Cheap Couple Share A Toothbrush And Dental Floss | Extreme Cheapskates

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
  • This couple are so cheap that they share one toothbrush, take two minute showers together, and even share the same piece of dental floss when cleaning their teeth!
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Comments • 5 624

  • Abigail Conrad
    Abigail Conrad Day ago

    Why ate they saying parents were the kid?

  • Abigail Conrad
    Abigail Conrad Day ago

    I just took a shower

  • Alexis Hunter
    Alexis Hunter 3 days ago

    I hate these people!!!

  • andy what
    andy what 5 days ago

    do u use the same toilet papper to..

  • MysticalLion
    MysticalLion 5 days ago

    Boy: HEY!!
    Girl: yes
    Boy: will you ever cheat on me?
    Boy: will you love me?
    Girl: of course i would!
    Boy: will you kill me?
    Girl: no never!
    Boy: am i handsome?
    Girl: YES!
    Boy: are you going to reject me if i marry you?
    Girl: nah fam!
    Boy: will you marry me?
    Girl: sure!!
    Boy: will you explode me?
    Girl: no! and byeee!!
    Boy: NO WAIT!!!

    Read the story backwards! It's funny!!
    A sub maybe..

  • The Cheap Fragrance Enthusiast

    That’s not how inflation works lol

  • donnie hilfiger
    donnie hilfiger 7 days ago


  • XXXTENTACION's fan I love you

    Its not gross if you and you bf or gf use the same toothbrush I mean you kiss right

  • Tina White
    Tina White 9 days ago

    Those two dumb asses don’t realize that sharing a tooth brush your spreading germs not to mention one of them if not both of them can run the risk of getting Trenich mouth . Tooth brushes are not that pricey & My dental hygienist gives Me a free tooth brush & floss . Those two need there head examed .

  • _Myst_
    _Myst_ 9 days ago

    $20 razors? You can get them at the fucking Dollar Store.

  • jemmie_ bear
    jemmie_ bear 10 days ago

    dat lisp tho

  • Jaydine Neto
    Jaydine Neto 10 days ago +3

    Her: one packet of razors are like 25 dollars
    Me:in England they are literally like 2pounds

    • Tammm82 KTM85
      Tammm82 KTM85 9 days ago

      Jaydine Neto she wasn’t using no $25 razor. More like a $1 razor. She is lying.

  • BFP_ manny
    BFP_ manny 11 days ago

    Hes older hes gonna die first hes a guy wtf😂😂

  • PirateDood1738
    PirateDood1738 12 days ago

    You could go to a dentist's office and ask for a toothbrush and floss. They will most likely give it to you even if you're not a patient.

  • Rakhi Dookie
    Rakhi Dookie 12 days ago

    They should eat and and drink less so they won’t need to use the toilet as often and less food and drinks means more savings

  • Mayakayla kayla
    Mayakayla kayla 13 days ago

    I hope this couple never have kids, it will be neurotic for sure

  • Nikki de Smit
    Nikki de Smit 13 days ago

    wait she is actually 26 years old

  • Anna The Cucumber
    Anna The Cucumber 14 days ago

    Is it just me or that Drew dude looked like Macklemore

  • Jay Son
    Jay Son 15 days ago

    Age dose not determine who dies first

  • Jay Son
    Jay Son 15 days ago

    Y are day thinking about diying

  • Jay Son
    Jay Son 15 days ago

    At least there happy

  • Beth Hammond
    Beth Hammond 15 days ago

    The showering together and shampoo I could get past. MAYBE the deodorant but the toothbrush and floss was disgusting.

  • Xon _theartistic
    Xon _theartistic 16 days ago

    Electric is cheaper past 12 am so why not use it then

  • Gustavo Reyes
    Gustavo Reyes 16 days ago

    These people are sick.

