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  • Natasha Milan
    Natasha Milan Year ago +5311

    Legend says Matt is still wandering around Sephora looking for napkins

    • Jocelyn Sloan
      Jocelyn Sloan Year ago +1

      Natasha Milan I don't think I've laughed OUT LOUD at a comment before. 😂

    • Baby ChimChim
      Baby ChimChim Year ago +1

      Natasha Milan I

    • Ida Marie Sørensen
      Ida Marie Sørensen Year ago +1

      Natasha Milan Ono

    • Claire T
      Claire T Year ago +6

      "In granite... *laughs* is that good?" LOL and then "do they have napkins here?"AHAHA and also "do they have a coat check here?" 😂

  • Olivia Cripps
    Olivia Cripps 9 hours ago

    Did anyone else catch the random lady eating cotton candy in sephora?

  • Presley Smith
    Presley Smith 3 days ago +2

    Who else is wondering if sams gonna come through with the promise of wearing that lipstick on their wedding day

  • S R
    S R 4 days ago

    Bless u girl n esp ur bf...... lots ov love for u all

  • Emily B
    Emily B 5 days ago

    I think I lol'd 10x in this

  • JxxC19
    JxxC19 6 days ago

    6:24 That old lady eating the cotton candy is me 😂 Just a sweet spectator ❤️ This was entertaining af 👏

  • Emelia Onichi
    Emelia Onichi 12 days ago +1

    Leather jacket is better ..Cool vid =D

  • Aryona Harris
    Aryona Harris 21 day ago

    You are naturally beautiful, you don't need makeup 💓

  • Nancy Hernandez
    Nancy Hernandez 24 days ago

    Matt is adorable and I actually think he’s on to something with the grey lipstick! 😍

  • Mary G
    Mary G 24 days ago

    Watching this a year later, wondering if Sam still has that lipstick to whip out for the wedding

  • Katey Wetter
    Katey Wetter Month ago +2

    And now they are getting married... grey lipstick on the wedding day?

  • Hattie Fuller
    Hattie Fuller Month ago

    Randomly watching this now. Matt is great. And you remind me of Hayley Williams here IDKW,!!!

  • Stefani McClure
    Stefani McClure 2 months ago

    Umm this is adorable. He is adorable!!!

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K 2 months ago

    This is so old but I just watched this and cried laughing

  • catzrule001
    catzrule001 2 months ago

    are people actually mad that you treat your boyfriend """badly"" lmao wtf

  • Bindi Rock
    Bindi Rock 2 months ago

    I like it

  • Chelsea Belle
    Chelsea Belle 3 months ago


  • K Courtney
    K Courtney 3 months ago

    Still going to wear this lip on your wedding day 🤣🤣🤣 such a great vid!

  • Shannon Matthews
    Shannon Matthews 3 months ago

    I'm really living for this and the fiancè upgraded one lmao but I need that lipstick honestly lol I need it!

  • AParkerRn09
    AParkerRn09 3 months ago

    Well, he’s just a damn doll.

  • 程小慧
    程小慧 3 months ago +2

    6:24 that marshmallow lady hahahahahah omg

  • SSGrace21
    SSGrace21 3 months ago +1

    The cotton candy lady is my spirit animal.

  • mks176
    mks176 3 months ago +3


  • GingerNella
    GingerNella 4 months ago

    Oh my goodness Sam, you two are the cutest. He is the sweetest and very thoughtful and precise.

  • Nathalie Brewer
    Nathalie Brewer 5 months ago

    This is the cutest thing ever 😂

  • Whitney Huskins
    Whitney Huskins 5 months ago

    Him and his gray lipsticks. Lol. Everything else kind of came together minus the gray lipstick.

  • Whitney Huskins
    Whitney Huskins 5 months ago

    I absolutely love how he grabbed a sol de Janeiro bum bum cream for you to wear for him. That stuff is my holy grail and it smells freaking amazing. Hes precious.

  • Madeline Rodriguez
    Madeline Rodriguez 6 months ago +25

    A year later and they're engaged and I just wanna bring Sam back to this moment when she said she would wear the grey lipstick on her wedding day pls everyone get Sam to see this

  • Maddie Blunier
    Maddie Blunier 6 months ago

    now watching this video saying you would wear it to your wedding!! and now you're engaged! congrats

  • Isabella Figuerola
    Isabella Figuerola 6 months ago

    And you're now engaged omg😭😭❤

  • Caitlin
    Caitlin 6 months ago

    “Rosie conditioning” LOL

  • Alicia Latour
    Alicia Latour 6 months ago

    I love this lol. If I had the cash flow I’d send my bf to do the same haha !

