Nationals win 1st World Series with Game 7 comeback win! | Astros-Nationals MLB Highlights

  • The Nationals scored six runs in the last three innings to clinch their first World Series championship in franchise history! Max Scherzer, Howie Kendrick, Anthony Rendon and Juan Soto led the way!
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Comments • 80

  • len callier
    len callier 18 hours ago

    If I could have one thing to satisfy next season, i would like to see the astros in a dunk tank except the button would be a trash can the players have to hit

    • Flying V
      Flying V 10 hours ago +1

      len callier and the water is filled with coronavirus

  • len callier
    len callier 18 hours ago

    This Series Is Going To Age Like Fine Wine

  • Joe Cruz
    Joe Cruz Day ago

    Astros deserved 2 lose after cheating on who knows how many games and possibly their world series win karma is real !

  • Zach Ledesma
    Zach Ledesma Day ago

    How are you gonna cheat and still lose?

  • Michael Riddick
    Michael Riddick Day ago

    Not how you start an at bat, an inning, a game or a season .... its always how you finish that counts :)

  • PoKey 508
    PoKey 508 Day ago +1

    Bryce Harper looks like a fool now

  • Vincent Hirleman
    Vincent Hirleman 2 days ago

    BRUH imagine watching baseball snsn its a forgoten sport

  • Andrew Sharpe
    Andrew Sharpe 2 days ago

    Imagine knowing what type of pitch is coming and still losing.

  • taco BS
    taco BS 2 days ago

    Wow imagine winning against away when they were cheating beasts loud this s more fair then thexsyeor bowl but cheat talk about the hine field advantage cheating see they were cheating weren't scared cause they knew they won game 7 at home cheating great place to be in dreams ofco ldoidividididj jsnntoasyper bowl maybe not chchhdejjskskekeiu hxwgenrj u yuh rjekcnkdkxleldjcnj jxkdkdkiddjdjdjdndnnxndndmdm.xjdoeojrjf

  • Baseball Enthusiast
    Baseball Enthusiast 2 days ago

    I remember where I was

  • Preston Markland
    Preston Markland 3 days ago

    No strikeouts for Scherzer through 40 pitches. Seems kinda fishy, no? Almost like the Astros weren’t fooled by anything...

  • Kasia Lotnik
    Kasia Lotnik 4 days ago

    wonder if this was fixed , like most of games atm

  • Braden McCarty
    Braden McCarty 4 days ago +1

    Imagine cheating and still Losing

  • Stone on the go
    Stone on the go 5 days ago +1

    Who’s watching this after Houston Astor’s cheated

  • Torin O'Connor
    Torin O'Connor 5 days ago +1

    Let’s goo the Houston trashnos lost

  • J B
    J B 5 days ago +1


  • nycjin816
    nycjin816 8 days ago

    4:24 meds must've kicked in and started working

  • Albert Vilorio
    Albert Vilorio 9 days ago +1

    This was a weird World Series

  • Que agradable Sujeto
    Que agradable Sujeto 9 days ago +1

    Well I’m here late but I fell good the the Houston trashtros lose

  • erick lopez
    erick lopez 12 days ago +2

    Thank you nationals for beating the trashros

  • Joe Viggiani
    Joe Viggiani 14 days ago +3

    I’m a Phillies fan and I don’t like the Nationals but I’m so glad they beat these cheating motherfuckers

  • It's Academic
    It's Academic 15 days ago

    10:28 One of the greatest wrap up Fall Classic calls of all time.

  • steveN111333
    steveN111333 15 days ago

    Don't they have video reviews in baseball ? Some of those outs looked incredibly close !

  • Bears Fury Real
    Bears Fury Real 16 days ago +1


  • E-yes Tacos
    E-yes Tacos 16 days ago

    Here’s the actual World Series

  • Ricky Zeichner
    Ricky Zeichner 19 days ago +2

    Congratulations to the Nationals for giving the Asterisks a game to forget. Despite being a Marlins fan, I couldn’t be happier the Astros lost after cheating!

  • 前田良平
    前田良平 20 days ago +1


  • tubenachos
    tubenachos 21 day ago +2

    Scherzer got his ring 😃 This should get his induction to Hall of Fame

  • Brenden Burris
    Brenden Burris 21 day ago +2

    It’s so nice to watch them lose

  • James Bailey
    James Bailey 21 day ago

    This is a school girls game in the United Kingdom.. it’s actually quite hilarious that it’s a major sport in the States

    • daboys1215
      daboys1215 7 days ago

      90%? Where did you get that number? Please. All of our sports are far superior to boring Euorpean garbage.

