Helios 300 (2019) - The Best $1200 Gaming Laptop

  • Published on Jul 3, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the 2019 Acer Predator Helios 300. This is the best gaming laptop Acer has made at this price point.
    Helios 300 on sale - amzn.to/30aG29o
    With a GTX 1660 Ti, the 9th gen 9750H from Intel, and a 144 Hz screen this puts every other competitor in the laptop market in a tough spot. If you're gonna compete in this space, you gotta play against the Helios 300.
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Comments • 2 934

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  3 months ago +2606

    I legit think that most companies HATE the existence of this gaming laptop. This puts a LOT of pressure on companies to make something competitive.

    • Mithun Rajiv
      Mithun Rajiv Day ago

      Hi Dave. It would really kind of you to review the New Acer Nitro 7. Please share your feedback on this device.

    • Damir Horvat
      Damir Horvat 8 days ago

      I am going to tell second problem on that laptop. There is no microphone jack like on MSI Leopard Pro

    • AmpEdition
      AmpEdition 16 days ago

      @Andrew Paulo Lubian it would be ok, of course a desktop would be better

    • Andrew Paulo Lubian
      Andrew Paulo Lubian 16 days ago

      Is this good for editing also?

    • Yeshwant Nikkam
      Yeshwant Nikkam 20 days ago

      Plz check out triton 300

  • ChubzGaming MP
    ChubzGaming MP 6 hours ago

    Is the thermal paste put in the laptop good cuz the old model overheat and you need to reapply a paste

  • Mithun Rajiv
    Mithun Rajiv Day ago

    Hi Dave. It would really kind of you to review the New Acer Nitro 7. Please share your feedback on this device.

  • Adarsh Namdev
    Adarsh Namdev Day ago

    Hey Dave, could you also please do a review on Acer's nitro 7.

  • SNAKE Adam
    SNAKE Adam 2 days ago +1

    i have this device and i really like it its so awesome, however the speakers sucks big time, its really disappointing :( otherwise its a great laptop

  • Jacob Atkins
    Jacob Atkins 2 days ago

    Does anyone recommend this laptop for a computer engineering major?

  • anthony qen
    anthony qen 2 days ago

    why is the price 2.400$ in Amazon? :( I live in Australia

  • Grantastic
    Grantastic 3 days ago

    i got this for 1000 dollars for the amazon prime sale and it has been amazing! highly recommend.

  • Sad EinMeister
    Sad EinMeister 3 days ago

    Anyone can compete with that. I hate the gamer looks and i would never buy a laptop that looks like alien spaceship super gamer edges.

  • 5hylovezu Shayan
    5hylovezu Shayan 3 days ago

    Just ordered mine as my new EDITING laptop!!!😬😬😬

  • vannak keo
    vannak keo 3 days ago

    Thank you Acer Predator Helios 300 for keeping prices reasonable!

  • Soul Freaks
    Soul Freaks 5 days ago

    There is a lot of helios 300 model PH315-52-72RG 512 ssd and 1660 ti 256 ssd which one should I pick whats the difference??

  • John Raymond J. Pajigal

    does this laptop work with a 3200mhz HyperX memory?

  • Womphead
    Womphead 5 days ago

    Yea I have the 2018 model and it’s loud , I mean it’s like hair dryer I would say it’s unbearable if I didn’t use headphones to cancel it out.

  • Dr Feel Mah Groin
    Dr Feel Mah Groin 5 days ago

    Dave, I want to know about what you mean about the battery life. Is it 4 hours while gaming or on idle. I saw that it has 6 hours of battery life on idle. Just want to know about what you meant.

  • Lucas Santos
    Lucas Santos 5 days ago

    Please do the GL65

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 5 days ago +6

    The helios is good but pretty sure the SOULJABOY ™ Laptop will annihilate the helios to oblivion.

