The Perfect Chicken Dinner by Chef Jacques Pepin

  • Published on May 13, 2015
  • Legendary chef Jacques Pepin shows you how to make a simple chicken dinner everyone will love.
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  • Aidan Falls
    Aidan Falls 12 days ago

    Americans sound like proper thickos

  • MontalbanJR
    MontalbanJR 15 days ago

    Rachael, I want to bang you!

  • M M
    M M 26 days ago

    Rachel is SO screamingly loud. Especially juxtaposed with Pepin’s urbanity. She makes this video unwatchable.

  • SethHesio
    SethHesio Month ago

    This show looks moronic. Why are they clapping all the time? Who is this lady?

  • Emperor Pingu's math channel

    She is like the female version of an obnoxious douschebag.

  • Andy Valdez
    Andy Valdez Month ago

    "You could eat and floss at the same time" .... cringe

  • Fabrizioconnection
    Fabrizioconnection Month ago

    Jacques is how I imagine Long John Silver (Barbecue)

  • newavehaircut
    newavehaircut 2 months ago

    She has a lot of viewers. So even though she may personally be a little out of my taste, she still exposed millions to Jacques Pépin. Gotta count that as a victory

  • mycenth22
    mycenth22 2 months ago

    Literally one of those videos you can rewatch again and again because of Jacques Pepin’s effortless likability and wondrous skill.

  • Brad Young
    Brad Young 2 months ago +5

    Jacques is amazing but damn that woman is insufferable.

  • pliit
    pliit 2 months ago

    She's a dumb bitch

  • Jason Ruspic
    Jason Ruspic 2 months ago

    Lol chef is like fuck sakes stop clapping I am cooking. And stop saying crouton lady!

  • MixBlender
    MixBlender 2 months ago

    Shut the hell up Rachael. A living legend is talking.

  • Bruce Anshuman
    Bruce Anshuman 2 months ago

    Watched in silent mode. Had to..cos I was trying to concentrate.

  • scuba man
    scuba man 2 months ago

    Top notch. That was magic.

  • Wileorn
    Wileorn 2 months ago

    Jacques is a madman. Modern chefs today aren’t fit to shine his boots.

  • Nicholas Osczypko
    Nicholas Osczypko 3 months ago

    Boom...5 freaking seconds your heart out Rachael Ray....oh....I also remove the eart...

  • midwestmatthew
    midwestmatthew 3 months ago

    Looks like he may have done this a time or two before the show.

  • stndrds79
    stndrds79 3 months ago

    Is so annoying
    “Uh hmmmm uh hmmmm uh hmmmmm”

  • Matrix Dude
    Matrix Dude 4 months ago

    He fucked it

  • bora kokot
    bora kokot 4 months ago

    woohoo amaizinggg, fabulus, woooooo Stupid Americans. poor Pepin. but at least he took some money from them. Did they learned anything from him? nope, they stupid as fuck forever.

  • cs512tr
    cs512tr 4 months ago +2

    stop interrupting him!!!

  • 최원
    최원 5 months ago +1

    thumb up for Master Pepin

  • Drew Drewski
    Drew Drewski 6 months ago +3

    Ive done this technique exactly 5 times at college for my apprenticeship.. 4 practice, 1 in an exam.. The ease and pace in which he bones out the carcase into the ballantine is something to behold...

  • Dalek boi Dalek boi
    Dalek boi Dalek boi 7 months ago

    Hysterical people

  • Karen Peterson
    Karen Peterson 7 months ago +3

    Realize one needs a good knife yet he makes it look so simple. I've cut up chickens but how embarrassing I look doing it. He's awesome like no other. Such a pleasant person/chef and teacher.

  • Just think
    Just think 7 months ago +1

    please Rachael.......don't talk or make any sound

  • Tanya L
    Tanya L 7 months ago

    She is abnoxious! should do her shows from McDonalds and laugh there.

  • Virginia Hoffman
    Virginia Hoffman 7 months ago

    No one knows chicken anatomy like Jacque Pepin.

  • V
    V 8 months ago

    Her laugh is like nails on a chalkboard. Actually everything about her is like nails on a chalkboard. She’s so inauthentic and talentless and compensates by being noisy and corny.

  • Tich Byte
    Tich Byte 8 months ago +1

    He was Charles De Gaulle's chef

  • Daniel Oliver
    Daniel Oliver 8 months ago +1

    Hey! Comment section! Be nice! On the one hand, yes, Rachel is maybe a little bit out of her element, and yes I did come to the comment to see jokes, but you have to admit you would say some stupid shit too if you were next to THE Jacques Pepin cooking! She’s nervous. And Pepin visiting this show is a great thing. The next great chef could be home from school sick watching this show getting inspired!

