Helios 300 (2019) - The Best $1200 Gaming Laptop

  • Published on Jul 3, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the 2019 Acer Predator Helios 300. This is the best gaming laptop Acer has made at this price point.
    Helios 300 on sale - amzn.to/30aG29o
    With a GTX 1660 Ti, the 9th gen 9750H from Intel, and a 144 Hz screen this puts every other competitor in the laptop market in a tough spot. If you're gonna compete in this space, you gotta play against the Helios 300.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  5 months ago +2874

    I legit think that most companies HATE the existence of this gaming laptop. This puts a LOT of pressure on companies to make something competitive.

    • X3MCTZN
      X3MCTZN 17 days ago

      Zetraxes Lucky muricans, the price is affordable but in Europe, omg :( double

    • Everton
      Everton 17 days ago

      they need to get out of the comfort zone :P

    • X3MCTZN
      X3MCTZN Month ago +1

      @Charles Vernier Make your own enclosure, with a nice screen u good to go, and u loose like 12 to 20% (at maximum) big WOW....this for people on the MOVE constantly, but don't wanna carry bulky and heavy gaming laptops ( actually I am here to justify meself of buying a g-laptop) I don't need a static home rig, cuz yeah mostly away from home, but spending that much money (and believe me here in europe parts and techs are expensive ( lucky muricans) !!!

    • Aniket Jadhav
      Aniket Jadhav Month ago

      I received the laptop yesterday and have some questions
      1- The product I received has more hinge gap on left and less on right so is it common or should I replace?
      2- My laptop came with firefox installed, should I be concerned about it?
      3- Does the turbo mode button have backlit button or normal button?

    • Mithun Rajiv
      Mithun Rajiv Month ago

      Hi Dave. It would really kind of you to review the New Acer Nitro 7. Please share your feedback on this device.

  • 嗧iDevice遠
    嗧iDevice遠 Day ago

    It’s $1070 on Amazon now just ordered it last night

  • Jujojo Surabaya
    Jujojo Surabaya Day ago

    Great content. Very helpful.
    Thank you.
    I have 1 question, if you dont mind to answer it
    How to test the thermal performance issue?
    I will buy it soon, but I dont know how to check it.
    Thank you!

    • Jujojo Surabaya
      Jujojo Surabaya 2 hours ago

      @Darul Khair Thank you for your information

    • Darul Khair
      Darul Khair 2 hours ago +1

      download intel XTU, you can stress test cpu and gpu there, and monitoring the temp.

  • MusicRblx Gamer
    MusicRblx Gamer 2 days ago

    pls give me a laptop

  • Karl Boland
    Karl Boland 3 days ago

    Just bought this gaming laptop. With the power settings on high performance, whilst playing The Forest with max settings the CPU peaks at 91 degrees celcius, whilst the GPU stays in the mid 70s. That's a problem right? I mean, this is a brand new device. God, did I get a lemon? hahaha

    • Darul Khair
      Darul Khair 2 hours ago

      that's throttling. must be from bad thermal application.
      better ask for replacement sooner

    • G S
      G S 16 hours ago

      Karl Boland probably... it shouldn’t run this hot because he comes with factory undervolt

  • A L P H A architect
    A L P H A architect 4 days ago

    Hey dave can you do a review on acer nitro 7? 😁

  • Sherwin Singh
    Sherwin Singh 4 days ago

    Plssss review scar 3.......
    Asus scar 3

  • Lyle Wiley
    Lyle Wiley 5 days ago

    What about HP with a 9750h with the 2060 for $1100? Also a 144hz panel? I'm buying it today!

  • Haikel G
    Haikel G 5 days ago

    The thermal paste could be a solution for thermal issues for this laptop?

    • Darul Khair
      Darul Khair 2 hours ago

      I believe so. try to use the best one. like arctic MX-4 and thermal grizzly kryonaut. or maybe even liquid metal.

  • The Fonz
    The Fonz 5 days ago +3

    In Europe it is so expensive *Crying. Please help.

  • Benjamin Li
    Benjamin Li 6 days ago

    "not just it's price point but what you are getting at that price"
    *is that not what price point means*

  • Rich Northrop
    Rich Northrop 6 days ago

    I bought this and for some reason the PredatorSense program always opens about 2 minutes after boot up. How do I get it to not do this? I dont want it to come up if I quickly start up a game. Its not in my "start up" application list. I looked in the predatorsense settings, there is no "Run on startup" option to unclick. Not sure what to do.

  • Tan Jian Hong
    Tan Jian Hong 6 days ago

    Acer uses poor build components and has lousy customer service and warranty.

