I used AIM ASSIST on MOUSE & KEYBOARD... (insane glitch)

  • Published on Oct 2, 2019
  • I used AIM ASSIST on MOUSE & KEYBOARD... (insane glitch)
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Comments • 681

  • Pinky
    Pinky  Month ago +338

    This is actually the most op glitch ever... I'm not even kidding

    • Thuglifemaster 7
      Thuglifemaster 7 16 days ago

      Pinky why didn’t you spam right click? Sorry I’m a bit late.

    • Andrea xoxo
      Andrea xoxo Month ago

      Literally all of the replies on this comment are self promoters.😂

    • Bonu5
      Bonu5 Month ago

      It’s not a glitch it’s a setting option STUPIT

    • 1000 subs no videos
      1000 subs no videos Month ago

      @XXXTENTACION is the significant figure of 691

    • Hxted_Toxic 54
      Hxted_Toxic 54 Month ago

      You got this from tfue I was in his stream when he discovered this and that guy you watched also got it from tfue

  • Salvaxツ
    Salvaxツ 3 days ago


  • lil pump
    lil pump 3 days ago


  • SmhLux
    SmhLux 10 days ago

    How u get red crosshair?

  • TheReal Elite
    TheReal Elite 17 days ago +1


  • mustafa enes
    mustafa enes 24 days ago

    Why i didnt it help me

  • Fahad _rb
    Fahad _rb 25 days ago

    L2->click right

  • Soccerskin 1v1 me you bot

    Can u text me back

  • jason zender
    jason zender 26 days ago


  • King Kuzza
    King Kuzza Month ago

    If I was in that server: aimbot?🧐

  • Killer Bannana
    Killer Bannana Month ago +1

    Will this ban you

  • Xd Buster
    Xd Buster Month ago

    Dose pinky have better internet my god

  • Shakil Khalid
    Shakil Khalid Month ago

    Sub To Me I’ll Sub To You And Tell Friends To Sub To Tyou

  • OBS Nexus
    OBS Nexus Month ago

    Oh that’s sick the keyboard in the thumbnail is my keyboard

  • MBR_ Marox
    MBR_ Marox Month ago

    Thanks bro

  • Branco
    Branco Month ago

    Branco440 in the house 😎

  • Ace Rapidd
    Ace Rapidd Month ago

    Epic can’t rly fix dis

  • Xx_Deegan_xX
    Xx_Deegan_xX Month ago +1

    Ur a pro builder bro and I love my pinky

  • Shadow EyeGamez
    Shadow EyeGamez Month ago


  • Pdog 10
    Pdog 10 Month ago +1

    Fuck a default skin and another default theyre wearing the same skin they must be teaming.

  • xX1TomboyGamer1 Xx
    xX1TomboyGamer1 Xx Month ago +1

    That actually is abuse if you think about it, poor kid took 69 fall damage...( 5:32)

  • EpicLT 49
    EpicLT 49 Month ago +1

    Pinky u killed my but I had anominous mode on lol

  • Expertツ
    Expertツ Month ago +1

    It’s impossible to watch without skipinng 10 secs

  • Mr. Soomro
    Mr. Soomro Month ago

    This is not aim Assist bot😂😂

  • Dedy Supriadi
    Dedy Supriadi Month ago

    can u add me at fortnite my name is luthfiaintan4811

  • Dedy Supriadi
    Dedy Supriadi Month ago


  • DeXxoTiK
    DeXxoTiK Month ago

    My controller aim assist is not like this idk why

    PUBG MASTER Month ago

    The mouse in the thumbnail I have it

  • ZexifyFN
    ZexifyFN Month ago

    Jesus how many times did the screen zone in like holy crap man

  • JumpshotPharaoh
    JumpshotPharaoh Month ago

    This is the wrong title coz the title should be I have aimbot

  • Dominik Kőműves
    Dominik Kőműves Month ago

    not worked

  • Ronaldapfelsaft
    Ronaldapfelsaft Month ago

    Wants use the glitch on pc: :)
    Remembers u need a controller: ._.

  • BlackOwlBlooom VI
    BlackOwlBlooom VI Month ago +1

    Make new acc and use it online.. Doesn't matter if you get banned then...

  • Hornet clan
    Hornet clan Month ago

    Can you get banned?

  • 。Beyond Unit派
    。Beyond Unit派 Month ago

    I love Pinky
    Use support a creator code stinkypinky in the item shop 🤘🏾

  • XxJack BrownxX
    XxJack BrownxX Month ago

    U should of made a kill montage with the song call me jay

  • Sid cLaN
    Sid cLaN Month ago

    Oh no its not fair PC playeres cant have aim assits aim assits needs for controller

  • Dank meme Chicken soup

    More Minecraft videos

  • hoodie Paul
    hoodie Paul Month ago

    Finally now you pc bitches can stop crying
    Conroller player that been playing on controller for years: hits a shot
    Pc players : oh my fucking god he just beamed me.
    You guys are really bitchin about controller like there isnt so more advantages on pc than controller like you pc players gotta grow up.

  • osama barakat
    osama barakat Month ago

    1v1 me dude

  • Bofi1_
    Bofi1_ Month ago


  • SLMP bray
    SLMP bray Month ago

    Godlike tracking and aim assist great now PC players will abuse this meta 👌

  • Liam Catterall
    Liam Catterall Month ago

    Mouse is better than controller even with aim assist... So this is just stupid now.

  • YouTube_Savage.
    YouTube_Savage. Month ago

    How do you keep the controller drifting without having your hand on the controller

  • Poggie
    Poggie Month ago

    2:00 turn on subtitles

    • Poggie
      Poggie Month ago

      @Teni Akande no it says
      I wantet to demonstrate how old penis is.
      And penis in norwegian means pepe

    • Teni Akande
      Teni Akande Month ago

      How pen is

  • DLexe
    DLexe Month ago

    Imagine him getting a face tatoo on his pinky

    • Pinky
      Pinky  Month ago

      a smiley face

  • Draw with Haribo
    Draw with Haribo Month ago

    Pinky on 0 ping: My ping is trash.
    Me on 45 ping: Am I a joke to you?

  • chyanar chyanar
    chyanar chyanar Month ago

    -_________- -_________

  • DJ Ryguy
    DJ Ryguy Month ago

    play strucid zone wars pls pls pls #LostPinky

  • Kaleb Drummond
    Kaleb Drummond Month ago

    Day three of trying to get my comment pinned by pinky

  • BH Poiint
    BH Poiint Month ago +2

    This is blue if you love Pinky💙

    💗On The Grind To 1.9k💕

  • Gibbster
    Gibbster Month ago

    I would love to play some squads with pinky and my friends. It would actually be amazing.

  • Blex Sachi
    Blex Sachi Month ago

    I. Blame epic for not upping aim assist on pc

  • Daniel.C. YT
    Daniel.C. YT Month ago

    Pinky I have the worst ping while on 0 ping
    Me 70-90 ping

  • Choking Dawg
    Choking Dawg Month ago


  • Choking Dawg
    Choking Dawg Month ago


  • Choking Dawg
    Choking Dawg Month ago


  • CyphoOCE
    CyphoOCE Month ago

    pinky vs chip 1v1???

  • Trey Jansz
    Trey Jansz Month ago

    It didn’t

  • Luke De Marco
    Luke De Marco Month ago +1

    My aim assist is and have never been this good