Galaxy S9 - The Truth!

  • Published on Mar 3, 2018
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Unboxing + Impressions after a week of use!
    Black Camo by dbrand:
    Galaxy S9 Pre-order: |
    Galaxy S9 vs S9+ - 10 Things Before Buying!
    Baby Groot!
    The Galaxy S9 isn't a huge redesign over the S8 but are the camera upgrades, variable aperture and performance gains enough to justify?
    Speaker test - Love by J.Reed
    Apple HomePod Review!
    My Audio Setup & Gear:
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  • Jonathan Morrison
    Jonathan Morrison  Year ago +48

    Just dropped a comparison of the iPhone X vs Galaxy S9! 🍪

    • R I
      R I 10 months ago

      Jonathan Morrison where u got army cover for Samsung?

    • Zuala Boihte
      Zuala Boihte Year ago

      bro how is the performance

    • R k
      R k Year ago

      Jonathan Morrison
      Bro don't drop
      can I get one....
      It's a dream to use this type off smartphone...

    • Shannon Htrag
      Shannon Htrag Year ago

      Saw it yesterday you've got another sub I'm also hoping to win an iphone X from the give away keep up the good work!

  • RakiArtsFX
    RakiArtsFX 16 days ago

    this vid isnt even s9/s8 ratio but close enough

  • Fragile Snake
    Fragile Snake Month ago

    S9 "+" !!!

  • Mr. 12A
    Mr. 12A 3 months ago

    Anybody knows where can I get that wallpaper he has with all the colors?

  • محمد خاتمی
    محمد خاتمی 3 months ago

    I still hanging with my suck's s8plus, fuck u Samsung, s8 havers know why I want to disrespect to Samsung .

  • Janelle Hellene
    Janelle Hellene 3 months ago

    what is the best camera setting for all shooting

  • Mir S
    Mir S 3 months ago

    S9 plus worth in 2019?

  • Mr. 12A
    Mr. 12A 3 months ago

    Left a 7 plus for a s9

  • Zee Zed
    Zee Zed 4 months ago

    that wallpaper tho , where do u get them from??

  • mathew kalarickal
    mathew kalarickal 5 months ago

    why doesn't anybody talk about the pathetic battery an exynos s9 packs ! ?

  • obabas80
    obabas80 5 months ago

    Got mine in April, love it. Samsung has finally hit a level of refinement where I can see myself keeping this for 2 years easily.

  • Reece 1
    Reece 1 5 months ago

    I'm listening on a s9 so I don't notice a diffrence

  • DJay
    DJay 5 months ago

    Watching on s9+ 😋
    Best phone I owned so far

  • Raasikh Kanjiani
    Raasikh Kanjiani 5 months ago

    Hi Jonathan I luv ur videos. Can u pls help me I am thinking of buying the s9+. Can u plz tell me if the snapdragon version lags, cuz that's the main thing which is keeping me from buying it so I want a confirmation. Thanks

  • Elijah Kadel
    Elijah Kadel 6 months ago

    Watching this on my s7 lmao

  • Arya Purusha
    Arya Purusha 6 months ago

    Why u write S9 when u r reviewing the plus...!!! Fk off😤😤😤

  • jkeener1988
    jkeener1988 6 months ago

    Watching this on my S8 Active...

  • anh duy
    anh duy 6 months ago

    Where u find that wallpaper please ? Look so cool

  • Pranav Sadhale
    Pranav Sadhale 6 months ago

    Where can I get that wallpaper ?

  • Whatzwiththizzz -
    Whatzwiththizzz - 6 months ago

    Thank you for recording on wide view! Instant like! And I love your videos!

  • ToyTea
    ToyTea 6 months ago

    The s9 is out.
    This means that the s8 is on sale.
    This also means that the s7 edge is on sale.
    So that means I can get the s6.

  • A Cup of Tae
    A Cup of Tae 6 months ago

    where did you get that wallpaper from?

  • Mjd Zid
    Mjd Zid 6 months ago

    18:9 video recording

  • CoDex
    CoDex 6 months ago

    Where do you get the colourful wallpaper?

  • Mark Payne
    Mark Payne 6 months ago

    What's the name of that wallpaper

  • Zulficar hamid
    Zulficar hamid 6 months ago

    Samsung needs to implement the s9 screen to its tablet range that would be crazy

  • Salvage Productions
    Salvage Productions 6 months ago

    I think s9 should have duel camera. Some people dont want that size. We rlly dont want bigger phones

  • slayerofFUD
    slayerofFUD 6 months ago

    is that lock screen image a theme that comes on the S9+

  • Aldo Octavian Rahardja
    Aldo Octavian Rahardja 7 months ago

    Where to download those colourful cloud wallpaper?

