• Published on Sep 12, 2018
    BALLADS 1 is out now:
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    Produced by Patrick Wimberly & George Miller
    Music video directed by Jared Hogan
    Edited by Miles Trahan
    Oct 26 - Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum
    Oct 27 - Seattle, WA - Showare Center
    Oct 31 - San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
    Dec 06 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
    Dec 08 - Paris, France - Le Trabendo
    Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Early Show)
    Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Late Show)
    Dec 10 - Berlin, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
    Dec 12 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
    88 is double happiness
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  • 88rising
    88rising  14 days ago +853

    Limited edition BALLADS 1 merch, vinyl, and CDs available at

    Store closes this Thursday 11:59PM ET!

    • Julian Garcia
      Julian Garcia Day ago

      88rising tell joji o said he’s amazing and I love him and also to do his tour bear Florida so I can go 💖

    • Kazumi Takafumi
      Kazumi Takafumi 5 days ago

      MANO, TU É FODA! I'm from Brazil, and simply, I have never found anyone as talented as you! Their songs are beautiful, convey feelings, and it's not just a sound. It's a melody!
      Success hand! I want to see you as the best singer for a long time!

    • Johnny Quasar
      Johnny Quasar 5 days ago

      why is the store down? it isnt 11:59 ET
      yet is it?

    • Subscribe to CallMeCarson
      Subscribe to CallMeCarson 7 days ago

      We miss PoliticZ

    • Batman 1966 / 2008
      Batman 1966 / 2008 7 days ago

      +b0ss I have a cancer b0ss.

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 2 hours ago +1

    This guy had eaten a human cake

  • emily_god6.9
    emily_god6.9 2 hours ago

    What that mouth do bb😏👉👌💦🍆😩

  • scilla mendoza
    scilla mendoza 2 hours ago

    Is the end supposed to signify the Japanese flag? 😂(Obviously not entirely the message)

  • Bus Wayne
    Bus Wayne 2 hours ago

    This is the best song of the year so far

  • MoFi
    MoFi 2 hours ago +1

    Rejection is such a strong emotion

  • Maca Loguercio
    Maca Loguercio 3 hours ago

  • who invited mr i dont give a fuck

    Rip pink guy rip chin chin rip filthy Frank but joji lives on

  • Lyla Howe
    Lyla Howe 3 hours ago +2

    i can almost hear him making a furry joke already

  • xxXduckmanXxx
    xxXduckmanXxx 3 hours ago +2

    Pa papa frank is that you

  • Cloud
    Cloud 3 hours ago +1

    The chorus makes the song. I find this track very sincere and uplifting. I don't even like this style of music; this is good shit.

  • Bow Gamer
    Bow Gamer 4 hours ago +1

    "Don't follow me, you'll end up in my arms" ♡

  • huzaifa hassan
    huzaifa hassan 4 hours ago +2

    Can't take this song serious after watching filthy frank

  • Lola Petro
    Lola Petro 4 hours ago


  • Andrewthekangaroo Virr
    Andrewthekangaroo Virr 4 hours ago +2

    This guy ate a cake made of manki toenails,pewdiepie's ass hair,joey salads pee,jontrons chewed up bannana etc.

  • ava lt
    ava lt 4 hours ago +1

    lol i want this played at my yr 11 prom when the time in 2 years comes

  • Andrewthekangaroo Virr

    Joji come back PLLEEEAAAASSSEEE

  • Bash Jp
    Bash Jp 4 hours ago +1

    i miss filthyfrank

  • Omega
    Omega 5 hours ago

    Musical equivalent of an orgasm

  • Young Finesser
    Young Finesser 5 hours ago

    If only Lil Peep was alive and him and Joji did a song together that’d complete me

  • Ghotsyz
    Ghotsyz 5 hours ago

    He has changed so much i loved filthy frank but his music is great

  • Ronnisha Cotton
    Ronnisha Cotton 5 hours ago

    I made the comment this was baby makin music. Maybe I should watch music videos more often.. or not. 😏

  • katie larrimore
    katie larrimore 5 hours ago


  • katie larrimore
    katie larrimore 5 hours ago


  • Jade Cruz
    Jade Cruz 5 hours ago

    People who make others laugh are usually the ones in the most pain

    JIKOOK HYUNG아미 5 hours ago

    Joji ❤️

  • TooManySmonks
    TooManySmonks 5 hours ago

    Frank come back

  • Audry Mendoza
    Audry Mendoza 5 hours ago +1

    f in the chat for papa franku

  • franek wroblewski
    franek wroblewski 5 hours ago +1


  • Sindrom Alice
    Sindrom Alice 5 hours ago

    wowwwww i likeeeee

  • who dat boy?
    who dat boy? 5 hours ago +1

    *FilthyFrank now makes emo rap, tight*

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger 6 hours ago


  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 6 hours ago

    I fucking love this

  • Daniela army
    Daniela army 6 hours ago


  • Pablo Rivera
    Pablo Rivera 6 hours ago

    2:20 can i have hamburger pls?

