• Published on Sep 12, 2018
    BALLADS 1 is out now:
    BALLADS 1 vinyl, CDs & merch available at
    Produced by Patrick Wimberly & George Miller
    Music video directed by Jared Hogan
    Edited by Miles Trahan
    Oct 26 - Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum
    Oct 27 - Seattle, WA - Showare Center
    Oct 31 - San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
    Dec 06 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
    Dec 08 - Paris, France - Le Trabendo
    Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Early Show)
    Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Late Show)
    Dec 10 - Berlin, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
    Dec 12 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
    88 is double happiness
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  • Uncle Terry
    Uncle Terry 3 minutes ago


  • Kaitlyn Wilson
    Kaitlyn Wilson 25 minutes ago

    Hits hard when you have feelings for someone.

  • Jose Carlos  Da Silva
    Jose Carlos Da Silva 33 minutes ago

    but... she's so nice

  • blueberrrywolf
    blueberrrywolf 34 minutes ago


  • Wornoutshoelace
    Wornoutshoelace 35 minutes ago

    Cleaned up good.

  • Emily Alonzo
    Emily Alonzo 41 minute ago

    do a collab w billie eilish , shit would hit hard

  • Baby Asparagus
    Baby Asparagus 43 minutes ago


  • FunnyWatermelon 21
    FunnyWatermelon 21 46 minutes ago

    This makes me very very sad

  • Sarume Chan the Muffin Man

    You should remaster the weeaboo song with whatever style you feel like 👍

  • Antoine Ceus
    Antoine Ceus 47 minutes ago

    Every music video there's always a red arrow look here gang looks like we got a clue

  • Emikyx
    Emikyx 48 minutes ago

    My mom loves Joji and so do i :)

  • Defualty Boi
    Defualty Boi 49 minutes ago

    Same things that makes us laugh, make us cry.

  • poopity scoop
    poopity scoop Hour ago


  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. Hour ago

    Feels bad man

  • Hdhdhd HDxg
    Hdhdhd HDxg Hour ago

    TIK TOK HAS JOINED THE CHAT 👨🏽‍💻👩🏽‍💻👨🏽‍💻👩🏽‍💻👨🏽‍💻👩🏽‍💻👨🏽‍💻👩🏽‍💻

  • Happy Man
    Happy Man Hour ago

    He looking like that guy from gossip girl, chuck is his name I think

  • Wardy
    Wardy Hour ago

    Papa Frankus songs are amazing

  • Margarita _
    Margarita _ 2 hours ago

    He protec
    He attac
    but most importantly

  • Griffin Nunnelee
    Griffin Nunnelee 2 hours ago

    I’ve watched this video like a dozen times, and somehow I never noticed the goat legs on him until now.

  • Just Marcus
    Just Marcus 2 hours ago +1

    This song makes me re consider my relationship with my mate. I realize that he has nothing amazing, he is normal, he is like you like everyone. He is not extraordinary, not incredible.
    But i love him so hard. And I often ask myself ; why ?
    I don’t know, love is so weird, i’ll never understand it.

    NON NOBIS DOMINE 2 hours ago

    Pinch boi @ 1:14

  • Derium Esp
    Derium Esp 2 hours ago

    The first time i see this men, he was crowling in tokyo streets ,i miss you papa

  • ContentGiraffe
    ContentGiraffe 3 hours ago

    Do the Harlem shake

  • KY0K1 M43B4R4
    KY0K1 M43B4R4 3 hours ago +3

    This is amazing but... doesnt change the fact that everytime I listen to this song I remember pink guy.

  • blankly fun
    blankly fun 3 hours ago +1

    this song is good and scary at the same time

  • Bridget Ceilidh
    Bridget Ceilidh 4 hours ago +1

    Producer: Ok what do we wan-
    Joji: goat.
    Producer: what?
    Joji: give me *goat legs*

  • Thaty Alves
    Thaty Alves 4 hours ago

    Que voz linda que melodia apaixonante😍

  • Cristian H
    Cristian H 4 hours ago +1

    Shut the fuck up you’re a stupid cunt suck my dick

  • luser
    luser 4 hours ago

    me: sitting with my grandchildren in 2060
    my grandchildren: lets take it back a while **plays joji**
    me: holy shit

  • Mr Memelord
    Mr Memelord 4 hours ago

    He did them dirty

  • Big Sauce
    Big Sauce 4 hours ago +1

    He became what he swore to destroy

  • O no
    O no 4 hours ago +2

    What's this? Your *FilthyFrank* is evolving!

