Jennifer Lawrence Can’t Hide Her Affection For Chris Pratt

  • Published on Nov 26, 2017
  • Jennifer Lawrence Joking Around With Chris Pratt, FUNNY MOMENTS between the stars from Passengers. They are a hilarious movie couple (they claim to be (best) friends, not dating), got the best sense of humor.
    PART II:
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  • Captain jack's Living
    Captain jack's Living 7 hours ago

    Beautiful from inside 😍😍😍😍

  • Zeus Knobblewacker

    She got engaged recently... he split from him wife...

  • elliot at her finest '

    i feel like they are just being friendly

  • Yirmeyahu Gutz
    Yirmeyahu Gutz 5 days ago

    04:35 Jennifer loved her comment

  • Anuva Nabiha
    Anuva Nabiha 6 days ago

    They look so cute together. I WANT THEM TO BE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!! Please!

  • Shahin Tajeri
    Shahin Tajeri 7 days ago

    0:47 Lol

  • Jukka Darngawn
    Jukka Darngawn 7 days ago

    A Jesus loving man and an Islam loving Liberal whore

  • Scott Crosby
    Scott Crosby 7 days ago

    She’s genetically perfect

  • Umesh Sagar
    Umesh Sagar 7 days ago +1

    Man I want to see these two together... They look so good with each other.

  • The Khan
    The Khan 7 days ago


  • Trevor L.
    Trevor L. 9 days ago

    I’m realizing that Jennifer Lawrence would be such a great Captain Marvel. Much better than Brie Larson.

  • Godswill Jo
    Godswill Jo 10 days ago

    Oh I see why they cant be couples, their humongous age gap, darn, they are better of being friends💯

  • Godswill Jo
    Godswill Jo 10 days ago

    And best best friends awards goes to😀

  • Jenna Meredith
    Jenna Meredith 10 days ago

    I ship these two together, I really want them to get together

  • Gracie Hart
    Gracie Hart 14 days ago +1

    I want them to either get married or be the bestest of friends forever❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • A nja
    A nja 16 days ago +1

    What were they saying about the sex scene?
    I didn't catch that.

    • A nja
      A nja 14 days ago +1

      Ha? What? Tomado unas pastillas para what?
      Sounds like food to me. Tomato with pasta"illas". I'm not hungry. My question was what were they saying to each other when they had sex in the movie?
      Besides I'm not a buddy, I'm a girl. Can't you read my name right? It clearly says A N J A. Anja. Do you know a boy with this name?
      I don't.
      And as you probably already figure out, I don't understando l'espanole , amigo. Can't you just answer in la English?

    • DariAT
      DariAT 14 days ago

      Use google translate buddy
      Jennifer dijo que se habia tomado unas pastillas para no vomitar antes de la escena de sexo, Chris dijo que mientras estaban haciendo la escena, sintió el pene de ella
      Lo siento por responderte en español, me da pereza traducir todo esto

  • Ruhul Amin
    Ruhul Amin 16 days ago

    I want Jennifer Lawrence if chris don't want her!

    PALERMO 16 days ago

    Zoe saldana can.t too

  • Zegeebwah
    Zegeebwah 17 days ago

    Im sure Ana Farris just LOVED watching this!!

  • ZabbO 'wakeej
    ZabbO 'wakeej 18 days ago

    She won't work with that asshole anymore!! I guaranteed!!

  • Erok
    Erok 18 days ago

    She seems kinda bitchy but playful and sweet at same time. Meh, I'd do her.

  • Ashley Gillespie
    Ashley Gillespie 19 days ago

    She straight up called him handsome multiple times lol I'm not dumb I know body language

  • Kray
    Kray 20 days ago

    They have a great chemistry but i think they both see each other as a very close friend

  • Jelena-nicole Boultbee

    " What is Chris Pratt like I'm real life "
    Imagine your worst nightmare and multiply that
    Wait Chris is millions of hedgehogs 😓😓

  • Frankincensed
    Frankincensed 22 days ago

    Made the movie in 2106 got divorced from Anna Farris in 2018.

  • Kyle Chohan
    Kyle Chohan 25 days ago

    They're so mean and so nice to each other at the same time.

  • Cesar Rodriguez
    Cesar Rodriguez 26 days ago

    He's single now

  • Edward Reynolds
    Edward Reynolds Month ago

    Kinda wish she was captain marvel

  • Cody Ethan
    Cody Ethan Month ago

    Vid Strike Can't Hide His Affection For Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Luna Games
    Luna Games Month ago

    Lol who caught the Divergent joke Chris through out that noone noticed?

