +17

    Why would a CANADIAN team go anyway

  • Nelson Rabara
    Nelson Rabara 21 day ago

    I hope nit the Raptors go to The white house

  • Nelson Rabara
    Nelson Rabara 21 day ago +3

    Trump is just a trumpet

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White 21 day ago +2

    Dont forget Muslim nations once ruled Europe. Western civilizations will always have issues with Arabic speaking people.

    • Stephen White
      Stephen White 18 days ago

      @Original Manyou got damn right!

    • Original Man
      Original Man 19 days ago

      You mean black people! The moors who rule Spain were black!

  • asdf asdf
    asdf asdf 21 day ago +3

    Welcoming pro sports players with McD. How classy.πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    • Daniel Lowery
      Daniel Lowery 20 days ago +1

      @Big Smoke Guitar
      You hate the truth don't you? I noticed you didn't give one good reason why the American tax payer should pay for these peoples entertainment or why they should be treated any differently than any other hard working citizen. Could it be that you can't think of one good reason or maybe it just could be that none of them should be invited anyway. But then again you can't stand the fact that someone might have a different opinion from yours... man it must be painful for everyone who must come into contact with you... especially for those who are family through no fault of their own.

    • Big Smoke Guitar
      Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago +1

      @Daniel Lowery Blow it out your ass Stupid

    • Daniel Lowery
      Daniel Lowery 21 day ago

      So you think that since they are pro sports figures they should have a Gala with the live Orchestra and a state dinner? What makes you think these people are any different or should be treated any different than joe blow citizen who works hard to feed his family and keep a roof over his family's head. Why should we pay to watch them play sports then pay for them to be entertained and eat a meal that the average American can't afford for their family. Let them play their sports, earn a living doing what they love, but let them pay for their own meals and parties.. why should tax payers pay for anything for them? The Raptors won! Great so what if they don't come to the White House? America will still be America and we will make it just fine with or without their visit.

  • Stanley Bellmon
    Stanley Bellmon 21 day ago +6

    Fuck Americans y'all dum AF brainless ass president

    • Jo el
      Jo el 19 days ago

      You sound pretty brainless yourself, you and trump have a lot in common...trumps an Idiot so fuck Americans? Didnt take too many brain cells to make that statement. I have a better one..trump is a human being corrupted by the monetary system reinforced by his upbringing, unable to learn or grow because of a lack of intelligence, like most people in this world..its people in general that are "dum af brainless ass", like you and trump

    • Big Smoke Guitar
      Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago

      This NorCalifornian is 100% in agreement Stan.
      Fuck these two Dumbasses

    • JellyOnMyDick
      JellyOnMyDick 21 day ago +1

      Tell us how you REALLY feel tho

    • Ser Garlik
      Ser Garlik 21 day ago +3

      F Americans... and then you used an American slang--"Y'all".
      Just shut up please.

  • mike Lowrey
    mike Lowrey 21 day ago +3

    These comments from trump supporters r HILARIOUS. #CANADA>US

  • Douglas Coreno
    Douglas Coreno 21 day ago


  • Joe Kasprzak
    Joe Kasprzak 21 day ago +2

    Fuck them who cares. Keep your Canadian bacon and maple syrup shove it up your bullshit ass. Fuck the n.b.a.

    • Shane O'Hara
      Shane O'Hara 2 days ago

      Bottom line north America has 2 idiots running their countries haha

    • DEN E.V
      DEN E.V 7 days ago

      Trump supporters are hilarious!!!

    • DEN E.V
      DEN E.V 7 days ago


    • F
      F 18 days ago

      What MazBringsby says.

    • Big Smoke Guitar
      Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago +2

      Sombody pee on your cheeseburger Trumptard?!?

  • Bill Davis
    Bill Davis 22 days ago +3

    If I was trump I would not want the fucken Raptors to come anyway

    • Big Smoke Guitar
      Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago

      You may try a dicktionary Dickhead!
      Only DICKS can't spell

    • Wilbur Slug
      Wilbur Slug 21 day ago +2

      Someone just shove a basketball up Trumps ass.