    I bought Spin 5 on 1 July 2018 and have been using it indoors and mostly through the DC supply.
    But the battery has become bloated just a little over a year of use.
    I brought it down to Acer Service Centre Singapore and was served by SC Dennis Pang Seng Yong.
    He said battery bloat is not covered under my warranty and that it is normal for the battery to become bloated.
    He is implying customers are expected to assume their Acer laptop will spoil after just 1 year and have to pay an inflated fee to replace the battery.
    This is even if my Parts & Labour warranty expiry is until 29 March 2020! Ridiculous!
    I told him that I have checked using Acer online Check Warranty tool and it does not show a specific expiry for the battery too.
    And I even generated a battery report through Win10 CMD to show the battery has not been used much at all.
    There are so many cases of exploding batteries and yet Acer does not want to offer free replacement for such a severe hazard which is likely due to the poor build.
    He then changed to give me a 20% discount, which he dares to say is a very good deal. Charging S$170 dollars for a simple battery replacement is overpriced!
    It is Acer's poor build which causes this issue, and not caused by me at all.
    This really shows Acer's poor attitude towards their customers and also the poor quality of their products.

    Acer uses a similar battery model for the majority of their laptop products, even their flagship ones. Prepare for your expensive laptop to spoil after a year.

    I want to warn everyone looking at Acer laptops to be aware of what you are buying and make an informed decision. Recommend you look at other brands instead.

  • Justin
    Justin 7 days ago

    does anyone else have this proble mwith your helios 300 where one of your fan sounds like it's hitting something?

  • Fadil M
    Fadil M 7 days ago +2

    Me while and after watching this video:
    * laughs with excitement *

  • SynicalSteve
    SynicalSteve 7 days ago

    How is it for recording or streaming in obs with a soundboard and PowerPoint?

  • Smart Phone Fix
    Smart Phone Fix 7 days ago

    no need any thunderbold sht .. miniDP is BEST port !

  • Kristian Torres Bautista

    mine will arrive next week. I would like to perform these benchmark tests to see if everything is ok with the thermals. How do I do this? What kind of test should I run? Thank you!

  • skogenburzum
    skogenburzum 7 days ago

    I just bought the 17" version with an RTX 2060 from Micro Center, and the thermal performance is phenomenal. I haven't had enough heat come out of it to be very warm at all. The issue you were referring to where your hand is hanging off when using WASD doesn't happen because it's wider overall and the edge has a much wider space between itself and the keyboard.
    Also, this laptop is crazy responsive. I actually returned a MacBook Pro 16" and exchanged it for this because as a formerly long-time Mac user(and former Apple employee), MacOS has gotten significantly slower. You can feel the difference and it's pretty disappointing. Love this laptop!!

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  • agus hendra
    agus hendra 8 days ago

    if only this laptop ditch the numpad and predator logo....

  • Kevin Josephs
    Kevin Josephs 8 days ago

    Hey Dave. I’m trying to help my younger brother. He’s looking for the best gaming laptop under $1000 in 2019. What would be your recommendation

  • Darkageknight Plays
    Darkageknight Plays 8 days ago

    I have a question so next to the charging ports there are these two led lights one showing if it’s charging and one is a lightbulb that keeps blinking can anyone tell me what it’s about?

  • Cody Everton
    Cody Everton 9 days ago

    I just got one the speakers are pretty bad besides that it seems good I am currently testing out the battery life.

  • gmjpropertymanagementllc

    New to the gaming world just ordered this laptop what test should I run out of the box to make sure I didn’t get a limón

  • hattic
    hattic 10 days ago

    How good is the trackpad?

    • Zap Attack
      Zap Attack 9 days ago

      Had it for 3 days its decent but if your gaming just get a mouse

  • Michał Kulig
    Michał Kulig 10 days ago

    Is connecting this laptop to a external 4k monitor an viable option?

  • Amie Saibani
    Amie Saibani 10 days ago

    Why u displaying a guy destroying bananas?lololol

  • happy tree83128
    happy tree83128 11 days ago

    i wish there is a 17 inch of this laptop

    • happy tree83128
      happy tree83128 9 days ago

      couldnt find it on amazon

    • Zap Attack
      Zap Attack 9 days ago

      There is, I got one atleast in the Uk the difference is it has 8gb ram instead of 16 but comes with 1TB ssd I will upgrade ram roon

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  • Akira Ishu
    Akira Ishu 11 days ago

    thank you, Dave. I got this as an early present for myself. good purchase

  • Akith Ahsan Dhrubo
    Akith Ahsan Dhrubo 12 days ago

    Hey, Can you show us some solutions for overheating laptops like mine ASUS TUF FX504GM? It would be really helpful.

