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  • Published on Aug 26, 2019
  • On this episode of You Sang My Song, Charlie Puth watches fan covers of his songs on TVclip. He listens to covers of "Done For Me," "We Don't Talk Anymore," "Patient," and "Attention" and offers advice and sweet words to the fans that created them.

    Nick Warner -
    Veronica Sixtos (Zyrin) -
    Brandon Martinez (Box of Beats) -
    Luis Grazziano -
    Emma King -
    Kimber -
    Jacob Westfall -\

    Charlie Puth's new song “I Warned Myself” is available now. Listen here:
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    Charlie Puth Watches Fan Covers on TVclip | Glamour
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  • Kenya Suarez
    Kenya Suarez 12 hours ago

    Charlie has a reallyyyyyy low voice

  • TonyZ
    TonyZ Day ago

    (I like that you lower the key to A major) Perfect scary pitch ahahahah

  • Bijouled
    Bijouled 4 days ago +1

    Little known fact: Charlie Puth legit has perfect pitch. So he can hear all the minor differences in tones and notes that might be difficult for the rest of us to really notice.

  • Carli Cockrell
    Carli Cockrell 4 days ago

    why is harry potter in this?

  • Liz Iturriaga
    Liz Iturriaga 5 days ago

    I would pay Charlie to review my singing hes so smart and wise in music... I love hearing him talk about music bc you can hear the passion respect and love he has for it

  • BTS express
    BTS express 5 days ago

    _Im happy Just to stan Charlie puth and BTS_
    *the two legends.....*

  • Mccdrew
    Mccdrew 6 days ago

    Thank you guys so much for shinging my shongsh

  • Atanu Biswas
    Atanu Biswas 6 days ago

    Really appreciate for this video everyone specially Charlie Pith ... Love ya ❤️☺️🤙

  • Alfred Flores
    Alfred Flores 6 days ago

    I really love you charlie puth. I'm a big of your's here in Philippines

  • John Cairo
    John Cairo 10 days ago

    Charlie Puth needs to be The Voice judge.

  • Tyrone McDonald
    Tyrone McDonald 11 days ago

    The hardest melody ever written into a song ...... bruh like his music but that’s some supreme ego

  • buikbelau1
    buikbelau1 13 days ago

    His hairline is very distracting😂😂 . Keep makin good music, Charlie!

  • Vai82 Dabang
    Vai82 Dabang 14 days ago

    He really is so talented ! He undermines that so much ! Love him for that humble attitude 🤗

  • xHeat
    xHeat 15 days ago


  • Thangboi Hangshing
    Thangboi Hangshing 15 days ago

    Really appreciate what he did 👏👌✌️👍

  • Sofy Quintilla
    Sofy Quintilla 15 days ago

    That voice.. . Emm.. mmm.. 😍

  • Bharath Kumar K A
    Bharath Kumar K A 15 days ago

    What's the first song called ?

  • Terri Harrison
    Terri Harrison 18 days ago

    The first guy singing was amazing

  • Avnik Singh
    Avnik Singh 18 days ago

    That's the first time I've seen box of beats speechless

  • Caleb Ly
    Caleb Ly 18 days ago

    That 2nd girl could replace R2-D2 when she says, "WHHHATT!?" LOL.

  • Genta Sepriandi
    Genta Sepriandi 19 days ago

    Wow.. i thought he is just a pop artist. But those perfect pitch and jamming thing..just blew my mind

  • Brian Gricas
    Brian Gricas 20 days ago

    Please have Selena Gomez do this!!! 🙏🏽

  • KoalaStar Studios
    KoalaStar Studios 20 days ago

    It would be cool if imagine dragons reacted to fan covers. They are my favorite band.

  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation 20 days ago

    Charlie's speaking voice is doing things to me... 😏

  • Игорь Олевинский

    У него такой красивый голос, когда просто разговаривает.👀💦

  • Kcsamfg
    Kcsamfg 21 day ago

    Well cut! This is how reviews should be done

  • abdulla mehmood
    abdulla mehmood 22 days ago

    Is it just me or Charlie Puth is all over my Feed

  • Abhay Bhagat
    Abhay Bhagat 22 days ago

    999k views 😂 what an amazing timing

  • Rachael Napier
    Rachael Napier 22 days ago

    Ben Folds Five!!!

