The Earth Inside a Macro Water Droplet - The Slow Mo Guys

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    Gav recreates an eye-catching still image of the earth trapped in a water droplet by filming it at a ridiculous 12,500fps. To learn more about the TV, click here.
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    Filmed at 12,500fps with the Phantom V2640
    The Earth Inside a Slow Motion Water Droplet - The Slow Mo Guys

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  • Cyfen
    Cyfen 7 hours ago

    0:58 that’s how Australia was made.

  • Dominic Nardiello
    Dominic Nardiello 11 hours ago +1

    is it just me, or does Gavin look like astro boy's dad...i cant unsee it

  • Pondga Dobcool
    Pondga Dobcool 19 hours ago

    We've got at 4k TV but our internet isn't even good enough to get TVclip videos to play any higher than 720p

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez 3 days ago

    That’s how nasa gets their pictures

  • Waffle McJoe
    Waffle McJoe 4 days ago

    Guys it’s mAcro

  • Jesse Warner
    Jesse Warner 5 days ago

    You know you're famous when the sign-in page has a still from one of your videos

  • Mohammed Fadil Hussain

    are you British

  • Carson Boyd
    Carson Boyd 6 days ago


  • Mikayla GB
    Mikayla GB 6 days ago

    Actually seeing Smee is great, I've always seen/heard about them in RTAAs but Smee is just so cute and aaahhhhh, I need more Gav and Smee

  • Kittygamer :3
    Kittygamer :3 7 days ago

    Hey! Droplet is my son on roblox!!!!!!!

  • Souljah
    Souljah 7 days ago

    just gimme the TV

  • Maiyai Raiyai
    Maiyai Raiyai 7 days ago

    Can you help me

  • Rodrigo Conte
    Rodrigo Conte 8 days ago

    To put the world map behind was a great idea!

  • Fania Nawal
    Fania Nawal 8 days ago

    Slow mo with slow mo

  • David Olandersson
    David Olandersson 9 days ago

    The ambience used in the slowmo shots reminds me of Homeworld.

  • LORD tachanka
    LORD tachanka 9 days ago

    #3:37 your cat said no

  • MravacKid
    MravacKid 9 days ago

    * has a camera worth thousands
    * is sponsored by a huge corporation that provides a very expensive TV
    * can't afford a proper map so prints out a shoddy one by himself

    That's proper youtubing :D

  • Steven Parrett
    Steven Parrett 10 days ago

    7:09 alternating current current is what you said gav

  • Matt M
    Matt M 11 days ago

    Did you get to keep the tv?

  • William Wood
    William Wood 11 days ago

    the world being reflected multiple times in the crown with the droplet just about to separate would make a good image for a science fiction book cover if the story covered creating parallel worlds

  • Monokite
    Monokite 11 days ago

    7:40 There's something very satisfying in Gavin surgically taking apart and reassembling the lens.

  • zKxpetenz
    zKxpetenz 11 days ago

    nice cat

  • Poo ie
    Poo ie 11 days ago


  • Grakees
    Grakees 12 days ago

    6:32 Oh hey look, the multi-verse

  • Trọng Điệp
    Trọng Điệp 12 days ago


  • Trọng Điệp
    Trọng Điệp 12 days ago +1

    5:26 8:48

  • Trọng Điệp
    Trọng Điệp 12 days ago

    5: 26 8:48

  • patrick Harrington
    patrick Harrington 13 days ago

    Why didn't you use the TV for the picture of the Earth?

  • Northerncalwolf
    Northerncalwolf 13 days ago

    This guy from India is trying to be like you guys, lol, even uses your "slow mo" music! check him out! . funny

  • Mr. creative
    Mr. creative 14 days ago

    Can you make slo mo video of mobile phone vibrating

  • Falcy Chead
    Falcy Chead 15 days ago

    It's almost a Jekyll-and-Hyde sort of thing, the contrast between this Gavin and the Achievement-Hunter Gavin.

  • Logan-Caleb Hornak
    Logan-Caleb Hornak 15 days ago

    do a super slow mo video on drag tires at launch @slowmoguys

  • someone
    someone 16 days ago

    I'm distracted to a cat, the cat is too cute

  • EO30
    EO30 18 days ago

    You should do a colab with how ridiculous

  • harsh Mange2
    harsh Mange2 19 days ago

    Plzzzzzz make a video on burning a match in slow mo🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • berkulese
    berkulese 19 days ago

    Hi Guys! Great video. Here's a thought: years ago I remember seeing some high speed stills of a water drop falling into water, they used a red water drop falling into clear water, interesting bit was that the drop being ejected back up was the same red drop that fell in.

  • Conrad1013
    Conrad1013 20 days ago

    I just had a great idea that's educational and hilarious... But you'll probably only get one chance. Put a cat on the hood of a car and honk the horn....or would that be cruel?

  • Rafadelo Rjcnsi
    Rafadelo Rjcnsi 21 day ago

    Hey love ur content, can you guys make a fire tornado using gas and fans then slowmo it

  • Flynn Calladine
    Flynn Calladine 21 day ago

    Who’s waiting for a new upload? So you watch there old vids

  • Harrison 804
    Harrison 804 21 day ago

    Gamers: I have 240 FPS when I play how about u. Gav: only 12,000 FPS

  • Klass-A-Kranks
    Klass-A-Kranks 21 day ago

    The dark border around the droplet just looks like space!

  • Abby
    Abby 22 days ago

    Where's Dan?