  • DaqFu
    DaqFu 17 days ago

    They should eat her eggs to save some money on eggs

  • No No
    No No 17 days ago +1

    No joke i seriously feel bad for their future baby maaaaan

    imagine the mom is breastfeeding their baby and says "My Milk cost 1 dollar, i know you dont have Any money but when you grow up you can give Them, your dad Will write down each time you drink My Milk, do you understand! "

  • Italy Ellis
    Italy Ellis 17 days ago


  • mario fan 1616
    mario fan 1616 18 days ago

    4:43 Divide is pronounced (De-vide)

  • mario fan 1616
    mario fan 1616 18 days ago

    A toothbrush is 50 cents so there only saving 50 until they get more toothbrushes btw every thing there doing is super unhealthy dental wise and medical wise

    • mario fan 1616
      mario fan 1616 18 days ago

      It's like there having sex and the woman has s.t.ds and the dude has aids

  • parisah reaz
    parisah reaz 19 days ago

    Have yall heard of the dollar store

  • Maisie Josephine
    Maisie Josephine 19 days ago +2

    They have such a bad relationship, but whenever someone points it out they say, “We love it tho.” What the heck. I’m so confused lmao

  • Pro God Pro life Pro Gun

    4:35 They don’t wash their hands!

  • Sebastian Clements
    Sebastian Clements 20 days ago

    Lol I sit in the shower for like 2 hours and then I start to use shampoo and i use like half the bottle on my head

  • Tatiana Davis
    Tatiana Davis 21 day ago

    Gross sharing Shampoo and Using the other Floss and Nasty 😷 and Having to share ToothBrush is Very Nasty to have to and this must be the most Weird

  • Xrr
    Xrr 21 day ago


  • iiCherryCokeii O
    iiCherryCokeii O 22 days ago +1

    We love knock off Doritos at 3:05 😍😍😍.

  • tootsytoast
    tootsytoast 22 days ago

    Let me guess he reuse his condom

  • alikuni kilany
    alikuni kilany 25 days ago +3

    "I don't want rick to die and me have a funeral bill"
    Is that what your worried about seriously

  • liveontheclassics
    liveontheclassics 25 days ago

    Just shop at Costco. Last you a long time

  • Paola Muñoz
    Paola Muñoz 26 days ago

    They're fucking disgusting

  • Julianna Piraino
    Julianna Piraino 27 days ago


  • ahmad22099
    ahmad22099 28 days ago

    Wish my wife be like this...except for the toothbrush thing..its gross

  • LPS Sister
    LPS Sister 28 days ago

    One bottle of shampoo last me frickin like two hours

  • Jujubee Jujubee
    Jujubee Jujubee 29 days ago

    Why do i insist on watching this shat whilst eating ? 😩😩🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Panda
    Panda 29 days ago

    What if one of them has gum disease

  • Jimin you got no jams
    Jimin you got no jams 29 days ago

    5:16 she makes it sound like the amount of money she uses for the funeral matters more than his death.

  • weird potato
    weird potato Month ago

    Ya'll you guys shouldnt even care. Its not us living like that, AND keep in mind they CAN do stuff to help like byeee 😪✌

  • Selest T
    Selest T Month ago

    I’m surprised that they didn’t figure out some way that they can recycle her used tampon or/and feminine napkin so he can use it‼️ 😳🤢🤮SMH

  • *LA SHORE*
    *LA SHORE* Month ago

    Why don’t they get cremated and used as compost if they’re so cheap? They can re-use the ashes.

  • Law Rence
    Law Rence Month ago

    About the casket part. What if you do it like Romeo and Juliet after one of you dies, the other one would him/herself. If want to he really that cheap

  • ` ʼ
    ` ʼ Month ago

    She's not in her fucking 20's, she barely looks in her 30's she looks bad.

  • Lizzy Baby
    Lizzy Baby Month ago +1

    Those who plan their funeral together, stay together.

  • Amelja
    Amelja Month ago

    I think it’s kinda anxiety disorder, like ocd

  • JR Jepkoech
    JR Jepkoech Month ago +1

    Am so done with this people they are pathetic sharing all those stuff is disgusting

  • Tatiana Ventura
    Tatiana Ventura Month ago

    Ewwwwwwwwww that is so gross

  • True
    True Month ago

    You know, you'd at first glance say something like this is toxic but they have like a life long goal and have a fun competition. It keeps them excited I guess.

  • Leah Dawson
    Leah Dawson Month ago

    Tbh that snack lock is smart tho.

  • Farah Hassim
    Farah Hassim Month ago +1

    Who charges their husband for a chip

  • Alex Jordan
    Alex Jordan Month ago

    Yooo they make 99 cent stores for a reason

  • Greedy Gamer
    Greedy Gamer Month ago

    Sharing deodorant is fine but fucking floss?! I’m gagging