  • Diana Simmons
    Diana Simmons 6 months ago

    I always feel so bad for the guys because they’re ridiculously confused and try so hard!

  • Danika Alexandre
    Danika Alexandre 6 months ago

    I guess you’re wearing this grey lipstick for your wedding day 😂 you said it yourself at the end haha congrats by the way!

  • Emily De Vries
    Emily De Vries 7 months ago


  • Evelyn Cordero
    Evelyn Cordero 7 months ago

    So Samantha, now that you and Matt are engaged, are you going to hold your promise made at 18:50 and wear the gray lip on your wedding day? 🤔😂 lol congratulations on your engagement btw!

  • Angry Khaleesi
    Angry Khaleesi 7 months ago

    Rando girl: "are you samanthas boyfriend?"
    Matt: "yeah."
    "am i supposed to say yeah.....i never know with her" LMAO i feel u matt i feel u

  • Jenn Lecher
    Jenn Lecher 7 months ago

    Grey lipstick was the choice in Sephora??? The land of every lipstick of my dreams????

  • Ahmed J
    Ahmed J 8 months ago

    Ur really mean

  • ShandaKathryn
    ShandaKathryn 8 months ago

    Where’s David? I need David 😂😂😂😂best ever. I need to have my husband do this!

  • Allie Mosley
    Allie Mosley 9 months ago

    are you related to mariah leonard?? the first time i had ever seen your channel i clicked on a video thinking you were her!

  • Tamarind Digges
    Tamarind Digges 9 months ago

    "That bum bum cream was $25!" 😂😂

  • Swxoxox
    Swxoxox 10 months ago

    he is so cute and looks so embarrassed

  • Hannah Vivienne
    Hannah Vivienne 10 months ago +1

    Still my favorite video of all times

  • Jessica Hickey
    Jessica Hickey 10 months ago

    “Jamie do you like cheese? It’s smoked cheddar” 😂😂 this video was so funny lolll

  • Paige Wells
    Paige Wells 11 months ago

    Did anyone else see that she didn’t blend that into her hair line and there is a patch that has no makeup

  • Cassidy Girouard
    Cassidy Girouard 11 months ago

    the way you did the eyeliner looks so good!

  • Dayna Vargocko
    Dayna Vargocko 11 months ago

    Brazilian bum bum cream... for me 😂

  • Dayna Vargocko
    Dayna Vargocko 11 months ago

    “Are you Samantha’s boyfriend?”
    “Am I supposed to say yeah” 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  • Poppy Chen
    Poppy Chen Year ago

    Sams able to make do with whatever she’s given lol

  • Matt Fay
    Matt Fay Year ago


  • duhhitsophia
    duhhitsophia Year ago

    these types of videos are adorable like the men looking for all the stuff

  • Haedyn Mahan
    Haedyn Mahan Year ago

    That made your teeth look so white oml 😩😍

  • Ashlund Ao
    Ashlund Ao Year ago

    "That's not what I wanted!"

  • Star zzky
    Star zzky Year ago +1

    wtf is that eyelook 😂😂😂 umm

  • Merna J
    Merna J Year ago

    Why did she add a fake beauty mark?

  • Natasha Medina
    Natasha Medina Year ago

    oh, he's so sweet lol and you are so good! I love the eyes!!

  • Sophia C
    Sophia C Year ago

    Y was he kinda ignoring that girl that asked if he was her bf like he should’ve been like yea hi or at least stopped walking and looked at her

  • Nancy Norcross
    Nancy Norcross Year ago

    I thought the lipstick gave the look a edgy vibe , good job Matt..just stay away from ysl next time 😂😂 lol

  • 3legged Kitten
    3legged Kitten Year ago

    "David said to get the nice lipsticks..." My heart! Too cute! Boo, you were doing great!!!

  • Kay Perry
    Kay Perry Year ago

    Late to the party on this vid, but freakin laughed my ass off! NICELY DONE!💯

  • Kennie Cameron
    Kennie Cameron Year ago

    i feel your pain i dont know where to start

  • abigail sullivan
    abigail sullivan Year ago

    circle bubble ideology nfmni ruling district plan softly.