    • James Bailey
      James Bailey 7 days ago

      @TheDCGuitar13 Are you talking about the Premier League? It's just got the most money and so can attract the world's best players :)

    • James Bailey
      James Bailey 7 days ago

      @daboys1215 I'm talking about Rounders (the girls sport in England), not baseball dude!

    • TheDCGuitar13
      TheDCGuitar13 7 days ago

      daboys1215 imagine importing 90% of your superstars because natural selection won’t even let you dominate your “superior” game and having the Gaul to mock other sports lmao

    • daboys1215
      daboys1215 9 days ago

      We have over 140 years of history to prove you guys dead wrong.

  • ThoseTolerableNoobs
    ThoseTolerableNoobs 22 days ago

    10:45 What?

  • Grace JD
    Grace JD 22 days ago +1

    Houston’s garbage bang brought them to the dance and Howie Kendrick’s bang off the pole sent them packing. Karma is real folks!

    • Justinn Zamora
      Justinn Zamora 22 days ago

      How very funny that the Nats took all the wins in the Astros' home.

  • T Clark
    T Clark 23 days ago +2

    As a die hard Braves fan, I tip my cap to the Nats. I look forward to a great rivalry in the future

    • T Clark
      T Clark 7 days ago +1

      @TheDCGuitar13 well gee man, can i ever say anything positive from the heart on social media without receiving a psychopathic reply in return

    • TheDCGuitar13
      TheDCGuitar13 7 days ago

      T Clark you should look forward to being the new nationals choking in the ds instead.

  • Ryan O’Neill
    Ryan O’Neill 23 days ago +1

    So the Astros could only win when they cheated. Yikes.

  • Psykko Drama
    Psykko Drama 23 days ago +1

    That what cheaters get

  • Alan Cooke
    Alan Cooke 24 days ago +1

    *BANG BANG BANG* 2:16

  • y0utubion01
    y0utubion01 25 days ago

    Its not the bangs it's the whistle

  • raj basra
    raj basra 25 days ago +1

    Sign stealing didn't win them the championship and I am a Dodgers fan. People are making more of the incident then it was and none of the idiotic journalists or commentators are asking the right questions. HOW MUCH OF AN ADVANTAGE WAS IT REALLY? WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THE RED SOX DESTROYED THE ASTROS IN 2018? I think it was a 1-5% advantage. Furthermore, other teams are doing it in less sophisticated ways but since they didn't win or "get caught" we will never know how good their countermeasures were in comparison to the Astros. One of the silliest sports stories of the year and it could only be written about with the aid of a naive, uninformed and gullible public.

    • Jack Doherty
      Jack Doherty 20 days ago

      lol unless you have ever stepped to the plate in a Major League game you dont get to have a say lol

  • Clark McCrary
    Clark McCrary 25 days ago

    The Astros are the best team in the MLB without a doubt

  • Clark McCrary
    Clark McCrary 25 days ago

    Beatriz are the best team in the MLB without a doubt the only person that was cheating was AJ hinch

  • Clint Redmon
    Clint Redmon 28 days ago +2


  • T W
    T W 28 days ago +1

    Rob Manfred = A$$ CLOWN. I'd cheat with a commissioner/leader like that... MLB, Yes please.

  • Max Headroom
    Max Headroom 28 days ago +1

    0:04 #TakeitBack 😆

  • Juan Santiago
    Juan Santiago 29 days ago +1

    Astros are pure garbage having a team like that and still feels that need to cheat and they got the 2017 WS cuz of it but they got caught....good

  • The Boss Blitz
    The Boss Blitz 29 days ago +1

    One of the greatest Mlb stories of all time!

  • Jeff Sanders
    Jeff Sanders Month ago

    Wow my team's the bad boys of basbeall now. Is this how Yankee fans feel?

    Man, it feels good! I like this feeling! Time for another championship run 2020 baby

  • filipinowhiteboy
    filipinowhiteboy Month ago +2

    As a Nats fan, this has been a moment loooong coming. I had to watch other teams make history at the Nats expense like the Braves 10,000th win and watch as fans of other teams (phillies) crowded the stadium and drown us out. But now, now the the Nats have their time to shine and it was glorious. I don't know if they win again, I hope they will but this was the big one I will remember for the rest of my life.

  • Tejas Patel
    Tejas Patel Month ago

    "Remember where you are so you remember where you are"

  • Vignesh Ramakrishnan
    Vignesh Ramakrishnan Month ago +1

    As a Phillies fan who wanted the Nats to lose, I’m glad they won against the cheating Asstros

  • kallybloome
    kallybloome Month ago +1


  • ebscoHOST
    ebscoHOST Month ago +3

    Im a die hard Mets fan but I am an even greater fan of baseball. I am so happy the Nats won especially against the Astros. They have a killer team. The 2020 NL east is gonna be one helluva division if everyone stays healthy.

