Horton Hears a Who - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
  • The Dr. Seuss movies have been pretty bad, but this one is said to be the…least bad. Are people right? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Horton Hears a Who.
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    Horton Hears a Who! (also known as Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!) is a 2008 American computer-animated comedy adventure film based on the book of the same name by Dr. Seuss.
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Comments • 5 974

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  6 months ago +714

    What do you think- Best Dr. Seuss movie?
    Watch last weeks Nostalgia Critic here - tvclip.biz/video/eNB5YdSQRtc/video.html

  • Naiya and Chloe Production

    Jojo you dumb assumption of a goth

  • Naiya and Chloe Production

    It's mcdod

  • Roada Rollerda
    Roada Rollerda 9 hours ago

    Wait JoJo

    TNT MASTER 20 hours ago

    Dr Seuss would be frowning in his grave if he saw The Cat in the Hat movie.

  • Miles Estrada
    Miles Estrada Day ago

    10:00 YEAAAAH!!!

  • Miles Estrada
    Miles Estrada Day ago

    1:24 "The leafbug!"

  • DrawingDudePlushDog


  • Null&Void NV
    Null&Void NV Day ago


  • Guarana Taravana
    Guarana Taravana 2 days ago


  • Loonatania Tausha May Henry

    Honestly, I enjoyed this film. It's very entertaining to watch and the Epic Song "We are here " Very iconic. It fit the scene very well. I mean a couple of flaws though. I know I love anime but, but I would agree that wasn't really nessessary. I love the animation and everything. But I will agree with you about the conversation between the Kangaroo and Vlad. It did break out of character. The way she handled it was a bit disturbing, Vlad literally wanted to eat her son, Rudy and she just like smiles instead of reacting to fucken smack the shit out of that bitch. I mean Vlad proves he's not as scary as he seems. I mean, he said he'll devour the damn clover not once twice after puking it up?? Instead... He drops it to the zillions of clovers. Which Horton does find the clover. For one thing maybe they should give more explanation of why Jojo is just silent. We didn't really get to know a lot about Jojo but, only the epic climax scene. There was a deleted scene where he tries to speak out but, he made fun off. Honestly that would have made lot more sense because the humiliation he experienced and was afraid to put down his father. That would make perfect sense because he's also shortest Who other than being the oldest son to the Mayor, Ned. And another thing I would love to know how in hell the Mayor's wife has all those children, daaaaamn. 96 girls and 1 boy?? Would that kill her? Plus how many babies she had all at once, it's impossible. That part was a major flaw of all but, let's say it's Cartoon Knowledge.
    You know this one wtfh moment when the creepy yellow thing, Katie says, " In my world everyone is a pony. They eat rainbows and later poop out butterflies. "
    Is that a skittle reference? Taste the rainbow lol 😂😂😂plus neon kitty flies out rainbows. Would you think it would be a possible opposite...
    Pony eats the butterflies later they fly rainbows out of their asses. Sounds like a really messed up Skittles commercial.
    Sorry for the long rants but I wanted to point stuff out.

  • Twisted BlueEyes
    Twisted BlueEyes 3 days ago

    I don't remember the anime bit but am I the only one who found it funny??

  • Curlyfries 925
    Curlyfries 925 5 days ago

    Horton Hears a Who is the best Dr Seuss movie? What about the Grinch 1966 movie

  • Aleksandar KING
    Aleksandar KING 6 days ago

    Dude that movie is good fuck you

  • The Stalking Chicken

    Strangely I thought (when I first saw it) that the little anime reference scene with Horton was actually kinda clever and funny simply because it's mocking how ridiculous and over the top anime can be. Anyway, that was just my view

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 10 days ago


  • Ivy Girl
    Ivy Girl 11 days ago

    3:45 sounds more like Nick Offerman

  • Alphasnowbordergirl
    Alphasnowbordergirl 11 days ago

    I thought the anime segment was hilarious. It reminded me of the old speed racer cartoons

  • Party Planner Preston
    Party Planner Preston 12 days ago +1

    2:50 It’s McDodd to help those who are confused

    CRUIZA PALOOZA 12 days ago +1

    What kind of sick demented woman debates she should get her kid killed and eaten by a vulture to prove a point she is a psychopath hide your children she might sacrifice them to stop trump from becoming president...... oh too late.. well rest in peace all 8059 children she already sacrificed