  • Electricツ
    Electricツ Month ago

    I wish i meet a girl as beautiful girl as jennifer man 😭😫

  • Adrianna Garcia
    Adrianna Garcia Month ago

    Why she doesn’t like selfies?

  • Tube Theory
    Tube Theory Month ago

    #Jackmaynard Conor’s lil Bro

  • Adam Moore
    Adam Moore Month ago

    If they banged they wouldnt be this flirthy.

  • joanluis hanter
    joanluis hanter Month ago

    Qué buena está esa rubia

  • Captain Chaos
    Captain Chaos Month ago

    Yeah he def had an affair lol

  • Personal Account
    Personal Account Month ago

    3:25 no one picked up on the fact he was joking, *they just all said aAaaaAwWw*

  • jim smith
    jim smith Month ago

    those two should do a Romanic comedy what a blast ,love her laugh

  • FirePhoenix523
    FirePhoenix523 Month ago

    "she's beautiful on the inside" means he's implying a joking insult (she's not on the outside) but audience jus goes "aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

  • Zako
    Zako 2 months ago

    Jennifer lawrence, the only women i will say that is a little too beautiful.

  • Big Pete's
    Big Pete's 2 months ago

    Chris is the man 😂

  • _ ethanol _
    _ ethanol _ 2 months ago

    I think its the other way around from what I seen

  • Mahdee
    Mahdee 2 months ago

    His wife doin the Arthur fist clench while watching these interviews

  • Mahdee
    Mahdee 2 months ago

    Isnt Passengers their only movie together? So why do they have a thousand interviews together😂

  • Bennie Blanko
    Bennie Blanko 2 months ago

    There so adorable together!!😍😍

  • Mikey Simone
    Mikey Simone 2 months ago

    Yeah... they had an affair lmao

  • Stevanus Richard
    Stevanus Richard 2 months ago

    can't blame jlaw for that, she herself said that she has been single for a long time and and it cause rocketing certain "need" you know? lol

  • Ash McClowde
    Ash McClowde 2 months ago

    God i really love both of them!!

  • Joe Brett
    Joe Brett 2 months ago

    Let's be honest.... Anna Faris never stood a chance.

  • L Max
    L Max 2 months ago +1

    Such a beautiful bromance...

  • Dimo
    Dimo 3 months ago

    this all is so fake

  • 90715642
    90715642 3 months ago

    You look like a butterfly

  • Zul Ganbold
    Zul Ganbold 3 months ago

    She said the truth that he's real asshole in real life. Cuz she knows how he be flirting on set with her like ain't married. That's some truth she dropped there.

  • Sturdy Alpaca
    Sturdy Alpaca 3 months ago +1

    I would love to see them to together... and also hate it. Most actor couples crash and burn so these two losing this connection could ruin their careers.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago

    when the fuc$ are they getting married they would be the happiest married couple ever

  • Jordan
    Jordan 3 months ago +1

    me neither tbh

  • Jomon Philipose
    Jomon Philipose 3 months ago

    Too bad Chris is Now Engaged to Katherine Schwarzenegger. These 2 would've made a Lovely Couple. Well, guess they were best friends all along

  • SerDankalot96
    SerDankalot96 3 months ago

    Yeah he broke it with the wife not long after this movie so....yeah they had some fun.

  • KatOne
    KatOne 4 months ago

    Uh ha...... a little bit toooooooooooooooooooo much chemistry (aka hormones) by the looks of it...

  • mortal orphan
    mortal orphan 4 months ago

    Jen's is the girl version of him

  • Singer & Musician
    Singer & Musician 4 months ago

    Awesome friends!!!

  • A Grey
    A Grey 4 months ago

    They are like zack and mari make a porno

  • Ross Peterson
    Ross Peterson 4 months ago

    She’s hunger gaming with chris pratt lol

  • U Aimen
    U Aimen 4 months ago

    literallyyyy my favourite video on the internet love these 2 :)

  • Antonio Rosales
    Antonio Rosales 4 months ago

    First of all they r like the same person, and I love them together. I wish they actually were

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 4 months ago

    That growl thumbnail is H.A.F.

  • Billy Jackson
    Billy Jackson 4 months ago


  • John Peeler
    John Peeler 4 months ago

    Jennifer Lawrence is a Mam for fuk sake! U dont see IT!?!?! He have a dik for 100% transgender Hollywood demons inside.
    And this fake romance to hide IT, like Twighlight sh1t!