  • Seymour Buddz
    Seymour Buddz 7 months ago +1

    I would get this phone, it's literally perfect for me, I love it. I've watched about 20 videos about it (including this one) and its great! There is only one problem with this phone...SLOW updates. Ughhhhh, it sucks or I would really get this phone, but I think I might get the Oneplus 6 instead. Tell me what you think below!

  • Kaleem Syed
    Kaleem Syed 7 months ago


  • Tauha Dadabhay
    Tauha Dadabhay 7 months ago

    where did u get that wallpaper

  • muzzle
    muzzle 8 months ago

    im watching this with akg headphones

  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex Ruiz 8 months ago

    Alsome video dude keep up the good job

  • Fortnite Show
    Fortnite Show 8 months ago

    I feel like live cheated on my phone watching this video..

  • Ryan Jenkins
    Ryan Jenkins 8 months ago

    Should i get the s9 or the iphone 8?

  • Marvin R.
    Marvin R. 8 months ago

    Anybody knows where I can get that awesome wallpaper he uses on his S9 ?

  • Philip Hayes
    Philip Hayes 8 months ago

    there is a difference between galaxy s9 and s9+!!!!! Is it so hard to add the +?

  • Barney Stinson
    Barney Stinson 8 months ago

    Just came across ur channel bro and I got to say, the video quality is through the roof!

  • Angel Valencia
    Angel Valencia 8 months ago

    I found something weird it show a girl with make up on your face

  • Ian Wong
    Ian Wong 8 months ago

    thank you, finally someone not bullshitting me to buy the skin because of shit like it's slippery or shit....because it's NOT!

  • Tech: Down to Earth
    Tech: Down to Earth 9 months ago

    Intro song?

  • Wiara
    Wiara 9 months ago +38

    Watching this on my S9...

  • T Smith
    T Smith 9 months ago

    Really good review and some really awesome shots and great video quality. It's great to see a TVclipr putting a little extra effort into the quality of their videos. Thanks and keep the videos coming

  • Prak ash
    Prak ash 9 months ago

    Finally 18:9 aspect ratio 😍😍

  • indarjit singh
    indarjit singh 9 months ago

    Where you got that wallpaper?

  • Abderahmen Bouker
    Abderahmen Bouker 9 months ago

    Where did he get that wallpaper

  • jack hamilton
    jack hamilton 9 months ago

    That’s going to be my next phone 9+

  • Veronica Yilit
    Veronica Yilit 10 months ago

    Which should i get ... i get a new phone later today currently its 2:54 and i cant decide weather to get the samsung galaxy s9 or the google pixel 2 ... help

  • Bat_bro1 Lewis
    Bat_bro1 Lewis 10 months ago

    Thanks for the 18 9

  • Vipul Semwal
    Vipul Semwal 10 months ago

    Watching on my S9..🔥🔥🔥

  • Bernard
    Bernard 10 months ago

    The truth is...we don't all deserve to make it, to the Valley Beyond

  • NicK
    NicK 10 months ago

    Wallpaper link please

  • Debra Dukes
    Debra Dukes 10 months ago

    Jonathan Awesome review and definitely enjoyed Deb👌👍

  • Artenis Rrokaj
    Artenis Rrokaj 10 months ago

    Do you have a video of the Sony Xperia

  • El Es
    El Es 10 months ago

    wallpaper pls

  • Electronix Inc.
    Electronix Inc. 10 months ago

    Where is the jelly case

  • anonym b
    anonym b 10 months ago

    I want that wallpaper please give me it

  • hemanthmnlr
    hemanthmnlr 10 months ago

    Wallpaper link please

  • Kenneth Shum
    Kenneth Shum 10 months ago

    wallpaper anyone?

  • elvis rizvanovic
    elvis rizvanovic 10 months ago

    Whats that background with the xolors on

  • Sir Star Rydah
    Sir Star Rydah 11 months ago

    And it runs Oh god no.

  • NoSkill
    NoSkill 11 months ago

    Give me this wallpaper, please

  • Kevin Su
    Kevin Su 11 months ago

    Can you show me where to find that colorful wallpaper?

