The Drowned Man - Chapter 1

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
    What happens when a ghost decides to wreak havoc on your home? Who do you turn to? Who do you call? Or do you try to fight back? Find out what happens when this poor, unfortunate soul's house becomes haunted by a watery demon.
    Wade Barnes is... The Drowned Man.
    Also Wade ►►
    This true scary story is scarier than any creepypasta or creepy pasta you've ever read or eaten. The haunted house has more ghosts than you've ever seen in any haunted forest. The misery of this one man is the scariest story you've ever heard, and it's the realest real ghost story you've ever known. This haunting won't go away easily so let's not meet this ghost. And remember... this scary story IS a true story.
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Markiplier
    Markiplier  29 days ago +14618

    Chapter 2 Premieres TOMORROW!! Be sure to set your alarms! And check out the limited edition t-shirt linked in the description! Proceeds help pay for Wade's exorcisms!

    • Dark Wolf
      Dark Wolf 4 days ago

      Hell yeah

    • Trí Phạm minh
      Trí Phạm minh 5 days ago


    • jeremy007 j
      jeremy007 j 15 days ago

      did tshirts pay a lot or not

    • Clizie Rose
      Clizie Rose 15 days ago

      ur so short

    • Advened GamerMD
      Advened GamerMD 16 days ago


  • Addie
    Addie 55 minutes ago

    ya no that’s when you say it’s time to move

  • iiPhantomHunter
    iiPhantomHunter Hour ago

    Change da world. My final message. Goodbye.

  • Junior KZ
    Junior KZ 2 hours ago

    this was fucking awesome.

  • iInfinARMY Hearteu
    iInfinARMY Hearteu 2 hours ago

    Oh shit. When Mark talks with his hands, his voice becomes 10x more powerful.

  • Brooke Collinsworth
    Brooke Collinsworth 2 hours ago

    man i wish i lived in cincinatti. bUt nAh i gOttA lIve 3 daNG HoUrS AwAy

  • Renda Louise
    Renda Louise 3 hours ago

    Why am I invested 🙄

  • Tiffany Wiggins
    Tiffany Wiggins 3 hours ago

    scary yet funny

  • Dylan Allen
    Dylan Allen 4 hours ago +1

    Water: exists
    Mark: WAS IT BLOOD?

  • Elijah The Coffee King

    Mark's entire script is me trying to reach the word count limit on my essays.

  • GrayJay Jumba
    GrayJay Jumba 6 hours ago +1

    *Gets pummeled by editing* Please. ow. no. stop.

  • Mileena Ossman
    Mileena Ossman 6 hours ago +1

    Not a single soul
    Wade's acting face: 😟

  • Mileena Ossman
    Mileena Ossman 6 hours ago +1

    Was I the only person who didn't know what Wade's first name is actually George?

  • Landon Arendt
    Landon Arendt 7 hours ago


  • Landon Arendt
    Landon Arendt 7 hours ago

    OOO spooky Halloween is coming up have a time

  • Penumbra
    Penumbra 11 hours ago

    Aw thank God, I thought you meant my wife was pregnant

  • Moon storm wolf pack
    Moon storm wolf pack 11 hours ago

    This reminds me of the house i use to live in...

  • Sofia Kortangian
    Sofia Kortangian 11 hours ago

    I can't wait for the next one!

  • Elizabeth Wagner
    Elizabeth Wagner 12 hours ago

    Sounds like people are ripping this apart Mark. If it's that bad I'm not watching. Usually your writing is pretty good

    BLAKE MARSHALL 14 hours ago +1



  • JTube DuZ Gaming
    JTube DuZ Gaming 14 hours ago +1

    pink because of Wilford motherloving warfstache

  • happy friday
    happy friday 14 hours ago

    *C I N N E M O N*

  • Lulu McComas
    Lulu McComas 14 hours ago

    8:20 -gasp- *this chair has no lumbar support*

  • I’m paranoid
    I’m paranoid 15 hours ago

    Shane Dawson’s vídeos in a nutshell

  • Kaiger Galaxy
    Kaiger Galaxy 15 hours ago

    okay so, i was half way through this and i was thinking "Wow the music is really loud" but then i noticed it was just pandora playing Jupiter by sleeping at last as loud as it could