  • Ashlesh Mahule
    Ashlesh Mahule 6 days ago

    Pleaseeeee review the new Dell G3 pleaseeee

  • Great Gonzo
    Great Gonzo 6 days ago +1

    The version he is showing is out of stock here in my country, only option im left with is the i5 8gb ram version, i still dont know if it has a 60hz or 144hz screen

  • Slurpity Derp
    Slurpity Derp 6 days ago +1

    how does this compare to the hp omen 15 rtx 2060 and the legion y540 rtx 2060 that are both 1200

  • Tech Show
    Tech Show 7 days ago

    Fuck apple

  • won2001 RWG
    won2001 RWG 7 days ago

    Can u updagre the pc to have hdd

  • AnarickTheDevil
    AnarickTheDevil 8 days ago +2

    Thunderbolt 3 is still really important to those of us who live in small apartments with roommates and don't have room for big bulky pc's

  • Abishek Lakshmanan
    Abishek Lakshmanan 8 days ago

    shall i go with i5 9th gen

  • Afiq Haizal
    Afiq Haizal 8 days ago

    Hope you can review asus rog strix g

  • Shreyasi Rao
    Shreyasi Rao 9 days ago

    Hey can you review asus rog strix scar 3 plzzzzzz

    MAD GAMERS 9 days ago

    dude is it okay to play games on max fan mode ... max fan mode make loud noice so i am afraid it may broken

  • rohan shyam
    rohan shyam 9 days ago

    But the real question is can we play Minecraft

  • Life
    Life 9 days ago +1

    The only thing I absolutely dislike about the Helios is the design to gamerey

  • Sarthak Rane
    Sarthak Rane 10 days ago

    Hey, what do you have to say it's display? I recently brought this laptop and observed the screen bleeding in it. It is only at 1 spot , not too much of bleeding. Is it normal? How it's display is different from dell G7?

  • ditto ._.
    ditto ._. 10 days ago

    1:54 ohhh that jumpshot, tho!!!!!

  • Tarun Saini
    Tarun Saini 11 days ago

    Sir first of all BIG FAN!!!!!😍🤩🔥i bought the laptop and it crashed two time while just playing game for 15 minutes....i have requested a replacement...but i wanted to know how to check the replacement is good...how to push it to limits and check that the thermals are good.Like in totality how to check that my laptop is a good piece and how to check that its thermals are the best.

  • chaosweb12
    chaosweb12 11 days ago +1

    Which has better thermals? Helios 300 or Asus Scar III?

  • mdnor matnor
    mdnor matnor 13 days ago

    Not so bad gaming in laptop, the bad thing After 1 year always flip flop the laptop screen needed replacing a one new screen,And the price is not cheap.

  • IceCreamPiez
    IceCreamPiez 13 days ago

    If this laptop have 2070 with same 1200 Dollars I will buy iy

  • Gadgeto Gudamu
    Gadgeto Gudamu 13 days ago

    Duuude thanks I Just found out about this today, I was skeptical as heck about last years model or rather to just try to get the 500, but hell, if this is fair enough, I think I'll just try to go for it! This review cleared any doubts I had

  • Bhuvan Sai Teja
    Bhuvan Sai Teja 13 days ago

    I waited for 2 months so that I could get helios 300 on sale for 999$, but I bought msi gl75 for 999$(same specs ) as it was on sale . Is it a good buy?

  • BennyWinZ
    BennyWinZ 14 days ago

    Personally, I’d rather get the Apple Pro Stand. It’s much better, and it’s 200 dollars cheaper.

  • Anders Flem
    Anders Flem 14 days ago

    Super laptop!! But Amazon won't deliver to Norway. Tried on 2 account's and both has been blocked because of "suspicious activity" and I can't access my order witch I'm sure has been canceled twice now.
    In Norway you can buy it for 1800$... so dont know how to get it in 1200$ price range 😅

  • reynan delizo
    reynan delizo 14 days ago

    Thank you for review is very informative.

  • Kristian David Torres Bautista

    Is it still a good idea to buy it? I'm waiting for Black Friday

  • Jey Bry Does Things
    Jey Bry Does Things 14 days ago

    I live in the Philippines but I tried ordering the Acer Helios 300 from Amazon, it claims that there is no shipping fee but later on it shows that it has, anyone got answers?

    • Jey Bry Does Things
      Jey Bry Does Things 12 days ago

      @X HUNTER magkano mo nabili?