  • SemiSolid Snake
    SemiSolid Snake Month ago +2

    I was already cheering against the Astros during the World Series, but watching this now knowing what we know is so much sweeter.

  • broncosfan6
    broncosfan6 Month ago +1

    Patrick Corbin's contributions to their World Series championship cannot be overlooked

  • Brandon Kelly
    Brandon Kelly Month ago +3

    Imagine stealing the signs and still losing let’s go Nats

  • RoboCock
    RoboCock Month ago

    Plot Twist: The liberal led Washington Nationals were the ones stealing other team's signs

  • EJ Wiksten
    EJ Wiksten Month ago +1

    Astros are such a disgrace to the game of baseball

  • Tiito Motivs
    Tiito Motivs Month ago +1

    7:25 exact moment springers soul left his body lol. Looking back at this game it becomes increasingly clear that the Astros cheated. These guys lost to a team that had an intense sign signaling code.

  • Kyle Gibbs
    Kyle Gibbs Month ago +1

    Bruh. How do you cheat that hard and still lose the world series. Like. Wut.

  • Joenel Saracho
    Joenel Saracho Month ago +1


  • Caesar O.
    Caesar O. Month ago +1

    The trash cans and the buzzers didn't work this game.💀

    • Justinn Zamora
      Justinn Zamora Month ago +1

      How amusing that the Astros couldn't win a single home game against the Nats.

  • Beck S.
    Beck S. Month ago +3

    Not so tough when pitches are unknown eh?

  • BaBy Plane62
    BaBy Plane62 Month ago +1

    #Natitude cheaters never win We #1 Washington Nationals

  • Jason Epstein
    Jason Epstein Month ago +6

    I’ll admit it:

    • Travis Carter
      Travis Carter Month ago +2


    • Andrew F
      Andrew F Month ago +5

      Jason Epstein i aint a nats fan but that “SWING & A MISS” will go down in history

  • Tyler Jamison
    Tyler Jamison Month ago +2

    So glad the cheaters lost.
    The Astros organization is a disgrace and a joke.

  • Larry Nester
    Larry Nester Month ago +1

    Sure was good to see the cheaters lose.

  • Amir Rizer
    Amir Rizer Month ago +11

    Nationals. The hero we didn’t think we needed. We love you. -Yankees fan.

  • James
    James Month ago +7

    I love how dead silent it is when the ball hits the foul pole

  • Willy Lopez
    Willy Lopez Month ago +1


    My face after I got caught cheating and will now have to go through years of hate from fans and media.

  • FULLmeltHASH
    FULLmeltHASH Month ago +1

    Anyone who's played online video games knows, beating cheaters is a great feeling.

  • Patrick Do
    Patrick Do Month ago +3

    My Nats earned their 'piece of medal' the right way.

  • reelkena
    reelkena Month ago +4

    The sound of the foul pole was the only thing louder than the sound of the trash can.

  • Brendan O'Connell
    Brendan O'Connell Month ago +2

    To the rest of baseball, the Nats responded, "We got this. You're welcome. Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo."

  • vincent vega
    vincent vega Month ago +3

    I cant believe a team that knows there cheating has the audacity to pump there chest and act like they did something

  • JL Torres
    JL Torres Month ago +4

    This might be the greatest comeback in baseball history now knowing what the Astros were doing to win.

  • JL Torres
    JL Torres Month ago +2

    Rendon the real MVP, he saved the game and changed the outcome with that clutch homer run when they were dominated by the cheating Astros, 🇲🇽🇺🇸❤️

  • RinkyDink Productions
    RinkyDink Productions Month ago +7

    I was salty after my Cardinals got swept but with the whole cheating thing that's come out
    I simply can't be anymore
    Good on you, Washington. Screw the Astros

    • The Dudest
      The Dudest 12 hours ago

      They didn't cheat in 2018 or 2019 keep crying

  • BS sy
    BS sy Month ago +3

    True champion who overcame dirty cheatings.

  • Devrajsingh Balyasra
    Devrajsingh Balyasra Month ago +3

    Even after Astros cheating this Nationals win is great .

  • Middle America
    Middle America Month ago +4

    The Nats are double winners. Winners of the WS and winners on how to subvert the plans of the cheating Astros.

  • Juanyemma Janny
    Juanyemma Janny Month ago