  • Marissa D
    Marissa D Year ago

    She seemed so ungrateful... like he tried his best

  • yo ghetto girl
    yo ghetto girl Year ago +1

    She can make anything look good holy crap

  • Latifa Wahed Alam

    "Do people wear blush? Is that a thing still?" 😂

  • Isabelle Banich-Lozon

    The floppy arm of your puppy is the star of this video lol!

  • Marina Grey
    Marina Grey Year ago

    grey lippy is gorgeous

  • Bready to Die
    Bready to Die Year ago

    Oo girl... $600 and NO highlight??? It's literally the best part of the look (with the exception of lip products). I feel naked without highlighter.

  • Jade_Vanessa
    Jade_Vanessa Year ago

    Oml I love her boyfriends

  • K. L.L.
    K. L.L. Year ago


  • Paul Steed
    Paul Steed Year ago

    I saw this girl on Jimmy Kimmel, she looked way different, I thought she was better looking on Jimmy Kimmel, must be the makeup

  • Julia Lundmark
    Julia Lundmark Year ago

    The focus tho🙄

  • sultan yalçınkaya

    Can you make Turkish subtitles please

  • J. Monserrat
    J. Monserrat Year ago

    He was so sweet

  • Samara Robinson
    Samara Robinson Year ago

    Is it just me or was this video really blurry and fuzzy, it was sort of hurting my eyes

  • Aspen Wallace
    Aspen Wallace Year ago

    The grey looks good with your eyes...

  • Felix Thompson
    Felix Thompson Year ago

    Anyone know what brand and shade the grey lipstick is?x

  • spokeforhours
    spokeforhours Year ago

    I haven't seen one of this videos yet where guys haven't gotten anything from KVD. They seem to always be attracted to her packaging.

  • Pyscho_lollipop
    Pyscho_lollipop Year ago

    why does he get life lines???? no other video has help lol cheating

  • K. Larson
    K. Larson Year ago

    "is there a coat check" is my favorite part

  • Gianna Annese
    Gianna Annese Year ago

    Does anyone know what that grey lipstick is

  • Chocococo1994
    Chocococo1994 Year ago

    You treat Matt so badly. And it seems like you do it because he's a nice guy that's actually into the shit you're into. Be careful Sam you don't want him to stop taking your bs attitude anymore then you'll be the one that's super sorry.

  • Sarah Taylor
    Sarah Taylor Year ago

    What brush do you use for your beauty mark?

  • Adella Piatt
    Adella Piatt Year ago

    How does one find a BF who is comfortable spending $600 on makeup?!?

  • Luna
    Luna Year ago

    Which brush were you using with the dipbrow? Your brows looked super precise with it 🌞

  • rachel nicole
    rachel nicole Year ago


  • Marie Swan
    Marie Swan Year ago

    Urban dictionary:
    Coat Check
    Your friend: "Hey where's Matt?"
    You: "He's on coat check."

  • Tiril og Elisabet

    That eyeliner look was actually really pretty

  • Ophie
    Ophie Year ago

    I cant believe I recognized which Sephora store this is from the layout... Wow I have spent way too much time in Sephora(s).

  • Jazmyn Davis

  • huyna lovely
    huyna lovely Year ago

    jamie is so beautiful ._. omggggg

  • A Parcell
    A Parcell Year ago

    the blue into black gradient eyeliner was a good idea, it brings out the color and shape of your eyes.

  • Jocelyn Sloan
    Jocelyn Sloan Year ago

    "Oh I was hoping it was 2 and you'd tell me which one." 🤣😂🤣😂

  • ShatteredDreamer828

    That lipstick looks great on you and it really brings out your eyes

  • Samantha Leigh
    Samantha Leigh Year ago


  • Elizabeth Washabaugh

    goddamn focus the camera

  • Tamryn Watring
    Tamryn Watring Year ago

    Someone help! I have super dry blemish prone skin and am in need of a good name brand foundation and also a moisturizer for underneath!

  • Jordan Anna Moore

    I know this is commently random, but the triangle shelves in the background of the living room, where are they from?
    As great video!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • Mrs. Fiore 4
    Mrs. Fiore 4 Year ago

    I actually love the gray lipstick