Oprah And The Central Park Five Talk 'When They See Us'

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Following the ratings success of Netflix’s limited series “When They See Us”, Oprah Winfrey sits down to interview the Central Park Five: Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana, and Korey Wise.
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Comments • 924

  • Random Kid
    Random Kid Month ago

    We all know the real reason why they were accused for the crime.

  • Gloria Pak
    Gloria Pak Month ago

    When I saw the movie on Netflix
    It broke my heart. I couldn’t even sleep thinking about what they had done to these children. It was just horrible! There’s a part in the movie where Kory is desperately waiting for the air conditioner to go on and finally when it does go on and he feels that breeze I also felt it. In this case the ones that committed the crime were not the children it was the adults!
    God sees everything.
    My thoughts and prayers are with all these young man may God continue to keep you safe and give you the strength to carry-on.
    God bless you🙏

  • Mboowa Abdu
    Mboowa Abdu Month ago

    I jhus loved the movie and caught me crying when korey

  • Marva Swepson
    Marva Swepson Month ago

    Pepsi offer Korey K Wise a Exonerated Pepsi commercial. The first confession Pepsi was a bribe

  • M. Aden
    M. Aden 2 months ago +1

    Where can I watch this interview please? 🙏🏽

  • upclose22
    upclose22 2 months ago

    Joshua Jackson, who played the defense attorney had me in tears after his comments regarding the trial and their knowing these kids were innocent. They had two bites to get it right and didn’t -He couldn’t understand why no one said we can’t to this to these kids😰 Plus him comforting the kids there -wow..

  • upclose22
    upclose22 2 months ago

    This was a powerful extension of this drama series and story of the exonerated 5. To hear the men speak and see the emotional reactions from the cast members had me in tears too💕💕 Bravo to everyone involved in the project. Proud of the exonerated 5... I hope the men as well as the stars received counseling. For Jharrel in particular, you can’t help but wonder how he came out of this acting experience.Very deep..

  • bicki burky
    bicki burky 2 months ago

    Oprah keeps skipping over korey because he can't articulate himself to her standards & ava keeps going back to korey so he could be heard.

  • A Tung Lee
    A Tung Lee 2 months ago


  • Vijay Luhan
    Vijay Luhan 2 months ago +2

    Finished the series. Also watched Oprah. Sigh. Korey Wise. Watching him barely be able to speak on stage. Broke my heart. He seems so broken. Out of emotion. Out of love. Choking up just typing this.

  • hoor maka
    hoor maka 2 months ago

    Obviously they all need to help 💔
    Money isn’t everything

  • Anthony Foster
    Anthony Foster 2 months ago

    I watched this documentary today and I cried. I can’t believe this happened. I’m so sorry this happened.

  • Anddi Hier
    Anddi Hier 2 months ago

    I could tell a dang Dem wrote the script...having them say over and over that Trump wanted there sons dead...that's a dirty rotten shame and scam lie...smh.
    What Trumps ad said was he blamed a lack Police force for all the crime in the park and hoped they'd bring back death to all murderers....how could that be directed at those 5 young men when they didn't kill anyone..."IT WASN"T"...He was talking about murderers period not them. Of course he was pushing for better park laws as he just invested millions across the street from it for whats now called Trump tower. Plus he really did care of how bad the woman got hurt...it was horrible what happened to her, as animal did that...smh
    Shame on the writer for putting those lies in that movie...just a dang shame

  • It’sCece
    It’sCece 3 months ago

    I hope those police and lindafairstein Rots in hell

  • Mr Drone
    Mr Drone 3 months ago


  • 300 Elhanan
    300 Elhanan 3 months ago

    white people is the damn devil that the bible warns about ...ESAU !

    • turtle man
      turtle man 2 months ago

      Yea...you and yours rob rape and kill each other in record numbers...then you glamorous it....doesn't matter what countries you and yours infest its turned into a ghetto....FACTS....

  • omega Owens
    omega Owens 3 months ago +1

    Get Antron an kory help they are broken

  • Tim_GRIFTER_Tool
    Tim_GRIFTER_Tool 3 months ago +1

    Such great timing for the release of this. Impeach trump!!!

  • Kirsty Simpson
    Kirsty Simpson 3 months ago +1

    Anyone know why Marquis Rodriguez wasn’t on the Oprah show???