    Your *FilthyFrank* has evolved into *Joji* !

    +New skill: Depression - Make people cry
    +100 Talent
    +40 Attack
    +32 Defence

  • Betty A.k.a Betty
    Betty A.k.a Betty 4 hours ago

    Even when fully immersed in the light it begins to wane under the immense pressure of the dark. Soon, all light is eventually enveloped by darkness. You are lost and forgotten. But the darkness never forgets the name of an old friend. Stay a while and reflect.

  • Alex
    Alex 5 hours ago +3

    This literally gets me in my feels and makes me want to cry

  • crispy comrade
    crispy comrade 5 hours ago

    Aside from this hitting ik n the feels anybody thznk that the "in the dark" part if the song is really good

    • crispy comrade
      crispy comrade 5 hours ago

      I think I had a stroke while writing that last response😂

  • Album Reviews And Such

    never knew the dude who ate throw-up cake would turn into a goat man with some good music.... nice

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 5 hours ago

    Paraaa! NOooooo

  • NeonWolfLive
    NeonWolfLive 5 hours ago +1

    First he taught us lessons.
    Then he taught us retardation.
    And his final lesson, was love.

  • Blake Hutchinson
    Blake Hutchinson 5 hours ago +1

    Comments section:

  • pin55head
    pin55head 6 hours ago +1


  • Agent Ghost
    Agent Ghost 6 hours ago

    Its FilfhyFrank madafaka

  • Eggwierd
    Eggwierd 7 hours ago

    Normally in this guys video there's a pink dude slow dancing in the dark.

  • Nicke Picke
    Nicke Picke 7 hours ago +1

    Is this pink guy?

    What the fuck happend... he... was... wow...

    • Nick Nowicki
      Nick Nowicki 2 hours ago

      I know it's hard to believe, but unfortunately he turned into this

  • Kasey S
    Kasey S 7 hours ago

    damn 2018 the year

    Not gonna lie that song gives me anxiety

    His singing is so beautiful though

  • Crack
    Crack 7 hours ago +1

    This makes people suicide more than Frank

  • lamb_sauce.exe
    lamb_sauce.exe 8 hours ago +1

    In a few days this shall surpass the Harlem Shake in views.
    Joji will never truly escape his FilthyFrank back story, but that won't stop him.
    All the best for him and his career.

  • pramod meena
    pramod meena 8 hours ago

    Never knew i had these many emotions in me!🙄

  • Fuzlin Fillies
    Fuzlin Fillies 8 hours ago

    Need a blunt 🏃🏽‍♀️RN!!

  • Yuri Nava
    Yuri Nava 8 hours ago

    I just want to follow joji and end up in he's arms!!!!

  • Labrinth123
    Labrinth123 8 hours ago +1

    tiktok ruined this song for me

  • Thành Long Trần
    Thành Long Trần 8 hours ago +4

    Me watching this: who is joji

    *see guy dress like a llama crawling with bloody mouth*

    Me: _-ah i know it's papa franku-_

  • Condemnedya
    Condemnedya 9 hours ago

    damn somebody bringing back crossbows >_>

  • Wheelhouse _
    Wheelhouse _ 9 hours ago

    same things make us laugh, make us cry

  • SNGamingYT
    SNGamingYT 9 hours ago +1

    when I'm listening to dis song. feels like now is midnight. is it just me?

  • DarkPlayerYT
    DarkPlayerYT 10 hours ago

    Alto 1 me saque en la prueba de historia

  • Rocío
    Rocío 10 hours ago +1

    papa frankuuuuu whyy

  • King Rohit
    King Rohit 10 hours ago

    TBH , he is a fucking good singer as well .

  • Babebubae
    Babebubae 10 hours ago


  • Ricardo Cañete
    Ricardo Cañete 10 hours ago +1

    Great song
    but it is difficult to see FilthyFrank in this mood

  • AllTheWorldsWonders
    AllTheWorldsWonders 11 hours ago

    88rising does that mean HHrising aka HeilHitlerRising?

  • crispy comrade
    crispy comrade 11 hours ago

    The feels in this song hit way to hard for me

  • Im on Diet
    Im on Diet 11 hours ago +1

    Its filthyfrank motherfucker its filthyfrank bitch.