  • maya
    maya 11 months ago

    what about snapchat camera quality on the samsung s9/s9+ ? i have an iphone 6 and i've been wanting to upgrade to samsung s9 but i'm a hard snapchat user and i wanna know whether the snapchat camera quality on the s9 is good or not?

  • High Kv
    High Kv 11 months ago

    Congratulations the video seems almost cinematic.

  • J J
    J J 11 months ago

    Legend has it that he used a s9 to record this video

  • MuRdoc
    MuRdoc 11 months ago

    I think you got the quality wrong cause everyone on earth is saying its 3960x2440. If it is 2960x1440 that is very low. Even the iPhone 8 has a better quality than that if it is that low of resolution

  • T McAdoo
    T McAdoo 11 months ago

    I think it's a badger

  • Nish
    Nish 11 months ago

    It's cute but I want my iPhone back, lol.

  • Just a guy who loves his country

    What is the intro song ?

  • Lily Purimitla
    Lily Purimitla 11 months ago

    5:43 *AR Emoji?!?!??* best reaction from Jonathan

  • Rezki Awalia Ainun
    Rezki Awalia Ainun 11 months ago

    My dream phone😭😭🙏. Would you do a giveaway for this?

  • Moving
    Moving 11 months ago

    I need the wallpaper!!so beautiful

  • Shagun Bansal
    Shagun Bansal 11 months ago

    Hi Could you please share the wallpapers used in iPhone and Galaxy s9

  • Joker
    Joker 11 months ago

    Is this worth it or better wait for S10 ? (SX)

  • Vinayak Tripathi
    Vinayak Tripathi 11 months ago

    It's Galaxy S9+ man. I don't why so many videos Title are S9 & they're comparing & talking about S9.

  • Palak Agrawal
    Palak Agrawal 11 months ago

    Can you pls tell me where to download the wallpaper..I find it very different and attractive..

  • giancarlo ga
    giancarlo ga 11 months ago

    Display is 18:9? Then they can even sell a phone with 40 giga of ram and 64 tera of memory
    I wont give a fuck
    18:9 is so annoying that i will never buy one

  • Estello Neto
    Estello Neto 11 months ago

    How to take off that anoying google bar of the phone, so it can be like that 4:14?

  • John P.
    John P. Year ago

    Terrible video and the reviews are too insipid without delving deep into what it would feel like to own the galaxy device goes too much into performance geeky stuff that most people don't deal with that when purchasing a phone.

  • zaima zarnaz
    zaima zarnaz Year ago

    Pixel 2xl or s9+?

    INF0RMATIK Year ago

    You Mike Sheenoda (Linkin Park) :))))))

  • Ammar Azizi
    Ammar Azizi Year ago

    double chin

  • Adrian Ramlal
    Adrian Ramlal Year ago

    Dudeeeee... I always loved ur videos but man... Uve taken it to a next level with the fast pace and conciseness of this vid.. I'm a super busy guy and this format is perfect for me. Kudos bro! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Chicken clippin
    Chicken clippin Year ago

    The intro is everything! Best intro

  • Danymok
    Danymok Year ago

    Why are you assuming everyone who wants this phone has an S8 or IPhone X? I have an s7

  • Егор Смирнов

    I am so happy with my S9! it's the perfect device for remote video monitoring via Xeoma

  • 陈一
    陈一 Year ago

    Bad phone

  • Hiren Mer
    Hiren Mer Year ago

    Should I go for samsung s9 or iphone x ?

  • Traveling With Charles

    Im trying to decide either to buy the s8 or s9

  • Saibibi
    Saibibi Year ago

    3:15 haha you look like the skeptical dad

  • Chris Vibe
    Chris Vibe Year ago

    Can you make a music video with this phone?

  • Tomato Industries Detailing

    Where can I find that multi coloured wallpaper?

  • Jeb _332
    Jeb _332 Year ago

    What launcher is he using?

    • SimpleBrain
      SimpleBrain Year ago

      Jeb _332 He using Nova Launcher Pro

  • Techno Viking
    Techno Viking Year ago

    Could you give me the link of wallpaper with you have used on S9?????

  • Leon Bennett
    Leon Bennett Year ago

    So all in all another week mother screen

  • One Love
    One Love Year ago

    Did this guy snort two lines of speed before making this video?

  • samar 1011
    samar 1011 Year ago +1

    The truth is that ur ugly

  • Ahmed Syed
    Ahmed Syed Year ago

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