  • nyanJAC The Evil Hoppip

    There are two reasons why I'd watch this movie. Carol Burnett is in it and I don't have anything else to do besides bettering my life

  • Kangas Khan
    Kangas Khan 13 days ago

    🅱orton 🅱ears 🅰 🅱ho

  • locodesert 2
    locodesert 2 14 days ago

    nostalgia critic: we meet the youngest son named jojo *jojo music plays* god dammit

  • xd kelly
    xd kelly 15 days ago

    The best part of this movie was the comedy gold Katie the little yellow animal thing made, where she goes *ahhh* and goes cross eyed and walks backward into a bush

  • Queenofawesome25 L
    Queenofawesome25 L 15 days ago

    This movie was boring as hell I tried watching it and wanted to like it but my god it's boring.

  • Captain mercury
    Captain mercury 16 days ago

    Critic the mayor's name is Mcdodd.

  • LoliGun
    LoliGun 16 days ago

    you got a problem with anime references?
    Yeah, me too.
    It reminds me how ridicolous the shit i read, watch and draw really is.
    But I love it despite it all.

  • James the fox
    James the fox 18 days ago


  • Crazy Alarm Studios
    Crazy Alarm Studios 18 days ago

    0:38 how did it not work???? (He sounded sarcastic)

  • stephen19590
    stephen19590 19 days ago

    OMG this video has become a Jojo forum

  • GOLDENGolemGames
    GOLDENGolemGames 19 days ago

    This is an actual question but critic are you an atheist because jokes are just jokes but same if u are that joke was a little ironic

  • vulkan435
    vulkan435 19 days ago


  • The Wastelander
    The Wastelander 19 days ago

    5:20 I'm ded XD

  • Samuel Glyn
    Samuel Glyn 20 days ago

    0:40 Motherfucker I will put up with a lot of crap from you, but I will not accept you throwing shade at Bruce Almighty. I challenge you to a duel.

  • Bob Mage
    Bob Mage 21 day ago

    IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE. I am so so sorry.

  • Nostalgia Kid - Retro Reviews and Gaming

    Mayors name is "Mc. Dodd." Or Dod

  • Josh Moran
    Josh Moran 21 day ago

    It is annoying when studio's ruin what could be a potentially good movie all for the sake of gettin involved

  • Don’t look at my channel description

    I honestly really like this movie. I don’t like it when they do weird voices and are moving all over the place at times but I like the part where the mayor is in a glass dome and the old guys is chasing him and everyone outside the dome is like ...........

  • Nathanael Joly
    Nathanael Joly 21 day ago

    The grinch lives on the flower hence “whoville “

  • Johnny Game
    Johnny Game 22 days ago

    3:17 I hear he goes on a bizzare adventure

  • Tricia Sennyk
    Tricia Sennyk 23 days ago

    Nostalgia critic do a review of geostorm

  • domidium
    domidium 23 days ago

    The kangaroo getting this upset over Horton claiming there are little people on a spec seems very similar to how many people on the internet get so upset over mostly pointless things.

  • BandanaBoi 4
    BandanaBoi 4 23 days ago +1

    My ex-girlfriend sure is a whore-ton! HAHAHA HAHA... HA...ha... *sobs*

  • Timdeuces
    Timdeuces 23 days ago


  • MsDjessa
    MsDjessa 23 days ago

    2:36 I don't mind jokes about atheists. One can especially make amusing caricatures about some famous ones. But what's with this idea about atheist being synonymous with an anti-SJW? I'm an atheist and I have been called an SJW just because I had like many pro LGBT videos on TVclip. And the most famous anti-SJW (or as I call them, right wing SJWs) is currently a believer, Jordan Peterson.

  • Rish The Fish
    Rish The Fish 24 days ago +1


  • Michael Bremer
    Michael Bremer 24 days ago

    I think the mayors name is "mcDod"

  • Brendan Mlejnek
    Brendan Mlejnek 24 days ago

    Do thumbilina please

  • SentientSockPuppet
    SentientSockPuppet 25 days ago

    Hey dont make fun of crunchyrime! It has shows like One cat man and Elephant in the sky

  • z8ph0d
    z8ph0d 25 days ago

    Sky Turtle!!!