  • Kpop Is My Jam
    Kpop Is My Jam 11 hours ago

    I showed my depression this and now my depression has depressions 😩😢

  • Apiphz 360
    Apiphz 360 12 hours ago

    no need bassboosted

  • marcus dargan
    marcus dargan 12 hours ago

  • Bu
    Bu 13 hours ago


  • Angeline Bena
    Angeline Bena 13 hours ago +1

    This makes me shook😫

  • sky digger
    sky digger 13 hours ago

    We miss you

  • Emperor Penguinn
    Emperor Penguinn 13 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this setting and light makes him look like bionic pig?

  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf 14 hours ago +1

    Me: PHEW TIK TOK didn't listened to this son-
    TIK TOK: *Adds The song

  • CowboyV 99
    CowboyV 99 14 hours ago +1

    Papu Franku sad 😔

  • Wa ge
    Wa ge 14 hours ago

    I was born on the right generation

  • lil_ bigfeet
    lil_ bigfeet 15 hours ago

    everybody might think that he embraces filthyfrank but in fact he was trapped by his alter ego and hated what he had done with his reputation and knew that he would never truly be taken seriously. every comment about papa franku is keeping him as a joke and stopping him from shaking his former persona

  • i n s o m n i a
    i n s o m n i a 16 hours ago


  • karl lisud
    karl lisud 16 hours ago

    I miss lord francis.. but this is ok too

  • Ben Stansbery
    Ben Stansbery 17 hours ago

    I’m still baffled that this gorgeous song was written and performed by the guy who made filthy frank

  • Crocky
    Crocky 18 hours ago +1

    Weird, this guy almost looks like Filthy Frank, but i can't put my finger on it.

  • inu inu
    inu inu 18 hours ago

    Legend says his legs are still that of a goats

  • Aigen
    Aigen 18 hours ago

    【Lo-FI】 Tribute Song to Filthy Frank,you will always be remembered.

  • Oh Senpai ONEEChan Fill Me With Your Senpai Juice

    So goddamn boring.

  • Dylan Domine
    Dylan Domine 19 hours ago +1

    Love this song. It is so unique than the other songs posted now.

  • Green Bill
    Green Bill 20 hours ago +1

    Arrow in the fucking back.

  • Max Torres
    Max Torres 20 hours ago

    I was today years old when I found out my girl was cheating on me with my best friend so now I’m here

  • CsgoFeelsGoodMan
    CsgoFeelsGoodMan 20 hours ago +1

    It’s cuz of him maxmoefoe idubbz and howtobasic broke up after an intense relationship for 5 years

  • lil bod
    lil bod 20 hours ago +1

    he protecc
    he attacc
    but most importantly...
    *I EAT ASS*

  • sophia
    sophia 20 hours ago

    i used to watch filthy frank and pink guy n all that shit but for some goddamn reason i had no fucking idea that joji and them was the same people??? am i retarded or summ

  • Shawn Robertson
    Shawn Robertson 20 hours ago

    Musically talented Shroud

  • Mystic Mew Man
    Mystic Mew Man 20 hours ago +1

    If this song was a person... I’d smash

  • Brian Gonzalez
    Brian Gonzalez 20 hours ago

    This song is so deep man

  • HagTheEgg21
    HagTheEgg21 20 hours ago

    -searches papa franku
    -pops up in results
    Apparently youtube can't let go

  • IGn EzPz 04
    IGn EzPz 04 20 hours ago

    no one gonna Talk about his Deer's leg?

  • Mr Spooky
    Mr Spooky 20 hours ago

    I miss you frank

  • AnEasyGoPerson YT
    AnEasyGoPerson YT 20 hours ago

    I wish he had been happy with the Frank persona in the end, to know he hated his comedy career when I took genuine pleasure from his antics makes me sad

  • SushiTron
    SushiTron 20 hours ago +3

    When you get arrowed by skeletons in minecraft survival and youre far from your spawn point

  • _realistic_
    _realistic_ 20 hours ago

    Damn this is actually Frank lmao

  • youngboymas
    youngboymas 21 hour ago

    Papa franku

  • Universe Media
    Universe Media 21 hour ago

    This is the most incredible piece of work I’ve ever seen. I mean it.

  • Babriel Blark
    Babriel Blark 21 hour ago +1

    I'm not gonna lie with you guys I really miss TVFilthyFrank but after this I'm happy that what he is doing right now is successful and that he really enjoys it

  • Cam
    Cam 21 hour ago +1

    this shit is trash

  • Ian Dakid
    Ian Dakid 21 hour ago +1