  • Ramen Noodles
    Ramen Noodles 16 hours ago

    only markiplier can make the fact that water is wet, flows, and leaks so scary

  • Ramen Noodles
    Ramen Noodles 16 hours ago

    our biggest suspicion was... ... ... A STORM

  • Gameplay Gamer
    Gameplay Gamer 16 hours ago

    Wade : I was drink my morning coffe then I realized my coffe has wa-
    Mark : *BLOOD*

  • Noa Lenora Art
    Noa Lenora Art 18 hours ago

    Moral of the story: turn off your fuckin lights and save some damn power!!!

  • Jesus Chr1st
    Jesus Chr1st 19 hours ago

    *was it pink because of blood*

  • TRIPEX Taid
    TRIPEX Taid 19 hours ago

    Jebo te ovo

  • Kierra bb
    Kierra bb Day ago +1

    Anyone else think Mark could be an actor?

  • Alex Tinoco
    Alex Tinoco Day ago +1

    Hi umm wach hero academia on you tube well reaket to it I sent u a thing

  • Harry
    Harry Day ago


  • Harry
    Harry Day ago

    *B L O O D*

  • Harry
    Harry Day ago +1


  • J dragon
    J dragon Day ago

    Markiplier i need you to do me a huge favor. Im starting a new youtube channel and dint know how to start. Can you give me some tips and spread the word. Namrs above thang you so much. J dragon

  • KC_Bright
    KC_Bright Day ago

    ghosti damien?

  • Xavier Pezo
    Xavier Pezo Day ago +2

    This is all the work of Water Sheep

  • SillyLillyGammar

    Could it have been..... BlllLlLLLlLllllLlOoOoooOOOooooOOooOOOoDdddDDddDDDDd?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!!

  • Mild Wild Child
    Mild Wild Child Day ago

    I like how in the description he points out that is a true story so many times

  • shooting Stars
    shooting Stars Day ago

    I know I know I’m late but I’mma watch this for spoopy season

  • Ah Logic
    Ah Logic Day ago

    Wade without hair makes him look older ngl

  • Ah Logic
    Ah Logic Day ago

    Why does mark have such nice suits like damn buddy lookin on fleek

  • Cameron Manderscheid

    Tha air vent was dripping MARK"blood 1min later"blood" fuck mark it's not blood every time

  • Kiki Subotinova
    Kiki Subotinova Day ago

    I'm gonna be honest- at first I thought it was a game with next level graphic design

  • Victor
    Victor Day ago

    2:49 how many takes did you guys end up doing? Sounds like Mark is almost laughing, and Wades almost smirks :p

  • jeff bob
    jeff bob Day ago

    Bruh i thought this was some dope graphics till I saw Markiplier lol

  • The last Skooma
    The last Skooma Day ago

    What's up with Mark's wierd blood fetish.

  • William Burning
    William Burning Day ago

    History channel

  • emo girl
    emo girl Day ago

    I'm so confused😕

  • nolan Stechschulte
    nolan Stechschulte 2 days ago

    Wade is just so confused for the whole thing and it so funny because he just watched mark

  • progamerj08
    progamerj08 2 days ago

    Ahahahahahahhahahahi get it because wades dead meme aahahahahhahahahahahahh

  • Aesthetic Potato
    Aesthetic Potato 2 days ago

    this was premiered on my birthday?

  • Greed ASO
    Greed ASO 2 days ago

    I love how you can see how short mark is compared to wade

  • Potato Lover666
    Potato Lover666 2 days ago

    just call ghost busters

  • DaDuckyDe
    DaDuckyDe 2 days ago

    this is sort of like a Horror Comedy it feels

  • PeaK MoistCake
    PeaK MoistCake 2 days ago

    this was really well done and from time to time thought this was a real thing, then Mark says stuff like "This chair has no lumbar support!"

  • Sapphire Smith
    Sapphire Smith 2 days ago

    plot twist this is just darkaplier using his "powers" to make money off of poor unsuspecting souls

  • Potato smash
    Potato smash 2 days ago