PewDiePie on Why He Stopped Drinking

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019


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  • Funkn't
    Funkn't 2 days ago

    "Doing stuff with you hands" that also relieves stress
    Hmmmm... 🤔

  • Shashwat Arora
    Shashwat Arora 5 days ago

    Budhha was born in ( lumbini), india ...... Isn't it ironic dissing a country while following their peoples ethics

  • Xozona
    Xozona 5 days ago

    If he didn't film did those whiskey review videos, I never would have thought that alcohol was his vice. For some reason I always wondered if he was hiding a coke habit.

  • Simonrazer
    Simonrazer 7 days ago

    fuck alcohol

  • Blood in the Water
    Blood in the Water 12 days ago

    Kind of unrelated, but a lot of my friends and acquaintances in college are confused as fuck and even lightly mock me whenever I decline alcohol (I'm 20). I simply find it neither that appealing in taste and effect, nor do I deem it necessary to enjoy myself. I just don't feel the need to drink it. Also, since no amount of alcohol is "safe" (obviously in moderation it's fine, but science is clear on 'less alcohol = always more healthy'), I have further reason not to drink it. Keep the body clean from poison. Water all the way #waterniggas

    • Filip Smaić
      Filip Smaić 10 days ago

      Finally a normal guy. I'm not alone...

  • Chris No Ragrets
    Chris No Ragrets 15 days ago

    They have lofi radio on the TV at the side of pewdiepie

  • Maniachael Productions

    I bet he stopped drinking so he wouldn’t accidentally say the n word on stream anymore.

  • Dhas Shairon
    Dhas Shairon 15 days ago

    Lo-fi hip-hop on the background :)

  • idontneed aname
    idontneed aname 15 days ago

    stop cutting him off

  • Robert Morgan
    Robert Morgan 15 days ago

    2:31 that look was like a moment of "I'm not going to tell you I smoke weed, if that's what you're getting at" lol

  • darkdestroyer 21
    darkdestroyer 21 17 days ago

    Drinking and smoking is bad for everyone but in some cases it’s okay, but this is just my opinion.

  • Natasha Scinocco
    Natasha Scinocco 17 days ago +1

    these hosts are the worst lmao, max is terrible at asking questions and they kept cutting him off randomly

  • Digital Millennium Media

    I love how you said a couple of glasses of whiskey with dinner. Bruh. 😂 A COUPLE?! Everyday?! Haha.

  • Timo Stegemann
    Timo Stegemann 19 days ago

    "Anything I can do with my hands" ;)

  • EternalCreator
    EternalCreator 19 days ago

    Replaced alcohol with Minecraft

  • Aurora The Ripper
    Aurora The Ripper 20 days ago

    Pewds getting scared from drinking whiskey without even getting that drunk that "often" made me think maybe I might have a problem with my own drinking. I can't live without being drunk it just keeps me going.
    But the again Felix is Swedish and I'm Finnish so it makes sense why drinking feels so natural to me lmao

  • Douglas
    Douglas 20 days ago +1

    Damn max got a little chubbz mcgee

  • The M North
    The M North 20 days ago +1

    Workout, building mechs, gardening? Good for Felix, man. He’s actually working on himself!

  • The M North
    The M North 20 days ago

    Workout, building mechs, gardening? Good for Felix, man. He’s actually working on himself!

  • The M North
    The M North 20 days ago

    Workout, building mechs, gardening? Good for Felix, man. He’s actually working on himself!

  • Justin Time
    Justin Time 20 days ago

    Cold ones? Related to Hot Ones?

  • Decent Doodler
    Decent Doodler 20 days ago

    I mean everyone's saying that it gets annoying that they interrupt personally it just makes it feel more genuine like 3 grown men just talking about life

  • SaphiraTessa
    SaphiraTessa 20 days ago

    I need the book he was reading..for reasons

  • Wajski
    Wajski 21 day ago

    I thought i was gonna hear an OIII CUNT

  • Jamel Roberson
    Jamel Roberson 21 day ago

    Smoke some kush Felix it helps with stress and it doesn’t kill you

  • Raffi Klein
    Raffi Klein 21 day ago


  • Darren Ramphal
    Darren Ramphal 21 day ago

    It is kinda nice to hear Pewds swearing again

  • Diego Pamplona TEF
    Diego Pamplona TEF 21 day ago

    Vhere is my VHISKYYYY!!!

