So This is Basically RWBY

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
    Originally this video had a spoiler warning at the beginning, but I got rid of it because RWBY doesn't actually have TWISTS, it just has more information that you were given way too late.
    ILLUSTRATIONS: Spectralfusion aka "Siv"
    I also voiced Qrow and Ruby, before anyone asks.
    MUSIC: pLasterbrain
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  • Success Mahle
    Success Mahle 16 minutes ago

    This series looks a videogame ....just a bunch of cutscenes ..

  • joker 17
    joker 17 Hour ago

    Why my name spelled with a Q 😂

  • ink loves all aus
    ink loves all aus 5 hours ago

    Ok this is true, but you made it sou d like it's a terrible show, when it is FUCKING AWESOME!!!🤬🤬

  • Vortex Lord
    Vortex Lord 6 hours ago

    Well, your not wrong when penny is in volume 7.

  • John Marston
    John Marston 8 hours ago

    I’ve never felt so bad for liking a video.

  • ꧁apricot꧂ • 10 years ago

    4:11 put him in the brig until he’s sober?

  • Rose Drop
    Rose Drop 11 hours ago

    I wanna be offended but I know it’s a joke.

  • Captain jack Sparrow
    Captain jack Sparrow 13 hours ago

    Mommy salami

  • lojybtdty
    lojybtdty 14 hours ago +1

    Never have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with

  • UltraHeart6560
    UltraHeart6560 15 hours ago

    Having seen part of the first video I can say that this video has much beter animation then the actual show.

  • Gleison Oliveira
    Gleison Oliveira 18 hours ago


  • melissa terrasi
    melissa terrasi 20 hours ago

    Hey if you know she-ra and the princesses of power (neflix series) could you make a parody? If you want to..

  • Zero Requiem
    Zero Requiem 23 hours ago

    It's spelled with a Q becasue Qs are Qool.

  • Ryan Knutsen
    Ryan Knutsen Day ago

    I know this is the worst place tho theorize, but I think magic is different from dust and semblances because it isn’t reliant on the user’s aura levels

  • Supertrix 251
    Supertrix 251 Day ago

    literally the one and only reason I don't watch RWBY is because I can't stand to look at this show's horrible graphics

  • Hazim Chughtai
    Hazim Chughtai Day ago

    WHY IS MY NAME SPELLED WITH A Q?!?!?! It was hard to breathe after that line...

  • Serenity Jennings

    I am coming back to this....and...did he somehow inadvertently predict volume 7 at 4:41 ?

  • The Randomator
    The Randomator Day ago

    The only reason I came back to this video is because I saw a rwby poster in doctor sleep, that made me mad.

  • 0g0dn0
    0g0dn0 Day ago

    I keep coming back for bird-obsessed Qrow and Ruby. If they were like that in the actual show, it might be more fun.

  • Furrys101
    Furrys101 Day ago

    Mommy salami....

  • *- Cøøkįę Gãçhã *-

    I don’t agree with some but that’s just my opinion plus it’s funny

  • The Lunex
    The Lunex Day ago

    I think he really didn't like RWBY.

  • Alexys Sonerset
    Alexys Sonerset Day ago

    the bits with qrow are the best parts of this video

  • Jack Kilidjian
    Jack Kilidjian Day ago +1

    why is my namE SPELLED WITH A Q?!?!

  • Lily Ramlochan
    Lily Ramlochan Day ago

    1:18 exacty

  • Maximus The Dude
    Maximus The Dude Day ago +1

    I literally didn’t realise until I watched this video that Ozpin was supposed to be morally grey or that anyone had a problem with Qrow and Raven being birds. Good job at getting the point across, show

  • Gavin Bonilla
    Gavin Bonilla Day ago

    2:07, I could not have said it better.

  • King Treedede
    King Treedede Day ago

    I like the part where there’s the qrow guy
    He funny
    He’s like rick Sanchez from award winning film Brock and Mortimer

  • Konniptionz
    Konniptionz Day ago

    " Nonstop butt metal. " ... Have you seen any of the Red vs. Blue fight scenes? It's work done by Rooster Teeth. They love butt metal. XD

  • skinn3rtank
    skinn3rtank Day ago

    Why the hell did Crow turn into Batman

  • Ken & Violet's Let's Play

    Can we just take a moment to acknowledge this man put Penny under V7 and it actually happened?

  • Max Banfield
    Max Banfield 2 days ago

    I can turn into a brib

  • Mark Chang
    Mark Chang 2 days ago

    Thank you Jello for the sailor song.