    • MHN
      MHN 21 day ago +3

      Grammar correction: "If I were . . . "
      It's a weird English rule.

    • Samyar Ghaeinizandeh
      Samyar Ghaeinizandeh 21 day ago +2

      @genregurl 100 percent correct

    • genregurl
      genregurl 21 day ago +9

      ...we don't really care what you want. Or the Donald. We have nothing left to prove this year. But Cheers. #stayinyourownlane

  • J Jags
    J Jags 22 days ago +3

    F the Raptors anyway, they are not from this country. Go to your own piece of shit capital.

    • DEN E.V
      DEN E.V 7 days ago

      Are you angry ? LOL

    • Big Smoke Guitar
      Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago

      Poor little Mushroom head!

      QJBDALLAS 20 days ago +5

      We know by now, that anyone still supporting Trump is a White Supremacist or a bad mental patient πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    • Samyar Ghaeinizandeh
      Samyar Ghaeinizandeh 21 day ago +3

      Fuck you asshole

    • Scott Allen
      Scott Allen 21 day ago +5

      Triggered Komrade? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Richy T
    Richy T 22 days ago +8

    So if so many Americans love trump? Then why are no teams visiting him ? Please 2020 come sooner so we can get trump out of here!! Maybe deport him back to his homeland ? I’m sure his ancestors migrated to America! 2020 β€œtrump your fired!!”

    • Eddie Davis
      Eddie Davis Day ago

      You can't fire the boss IDIOT

    • Chris Lee
      Chris Lee Day ago

      @Big Smoke Guitar πŸ‘ˆheres one right here

    • DBinner
      DBinner 8 days ago

      Trump is going to win again. The silent Majority. Most comments are negitive and are coming from the oppostion.

    • Big Smoke Guitar
      Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago

      @Chris Lee uh....yea sure Princess. Whatever you want

    • Chris Lee
      Chris Lee 21 day ago +1

      Because the country has been overrun by fabian socialist sjws. Thats why.

  • D L R
    D L R 22 days ago +6

    Why in the hell should the Raptors go to the whitehouse?
    Are they not a Canadian team!

    • DEN E.V
      DEN E.V 7 days ago +1

      @Daniel Lowery You Trump supporters are hilarious!! LOL

    • Daniel Lowery
      Daniel Lowery 20 days ago

      @@Big Smoke Guitar
      So their border is pretty much open, so what is stopping you? Oh! Wait they may not have a spare medical card and you may not be able to get enrolled in their socialized medicine program or maybe you are just scared to leave mommy and daddy's basement.

    • Big Smoke Guitar
      Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago

      @Ron Bonora currently, I'd rather BE in Canada!
      The stench of idiocy is appalling down here.
      And you seem particularly Cheesy Dickface!

    • Ron Bonora
      Ron Bonora 21 day ago

      they should go to Ottawa not Washington. Toronto is in Ontario, Canada not the USA!

  • wiggles worth
    wiggles worth 22 days ago +2

    How about what you represent!! "TYT" The Young Turks! The Young Turks were the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide! TRUMP 2020!!!

  • wiggles worth
    wiggles worth 22 days ago +4

    TRUMP DONT CARE!!! TRUMP 2020!!! Bro you need new glasses!!!

    • J D Smith
      J D Smith 16 days ago +2

      You're right, a sociopath doesn't care...

    • Big Smoke Guitar
      Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago +2

      Damn! Now here's a Stuoid Fucking Moron! are a stupid little piece of shit huh?

    • Scott Allen
      Scott Allen 21 day ago +3

      @wiggles worth, triggered means agitated and excited, I'm neither. Your comment wasn't that good.

    • wiggles worth
      wiggles worth 21 day ago +1

      @Scott Allen TRIGGERED!!! Haha :)

    • Scott Allen
      Scott Allen 21 day ago +7

      You need a new brain, yours isn't functioning properly.

  • flexibleskedule
    flexibleskedule 22 days ago +8

    When Trump "speaks the truth" (talks garbage and brags about fake things he hasn't done) his supporters are all for it, but when an athlete "speaks the truth" they should shut the fuck up and stick to what they know (earning everything they've achieved). Good standard dummies.

