An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
  • The UK was great and i had a time
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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it
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  • living and hating is the game

    I asure you that the UK is much more nicer and "normaler" then it seems

  • roberto gurrola
    roberto gurrola 7 hours ago

    How did it fall in the toilet tho? That's such a weird angle for it to fall into.
    Also Jaiden made me realize that I do always check the toilet before flushing

  • Jessina Gurung
    Jessina Gurung 8 hours ago

    *I'm here in nuneaton..eating chips crying to meet jaiden..but I'm 9*

  • SFR Gaming
    SFR Gaming 9 hours ago

    Scotland’s great England welllllllllllllll

  • SBG Xx_Riftyz_xX
    SBG Xx_Riftyz_xX 10 hours ago

    Why does he look like Logan Paul???

  • VEX__
    VEX__ 10 hours ago

    BROFISTING not fistbumping

  • Holly Grenside
    Holly Grenside 11 hours ago

    Watch this video with captions who makes these captions lol

  • Doctor Donna
    Doctor Donna 13 hours ago

    Guys please tell me what kind of music plays in the background ? 😑

  • Delztio
    Delztio 15 hours ago

    at least jaiden doesn't have to share her cards and money because it is contaminated with jaiden pee

  • Hope Draws Stuff
    Hope Draws Stuff 17 hours ago

    Wait so u didn’t flush......

  • Andy Liu
    Andy Liu 18 hours ago

    Just a random question, but why does Flamingo has more views overall than Jaiden has overall?

  • miruku
    miruku 19 hours ago +1

    i’m sorry but i literally forgot you existed after your locked out vid and this came across my recommended so i had to watch it

  • Brody Milk
    Brody Milk 20 hours ago +1

    So I guess you don’t flush the toilet.

  • Sophie B
    Sophie B 21 hour ago

    Wait I read a comment that this dude could be pewdiepie.. but it kinda make sense..? Not about the women being selfish tho..
    but here are a few things that might make it seem it was pewdiepie 😂
    1) lives In the UK
    2) brofisting
    3)scruffy blonde hair
    4) doesn’t have an iPhone
    Just so you know I don’t think it was him (duh) because I believe pewds is a better person than what Jaiden described

  • ExoticButters
    ExoticButters 22 hours ago

    Pls get a android

  • Andres Leyva
    Andres Leyva 22 hours ago

    I remember when this said (got raped) in the title

  • Unlisted Sans
    Unlisted Sans 22 hours ago

    All that time I was thinking that he would steal your wallet.

  • Forever Jupiter
    Forever Jupiter 23 hours ago

    So did she just ... like not flush the toilet 😬

  • Shelbellm
    Shelbellm Day ago

    According to my vast experience in anime, your destiny now is to coincidentally bump into this man everywhere you go before you guys fall deeply in love for no reason 😏

  • Bumble Beest
    Bumble Beest Day ago +2



  • Matthew M
    Matthew M Day ago +2

    Jaiden: I only serve the quality stuff!
    Also Jaiden: I got locked out of my house and also was socially awkward with my Uber driver.
    Me: This is definitely top quality

  • Mastered HYPER Sonic

    I AM THE GUY THAT KEPT FIST BUMPING YOU(jk i would never say all girls are selfish)

  • Kurt Wagner
    Kurt Wagner Day ago

    And that's why I'm wearing men's pants even tough I'm not a man e.e

  • Semin Gusinac
    Semin Gusinac Day ago


  • We Can't Be Friends

    Jaiden met an incel.

  • heh _nub
    heh _nub Day ago

    James:Stop touching my shoulder
    Amaazing:Stop touching my anime
    Adam:Stop touching my bagels
    Jaiden:StOp FiSt bUmpIng mE

  • Janis Miroslava Cruz Ramirez

    Hablas español!? OkWell, in case you don't understand, I'm just asking you if you can speak Spanish, because the title is in Spanish :v

  • Latoya james
    Latoya james Day ago

    Dork alert

  • Raghunath B
    Raghunath B Day ago

    Plot twist- the guy knew who were and did this on purpose to get put in a video

  • Shin33D
    Shin33D Day ago +3

    Jaiden's version of "Gamer Girl Bathwater", "PEE STAINED WALLET".

  • Yuhang Xu
    Yuhang Xu Day ago +1

    ANSwer My Question THREE, and Take back the SPot, Taken BYE MEEEEE< Muahahahaha.

  • Jaz-Gacha life :'D Uwu :3

    Noo esta em ingles xd

  • HauKau17
    HauKau17 Day ago

    I love your videos so much but everytime I rewatch your videos this video always disgusting to me
    Not in animation
    Or story
    But the way that guy was acting always makes me 😔
    So I tend to avoid this video
    I love it but that part when you talk about him
    I feel disgusted Bc someone shouldn’t act like that 😔😡

  • FriskaDK
    FriskaDK Day ago

    0:26 That part made me laugh more than I expected lol

  • Pepper Robertson
    Pepper Robertson 2 days ago

    Can ari open doors?