  • Mark Chang
    Mark Chang 2 days ago

    4:16 qrow's singing! XD

  • Ralph David Cabatbat


  • PotterBrony82
    PotterBrony82 2 days ago

    4:41 - 4:43 how’d you know?

  • Wade Blaylock
    Wade Blaylock 2 days ago

    Well it's kinda what happens when the creator of the show dies after the second season

  • Chaos Zero
    Chaos Zero 2 days ago

    Why does nux is here

  • arthur hubert
    arthur hubert 2 days ago

    4:41 damn that cover for volume 7...
    nice prediction

  • Cindy Tran
    Cindy Tran 3 days ago +2


  • John Webb
    John Webb 3 days ago +2

    Why does everyone hate volumes 4 and 5? I think thought they were good😠

  • Tim Lopez
    Tim Lopez 3 days ago

    I caught the fire emblem reference

  • Cultureghost
    Cultureghost 3 days ago +1

    It is my humble belief that RWBY would have played out much better if the tone of Volumes 1 and 2 were carried throughout the rest of the seasons. The cast they created fits much better into a more lighthearted adventure than an "everyone is doomed and going to die from a literally unkillable villain" kind of plot. The show was so fun when we could laugh with the characters, explore all the parts of beacon, think up cool semblances and just enjoy some good fight sequences without the constant dread about the world ending. Don't get me wrong, there should still have been evil and challenge, but not to the degree we saw in season 3. I believe destroying beacon that early was a mistake. If anything, that whole sequence where vale and beacon are invaded should have been finale material instead of the end of season 3. By staying at beacon, we could have grown the characters more naturally, and incorporated more worldbuilding via classes and other more logical methods (rather than info dumping in side videos).

    This is all of course merely how I feel about the series.

  • James Hunt
    James Hunt 3 days ago

    Look I love the show, I'm a huge fan, but..... Yeah this isn't wrong

  • InspiringOwls Owlover

    Sure, it’s all correct
    , but it’s still good tho

    BLACK AC3Z 3 days ago

    Ok ok I love this because it’s honestly true BUT it hurts that S1 Weiss is with the last couple seasons Ruby Blake and yang

  • Dog
    Dog 3 days ago

    only unwoke part was when he said blake and yang only wound up together because of the fans

  • Matthew Leong
    Matthew Leong 3 days ago

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,

  • Billy Smith
    Billy Smith 3 days ago

    Me an actual fan:"pretty accurate"

  • Rayendac
    Rayendac 3 days ago

    0:45 - 0:55 Sooooo Weiss is essentially Vegeta?

  • M. Cindy Bato
    M. Cindy Bato 3 days ago +1

    He's Ruby and qrow voice is so accurate how is it even possible

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 3 days ago

    Why do they not just have Yang, Blake, and Sun Wu Kong all just be together in one polyamorous relationship??? It would take things in a new direction most media won't even DARE go near, making it revolutionary and not another run of the mill love triangle bullshit manufactured drama cliches. And unlike most love triangles, both Yang and Sun are good for Blake and help her grow and develop as a person and there's real chemistry between them. Sun is her perfect counterpart in that he's optimistic, loyal, faithful, protective, and truly brings out the best in her. And Yang is always there to lend her a helping hand and pull her out of any ruts she falls into and doesn't hesitate to take a stand for her when she's in a bind, and they both help give each other strength and develop their ever-growing perspectives on the world they live in, their relationships with others and each other, and their roles in everything that's happening. Their personalities play off each other well and Yang is the perfect person to help her overcome her personal shortcomings having had to do so herself after losing her arm. Yang gives Blake the strength to keep fighting while Sun ensures she never gives up hope.

  • Ryan Cunningham
    Ryan Cunningham 3 days ago +3

    Everyone seems to forget that the body we originally meet Ozpin in isn’t his original.

  • Ameer Hamizan93
    Ameer Hamizan93 3 days ago

    #JelloApocalypse try to explain anime fate/stay night series

  • Artimations
    Artimations 3 days ago +4

    “1,000,000 side characters, explores none of them and then the school blows up” rwby in a nutshell

  • Astray Noir
    Astray Noir 3 days ago

    The fandom is absolute shit now

  • Dev B
    Dev B 3 days ago +2


  • Dev B
    Dev B 3 days ago +1

    3:38 took me a minute to realize this wasn't official RWBY audio 🤣

  • Ca-Jen Grootherder
    Ca-Jen Grootherder 3 days ago

    How the hell do you insult us and understand us at the exact same time

  • Verminlord Soulberry88

    I saw The Nomad of Noware but it just kind of. Stoped. Im not sure why.