Lifan 250 V2 with Marving Exhaust

  • Published on Sep 9, 2007
  • The Chinese Lifan ( Yamaha Virago copy)Motorcycle mounted with Italian Marving Exhaaust for a Yamaha Virago XV 250
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  • John Braman
    John Braman 2 years ago

    whats the part number and link for the place you got that exhaust at?

  • Live2ride
    Live2ride 5 years ago

    @steveBlues87 i don't want t swap but can't get one from lifan and i need an exhaust to pass the mot.would it help if i post some photos?

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones 5 years ago

    If I knew what the LF250 exhaust system looked like properly I could definitely say yes. The engine is exactly the same so I don't see why not.
    The Virago exhaust system has a silencer box underneath the engine. I don't know why you'd want to anyway, they both sound exactly the same from what I can hear, you wouldn't get any difference from switching from a Lifan exhaust system to an authentic Yamaha one.

  • Live2ride
    Live2ride 5 years ago

    @steveBlues87 do u think i can fit a yamaha xv 250 exhaust on a lifan lf 250,i really need help can't get anything from lifan.

  • Mandorelian7
    Mandorelian7 7 years ago

    where did you get it?

  • velhonen
    velhonen 7 years ago

    @cuckoo1121 120 km/h

  • michaeldiepeveen
    michaeldiepeveen 7 years ago

    @cuckoo1121 price is max 900 euro's ;)

  • Sneadster
    Sneadster 8 years ago

    decent chop at idle for a 250.....remove the baffle and go straight! loud pipes save lives

  • salman iak
    salman iak 8 years ago

    Top speed & price???

  • CosmoxYRik
    CosmoxYRik 8 years ago

    I don't get it, how did you start it? There's no one standing anywhere near the bike.

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones 8 years ago

    Erm, CrazyMonkey, I've had pleanty of Chinese bikes so I know the troubles, and in the end I decided to go with Japanese bikes.
    All I have to say is that you don't buy a brand new bike expecting it to fall apart or break. My 14 year old Virago ran better than any chinese bike I had brand new.
    A jap bike may cost a little more, but the costs for repairing your chinese bike soon adds up to a large amount.

  • changchung
    changchung 9 years ago

    I friend of mine buy one of this, three days after he have to return because some clucth problem, a week later the CDI stop work, he have to paid for another because that is not cover for the warranty... I learn the leason... I buy a real VIRAGO 250

  • Dean Simmons
    Dean Simmons 9 years ago

    Half the fun is solving the Chinese bike's problems, Its very rewarding, but you have to WORK for it, seems that not many, (not all) Americans don't want to work for anything and want everything handed to them, its human nature to be lazy.
    If you're not willing to put in the effort/dedication and time into ANY bike, how can you proudly call it yours? (If you do, good for you) I don't know about ya'll, but I wanna know MY bikes inside and out so thoroughly that they are like an extension of me.

  • Dean Simmons
    Dean Simmons 9 years ago

    Well, its not really raising the price of oil if it has ALREADY been shipped here a while back, its the other continual shipments of low priced stuff.
    I have that bike, I put 9000kms on it and its still kickin, Keeps up with the big guys, I'm getting a 17th front sprocket for it for reduced vibration and higher mpg. It got alot of torque for a 250cc bike, but it could really use a larger front sprocket to stop the 'kick' at 1st gear.
    Rice is rice, why pay (three times) the price?

  • Dean Simmons
    Dean Simmons 9 years ago

    Its the same size as the Yamaha Virago 250.

  • bennyivanolsen
    bennyivanolsen 9 years ago

    Great sound,,,,,

  • bennyivanolsen
    bennyivanolsen 9 years ago

    are you talking out of your mouth or ?????

  • Gary Artz
    Gary Artz 9 years ago

    Does that have a remote start?

  • kens97sto171
    kens97sto171 10 years ago

    Guess where a lot of the Jap bikes are being made?? Do some research. A lot of Jap stuff is being assembled in China now, for the same reason GM builds the Monte Carlo in Mexico... cheap labor. And any company moves elseware.. to save costs.