    • Louis Duarte
      Louis Duarte 10 days ago

      Turtles! Turtles all the way down! Yurtle the Turtle was right!
      And now THAT'S gonna turn into a movie, isn't it?

  • Kevin Phillips
    Kevin Phillips 25 days ago

    Dr. Seuss doesn't deserve a single good movie he has I think all of his books should be burned and people should piss on his grave he's a cheating lying scumbag that covers it up with children books I'll never read his books again he's not a good role model here's a book done by a man who willingly cheated on his wife and maid his wife feels so bad that she committed suicide and then less than a year later he marries her friend who he has been cheating with

  • Peji G.
    Peji G. 25 days ago +1

    I actually liked this movie lol-

  • K. Le Animateur
    K. Le Animateur 25 days ago +1

    Isn't Bruce Almighty hilarious?

  • K. Le Animateur
    K. Le Animateur 25 days ago +1

    What the f is in your semen that gets your wife pregnant 97 times???

  • odstarmor557
    odstarmor557 26 days ago

    The movie is ok but that anime scene just comes striaght out of left field's left field. It also doesn't help that its such a cliched "parody" (this is what people who have never seen/hate anime see all anime as) and so unamusing no one even remembers its existence if the comments are anything to go by.

  • flowercrowned
    flowercrowned 26 days ago


  • terrible lizard
    terrible lizard 27 days ago +1

    Wow, i was gonna say i remember this movie being pretty good
    But after watching this i realized i didn't even REMEMBER most of it
    That anime bit... what the hell

  • Jay Lawrence
    Jay Lawrence 28 days ago +1

    I was in a cast party for my 4th grade school play when I saw this for the first time. I liked it so much when I went home I watched in small parts over and over again for weeks. So despite it's short comings I'll always be blinded by nostalgia!
    Also the Cgi Lorax movie is a guilty pleasure of mine.

  • Dalipoc
    Dalipoc 28 days ago

    5:49 what the fuck did i just watch

  • Andrew Marty
    Andrew Marty 28 days ago

    So was this Leafy's first movie or did he make others before this one?

  • The Dorito guy
    The Dorito guy 28 days ago

    Mojo jojo

  • Ashley Scott
    Ashley Scott 29 days ago

    Oh I thought this was going to be the original, actually I’m not sure if I remember this

  • DangerZone Productions

    Am I the only one hoping the who celebration was called a who-nanny

  • ANT 237
    ANT 237 29 days ago

    I feel like as a child I kind of remember having a crush on the baby kangaroo

  • Michelle Felton
    Michelle Felton 29 days ago

    So funny that I am going to cry again now

  • Adan Gallardo
    Adan Gallardo Month ago


    MOSKAU Month ago

    2:00 are those.....Bonzi buddies???

  • Wilfredy Nunez
    Wilfredy Nunez Month ago

    The Anime part was awesome tho.

  • Matthew Gentry
    Matthew Gentry Month ago

    IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????

  • Sigvid Hansson
    Sigvid Hansson Month ago

    You get to see that punk twice man

  • Stromsy Heartbreak
    Stromsy Heartbreak Month ago +1

    Lol I went to preforming arts for this play lol

  • NimhShambler
    NimhShambler Month ago

    Detracting from this movie, I'd like to share my feelings on the real version of Horton Hears a Who.
    I recall, even as a child, thinking (essentially): "Why are the other animals so straight-up cruel to Horton? They're going to cage him up and force him to watch them boil the clover. Even if there isn't a world on that speck, being forced to witness that would give him a psychological break. Not the best choice in regards to an elephant. He could stomp them all to death."

    As for your question...

    [prepares to get shot]
    ...the 2012 Lorax, but to be fair, it's not the movie I like, it's little mister wank fodder. Seriously.
    That's why any post-pubescent heterosexual female would watch it. I ignore most of the movie, to tell the truth.
    Also, since Danny DeVito is in it, I just sort of think about "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" through most of it.
    The 1972 animated special is A LOT better.