  • Anand Das
    Anand Das 8 months ago

    i miss the old 30 minutes meal Rachael Ray show, i hate this new type show she's doing

  • Cheftekar D
    Cheftekar D 8 months ago +1

    Omg. We used to make duck galantines. It would take me like an hour to glove bone ONE duck! My boy here just knocked it out in like a minute! He is the man

    • Appleita
      Appleita 4 months ago

      Oh, wow! Ducks are wa-a-ay harder to bone out than chickens!

  • Thisisme87
    Thisisme87 9 months ago

    Didn't show him washing his hands after handling raw chicken ....what the hell man

    • Aaron Aldrich
      Aaron Aldrich 4 months ago

      Go find a safe space and suckle a teat

    • F D
      F D 7 months ago +1

      Oh no cry me a river moron its a tv show, they dont eat it they only show how to do it

  • Daniel Billingsley
    Daniel Billingsley 9 months ago

    I know that it’s easy to hate on Rachel. But it’s not her - it’s the demographic. Jacques Pépin is pearls before swine here. Not one of those people will go home and make this. While Jacques makes a galantine the rest of them are eating a Safeway rotisserie special for $5.49.

  • Oksana Koshuba
    Oksana Koshuba 9 months ago

    grande !!!

  • Edward Lee
    Edward Lee 9 months ago

    I hadn't noticed how obnoxious and classless Rachael Ray was until now. Thank you Rachael for removing all doubt.

  • Flying Carpet Poole
    Flying Carpet Poole 10 months ago +1

    Hey, peoples! Leave this poor girl alone! This is about chef Jacques Pepin. Many of you concentrate on her, and criticise her, but don't mention outstanding technique of Jacques Pepin. Com'on. He is the star.

  • victor Rivas Clarin
    victor Rivas Clarin Year ago +3

    omg that was beautifull

  • A Tang
    A Tang Year ago +2

    Just remember what Anthony Bourdain has said about both of these people.

    • Appleita
      Appleita 4 months ago

      Which was......???

  • Connie Brown
    Connie Brown Year ago

    Did he put his fingers in his mouth (4:50)?

  • Richard Dio
    Richard Dio Year ago

    To think that they took off a real dedicated chef like Emeral and GAVE this clown a show making millions,,, Jesus help any one that loves cooking.

  • Sir Benjamin Prevosa

    Jacque sounds like marlon brando on the godfather

  • Mansoor Ahmed
    Mansoor Ahmed Year ago

    Too much meat wasted !

    • Appleita
      Appleita 4 months ago

      None wasted. They brown and boil the carcass and make stock from it.

  • salvatore defalco

    Aaa ridiculous. There goes the ju! There goes the ju! Lol

  • Sapo
    Sapo Year ago

    I like Jacques Pepin, but that fat stupid bitch mouth needs to shut it the hell up.

    • Harry S
      Harry S Year ago

      well, sap, the bitch mouth is worth 60,000'000. how you doing dirt trap ?

  • Sourav Ray
    Sourav Ray Year ago


  • rajaratnam abraham prashath

    Think about a Somalian starving mom and child when you celebrate like this....! You guys got abundance of food so you go for variety where es the Poor Somalians just want something that can fill in their belly....!

    • Harry S
      Harry S Year ago

      that is the nature of addiction . remember it in all of your life choices

  • Daniel Majer
    Daniel Majer Year ago Lady,you dont need to always be the loudest.

  • Rob H
    Rob H Year ago +2

    This guy blows Ramsey out of the water.

  • Kb Calib
    Kb Calib Year ago

    I watched his show when he showed how to skin a chicken. I tried afterward and that was an hour of labor. This mater of techniques made it look so easy; it took him like ten minutes but I spent an hour. Never again.

  • M de Lima
    M de Lima Year ago

    No offense Rachel, but please just take a seat at the side and let us watch monsieur Pépin work beautifully.

  • Beach&BoardFan
    Beach&BoardFan Year ago

    Anyone have a link to the full recipe?

  • Florrie Goldman
    Florrie Goldman Year ago

    Why watch her if you are so nasty?? Jealous, perhaps??

  • bonsai treehouse
    bonsai treehouse Year ago

    He just got done touching raw chicken with his hands, did not wash and then touched the finished product with those same hands.

    • Appleita
      Appleita 4 months ago

      Oh, for crying out loud!!!

    HAREM KING Year ago

    Chicken BDSM

  • Dumb L3mon
    Dumb L3mon Year ago

    Did I miss something? Cuz it looks like this guy went from undressing a chicken, to carving one without washing his hands or the table that had raw chicken bits. I'm pretty sure he used the same knives also. he tried a piece too before serving.

    • Harry S
      Harry S Year ago

      he was carving a hot chicken on a clean surface

  • Greenman422
    Greenman422 Year ago

    Jacques thinking in french *whats this useless woman saying*

  • Gillôme François

    This woman gets way to exited over chicken.

    • Appleita
      Appleita 4 months ago

      Or French chefs! LOL!