Please get along, people tell presidents - BBC News

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    DOM KIM 9 months ago

    I like forbidden city because their are another anger by ultra blue.

  • dan dun
    dan dun 9 months ago

    bbc gets secretly funded by the EU
    research it

  • 577AllWell
    577AllWell 9 months ago

    First thing Trump still has to do is kick out foreign illegals and build that wall. We don't want 100% world industry in China
    ... cheap dirty goods and industrial poison...

  • Anya Cai
    Anya Cai 9 months ago

    Oh my god Stephen McDonell, I was wondering where you are, you have jump ship from the ABC to BBC now!!!! Why?! Come back to ABC 😆

  • world4 hypocrites
    world4 hypocrites 9 months ago

    China is covered with sinocentrism bah!

  • Runze Hu
    Runze Hu 9 months ago

    americans looks stupid when talking about democracy, these people can only think of other countries based on their own dominant ideology.

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 9 months ago +1

    Peace in all countries.

  • Jill's Sandwiches
    Jill's Sandwiches 9 months ago

    0:09 Baw Gawd King! that's gotta be! that's gotta be Kane!!!

  • Pacific Express
    Pacific Express 9 months ago +1

    "Racism in America is very severe"
    Says the guy who has probably never seen a foreigner in his life.

    • Pacific Express
      Pacific Express 9 months ago

      The United incident had nothing to do with race.
      In a very diverse society like the US, you will have people of different races getting involved in incidents all the time.
      From the Video, I remember seeing the asian doctor, black and white security, and multiple people of different backgrounds denounce the actions of the airline.
      So, If you are trying to make it about race, you are wrong.

    • Jill's Sandwiches
      Jill's Sandwiches 9 months ago

      +AcS HoN hmm?

    • AcS HoN
      AcS HoN 9 months ago +1

      Ah seeing this comment right after watching the video about the united airline scandal.

  • Pacific Express
    Pacific Express 9 months ago

    China doesn't even practice free trade. They are one of the most protectionist countries out there.
    Globalisation and the outsourcing of jobs have definitely benefitted them more than America.
    I'm not saying we should break all relations with China. But we don't owe them anything, and applying restriction to them just like they ALREADY do to us, would be the fair thing to do. Equal the playing field.

  • cavv0667
    cavv0667 9 months ago

    0:42... perhaps doesn't know Anything about the Chinese government and how anti freedom they are... I say make America great again, but not with trump or clinton... PLEASE not with either of them! I'm sad to say that too many Americans are acting like Fonda... maybe they should bone up on how oppressive these other nations governments are!!! Also, bring manufacturing and production back to America... it'll cut down on the number of products you by that have lead, arsenic and were made using child labor... Yeah china... I'm looking AT YOU!!!

  • 日穿钢板
    日穿钢板 9 months ago +4

    You don't have to show a girl running away from your interview in the end of the clip, we all know what you are trying to imply. But maybe, just maybe she doesn't feel like to be interviewed or rushing to the subway?

  • ahvidaneidavirgilluminous

    All look too peaceful, try a place where a Dr dissecting your body for organ harvesting. Or those slave factories, those CCP gangsters chasing down their prey cos you are rich or even jus a historic copy your family had been rich. They will Chase you down like an animal n beat you up all like it's their right. I don't know where people get these tourist like conversations... Certainly laughable.

  • Sen Cao
    Sen Cao 9 months ago +2

    WTF??? Trump should apologize to X??? Like communists around the globe come together??? Okay I say no more, otherwise I'd be reported and screwed by my lovely Chinese fellas.
    And maybe you should live a Chinese life to realize what a democratic society really is there in the USA.

  • leapsplashafrog
    leapsplashafrog 9 months ago

    Sick to death of these presidential atonists pretending they're helping people with warfare for profit.
    Seen all the lies before
    This is murder for pipelines. All journalists are shit

  • acreditovendo
    acreditovendo 9 months ago

    enable automatic closed caption in all videos, please! thanks

  • BeeFriendlyApiary
    BeeFriendlyApiary 9 months ago +6

    Americans are obedient TV watching zombies...we worship the magic black box and no longer a critical thinking society...the last election proves this!!!!

    • Tuco Remirez
      Tuco Remirez 9 months ago

      Our vote means absolutely nothing, as we are truly NOT a democracy..Why would any of us vote unless we are ignorant or retarded.

    • Pacific Express
      Pacific Express 9 months ago +3

      right. Because most of the media was in Trump's side, no?
      If people followed what they were told in TV, Trump would have lost.

    • अलेक्सेय्
      अलेक्सेय् 9 months ago

      BeeFriendlyApiary Americans are 100 % morons.

    HAZY KK 9 months ago +3

    why america wants to ban korea for nuclear weapons. u lot have them. soo why not others

    • HAZY KK
      HAZY KK 9 months ago

      true.. but the thing is...why is america trying to control everyone.

    • Tuco Remirez
      Tuco Remirez 9 months ago

      There can be ONLY one terrorist bully !!!

    • HAZY KK
      HAZY KK 9 months ago

      yhh i ponder sometimes on that,,, but real talk fam... im not talking just about north korea, why shud ONLY america have nuclear weapons..

  • martian R
    martian R 9 months ago +14

    the girl at the end is cute XD

    • luke trump
      luke trump 9 months ago

      Mr Misanthrope Happiness, Freedom and prosperity are not exit in China? Sometimes i am not sad about the fact that you only focus the dirty side of a country, because it's not harmful for me/us at all. It was like the time back to few hundred years ago, Qing dynasty is happening in your country right now, by the way that's when we fall for a few centuries. I was just trying to help you to understand the world better darling~

    • martian R
      martian R 9 months ago

      Mr Misanthrope Oh, I still can see your comments. Just saying. Well, in the end, I'm "pettiness and surveillance".

