UFC 209: Dan Kelly Reflects on Rashad Evans Win, Says He Deserves a Top-10 Opponent Next

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  • opkill6
    opkill6 10 months ago


  • chieforangutan1991
    chieforangutan1991 10 months ago

    What was Bruce buffer announcing when kelly said "oh, wow!" ? I can't make it out..

  • War Veteran 1-10
    War Veteran 1-10 10 months ago

    I never gave this guy a chance in hell, especially when I seen him in the ring, I thought Rashad is going to walk through this bum... Then I did my homework and he actually has a really good record, for an old man it's crazy impressive

  • Joe Gold
    Joe Gold 10 months ago

    I just love me some Dan Kelly! What a great guy!

  • Farnhamification
    Farnhamification 10 months ago

    4:54 What a top response. The UFC are missing a beat when they don't sell a story like his.

  • calin vasile
    calin vasile 10 months ago +1

    This guy has heart but he takes to much damage in his fights.If he keeps getting so much damage he wont make it very far.Rashad should join Mo and Rampage in Bellator

  • B0l0joe
    B0l0joe 10 months ago

    I thought it should have been unanimous for Kelly, not a split decision. Clear win.

  • Donie Mack
    Donie Mack 10 months ago +1

    Hope he got a good pay day he deserves it

  • DubSun33
    DubSun33 10 months ago +1

    Dan should have won a bonus, this was a great fight. I love his ability to score at every opportunity, his game plan was so good and he played the risk / reward strategy perfectly. That said, Evans did not once low kick Kelly's strapped knee?

  • 001Hop
    001Hop 10 months ago +1

    Dan Kelly is a HERO!!!!

  • NeuralQwaruch
    NeuralQwaruch 10 months ago +1

    Great style Kelly! Congrats!

  • NeuralQwaruch
    NeuralQwaruch 10 months ago +1

    Why do black fighters always make cuts to their opponent face? Is it a trick to make blood spray and the opponent to look like he has suffered a Mortal Kombat fatality , so that the judges favors Sub-Zero lol...?

  • jack2069g
    jack2069g 10 months ago +2

    love this guy

  • Anthony Sim
    Anthony Sim 10 months ago +5

    This guy is such a badass. I was happy to watch him win!

  • Steve Swafen
    Steve Swafen 10 months ago +1

    Always classy

  • Electric Bikes Australia
    Electric Bikes Australia 10 months ago +2

    Onya Dan! You had the pub more excited than any of the other cards :) was definitively fun to watch.

  • Trady's World
    Trady's World 10 months ago +6

    Dan Kelly is a tough MF could be a future champ

    • Trady's World
      Trady's World 10 months ago +1

      Paul Andersen Hes the new Jon Jones

    • Paul Andersen
      Paul Andersen 10 months ago +2

      Sorry I didn't realise you were trolling, my bad. Dan Kelly is pretty much our generations Bruce Lee

    • Trady's World
      Trady's World 10 months ago +1

      Paul Andersen Yes. Yeah he could.

    • jollywollyU
      jollywollyU 10 months ago

      K - Train Lifestyle lmao
      dumb ass casual fan

    • Brendan Byrne
      Brendan Byrne 10 months ago +2

      We need Jacare-Kelly next for a title eliminator!

  • Liam Mahon
    Liam Mahon 10 months ago +1

    Good guy tough as hell

  • The Pretentious Hermit
    The Pretentious Hermit 10 months ago +15

    If Rashad can't even beat mid level fighters like this anymore, he just needs to retire. Seriously wasn't his last win Sonnen?

  • World Wolf
    World Wolf 10 months ago +14

    Kelly has no fear, unlike Wonderboy.

  • TheDuelist
    TheDuelist 10 months ago +4

    such a nice guy

  • bigdaddytizzle1
    bigdaddytizzle1 10 months ago +8

    Limps out to the ring then becomes a beast what a warrior and legend

  • Ayesha Cross
    Ayesha Cross 10 months ago +7

    Rashad did nothing; Deserved to lose 100%

  • Kelvin Liew
    Kelvin Liew 10 months ago +3

    Bisping calls out Dan Kelly for money fight in OZ!

  • GtheMVP
    GtheMVP 10 months ago +10

    I loved watching him beat "Sugar". He's the Aussie zombie

  • Scott Gallagher
    Scott Gallagher 10 months ago +6

    Great performance by him, always active

  • BlackAndOrange
    BlackAndOrange 10 months ago +10


  • CJ7xCFC2
    CJ7xCFC2 10 months ago +7

    I'm a fan

  • Mike Clarke
    Mike Clarke 10 months ago +17

    Ol school dirty boxing was on point, nice one Dan.

  • George Havenhand
    George Havenhand 10 months ago +6

    What a sound guy

  • Blackmoss the Fetid
    Blackmoss the Fetid 10 months ago +6

    I got so happy when Daniel won! I love his fighting style he is fighting a little risky but his defence is on point!

  • peter frost
    peter frost 10 months ago +7


    • peter frost
      peter frost 10 months ago

      It's a compliment where I'm from.

  • Yanex x
    Yanex x 10 months ago +17

    His legs are like a rickety old rocking chair. I thought they were gonna snap every time he moved.

    • Yanex x
      Yanex x 10 months ago

      be playful Artem! No doubt.

    • odin gave his eye to acquire knowledge
      odin gave his eye to acquire knowledge 10 months ago +12

      you gotta respect him even more knowing he has those physical disadvantages but continues to drive forward with his urge to win.

    • Sam
      Sam 10 months ago +2

      Yanex x ya he never would be able to go low and shoot for a takedown, good thing he's a judo player.

  • Crime_Stein
    Crime_Stein 10 months ago +6

    kely = goat

  • Richard Schmidt
    Richard Schmidt 10 months ago +15

    He did a great fight, love his little confused style.

  • Martin Fuhs
    Martin Fuhs 10 months ago +30

    Such a likeable Guy. Glad he won.

  • Mike Goldberg
    Mike Goldberg 10 months ago +61

    So Rashad's moving down to 135 next.

    • AbsoluteMMA101
      AbsoluteMMA101 10 months ago

      Rashad would literally have cabbage veins all over his body if he went to 135 lol.

    • Headshotmultiplyer
      Headshotmultiplyer 10 months ago +2

      Mike Goldberg 25

  • C Con
    C Con 10 months ago +34

    totally deserved it too, should have been unanimous.

  • Ane F
    Ane F 10 months ago +12

    UFC 210- *Khabib vs Tony*

  • Roflfuckyou
    Roflfuckyou 10 months ago +39

    Legit nice dude.