  • xpgbodomhc1
    xpgbodomhc1 12 days ago

    You made me buy this on Black Friday, thanks.

  • MonMon Fiasco
    MonMon Fiasco 13 days ago

    This one or the Msi Alpha 15

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen 13 days ago +1

    Can you get a skin or case/shell to protect this? I can't find anything on Amazon and other websites

  • Muhammad Adam
    Muhammad Adam 13 days ago

    I have bought this laptop but with another specs that is i5-9300 and RTX2060. While playing games, my charging got disconnected automatically. I have plugged in the power cable to the socket and to the charging port of this laptop but it disconnect the charging while playing games. Can you give some comments on this particular problem?

  • InsertWittyName Here
    InsertWittyName Here 13 days ago

    I just picked this up for like $890 for cyber monday, and I'm absolutely loving it so far. Can smash any game I throw at it.

  • Sam Goodman
    Sam Goodman 13 days ago

    For $930 it's better

  • Dmytro Buryk
    Dmytro Buryk 13 days ago

    which size has hdd ? 2,5?

  • Czy
    Czy 14 days ago

    Should I sell my pc now? Because I want more portability.

  • Ryan Lim
    Ryan Lim 14 days ago

    can't wait for their 2020 model of this, am tired of my 4 year old laptop with a gtx 950m

  • Yazeed Gaming
    Yazeed Gaming 14 days ago

    great warning dave i had the 2018 model and i'm still using it and it's great but the thermals when i play on it is really bad especially because i game on it on bed when i'm at the desk i'm using my pc. it gets really hot and it gets really uncomforatble so i under volted it to -160mv (the most i could get while stable) and it's better but still not good enough defiantly still gets hot

  • Omar Deib
    Omar Deib 15 days ago

    What Ethernet cable do I use for this, just bought it and I’m very new to all this

  • Mega Neutron
    Mega Neutron 15 days ago

    I have a 240 hz monitor i want to buy a good gaming laptop and i need to know if this supports 240 hz monitors

  • tee Jimmy
    tee Jimmy 16 days ago

    how to test my notebook is not the 1 star?

  • M Yap
    M Yap 16 days ago

    One review on Amazon says that they get the BSOD and that this laptop is known for issues like this, some says they have issues with faulty keyboards, manufacturing errors and stuff like that. Aside from those, it got some really good reviews. But I'm worried, I was considering buying this now I'm not sure. I'm not too familiar with this kind of stuff, I just want a good gaming laptop for its price. 😓 Can anyone help out with this?

  • Marendra Pratama
    Marendra Pratama 16 days ago

    In amazon japan no black friday event :'(

  • Bryan Keith
    Bryan Keith 16 days ago

    Amazon has this for $928.99 right now, make sure you click Dave's link above if you buy it on sale, great deal!

  • TheFullmetal Alchemist

    Just saw this on sale, watched your review and bought it! Thanks Dave!

  • Amjad Al-Bittar
    Amjad Al-Bittar 16 days ago +1

    Got it for 928 Black Friday :)

  • Cameron Bosch
    Cameron Bosch 16 days ago

    Does the USB-C support displayport alt?

  • Rupanka Kalita
    Rupanka Kalita 16 days ago

    Is it going to run next gen games?

  • Pratham Gupta
    Pratham Gupta 16 days ago +17

    " If it's blue, buy it" -
    Dave Nov 2019

  • keerthy Vash
    keerthy Vash 16 days ago

    India this laptop is priced 1,37,000 RS which is 1909.10 dollars

    • Toxic
      Toxic 15 days ago

      It's down to 100000 now!

  • keerthy Vash
    keerthy Vash 16 days ago

    How to run benchmark and test the PC whether there is any

  • Somaditya Singh
    Somaditya Singh 16 days ago +7

    LOL who else just so his vid saying to buy it asap

    • Jose Something
      Jose Something 15 days ago +1

      Somaditya Singh gotta concise the parents somehow

  • kamal mohamed
    kamal mohamed 17 days ago +4

    928 $ today on amazon


    What about backlight bleeding??

  • Vincent Kho
    Vincent Kho 17 days ago

    Should i get this or the other competitors equipped with RTX 2060

  • ESSA
    ESSA 17 days ago

    Direct competitors of the Helios 2019 model?

    • Darul Khair
      Darul Khair 15 days ago

      hp omen 15, asus strix iii, dell g7 2019, lenovo y540.
      basically every laptop with gtx 1660ti