  • Who Tf
    Who Tf 22 days ago +2

    Self control
    Pewds: drinks 7 bottles of G fuel a day

  • Tori Lexa
    Tori Lexa 22 days ago


  • 50K subs with not many videos Challenge :D

    Pewds: “Self Control”
    Also Pewds: “Addicted to Minecraft”

  • Dominique Z
    Dominique Z 22 days ago

    People in Europe drink hard too

  • the one without a name

    That ladies and gentlemen was laura branigan with "Self Control".

  • Jørgen Fallet Mosand
    Jørgen Fallet Mosand 22 days ago

    20 hrs!!!!

  • Nathan Whiting
    Nathan Whiting 22 days ago

    Anyone know the name of the book he mentions?

    • Nathan Whiting
      Nathan Whiting 22 days ago

      @Humongous Hugo Thanks

    • Humongous Hugo
      Humongous Hugo 22 days ago +1

      In the Buddha's Words: An Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon

  • Rowan Six
    Rowan Six 22 days ago

    Does anyone know what book he read?

  • Edward
    Edward 23 days ago +1

    2:07 ... never cut someone off mid story, worst thing!

  • Kaj Talksshit
    Kaj Talksshit 23 days ago

    Anyone know what book it is he read?

  • Dream X
    Dream X 23 days ago

    2:27 pewds looked like he was about to get ratted on for something 😂

  • csyd22
    csyd22 23 days ago

    Cringey cunts these two

  • Neon Zaku Extra
    Neon Zaku Extra 23 days ago +1

    Gundam models are definitely great stress relief if you ask me, I build them too!

  • Xien Ho
    Xien Ho 23 days ago

    same with me on coffee. it became part of my system lmao. the withdrawal sucks so bad too when youre trying to quit. everything irritates me and my head hurts so fucking bad.

  • B4shar
    B4shar 23 days ago

    Its good he stopped

  • Neil Lenhart
    Neil Lenhart 23 days ago

    “Did you find anything to help you with stress?”
    Pewd’ subconscious “MINECRAFT SAY MINECRAFT”

  • Eric Gallagher
    Eric Gallagher 23 days ago

    To anyone complaining about the interruptions welcome to Cold Ones ya cunts..

  • clownface
    clownface 23 days ago

    pewd’s new alcohol is minecraft

  • Raayz Design
    Raayz Design 23 days ago

    You’ll never know Why those comments got so many like

  • Reed_isYoda
    Reed_isYoda 23 days ago

    So you replaced an urge to drink with an urge to control yourself. Still an empty vessel uwu.

  • Kolia HellYeah
    Kolia HellYeah 23 days ago

    camera angles are so cringey, make a normal podcast ffs

    1 from around the shoulder
    2 parkinson with zoom fetish
    3 half of the guest is out of the frame

    did you set everything up drunk?

  • Pablo Iriqui
    Pablo Iriqui 23 days ago

    Wait Felix worked at Disney?

    • Alpaca Queen
      Alpaca Queen 12 days ago

      The network that he used worked with was under Disney. So yeah...

  • Areeb Masoodi
    Areeb Masoodi 24 days ago +1

    It's weird how they thought drinking a glass or two of whiskey is like the "adult" thing to do. It honestly sounds more childish than adult. Just because only adults are allowed to do something doesn't make it an adult thing to do. That's some twisted logic.

  • noobmaster 69
    noobmaster 69 24 days ago

    Can't believe the Reality Meme Lords got him on the show.

  • A Shady Place
    A Shady Place 24 days ago +1

    Been drinkimg everyday over 2 years today is day 4 of being sober feels good idk how long ill last but this has re motivated me

  • asian dude
    asian dude 24 days ago

    Why dese guys do podcast smh do other stuff pls

  • Jackie Tornado
    Jackie Tornado 24 days ago

    It’s thought he converted to Islam

  • yung dash
    yung dash 24 days ago

    Sometimes these guys really suck at interviewing people

  • Mr.PickleBean
    Mr.PickleBean 24 days ago

    420 dislikes

  • HaviboX
    HaviboX 24 days ago +3

    Haha "its also a very adult thing". If the guy has to say something like that to confirm hes already an adult, then he has a problem with something.

  • Lee Wafee
    Lee Wafee 24 days ago

    Lo fi

  • Chris Anthony
    Chris Anthony 24 days ago

    Wtf. Felix teleported from a sweater to a t-shirt in the middle of the whiskey topic.