  • Joe M
    Joe M 9 months ago +12

    Only 4% of people in Washington DC voted for Trump, so this is hardly a good sample of American thought... Try again BBC

    • Tuco Remirez
      Tuco Remirez 9 months ago

      Why vote at all..That is stupidity, as your vote counts for NOTHING in our country. We are not a democracy nor ever have been.

    • Joe M
      Joe M 9 months ago +3

      neely you troll. You know nearly half the country voted for him....

    • Nelly
      Nelly 9 months ago

      Most people on the US didn't vote for Trump. He lost the popular vote, remember?

  • kudopoint1
    kudopoint1 9 months ago +10

    Trump / ISIS = Carhoots
    He just bombed the (secular) Syrian army only for ISIS to advance.

    • impalabeeper
      impalabeeper 9 months ago +3

      I'd probably pick secular Assad over the rag tag flock of Syrian rebels that has wolves in sheeps' clothing.

  • cary bary
    cary bary 9 months ago +3

    Your country treats cats and dogs like dirt.

    • Steven Gamer
      Steven Gamer 9 months ago

      Racism confirmed

    • 日穿钢板
      日穿钢板 9 months ago +7

      Your country treats chicken and cows like dirt. People in the west like to put animals into different classes just like they do human beings.

    • Scotland
      Scotland 9 months ago +4

      Hiu Lok Chan good answer. Respect 👍

    • Crunchy Biscuits
      Crunchy Biscuits 9 months ago +18

      cary bary
      what if I told you that Chinese keeps cows and pigs as pets like you keep dogs and cats, would you stop eating them? would you think if you eat cows and pigs Chinese people would say that your people treats their pets like dirt?
      in China there aren't much livestock than the western countries. therefore northern Chinese consumes dogs and cats as meat source since centuries ago. unlike other countries that consumes beef and pork.
      I just want to point out that you should use your logic to think, not just leave a hateful comment when you saw the word Chinese in the title of the video.

    • Felippe
      Felippe 9 months ago

      cary bary Cats and dogs are animals and people are more willing to look after them than humans. In this sense we treat humans as if they were less than animals, and yet we're also willing to slaughter pigs and hens for produce despite the former being far more intelligent than dogs. If you're from the west you have nothing to brag about when it comes to animal or human rights.

  • Pierre Paul
    Pierre Paul 9 months ago +56

    "China is NOT a true Democracy." this is coming from an American.

    • Tuco Remirez
      Tuco Remirez 9 months ago

      He was retarded maybe ..or just ignorant

    • Wang Bo
      Wang Bo 9 months ago

      well, you got the main takeout that BBC was trying to sell. Go back to bed, smart kid

    • Pacific Express
      Pacific Express 9 months ago

      I was being a little sarcastic.
      Again, the US is nowhere near as corrupt as you may think it is. IF you think the US is more corrupt than China.

    • Pacific Express
      Pacific Express 9 months ago

      Then feel free to look for another index.
      I assure you, the US will constantly place higher than China, in any attempt to measure corruption. Even if you have criticism regarding the methodology, it is a much better measurement of corruption than
      "haha, US is most corrupt country in WWOLRD"

  • Fitz- Ztif
    Fitz- Ztif 9 months ago +22

    I hate Trump

    • Fitz- Ztif
      Fitz- Ztif 9 months ago

      lazunili Really matety

    • lazunili
      lazunili 9 months ago +2

      Layton she even said it in a speech

    • Fitz- Ztif
      Fitz- Ztif 9 months ago

      Urmm okay but i wouold recourmmend that we let miltary coup do that

    • Layton .J
      Layton .J 9 months ago +5

      Scotland Fitz-rench If Hilary Clinton won the Elections the first thing she would do.... She would sit on a chair make a Order to Nuke Russia then China comes into the war then NATO would then NK SK would then it would be a World war3

  • w9 s2
    w9 s2 9 months ago +6

    China and North Korea are powerful allies and will crush the US!

    • Alex II
      Alex II 9 months ago

      You're funny... Also, China probably secretly hates DPRK anyways

    • MrJackFTW
      MrJackFTW 9 months ago

      Mensch Norbert i know some people are stupid

    • Mensch Norbert
      Mensch Norbert 9 months ago +5

      Oh that's lovely!
      And why the hell would they do that?
      And btw. North Korea can't even manage to feed its people without international aid (including from the U.S). I wouldn't call that powerful.

  • maykolee
    maykolee 9 months ago +5

    🇹🇼 = 中國, 大陸 = 蘇維埃外來勢力的共慘暴政,簡稱 西朝鮮

    • maykolee
      maykolee 9 months ago

      Xin Xie 你支持蘇維埃外來勢力嗎?

    • 史宁婧
      史宁婧 9 months ago

      Xin Xie 说的很对 那就任凭台独分子自由言论 我们坐视不管好了
      骂人的素质的确差 但不能坐视不管 这是关乎国家尊严的事

    • Xin Xie
      Xin Xie 9 months ago


    • maykolee
      maykolee 9 months ago

      Runze Hu 🇹🇼=祖國,🇨🇳=蘇維埃外來勢力! 你支持外來勢力你就是漢奸!

    • Runze Hu
      Runze Hu 9 months ago +3


    FILHO DO FORCE 9 months ago


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