  • Rose Sumner
    Rose Sumner Month ago

    My lame 6 year old self used to confuse Jojo w the onceler

  • Proto Surge
    Proto Surge Month ago

    I remember in elementary school every dr suese day we watched this movie

  • Death Maniac
    Death Maniac Month ago

    Am I the only one who wanted to see the critic make JoJo's bizzare adventures joke on the mayor's son?

  • jeff
    jeff Month ago

    I remember liking this movie when i was like 6. God i was a idiotic kiddo

  • janina broch
    janina broch Month ago

    Jim curry or tim curry

  • joshua armstrong
    joshua armstrong Month ago

    why must they ruin dr seuss, people grew up with his works and still do to this day, yet movie adaptations ALWAYS ruin the messages it tries to teach, older versions werent too bad, never seen them, cant tell, but the modernization of all of them is the kiss of death, poor dr seuss, rolling in his grave, much like many great people that hollywood shits on...even animated it sucks, its got that kind of movement that nostalgia critic mentioned in his smurfs review, movement porn, where it hypnotizes rather than engages your kids, junk food for the mind, then again its my belief that hollywood has never been able to understand the genius that dr seuss was, and so therefore cant get it right, ever! at 5:48 all i could do was scream in terror!! 0____0 wtf was that demon!

  • Sorenmine
    Sorenmine Month ago +1

    Horton hears a boo

  • Nicky Walcott
    Nicky Walcott Month ago

    Lorax Clip: "How Ba-a-a-ad can i be~?"
    Critic: "Pretty god damn bad apparently."
    I like how it still rhymed. :3

  • Cabbalage
    Cabbalage Month ago

    All Dr. Seuss movies are queens

  • Alex KimVideo
    Alex KimVideo Month ago

    I remember the anime bit.

  • Jackal Animations
    Jackal Animations Month ago

    So That means the grinch lives on a small speck

  • Elbryan 242
    Elbryan 242 Month ago

    6:44 critic what happend to your ring finger?

  • Elbryan 242
    Elbryan 242 Month ago

    Jojo is an anime reference on his own

  • Jack Boom
    Jack Boom Month ago

    I actually liked the Grinch who stole Christmas. Purely for Jim Carrey

  • Will Gold
    Will Gold Month ago

    5:00 I never liked this part, and it usually makes me unconfortable. Is that why I don't like anime?

  • ManticTac
    ManticTac Month ago

    I thought this movie was fairly decent.

  • Geeky GamerGirl
    Geeky GamerGirl Month ago

    Ouch ouch ouch! I love Anime and I think that makes the Anime reference MORE painful! I always found randomly referencing anime, especially in what I call the Speed Racer Samurai style, tasteless and trying to get the Anime fans when it's just insulting by thinking Anime is still like that. Dubs have gotten much better since the 70s, guys. And with that moment I hate this more than the Lorax. Cat in the Hat is still worse in my book for the roller coaster "joke" but outside the movie The Lorax at least has How Bad Can I Be. Bad in the movie but great by itself. And I'm guilty of enjoying the Grinch. I only didn't like the mayor kissing Max's butt.

  • Runa Yukari
    Runa Yukari Month ago

    It's so funny to see your reactions to these atrocities the faces u make are hilarious

  • Owyn Peschke
    Owyn Peschke Month ago

    It was McDog

  • Noah Biondi
    Noah Biondi Month ago +3

    I checked the film on Box Office Mojo, it actually made some money.

    • Mimi
      Mimi 12 days ago

      Box office "disappointment" doesn't mean it didn't make any money, it means it didn't make as much as the studio wanted/was expecting.

  • jcozz
    jcozz Month ago

    am i watching datto does destiny

  • Fortit Jordan
    Fortit Jordan Month ago

    Bruce Almighty was a good film and you know it

  • Adam Berwick
    Adam Berwick Month ago


  • Silvis Lotus
    Silvis Lotus Month ago

    Is that a Jojo Reference?....I'll see myself out

  • The Ultimate Gamer2016

    The mayor's name is "McDod", i think.

  • Jamestown
    Jamestown Month ago

    "Thank you. Please never anything again!"

  • ricc is thicc
    ricc is thicc Month ago