  • Toombsy Boi
    Toombsy Boi 22 days ago

    5:47 man has a Samsung

  • Evgeniy Raskolnjikov
    Evgeniy Raskolnjikov 23 days ago

    Stop shaving your head brah, does NOT suit you.

  • Katan pangkam
    Katan pangkam 23 days ago

    This man is a whole piece of music

  • bastian Gonzalez
    bastian Gonzalez 23 days ago

    This dope

  • Linina Crowne
    Linina Crowne 23 days ago

    InFLECTions haha his pronunciation is wrong

  • Venom-VS-Zombies
    Venom-VS-Zombies 24 days ago

    i love how all these people have such good audio and video quality but then on their reactions to puth's reactions are recorded on like flip phones pretty much

  • TCK QuiCksoPes
    TCK QuiCksoPes 24 days ago

    He doesnt look bad but that haircut aint it

  • Sahithi T
    Sahithi T 24 days ago

    Tell me why chalie's songs aren't on Spotify!!?

  • icy bobby k
    icy bobby k 25 days ago

    Holy his voice deep but he can hit high notes that high

  • Bryahna Christy
    Bryahna Christy 25 days ago +2

    Why is everyone worried about the clothes that Charlie is wearing 😅

  • Fariha Lubaba
    Fariha Lubaba 25 days ago

    What is in Charlie's eyes? Goodness.

  • Wesley Soliven
    Wesley Soliven 25 days ago

    He’s so handsome

  • Eda Ö
    Eda Ö 26 days ago +1

    he seems like a genuinely chill person to hang out with

  • Mellowjay
    Mellowjay 26 days ago

    Is that a bug on kimber's wall?? 🤔

  • Natalie Harvey
    Natalie Harvey 26 days ago

    I bet his brain is exhausted... like a super computer always crunching music notes

  • Emmanuel Kavoori
    Emmanuel Kavoori 26 days ago

    Check out my take on a Charlie Puth song: -

  • Aika On Purpose
    Aika On Purpose 29 days ago

    OMG... It's like a lecturer going through each student's assignment. 🤣

  • Rona
    Rona 29 days ago +2

    He should be a Judge for singing competitions

  • Greg Allen
    Greg Allen 29 days ago +2

    The Kimber girl has potential to be huge.

    • kimberofficialmusic
      kimberofficialmusic 26 days ago

      Greg Allen thank you!! You can check out more of my music on this channel :)

  • Roberto Soto
    Roberto Soto 29 days ago

    It’s a shame Chase Eagleson was not chosen. He killed “we don’t talk anymore”

  • Brooke Williams
    Brooke Williams Month ago


  • Fabrice Lowens
    Fabrice Lowens Month ago

    The face reaction of the 2nd person😂😂😂💔💔

  • jackthedash love
    jackthedash love Month ago

    His voice is deeper then I thought

  • Hadassah rose plays
    Hadassah rose plays Month ago +1

    I love you kimber

  • Anthony Nhoy
    Anthony Nhoy Month ago


  • ellinor Sjöbomander
    ellinor Sjöbomander Month ago +1

    Kimberly is so good Singer! 🎤 🎶

  • JangoJuice
    JangoJuice Month ago +5

    Who else wants to be like charlie but doesn’t do anything

  • Sanjana Dutta
    Sanjana Dutta Month ago +1

    I like how he analyses everyone's performance and listens carefully to the intricate detailing in them. Love his attitude!

  • Stephanne Romero
    Stephanne Romero Month ago

    I love you charlieeeee😍

  • Clara Elia
    Clara Elia Month ago +1

    What a voice of the Kimber Terry! She is amazing. Girl, you don’t need smash so much the heart of the listeners like you did with mine. Take sweet, honey.

  • ruoweii
    ruoweii Month ago

    i LOVE how he picks up on what the artists / musicians were trying to do. he's really paying attention