  • Agi Mackowiak
    Agi Mackowiak 6 hours ago

    this song speaks from my Soul...

  • Arcadia Tunes
    Arcadia Tunes 6 hours ago


  • Jonah Bardowell
    Jonah Bardowell 6 hours ago +1

    This is fucking sad :(

  • lasse espø
    lasse espø 6 hours ago

    hella weird going from stfu to this

  • Suga’s Swaeg
    Suga’s Swaeg 6 hours ago

    The dude looks like he’s 3 minutes away from dying

  • PaniniPomPoms
    PaniniPomPoms 7 hours ago

    Joji is what we want Filthy Frank is what we need

  • npyra
    npyra 7 hours ago

    Its 1 thing to get your heart crumbled by the person you love. Its another to waste 3 years chasing someone secretly in love with their coworker through-out the relationship. His excuse for mouthing her nickname when we are intimate: "but i'm just silently singing that rap song about minnie mouse" ...every time 😂😂 feels bad man.

  • Dante Rose
    Dante Rose 7 hours ago

    I fucks with the sad boy music

  • Slim P1993
    Slim P1993 7 hours ago


  • Blake Birchfield
    Blake Birchfield 8 hours ago

    Thank you Joji, you’re the best.

  • Razor Reznov
    Razor Reznov 8 hours ago +1

    Welcome to the Rice field Motherfkers

  • Razor Reznov
    Razor Reznov 9 hours ago

    Holy shit man we miss Filthy Frank !
    Plz come back dude

  • Baptiste dc
    Baptiste dc 9 hours ago

    Can't say i don't miss papa franku but i'm happy to know he is doing something with his life

  • Natalie L
    Natalie L 9 hours ago

    I like this song 👌🏻

  • Sarah Bellem
    Sarah Bellem 9 hours ago

    Can’t express enough how proud I am to see your growth. Been a fan for actual years now, you deserve this.

  • Anonymous Nugget
    Anonymous Nugget 9 hours ago

    Doing so great. Used to be the one to hold you when you fall

  • huyked
    huyked 9 hours ago +1

    OH MY GOOOODODOODODOODODODLODODD! WHAT?! This is Filthy Frank?!!!!!!!!
    On first listen, I REALLY liked it. On second listen while watching the video, I'm starting to love this song.
    BUT THIS IS FILTHY [fuckin'] FRANK??!!!!!!! W T F ? ! ?! !
    I guess I shouldn't be surprised by how creative and out of the box he is. Good show.

  • Ben Glennon 10M views
    Ben Glennon 10M views 9 hours ago

    This is not who he used to be the old is gone and the new is in and even if you don’t like it THIS IS NOT FILTHY FRANK at least anymore😔

  • Hassan Hassan
    Hassan Hassan 9 hours ago

    I think frank is gonna kill himself

  • Nicole Shay
    Nicole Shay 10 hours ago

    This is my first time hearing this I'm crying this is so good!!!❤😭😭

    SHREKLOVER456 10 hours ago

    god himself

  • Carey LaReau
    Carey LaReau 10 hours ago

    Why is he so hot?

  • blacko blacek
    blacko blacek 10 hours ago

    Oglodajcie mój kanał franek cojg

  • Julianna Yacopino
    Julianna Yacopino 10 hours ago

    I can't stop listening to this song

  • Cian Thornhiil
    Cian Thornhiil 10 hours ago

    Best song yet.

  • Tako Altunashvili
    Tako Altunashvili 11 hours ago +1


  • Mystic Nope
    Mystic Nope 11 hours ago

    This song brings back so many memories. Its funny because I never thought I'd be in a relationship with anybody. There was this one kid who had started talking with my friends & I'm like "Oh cool, he likes her, he's cool.". Never had it struck me that he was interested in me. He was nice to us though, but I thought he was just a nice kid. We started talking & we were getting to know each other better. Hanging out before & after school was all we could do since we didn't have any classes together. Anyway, one day he stopped by my class at the end of the day, waiting outside the door. He had forgotten his phone in his chemistry class. He had informed one of the professors that he was going to get his phone. He asked me if I helped him find his phone by calling him, but after that we started to talk about how cool it was to bond like we did. Next thing you know we're hugging in the dark of the classroom. I could feel his heart racing, & we both admitted we wanted the moment to last forever. I've never felt so safe & so assured of anything, but being in his arms was truly something to remember. Slow Dancing In The Dark is truly a masterpiece.

