Newscasters Shocked it's October

  • Published on Oct 2, 2019
  • A wave of shock rippled through our nation, shaking our local newscasters from here to as far away as Canada, because today, we were hit with something no one saw coming - a new month.
    For Trump, Things That Are True Are False

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    Newscasters Shocked it's October
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Comments • 113

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds Month ago +1

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds Month ago +1

    2020 is Coming in 2 Months!

  • Linda Wooten
    Linda Wooten Month ago


  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder Month ago

    Ya, ya it’s October, hockey is on gotta go....

  • Jim Kapakos
    Jim Kapakos Month ago

    That was good. He knew you'd take it.

  • Hey Yoon
    Hey Yoon Month ago

    what has October done to them?

  • Meranao Collection
    Meranao Collection Month ago

    Well, believe it or not. Its already October 😘

  • Cartier231
    Cartier231 Month ago

    Can't believe only two more months till 2020 ⏳

  • Clemson Pirate
    Clemson Pirate Month ago

    Dale Gilbert!

  • Noah Clark
    Noah Clark Month ago +14

    People: *Believe the earth is flat*
    October: *arrives*
    People: “Impossible”

  • zeradordeyoutube
    zeradordeyoutube Month ago

    Hard to believe you ripped off John Oliver.

  • Letter H
    Letter H Month ago

    They don’t say that in China. Is this North American thing

  • TrixiLovesYou
    TrixiLovesYou Month ago

    Is this a cult? As in The Cult of Stupid?

  • Valerie Vazquez
    Valerie Vazquez Month ago

    The last one was funny, they didn't need to say the last name, they knew he'd see it and it was for him 😂

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern Month ago

    Kate Winslet turns 44 this month. She's a month younger than me.

  • Mike Lytou
    Mike Lytou Month ago

    Man, these newscasters are too easily wowed.

  • Daróczi András
    Daróczi András Month ago

    This just shows how media is all the same...brainwashing...

  • CultureClique
    CultureClique Month ago

    Wtf is wrong with you ppl in America, what is with October? Wtf is it?

  • Anatniuq Leba
    Anatniuq Leba Month ago

    They're all reading from the same script that's why...
    Illuminati 😈😈😈

  • Blackfalk
    Blackfalk Month ago +37

    hard to believe it's 2019 already

  • Nick Manji
    Nick Manji Month ago

    All news cast have the same script .

  • Ontologically Steve
    Ontologically Steve Month ago +1

    Well, the media has a hard time accepting (let alone reporting) reality, so it comes as no surprise. Hard to believe they didn't say it was still September.

  • shortyklee
    shortyklee Month ago

    Its October 2nd

  • still__4twenneCliCC

    Another month without a girlfriend.....

  • Jordan Baldwin
    Jordan Baldwin Month ago +59

    “Jimmy don’t take this”
    Well that’s just asking for it 😂

    • Valerie Vazquez
      Valerie Vazquez Month ago

      They already know he does, even I thought Jimmy would do this on the 1st 😂

    • Teliki Mouse
      Teliki Mouse Month ago +1

      I know right

  • Allan Hegyes
    Allan Hegyes Month ago +3

    Yeah, it's October and Lowe's has their Christmas decorations up in full, hideous display. This is why you feel rushed people, the natural progression of seasons and holidays is perverted by corporate interests: they need to get that dollar out of your pocket sooner and sooner.

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson Month ago +1

    2020 here I come

  • self discarded king of ruin 72

    Why do closed captions automatically come on on this channel?

  • Becca Boo
    Becca Boo Month ago +1

    I can...I believe 🙌🙏🙌 ohh lord i believe it’s October, and it’s only 67 degrees this mornin’ thank you lord oh yes! yes! I believe! I’ve seen the light of the spicy pumpkin🤷🏼‍♀️😆❤️ (half awake and giggling) y’all have a miraculous blessed day 😂 and yeah I grew up in church so I’m allowed, and FYI God thinks I’m hilarious 😁😘

  • Boris B
    Boris B Month ago +1

    Wonder how many of those clips are actually from this year

  • Ol Oem
    Ol Oem Month ago

    You better belived! And I've got news for you, November is coming

  • Sarah Brooklyn
    Sarah Brooklyn Month ago

    This should have come with a spoiler alert ⚠️ what if you didn’t know it was October already...

  • Titan mukungurutse
    Titan mukungurutse Month ago

    Man smh. We ain't programmed.
    It had for me to believe it October already


    Jimmy why do you force us to read captions, turn them off automatic, I have to manually turn off each video.

    • JayWard413
      JayWard413 Month ago

      That’s odd. I don’t have that issue. The caption option would be on TVclips end anyway. They may submit the captions but the user interface to turn them on/off is on TVclips side.

  • 1pt21gw
    1pt21gw Month ago

    What's with the CC?

  • TheKaiTetley
    TheKaiTetley Month ago

    It is Rocktober.

  • Alizé Paredes
    Alizé Paredes Month ago +14

    I still feel like it’s 2018 and it’ll be 2020 in a couple months time is going by too fast

  • D E
    D E Month ago

    How dumb are American anchors....... Nobody says this on Dutch tv...

  • Alexis Paquet
    Alexis Paquet Month ago

    Wow the news are so diverse they have are blending just right. The same uncreative people all together on the news

  • Losartan
    Losartan Month ago

    Hey this is Conan's schtick!

  • Sai
    Sai Month ago

    OMG.. we are doomed...

  • Ensis Aurora
    Ensis Aurora Month ago

    Wow, it's October already!

  • Matija Vabec
    Matija Vabec Month ago +1

    they all work together to make us hear what we want to hear..

  • nana Yaa
    nana Yaa Month ago

    we got to October so fast because we HV a çrazy as hell president who got us there fast on his Scandalous Carpet

  • Stuart Rowan
    Stuart Rowan Month ago +8

    I thought the woman at 0:39 was wearing a star trek uniform

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +34

    I can't believe this lady in full Star Trek costume is surprised Halloween's right around the corner.

  • Alexander Steve
    Alexander Steve Month ago

    It is october

  • JackGeezy
    JackGeezy Month ago +7

    Its true though, freaking time flies. Pretty soon it will be Oct 2025

  • SebtownRx8
    SebtownRx8 Month ago +6

    Is it only my TVclip that keeps putting captions on??

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :

    I can’t believe that newscasters can’t believe it’s October already... until they can’t believe it’s November already.

    • Alex Capwell
      Alex Capwell Month ago

      Until they cant believe they are already 80 years old, moments away from death. Life as it is

    • soth1 sol
      soth1 sol Month ago +5

      i can't believe it's the 13th minute of the 10th hour of the 2nd day (1st wednesday) of the 10th month of the 2019th year, to be honest.

  • Styleguide for Men
    Styleguide for Men Month ago +1

    Americans are retards 🥴

  • Taz Keddie
    Taz Keddie Month ago

    I can not believe it is October !! 😂😂😂

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern Month ago


  • Jason Bean
    Jason Bean Month ago +3

    "Wake me up when September ends." Green Day. Yawn. In Florida, it's still summer. If it cools down, then I will wake up.:)

  • Elkarus
    Elkarus Month ago

    They shouldn't hire the same writer...

  • Best of Today
    Best of Today Month ago +5

    October is my fav. Month

  • Sagar M
    Sagar M Month ago +1

    What??? No it can’t be October already

  • Don b
    Don b Month ago +1

    It's my birthday in just a few [units of time]. I can't believe it.

  • Demien Ramos
    Demien Ramos Month ago +5


  • Triv Bhoyroo
    Triv Bhoyroo Month ago +1

    So time machine really exist after all