  • Krazy Wolf
    Krazy Wolf 2 days ago

    I thunk it

  • Daisy Clark
    Daisy Clark 2 days ago

    Hey, you were sooo nice when I met you, thanks for finding my bracelet!! 💛

  • Sophie Chipman
    Sophie Chipman 2 days ago

    Dat man mean. I’m not selfish

  • Dyath
    Dyath 2 days ago


  • Demented Teaspoon 65
    Demented Teaspoon 65 2 days ago +1

    Oh God, you must think this is what our country is like.

  • gacha ashleyplayzz101

    Did you atleast clean the wallet

  • noob runer
    noob runer 2 days ago

    BwB qwq

  • noob runer
    noob runer 2 days ago

    -3- u did what ew

  • imi !
    imi ! 2 days ago

    wym jaiden. shreks adventure is godly and more canon then shrek 3

  • Gabby Gamer
    Gabby Gamer 2 days ago

    How didn’t the wallet get flushed down the toilet???

  • dadiamondcake bbooii

    At 6:47 the phone says weirdo detected 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tracey Simon
    Tracey Simon 2 days ago

    That man is rod and an idot

  • Trevor Compton
    Trevor Compton 2 days ago

    I live in uk 22 b Newtownards

  • Tide
    Tide 2 days ago

    “weirdo detected!” BBAHAHA

  • Niklas
    Niklas 2 days ago +1

    Your animation reminds me of bobs burgers for some reason

  • Gaćha Fałl
    Gaćha Fałl 2 days ago

    If you did get stuck in London, you can come and live with me 🤣!!

  • Zyven Peta
    Zyven Peta 2 days ago +1

    6:46 pause and look at jaidens phone

    URTRASH GARBAGE 2 days ago

    i wish i was that wallet

  • LuxuriousYak 310
    LuxuriousYak 310 2 days ago

    So you did not flush??

  • Piechowski Kamil
    Piechowski Kamil 2 days ago

    I realized that i can fit nintendo switch in my pocket. -_-

  • Koii_Here
    Koii_Here 2 days ago +1

    If the wallet was still there... so she didn’t flush...

  • Fired Up
    Fired Up 2 days ago

    In 6:46 her phone said werido detectived

  • Trista Anacker
    Trista Anacker 2 days ago

    00:32 was that flying object a Tardis?

  • LimboGen
    LimboGen 2 days ago +1

    The guy was flirting.

  • Super Sushi
    Super Sushi 2 days ago +1

    No one:
    Absolutely no soul:
    Jaiden: *I peed on my wallet*

  • Catty Gamers
    Catty Gamers 2 days ago

    "But I thunk it". Now I don't mean to be the grammar police, but it would actually be "but I thought it". lol pls don't hate me

  • Daniel Quiroz
    Daniel Quiroz 2 days ago

    Jaiden:Only dishing out the most high quality stories and content!!!
    Also Jaiden: So here is the time I pissed on my wallet. *While accidentally dragging shrek into it.*

    Only Jaiden, folks. What the Fricc Jaiden??? XD Seriously you always manage to completely astound me, with how random and off the walls your stories can get!!! Not complaining...but I mean--XD

  • Tabitha Moon
    Tabitha Moon 2 days ago

    Everyone has 4 fingers I guess

  • Bryan Vloggs Things
    Bryan Vloggs Things 3 days ago


  • michael walsh
    michael walsh 3 days ago

    i love how on the list of bad things to lose in a foreign country virginity is above young child

    JXZ._.VENOMPOOL 3 days ago +1

    I live in the UK soooooo god save the queen

  • mocha_sam_88
    mocha_sam_88 3 days ago

    Jaiden to James: STOP FIST BUMPING ME!

  • Edit - Brawl Stars
    Edit - Brawl Stars 3 days ago

    Кто с просто озвучки

  • Ethan O'malley
    Ethan O'malley 3 days ago

    Weirdo detected

  • Ethan O'malley
    Ethan O'malley 3 days ago

    Do not lose paper 2. Virginity

  • Gabriel Velasquez
    Gabriel Velasquez 3 days ago

    Oh yeah all girls are very evil in the UK cus
    I saw one smoke in a bus

  • maplebeee
    maplebeee 3 days ago

    My uncle Said that women are trash on Facebook and he got banned from posting and he said I did nothing wrong

  • Ash And Greninja Gaming

    "So i Peed on my Wallet" -Jaiden 2019

  • •IIkooxII Isabean•

    0:34 *Is that the doctor who time travel box?*

  • Spectral Spark
    Spectral Spark 3 days ago +1

    I feel like this guy is trying to flirt with Jaiden. But when Jaiden reacted like that. He feels awkwardness.