  • Ram Bo
    Ram Bo 22 days ago +3

    Donald Trump can make the Raptors great again next season.

    IRONMAN 22 days ago +5


  • CanAm Massey MD.
    CanAm Massey MD. 22 days ago +10

    Trump: Dear Raptors team, you are all invited to the White House for a McDonald’s advertisement.
    Toronto Raptors entire team: No Thanks.
    Trump: You’ve been disinvited.

  • T J
    T J 22 days ago +7

    Who wants to go to the W.H. for fast food, when you work 247/365 to keep your body in shape.🀨

  • Scott Belton
    Scott Belton 22 days ago +5

    lol i didn't even vote for Trump .... but he is clearly " winning" as every single one of you libs OBSESS over his entire life; it's entirely petty and very embarrassing look for the left
    you guys need to move on with your lives and start worrying about how to actually win elections again

    • DBinner
      DBinner 8 days ago

      @Pepsi Dog Who would be better than Trump? Hillary Clinton. HAAAAAAAAA

    • flexibleskedule
      flexibleskedule 21 day ago

      Trump set a new bar for embarrassment.

    • Charles Leonard
      Charles Leonard 21 day ago

      We figured out how to win we will just hire China to do what Russia did for Trump.

    • Scott Belton
      Scott Belton 21 day ago

      @Hiei Jaganshi lmfao the way i talk? you mean the fact that i'm calling you liberals out on your bull shit? yeah that's more than half the country at this point
      enjoy losing another election.
      and i 100% did NOT vote for Trump; i don't like him very much; i just know how to live my life without obsessing over tiny losses (unlike the socialist losers taking over the left)

    • Pepsi Dog
      Pepsi Dog 22 days ago +1

      @Hiei Jaganshi yeah, all these Trump supporters always give advices to the left. Makes perfect sense...

  • Lynette Branch
    Lynette Branch 22 days ago +6

    Raptors will go to the Canadian president's house.

    • Big Smoke Guitar
      Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago

      @Katlyn Burdenuk Worth more than a Cheeseburger eating Mushroom head

    • Big Smoke Guitar
      Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago

      @Tyler Fitzgibbon Then go Fuckhead

    • Josette DC
      Josette DC 21 day ago

      PM Trudeau needs to see the raps in ottawa before he gets voted out in oct this year

    • Lynette Branch
      Lynette Branch 21 day ago +1

      @Katlyn Burdenuk Forgive me for being American. (No, really, please forgive me.) PRIME MINISTER

    • Katlyn Burdenuk
      Katlyn Burdenuk 22 days ago +3

      Lynette Branch lmao what’s a Canadian president πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  • Mike Greer
    Mike Greer 22 days ago +2

    Who gives a shit lol?! That's Canada!

  • Ron Whitehorse
    Ron Whitehorse 22 days ago +2

    Off my turf go suck a dick

  • jasyn zangari
    jasyn zangari 22 days ago +2

    Everyone acting like it matters if a team wants to go to the White House...I’m sure trump is losing sleep that some grown men don’t wanna visit him. Any excuse who the liberals have to talk about trump tho they take it.

  • Gilbert Washington
    Gilbert Washington 22 days ago +6

    hell no don't go,that punk ass asshole in the white house is a piece of shit,who the fuck does he think he is? it used to be an honor to be invited to the white house,but as long as this dickhead presides there teams will not and shouldn't lower themselves to this prick,and it's embarrassing to feed world champions cold French fries and day old burgers πŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸ”πŸ”πŸ”

    • Daniel Lowery
      Daniel Lowery 20 days ago

      @ Gilbert Washington
      Is people bow down and worship these pro athletes... all the while these athletes laugh all the way to the Bank..... people buy their shoe, jersey's all kinds of memorabilia and they walk around proud and giddy because they just got the new team hat.... these athletes fly first class and eat at 5β˜† Restaurants while those who kneel at their feet wear and promote their brand and eat Ramon noodles that they picked up on the way back from trying to get some public assistance. No one has posted one good reason why the American tax payer should pay for a meal for these people yet especially a state sponsored prime rib or stem ship round meal with a live orchestra. But hey keep bowing down to your pro athletes and the rest of America will just keep supporting our President and country.

