Horton Hears a Who - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
  • The Dr. Seuss movies have been pretty bad, but this one is said to be the…least bad. Are people right? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Horton Hears a Who.
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    Horton Hears a Who! (also known as Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!) is a 2008 American computer-animated comedy adventure film based on the book of the same name by Dr. Seuss.
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Comments • 6 227

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  11 months ago +791

    What do you think- Best Dr. Seuss movie?
    Watch last weeks Nostalgia Critic here - tvclip.biz/video/eNB5YdSQRtc/video.html

    • Avalanche
      Avalanche 5 days ago

      Channel Awesome the best was this one

    • Villain’s Week
      Villain’s Week 2 months ago

      I like the references is that bad

    • Villain’s Week
      Villain’s Week 2 months ago

      Channel Awesome I might be a weeb but I love anime meets Horton meets a who

    • Half-wit Trahan
      Half-wit Trahan 2 months ago

      Do Night at the Museum

    • Sonny Fox
      Sonny Fox 2 months ago

      Am I the only one who liked the grinch

  • TotalAnimeFreak456
    TotalAnimeFreak456 2 days ago

    Still, says a lot about a movie when the 25-minute short from 1970 has it beaten by a country mile...

  • Link the Inkling
    Link the Inkling 2 days ago

    When a who dies: Is that y-you...McGod?

    PANDEX 4 days ago

    Jojo best boy

  • Robert Animation
    Robert Animation 5 days ago

    Actually, I like that anime scene

  • Hydrix64 ._.
    Hydrix64 ._. 8 days ago

    I'm gonna be for real either u chief.i actually like this movie,not my favorite but I like it tbh.

  • MalixCrash
    MalixCrash 9 days ago

    I want more of bill, he's the most important character in the entire Nostalgia Critic cas after all

  • MalixCrash
    MalixCrash 9 days ago

    Let's hope the Who named Dio doesn't come after that mayor's family

  • Matthew Mazzetti
    Matthew Mazzetti 10 days ago

    Do you have a problem with Bruce Almighty? Cuz that movie's perfect.

  • Mic Drop
    Mic Drop 10 days ago

    9:50, the sound barrier IS a thing, Doug.

  • William Hudson
    William Hudson 10 days ago

    horny hears a who

  • Adrijana Radosevic
    Adrijana Radosevic 11 days ago

    I hate your charity shout out voice. It's.. hard to explain, but it's awful.
    (don't get me wrong, it's not the fact you DO charity shoutouts that bothers me, it's that awful voice you do it in. Gods, just SAY it like a normal person if you can't come up with something better than sound of shitting rainbows).

  • Got Memes?
    Got Memes? 11 days ago

    I actually liked Horgan hears a who

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 14 days ago

    Heck, I love this movie

  • S0cialRebellion
    S0cialRebellion 14 days ago

    How dare you! This movie's amazing! XD

  • Alex Winchester
    Alex Winchester 14 days ago

    Katie (the yellow ahhhhh thing) was my favorite part of the movie.

  • Half-life fan 39
    Half-life fan 39 16 days ago

    Mc dod

  • MrMega
    MrMega 16 days ago

    “The best Dr Seuss movie.”
    Dammit Critic are you forgetting the 1966 Grinch?!


    Horton Hears A *WHOMSTVE* 🅱️😂😂😂

  • July Baby
    July Baby 16 days ago

    And then fangirls like the characters from this movie

  • LTM movie reviews Harrison

    This movie was my childhood,in my opinion the best dr suess adaptation along with the grinch adaptations

  • edgeymcedge edge
    edgeymcedge edge 17 days ago

    Critic is really funny

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 17 days ago

    Anyone else thinks that Bill has the best outfit out of the sketch characters?

  • Christian Snyman
    Christian Snyman 18 days ago

    4:44: Me, when I feel like assaulting my hand.

  • the random kid
    the random kid 19 days ago +1


  • juliana Noe
    juliana Noe 19 days ago

    8:03 This is a meme now!

  • samuel G2000
    samuel G2000 20 days ago

    I remember I used to like this when I was a kid. Now a days I just think it's okay.

  • Kal-El Steel
    Kal-El Steel 20 days ago

    2:27 this made me question my reality

  • Mariah 357
    Mariah 357 21 day ago

    "where does an elephant even watch anime in a Dr. Suess world? Is there a C R U N C H Y R H Y M E?"

  • Lego lag studios
    Lego lag studios 21 day ago

    New year new me specifically this me 11:39

  • Tune Squad Jack
    Tune Squad Jack 21 day ago

    2:58 It’s McDodd actually

  • Gächå Ïmøgėñ
    Gächå Ïmøgėñ 21 day ago

    Childhood? Ruined
    Weave? Snatched
    Hotel? *Trivago*

  • Something Random
    Something Random 22 days ago

    Horton Hears a WHAT THE F##K

  • stopgivingmeattention
    stopgivingmeattention 23 days ago +1

    The movie *does* suck, but at least it isn't awful.

  • BigBoomer101
    BigBoomer101 23 days ago +1

    That movie is so weird especially that anime joke. It made me cringe so bad as a kid

  • Eltron Tootsie
    Eltron Tootsie 23 days ago +2

    Please do illumination the Grinch

  • Ciaran Smith
    Ciaran Smith 24 days ago

    0:38 from his sarcastic tone it seems Doug's trying to imply that it DIDN'T work so well before... it's a generally well-liked movie that made money hand over fist.

  • Louis Duarte
    Louis Duarte 25 days ago

    I would happily watch a movie animated like it was shown from 1:54 to 1:59. That looked cool!

  • Jason Auvdel
    Jason Auvdel 26 days ago

    10/10 series

  • trenton milette
    trenton milette 27 days ago

    How the Grinch stole Christmas 1966 one

  • Aj Dragon
    Aj Dragon 27 days ago

    I didn't like this like this movie that much 9 /10

  • Fi the eevee
    Fi the eevee 28 days ago

    I am an atheist and I really only am offended (out loud) by some stereotypes and stuff soooo just saying...

  • Logan Huntley
    Logan Huntley 29 days ago

    Are these the same Who’s from the Grinch? Fucking what?

  • Logan Huntley
    Logan Huntley 29 days ago

    One of the shortest NC’s for one of the fucking worst movies. Makes sense.

    ARWENPUPPY Month ago


  • bongodoggo
    bongodoggo Month ago

    is it's mcgod or mcguag

  • Thyr Lindberg
    Thyr Lindberg Month ago

    Multiple scenes made to look anime and a son named Jojo.
    Is that a motherfucking Jojo's reference?

  • Ashton M 1920
    Ashton M 1920 Month ago

    The mayor's name is McDod.

  • Tiaam Du Nord
    Tiaam Du Nord Month ago +1

    I remember watching this when I was younger and I never understood the anime reference at the time because it was a movie for YOUNGER AUDIENCES who didn’t watch anything but Adam Sandler And Winnie the Pooh

  • Incineroar
    Incineroar Month ago

    I saw this movie in theaters when I was seven. Before finding this review, I forgot it existed.