  • Ill Ill
    Ill Ill 3 months ago +1

    Did you guys know that Oprah did an interview in like in the 1990’s with Tricia Meili stating that she believe that these same men she’s exploiting now did that crime? Guys Oprah is a fraud. She hops on the bandwagon when she can. I do not support her anymore. Terrible shrew.

  • Bolanle Baruwa
    Bolanle Baruwa 4 months ago

    Korey I am here for u god be with u🙏🏽🙏🏽😭😭

  • Sue Phillips
    Sue Phillips 4 months ago

    Everyone involved in what was done to these men should be imprisoned.

  • Baby Joe
    Baby Joe 4 months ago

    This is a great production and I can feel the pain of these men every day. It is hard to imagine the grief and lifetime of pain these guys will carry for the remainder of their lives.It's frightening to understand that this happens and could happen to any black man in America today. I can't imagine that the United States government can make horrible mistakes time after time when it comes down to being black in America.
    Freedom is important to some, but everything to Black Americans, because we seem to have to always and forever watch our backs and fight to protect our freedom based on how society SEE'S US. It's hard to live in an environment where your freedom is always attacked and stands in question as if we're under some sort of bounty like slaves in the market place.
    I think that the District Attorney Linda Fairstein and the Manhattan District Attorney's office including the judge should be brought up on charges criminal charges for what they did and allowed to happen to these men.
    This should be a powerful message to all District Attorney's around the globe, stop trying to win cases an seek the TRUTH. The time they lost can never be paid off or returned to them. Being Black is NOT a crime in other countries so why is it a crime in America?

  • Stephen Breeze
    Stephen Breeze 4 months ago

    i can,t top the innocent 5 but battered sensless by mother and father comes close a real childs eye into brutality beyond you wildest thought ave devaney read this or pass it to whoever

  • Keyaanii
    Keyaanii 4 months ago

    the guy who played korey deserves an award or something man, he is talented.

  • Tie Constant
    Tie Constant 4 months ago

    God bless you

  • Ellie Uto
    Ellie Uto 4 months ago

    Korey story broke me into pieces

  • benavrahamyitzchak
    benavrahamyitzchak 4 months ago

    That brother on the far right is gone. He was in Rikers as a child. God only knows what happened to him, our minds can imagine. That's why he has that look in his eyes. He's got some serious brain damage that can't be repaired with money.

  • Pavan K
    Pavan K 4 months ago

    In the show the predator cop kept asking korey to let him know if he could do something for him and did something happen to korey about that situation in jail. I’m talking about the weird creepy cop

  • Paul Daley
    Paul Daley 4 months ago

    They should’ve let pr phil interview them

  • TheThankful Life
    TheThankful Life 4 months ago

    I don't know if many of you realize this but I think Oprah is one of the executive producers of this docu-series. She has her issues but she is one of the reasons why this thing was made.

  • Gloria Brown
    Gloria Brown 4 months ago

    Yusef i don't respect for not writing. Korey jyst to send him some encouraging words he went on until Reyes confess but Reyes would of met the others I think he would of kept quite. Korey not be as educated as the others but he is a good soul.

  • Milka Nyambura
    Milka Nyambura 4 months ago +1

    Korey Wise went through too much.. Jesus....

  • Star Destroyer_E19
    Star Destroyer_E19 4 months ago

    How can people dislike this?

  • Nour Elddin El-Assadi
    Nour Elddin El-Assadi 4 months ago +1

    How can the black people in america fight for the american flag, that i find strange

  • lethal5 flow
    lethal5 flow 4 months ago +3

    If u watch the full interview, Antrons STILL in a tremendous amount of pain. The miniseries did a good job showing how him and his dad's relationship changed....but when you watch the the interview, you can tell his pain is 100x worse than the movie portrayed

  • Kinghanaan
    Kinghanaan 4 months ago +1

    poor guys

  • Name Changed to Punty
    Name Changed to Punty 4 months ago

    Anton’s a broken man, him and Kory.

  • kimmie wallace
    kimmie wallace 4 months ago +1

    I think Corey is getting help, but he will probably never be the same. He is probably on medication. GOD continue to protect him.