  • Alessiaa
    Alessiaa 4 months ago


  • TheBestFrenchFry ́
    TheBestFrenchFry ́ 4 months ago

    When chris pratts mom is norwegian then im proud to be norwegian

  • Irakli Sardlishvili
    Irakli Sardlishvili 4 months ago


  • 2 Fists
    2 Fists 4 months ago

    4:58 she got friendzoned😂

  • Enrique Contreras
    Enrique Contreras 4 months ago

    Holy crap not that it matters but Chris Pratt is 10 years older than Jennifer Lawrence that’s a big age gap lol in my school if you date a girl 2 years younger than You you’ll get roasted with pedophile jokes😂🤷🏻‍♂️❓

  • Claudia Yeung
    Claudia Yeung 4 months ago

    My fav screen couple ;)

  • Ezy Dem
    Ezy Dem 4 months ago

    8:27 She sing very well 😍

  • Philinte Cottard
    Philinte Cottard 4 months ago

    Very deep content. My mind = blown.

  • NarpsHD
    NarpsHD 4 months ago

    She also cant hide her nude pics..

  • Aurora Thorn
    Aurora Thorn 4 months ago

    They remind me of myself and this "friend" I have. He has a girlfriend and I respect that, but we do have this weird chemistry and sex tension that is just beyond us...

  • Turbo Lazer
    Turbo Lazer 4 months ago

    Damn she got fucked on the set

  • Dilly S
    Dilly S 4 months ago

    She's literally perfect in every way

  • Aj Frederick
    Aj Frederick 4 months ago

    I love jennifer lawrence. She is so hot

  • Reptile Nexus
    Reptile Nexus 5 months ago

    Can they just make beautiful, hilarious babies?

  • The PackWolf
    The PackWolf 5 months ago

    Perfect together 🤔

  • MrDavidelliottjr
    MrDavidelliottjr 5 months ago

    Right on her face.

  • Kass5656
    Kass5656 5 months ago +1

    makes me sick knowing that anna had to see this, jennifer should know better

  • Nelson Gonzalez
    Nelson Gonzalez 5 months ago

    I hope that they do end up together.

  • Enid Rhee-Grimes
    Enid Rhee-Grimes 5 months ago

    Looking back on this, she was so ridiculously into him. It's painfully so painfully clear.

  • gainzbreh
    gainzbreh 5 months ago

    Yeeeah they fucked

  • Guitar-Ninja
    Guitar-Ninja 5 months ago +1

    They make such a good couple #JeffinferPratt

  • Eric Winkler
    Eric Winkler 5 months ago +6

    Imagine being married to Anna Faris and then realising you could’ve had Jennifer Lawrence! 🤯

  • Christian Perea
    Christian Perea 5 months ago

    Who hasnt forgot a girls name that they liked

  • David Cohen
    David Cohen 5 months ago

    Question for chris: if u could be stuck anywhere for 90 years where would it be?
    Chris: Jens
    Chris: eye

  • Keith Korpela
    Keith Korpela 5 months ago

    They would either make angel babies or ugly demon babies

  • Jessie Windwalker
    Jessie Windwalker 5 months ago

    No bc he has a family he loves very much! and a kid! There just friends & co actors promoting a there film get a clue.😡

  • Alejandro rubion
    Alejandro rubion 5 months ago

    So beautiful

  • Zeeshan Niazi
    Zeeshan Niazi 5 months ago

    They really want to fuck each other.

  • Ben Bragg
    Ben Bragg 6 months ago

    Dont hate on Chris Jennifer is stunningly beautiful

  • Shark Spud
    Shark Spud 6 months ago

    I am 100% norwegian TOO :V chris pratt? - is she actually 100% norwegian???

  • FRONT! Studios
    FRONT! Studios 6 months ago

    Also ^^ship them sm
    Omg I bet they're dating in secret

  • FRONT! Studios
    FRONT! Studios 6 months ago

    So what if you just woke everyone up? Might not be the life everyone wanted but maybe someone would figure out how everything. Also, what happened to that message Him sent to earth? I bet it would have reached there before he and aurora died am I right? Also, jim said "everything on the ship has a replacement" Rt? So, why not find the parts or makeshift parts for the doc and build a somewhat functional replica of it? I mean, it would be difficult sure, but his got years ahead of him. Maybe he wouldn't want to taken apart given it's risk, however with enough digging around and his knowledge about machines Maybe They Found A Way So The Both Of Them Could Hibernate!
    Could you imagine?