  • Ron Whitehorse
    Ron Whitehorse 22 days ago +2

    So now u cant call basketball team owners have to call them team governors its reverse racism go fuck yourself overpay fucking babies

  • Ron Whitehorse
    Ron Whitehorse 22 days ago +1

    Fuck the Toronto Raptors and fuck the NBA boycott pro basketball like I boycott pro football problem solved

  • lou2887
    lou2887 22 days ago +4

    Damn alot of but hurt comments on here wow he must have hit a good spot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Daniel Hulett
    Daniel Hulett 22 days ago +1

    Who cares about racist canadians

    • Big Smoke Guitar
      Big Smoke Guitar 20 days ago +1

      Man, Danny BOY!
      You one stupid Motherfucker!
      I think they're going to fire your ass at the Trailerpark

    • Scott Allen
      Scott Allen 21 day ago +4

      Lol. While cares about racist Americans? That'd be Trump.

  • Son Emet
    Son Emet 22 days ago

    Lol as someone from europe i can confirm that for every siakam and ujiri comes thousands of criminals, opportunists, and backwards animals. Trump is absolutely right. And rick, that "so called" president IS your president, you globalist cunt.

  • Eric Reid
    Eric Reid 22 days ago +1

    If you hate trump why come to tyt and make this channel money?

  • Liberal Hater
    Liberal Hater 22 days ago +1

    So?! The toronto raptors are a team of Idiots. Nobody gives a Fuck what they say or do😘

    • Liberal Hater
      Liberal Hater 16 days ago

      @kungpowchicken78 kungpowchicken? Ok. I DON'T. Its a Dumbass story not worthy of being news.

    • Scott Allen
      Scott Allen 21 day ago +1

      I wonder who Trump will tell you to be mad at next? It won't be Putin or Kim Jong. Trump supporters are such sheeple.

    • kungpowchicken78
      kungpowchicken78 22 days ago +4

      you obviously do.....

  • Scottie B
    Scottie B 22 days ago +1

    No big deal they’re all a bunch of cry baby pieces of shit.

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz 22 days ago +1

    This video is bullshit, you fucking took everything out of context and I'm fucking Muslim.

    • Scott Allen
      Scott Allen 21 day ago +2

      @Drew Rycerz, Republicans think they're psychics.

    • Drew Rycerz
      Drew Rycerz 22 days ago

      @kungpowchicken78 0:45-0:50 dipshit, completely taken out of context to make a point. How this channel got even one sub is the reason why Trump is going to win again in 2020.

    • kungpowchicken78
      kungpowchicken78 22 days ago +2

      @Drew Rycerz did you even watch the video? what the hell are you ranting about. he wasn't saying anything bad about muslims

    • Drew Rycerz
      Drew Rycerz 22 days ago

      @Savagekid TvIslam is a religion you fucking dumbass lol keep going. I love when people embarrass themselves.

    • Savagekid Tv
      Savagekid Tv 22 days ago +3

      Yh white guy behind the keyboard saying that u ain’t fooling nobody

  • Moses Devadass
    Moses Devadass 22 days ago +4

    I feel like most people in these comments don’t know what tf they saying

  • Michael DePinto
    Michael DePinto 22 days ago +4

    the one thing me and Trump have in common is that we both love fast food πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ”πŸŸπŸ•πŸŒ­

  • DBZ Guru
    DBZ Guru 22 days ago +8

    The dislikes are trump supporters

  • Kenshin
    Kenshin 22 days ago +3

    Can't they visit the Canadian White House?

    • MasterofPlay7
      MasterofPlay7 22 days ago +2

      lol it's called the white house cuz Canadian burnt it down at the war of 1812

  • EctoOne
    EctoOne 22 days ago +1

    I think Strom needs to get his testosterone levels checked, looking a little low. Also fix that posture, slumping shoulders, forward neck, doesn’t help your CNS and Adrenal function. Just a few things that could be the cause of your high estrogen.

    • flexibleskedule
      flexibleskedule 22 days ago

      Yeah but he's also not an obese president, to be fair.