  • M a
    M a 4 months ago +1

    Justice will only.be.done when all involved in putting these innocent black men into jail go to jail themselves . A ''im sorry '' isnt enough. I pray god punishes all those oppressors ameen

  • Heather C.
    Heather C. 4 months ago +2

    20/20 running this couple weeks ago showing how that nite in Central Park was terrifying n to put a false confession on somebody n roll with that knowing the evidence, the truth pointed away from the five just showing how corrupt n immoral our justice system can be onto a skin color, these are the moments I am terrified for our country that they can go off a lie n take ur entire being away n throw away the key is something I will NVR comprehend ever!

  • Heather C.
    Heather C. 4 months ago

    The documentary they showed on 20/20 was so disgusting! That nite in the park was crazy, but them getting a lie, a false confession put on them cus they were scared n wanted to go home, n even though all the evidence was there that they did not do this, that one person could literally lie about u n u can get falsely accused n locked up, is one of the scariest n worse crimes lawyers n cops corruption could do, the damages they betrayed on too a skin color is immoral n disgusting as America could get! Innocent til proven otherwise is a crock of shit!

  • _Hajarrxx M
    _Hajarrxx M 4 months ago +4

    "What I learned about the justice system is that it's the wrong name for it" powerfull

  • GT Tg
    GT Tg 4 months ago +1

    Please don't support Oprah and support the Exonerated Five.

  • Brenda Leite
    Brenda Leite 4 months ago

    Gente alguém coloca a tradução aq peloamorrrr

  • Lisa’s Chi Chi Chan
    Lisa’s Chi Chi Chan 4 months ago +1

    Keep keeping America and the world Woke to the injustices done to Black and Brown people, their stories need to be told!!’

  • SnapShot's Reviews
    SnapShot's Reviews 4 months ago +1

    They should have refused to do this with Oprah, after she signed of LG on the MJ doc that should have been her done, these guys are the perfect example of being wrongfully accused of a sex crime and that is the same in the MJ case. She’s now “saved face” in the Black community because they did this interview with her.

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey 5 months ago

    Great Great New Video:: Reparations with Truth Walker and Grand Sheik-Taj Tarik Bey (((look it up so-call black people!!!))))

  • kiki Banche
    kiki Banche 5 months ago +2

    All I could do was cry... WTF😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • kissy wright
    kissy wright 5 months ago +1

    this movie makes me cry... my heart goes out to these men.....all of you are strong men for what you all went through. God Bless

  • Chanel Vibes
    Chanel Vibes 5 months ago +1

    Oprah is fake as hell, didn’t she interview the jogger ages ago, insinuating that these innocent men were guilty and sexual crimes should be taken seriously.

  • Linda Lane
    Linda Lane 5 months ago

    Corruption is still real. If you are black, poor, or disabled. Free attorney’s don’t help. I am in tears when I see what was done to the men. I want to know how anyone lives with themselves setting up children and destroying there lives. Karma is a bitch. The police , the prosecutor, everyone involved will face Reaping what they sew ten fold. But it can never change what was done. Sending healing ❤️ Love 💗 to these men. Is it too late to hold people accountable.

  • Kim jong un
    Kim jong un 5 months ago +2

    I represent my black community. We change the wrong. #noshameinblack

  • I Love Lynnx 2019
    I Love Lynnx 2019 5 months ago +2

    Ava Duvernay is the splitting image of Layla Ali

  • Star Nawa
    Star Nawa 5 months ago +1

    I don’t trust Oprah anymore👹

  • Jim Creek
    Jim Creek 5 months ago +5

    Can't stand mammie Oprah !
    Why couldn't someone else do this interview??? Please go away Oprah !!!! Please !!!!!

  • Christiaan Noot
    Christiaan Noot 5 months ago

    So........I haven't watched TV or Netflix in years but my mom highly recommended this to me and I'm glad I did. First of all, my respect to those guys, being able to survive and then even making something out of their lives. Second of all; at the end of the movie it doesn't say anything about prosecution against the officers who lead the case and abusively (and I'm not completely up to date with American law, but it seems illegaly as well) have coerced these children at the time to sign their own sentence. Anyone know anything about that?

  • ana paula lemes santos
    ana paula lemes santos 5 months ago


  • Dai’Shon Hardy
    Dai’Shon Hardy 5 months ago

    The Full interview is on Netflix. Your welcome

  • Soraya V
    Soraya V 5 months ago +3

    I hate when Oprah said she was surprised with public reaction...can't believe it, no respect. Again only running for rates disgraceful woman.