  • Orphan Prism
    Orphan Prism 22 days ago

    The best part of the video is the cat

  • Mihai Mangir
    Mihai Mangir 22 days ago +1

    2:31 am I the only one who heard "NO"

  • Наташа Парамонова

    Я один русский

  • Phino K.M.
    Phino K.M. 23 days ago

    A smaller aperture also brings the map in the background more into focus. I think it would have been much better to adjust the distance of the camera to the drop and the drop to the map, so both are in focus at the same time even if with a larger aperture. That way you also don't have as much of a problem with the light.
    Depends on what kinds of a shot you want of course. But I think it would have looked pretty cool if you couldn't make out the map in the background and it just shows up out of nowhere in the drop.

  • Pmacdonald97
    Pmacdonald97 23 days ago

    12,000 fps on an 8K TV... just incredible 🤯

  • Pedro Rivera Carter
    Pedro Rivera Carter 23 days ago

    try popping bubbles in slow mo

  • Azake Rahman
    Azake Rahman 24 days ago

    I just watched 3 min vincero ad lol 😅

  • Kryptico
    Kryptico 24 days ago

    Me: puts video in 8k

    computer: confused screaming

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 25 days ago +2

    Only legends remember this -
    You guys remember when they did the slow motion with the big water ballon

  • Remo 123
    Remo 123 26 days ago

    You guys should do a video on tiger pistol shrimp.

  • Elijah Flinn
    Elijah Flinn 26 days ago +1

    where's dan?

  • Garrett Medford
    Garrett Medford 27 days ago

    Heyyyyyy I just bought this drink it’s a kick start and I hit it and then opened it and it shot a lot of stuff out really fast so slow mo guys do your thing

  • mARc0 agjrivkdocjsnSANS

    how to fix australia: 0:57

  • Wing Ding
    Wing Ding 28 days ago

    What if you used something like Canola oil or honey?

  • EJAY Gaming
    EJAY Gaming 28 days ago

    Slow mo coke and mentos exploding cap

  • Padfoot Montgomery
    Padfoot Montgomery 29 days ago

    Do you slow Mo videos of cats

  • Erickson sekina
    Erickson sekina Month ago

    hey,, next video why don't you make racquet and shuttlecock video. iam just suggest. ☺️

  • Keith Willis
    Keith Willis Month ago

    Kind of dropping this in here randomly, as I don't have contact details. I recently showed a couple of your super slo-mo vids to a friend, who unbeknownst to me is a film and television lighting consultant. His comment was, "Phantoms, yeah worked with them - very clever, very good. Now, if you are shooting at such a stupidly high frame-rate... how do you light it?! You certialny don't want a light flickering on and off at 50 or 60 Hz AC. Fun problem for you to think about." Guys, would this make a possible vid all about how to correctly light very high frame-rate shots? I'd be fascinated, personally. My personal guess would be either always use natural light, or go with some kind of DC illumination, but I know nothing!

  • Dennis Streif
    Dennis Streif Month ago

    Ahhh yes, Australia wants to know your location. Finally up on the right side 😂

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown Month ago

    Cool idea! I would like to C Armstrong mix going off in slo-mo guys style! 👍👌

  • mE eQuaLz GARBAGE
    mE eQuaLz GARBAGE Month ago

    It would be cool if y’all broke up a chocolate bar in slo mo

  • The Turtle King
    The Turtle King Month ago +1

    Where’s dan

  • ChickenWirexd
    ChickenWirexd Month ago

    Okay but I’d die for that cat

  • Dongo Delicious
    Dongo Delicious Month ago

    Oh my god Smee. Thats what smee sounds like. My heart melted

  • Cyber Gamer
    Cyber Gamer Month ago

    this video: uploaded Jan 25th 2020
    last video I watched: uploaded Jan 25 2016

    I wonder if they were uploaded at the exact same time of day too..

  • Joseph Sante
    Joseph Sante Month ago

    Do you think your heads would look better than map?

  • Manticspark9215
    Manticspark9215 Month ago

    Kinda reminds me of the wave pool

  • Owens Racing
    Owens Racing Month ago

    I’m just getting settled in with 4K/UHD on our main tv’s. Here you are showing off this 8K video. I’ll have to pass until cinematic media is readily available. Most popular titles come 4K/UHD so time is now to grab a decent 4K machine. Or ride it out once 8K hits. 4K prices will drop.

  • slow eyes BOOM
    slow eyes BOOM Month ago

    It's an ad, but it's not an ad. It's like education.

  • Sagyan Shrestha
    Sagyan Shrestha Month ago

    I have idea for a video. Slow mo of magnetic balls getting attracted to monster magnet.

  • Are you 'avin a laugh? Is he 'avin a laugh?

    Dear flat Earthers, see how water wants to form a sphere in air by virtue of pressure mediation? planets are formed this way.... not flat!

  • Ben P.
    Ben P. Month ago

    and thats how NASA faked the pictures of the earth

  • Aquarius Inc.
    Aquarius Inc. Month ago

    This is how NASA gets their images of the earth

  • Joker -unOFFICIAL
    Joker -unOFFICIAL Month ago +1

    I searched for phineas and ferb

    This video came in my recommendation

  • Peter Xiong
    Peter Xiong Month ago

    I wonder how many people watching this video would actually be interested in buying an 88 inch 8k oled tv that costs 30 grand...

  • pheonix game hacks
    pheonix game hacks Month ago +1

    great bro nice

  • Denmas Ulin
    Denmas Ulin Month ago

    Good for wallpaper...