  • Melati Permata
    Melati Permata 11 hours ago +1

    Broken heart frank

  • Ed's Music Room
    Ed's Music Room 11 hours ago

    sounds like donkey kong

  • Theforbiddenname Z
    Theforbiddenname Z 11 hours ago

    So this is what happened to filthy Frank....sad

    D3FAULT 12 hours ago

    Blicky got the stiffy uh!

  • Paulfred Belmi
    Paulfred Belmi 12 hours ago

    I love filthy frank even more by watching dis

  • shamilmegabyte
    shamilmegabyte 12 hours ago

    Papa Franku ☹️

  • ZzZ Anime ZzZ
    ZzZ Anime ZzZ 12 hours ago

    i can slowly relate to this song because there’s this person i uh like and stuff but we live in two other states but she has crush on an guy who she says he’s hot and stuff but i’m not that guy but i like her🙁

  • Howesenberg
    Howesenberg 12 hours ago

    You beautiful bastard

  • isreal
    isreal 13 hours ago +1

    fucking love how he can just put words together and make a song and then i have to create such a deep meaning to it and then cry myself back into a deep hole of suicide and resentment.

  • ://Dionne//: Rose
    ://Dionne//: Rose 13 hours ago

    🙄🤦‍♀️ he’s always smoking a cigarette

  • Killer Skull
    Killer Skull 13 hours ago

    This is a great song u gonna make it big man👌

  • Cute Dinosaur
    Cute Dinosaur 13 hours ago

    Papu franku

  • 아봉
    아봉 13 hours ago

    노래 넘좋아

  • Ocean Nene
    Ocean Nene 13 hours ago

    Filthy Frank's death

  • Five Minute Sneaker TV
    Five Minute Sneaker TV 14 hours ago

    This song is so dope

  • Pati Pug
    Pati Pug 14 hours ago +1

    This guy ate a cake made of human toenails, pube hair, pee and a lot more gross shit.

  • Jam GOD
    Jam GOD 14 hours ago +1

    Algum BR ?

  • nessa
    nessa 14 hours ago

    damn. it was deep af

  • Peter Harshmen
    Peter Harshmen 15 hours ago

    It's funny how the Filthy Frank legacy overwhelm his talent for some folks. Every song there's a bunch of comments about the FF era without a proper recognition of his actual great talent.

  • Blitz Gaming
    Blitz Gaming 15 hours ago

    Serious Filthy Frank...

  • Jucy Jill
    Jucy Jill 15 hours ago

    Truly amazing

  • Shannon Carney
    Shannon Carney 15 hours ago

    Joji has RUINED music for me! Since discovering him, nothing else sounds the same anymore. All of my favorite songs and artists can't compare to him. He's top level and now all other music is bland and is no longer good to me. Joji is such an amazing talent and he could take over the world if he wanted to.

  • Boi F
    Boi F 15 hours ago +2

    play it on 144p, i promise u got the vibe

  • 이돈협
    이돈협 17 hours ago +1

    Lil m1ce

  • R Cecario
    R Cecario 17 hours ago

    idk i always thinking about filthy

  • -SeokSimply
    -SeokSimply 17 hours ago

    who ever broke his heart better fucking watch out ;-;

  • Feeble Minded McQuim
    Feeble Minded McQuim 17 hours ago

    love him.

  • Kanna Chan
    Kanna Chan 19 hours ago

    88rising this is ur fault joji stopped his carrer to filthyfrank :( sad

  • 35 центов
    35 центов 19 hours ago

    Вау, это шедевр!)

  • Memelord Pepe
    Memelord Pepe 19 hours ago

    Papa Franku come back

  • BlackSkullArmor
    BlackSkullArmor 19 hours ago

    First you made me filthy
    Then you made me *feel*

  • l Engage l
    l Engage l 19 hours ago


  • Alison
    Alison 20 hours ago +1

    When I’m depressed I listen to this song and I feel even worse, but that’s how this song works, right?

    • Alison
      Alison 18 hours ago

      That’s how real men do it!

    • Fickdich
      Fickdich 18 hours ago

      Listening to depressing music makes me feel better but after it's over I feel worse then I kill myself

  • William Cabreros
    William Cabreros 20 hours ago +1

    filthy frank you alright buddy?

  • P D
    P D 20 hours ago

    So fucking mediocre

  • Dragon Girl17
    Dragon Girl17 20 hours ago

    Btw this dude looks high asf

  • Dondo Donson
    Dondo Donson 20 hours ago

    lmfao he's singing seriously but writhing around like pink guy