    • X HUNTER
      X HUNTER 13 days ago

      Bili kana lang sa mall binili ko sskin sa mall eh quality pre ang helios 300 2019

  • Julian Rivera
    Julian Rivera 14 days ago

    i have the 2018 version, and the issue i encountered was that the way the screen is connected actually ended up coming lose and having the back panel detach itself from the screen itself, which resulted in the screen becoming bent and cracking, but the performance was great, it did run hot but thtas cuz i would game for a long time on it, so i have high hopes for this version seeing as my screen is broken and i will need to find a replacement since i dont have insurance on the pc

  • Tank Connors
    Tank Connors 15 days ago

    woohoo..just got the RTX 2060!... getting it in 4 days!!

  • Alejandro León Barragán

    Between this one and the predator helios 500 amd version. Which one is better?

  • bitcoin miner
    bitcoin miner 17 days ago

    Got this Helios 300 and removed the fps limiter on nvidia settings and for some reason i am getting over 250fps on all my games. Even on Crysis which is unheard of. Over all i am very happy with my beast. Glad i bought it.

  • Joe Hughes
    Joe Hughes 17 days ago

    What is like to play on a gaming laptop? I travel alot and recently sold off my cheap budget pc but want to keep PC gaming. Honestly my biggest problem is the keys. Do I flip the screen and plug in a keyboard or is the keys and lower height on the screen totally fine? Anyone that can just give me some tips would be greatly appreciated 😊

    • MinePlays07
      MinePlays07 13 days ago

      It honestly depends a lot on your own personal taste. If you don't like the feel of the laptop keyboard, you can always plug in an external keyboard. As for the screen, I normally have my laptop on a stand, and it raises the screen enough to be enjoyable.

  • Holy Man
    Holy Man 17 days ago +7

    Can you review the xiaomi gaming laptop 2019 edition

  • Tom Young
    Tom Young 18 days ago

    I ordered this laptop and got really bad back light bleeding on the screen so I sent it back and bought another one and it have the same problem I'm not going to try a third time p but I highly suggest not buying this

  • Shivam Mina
    Shivam Mina 18 days ago

    Got this for 1070 dollars in india today

  • Juan Manuel Vallejo
    Juan Manuel Vallejo 18 days ago

    From the people that have bought it, how are thermals? I have a 2018 model and have thermal issues, thinking about upgrading to this one, but that's the main concern I have. Any comments are appreciated!

  • anthony anto
    anthony anto 18 days ago

    Hi Lee what do you think about the Acer predator Triton 300

  • Paul Yuen
    Paul Yuen 18 days ago +4

    I am locking this target for black friday, wish me luck.

    • Paul Yuen
      Paul Yuen 13 days ago

      @- Mikaz0 - It depends on how much the price drops. Frankly $1099 at amazon is a pretty good deal already to me but I can wait for a month or two.

    • - Mikaz0 -
      - Mikaz0 - 14 days ago +1

      Or you could be more civilized and sit at home comfortably on Cyber Monday

    • Tank Connors
      Tank Connors 16 days ago

      SAME lol...Goodluck

  • Hajar Rajab
    Hajar Rajab 18 days ago +1

    Ac adapter hole position is horrible, who designed this thing?!

  • Walter B
    Walter B 19 days ago +1

    In holland this laptop is 1500 euro. We are getting ripped off over here.

  • Mehul Jain
    Mehul Jain 19 days ago

    Is it worth it buying not so expensive laptops for gaming when instead you can get a better deal by buying a desktop?

    • aa666aa
      aa666aa 16 days ago

      Do you need portability? Also, with a desktop you'd probably want to play at a higher resolution.

  • GotMail
    GotMail 19 days ago

    Ill wait for Black Friday

  • Techno Boy
    Techno Boy 19 days ago

    In Mathew Moniz's video the nits was 343 and in your video it's 280?

  • preetham konda
    preetham konda 19 days ago

    What is the ssd type in thid laptop can one please tell me I am buying this so

  • Spinfast
    Spinfast 19 days ago

    Did this ting scale up in price now? I cannot find the 9th Gen Version under 1450 $ anywhere.