The Disaster Artist - Movie Review


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  • Fagner Rodrigues
    Fagner Rodrigues 17 days ago

    This is a very good movie

  • greg herried
    greg herried 27 days ago

    Jeremy, this is a good review for a good movie that was better than I expected, although it did look amusing in the trailer. James Franco was definitely robbed of an Oscar nomination thanks to the overblown MeToo movement. It's probably the best performance he's given in feature films. He was funny and witty and emotional when he had to be. I loved all the sharply written cameos and Dave Porter wrote a great music theme. One of the best films of the year!

  • Paul unknown
    Paul unknown 28 days ago

    Honestly, I wanted to pass on Disaster Artist because I was like "there's no point in a movie that focuses on the making of the worst movie of the last 20 years." I humored myself by seeing it, and enjoyed it more than I thought it would. Thank goodness James Franco didn't let Seth Rogan be in it for longer than 15 minutes.

  • Christina Kwon
    Christina Kwon Month ago

    Was Jeremy aware at the time of making this review that this movie was based on a book written by the actor that played Mark? I haven't read the book itself but it was written by a guy who still speaks to Tommy Wiseau on a daily basis so I would assume this fresh take on Tommy Wiseau's *cough* eccentric personality and behaviours was already included in the book, and can't be wholly credited to James Franco.

  • greg herried
    greg herried 2 months ago

    I was surprised at what a good movie The Disaster Artist is. I didn't really know what to expect. James Franco gives one of the best performances of his career as the unpredictable Tommy Wiseau. He is really funny and amusing in every scene. He was definitely robbed in this year's Oscar nominations. He should have had a second Best Actor nomination, regardless of any allegations of misconduct, of which there is no proof. The Disaster Artist received one nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. It deserved much more than that, especially for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Original Score for Dave Porter. I would like to watch it again!

  • Jon Walsh
    Jon Walsh 3 months ago

    I think that above all, Tommy Wiseau is a prime example of the American Dream. He did his “best”, and while it didn’t go as he expected, it worked out for him in the end

  • Happee Birthdae
    Happee Birthdae 3 months ago

    Idk how people are saying that its so bad that its good..... I looked up one clip and have concluded that its so bad that its horrendously awful and unwatchable

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 3 months ago

    “It’s bullshit, I did not hit her. I did nooot. Oh hi, Mark!”

  • Albert Mag
    Albert Mag 5 months ago

    Rodger Adultery. ..never laid a hand on me ....

  • lexvj Vjxelj
    lexvj Vjxelj 5 months ago

    I gave the film a C.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 5 months ago

    Actually I believe Birdemic is the worst movie ever made

  • wendy_pop
    wendy_pop 5 months ago

    dont 4get my ass

  • Albert Mag
    Albert Mag 5 months ago I want to watch ...."'' THE ROOM "" ....Forget The D.A. movie ....

  • big kahuna burger
    big kahuna burger 6 months ago

    Love this film was great

  • Abel Mathew
    Abel Mathew 6 months ago

    You're tearing me apart Jeremy!

  • Fabrice Soonekindt
    Fabrice Soonekindt 6 months ago

    O H H I M A R K !

  • Felix S.
    Felix S. 6 months ago

    I did not get the movie at all just seemed like a book being narrated

  • Christopher Jay
    Christopher Jay 7 months ago

    Anyway,how is your ritalin?

  • Eddie G
    Eddie G 7 months ago +1

    Jeremy, did you see the scene after the credits ended? It was amazing.

  • Jg3000
    Jg3000 7 months ago

    There is movies worse than The Room. The good news is you can forget those movies.

  • scottpilgrim920
    scottpilgrim920 7 months ago

    You need to watch The Room, Jeremy!! I have seen it three times now, the third time at a theater with a friend of mine. It was like MST3K, where the audience was making jokes and throwing spoons at the screen. That was the most fun I have had at a movie!!

  • Annabelle Ahmad
    Annabelle Ahmad 7 months ago

    Anyway, how's your sex life?

  • Blizzic
    Blizzic 7 months ago +1


  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 7 months ago

    2017 has had many layered characters

  • Theman Joe
    Theman Joe 7 months ago

    ha ha ha. what a story, Jeremy.

    THESSALONIAN31N 7 months ago

    Who wants to see Jeremy reviewing The Room. ?

  • Free Bee
    Free Bee 8 months ago

    It wasnt great. Franco made him a bit too Forest gumpy. Kindof felt like an snl skit. Good but not great

  • Kanye West
    Kanye West 8 months ago

    I did NAAT enjoy the movie! Oh hi guys

    OMNI HALLS 8 months ago

    Very good movie, James Franco rocks in this. By the way, the ''Room'' rocks too.

  • Fledder Maus
    Fledder Maus 8 months ago

    Tommy Wiseau could've been a war criminal or under the witness protection program for all we know hahahah Love the movie.

  • Retro Movie Room
    Retro Movie Room 8 months ago

    I like what they did with the movie. But Greg Sestero's book wasn't quite so inspirational... I don't think he was feelin' the love when he wrote it.

    10,000,000 views 8 months ago

    This movie was greatness embodied. 8/10

  • Captain Awesome
    Captain Awesome 8 months ago

    Love the intro

  • Samuel Carrillo
    Samuel Carrillo 8 months ago

    Good doggi

  • Blind Truth
    Blind Truth 8 months ago +1

    Loved the movie but have never seen The Room

  • Michael Klump
    Michael Klump 8 months ago


  • God is my fortress VerHalen

    the movie is a waste of time terrible...

  • Juan José Fonseca Godoy

    I still don't know why I'm subbed to your channel, because I completely despise the way you speak.
    About the review, you clearly didn't read the book or listened to the audio book, otherwise you would have known what the movie was going to be about.

    • tomstonemale
      tomstonemale 3 months ago +1

      You don't need to read the book to watch the movie, dude. Hell, the screenwriters didn't even watch The Room and you can tell.

  • Evan Gray
    Evan Gray 8 months ago

    After reading the book THE DISASTER ARTIST, this movie was a big let down. Franco really missed the dark and sarcastic overtones of the book. The book makes you laugh with Greg at Tommy's ridiculous behavior...The movie however just made me cringe and feel awkward. I don't think you did your homework Jeremy sorry this is not AWESOMETACULAR. I normally agree with you... but this is No Alcohol Required at best.

  • TriVortex
    TriVortex 8 months ago

    have you not heard of the emoji movie

  • Cordyceps
    Cordyceps 8 months ago

    How's your sex life Jeremy?

  • Alligator
    Alligator 8 months ago

    Oh hi jeremy you’re my favourite -customer- movie reviewer

  • Bubbaa Music
    Bubbaa Music 8 months ago

    Just seen this movie I didn't feel anything heart felt but great funny movie... Oh hi mark 🤣

  • ToQ 3gou
    ToQ 3gou 8 months ago

    This is basically the spiritual sequel to Tim Burton’s Ed Wood biopic

  • Henry Wentworth
    Henry Wentworth 8 months ago +2

    I’ve loved to hate the film ever since I watched the Nostalgia Critic’s review of it. It’s a masterpiece for all the wrong reasons.
    The Disaster Artist was one of my favourite films of the year. Hilarious, smart, and surprisingly touching in some places. James and Dave Franco killed it in these roles, highly recommend.

  • James Houston
    James Houston 8 months ago

    Oh hi Jeremy

  • acousticplayer3
    acousticplayer3 8 months ago

    I appreciate the 420 minute mark

  • Tectash
    Tectash 8 months ago +1

    This movie could have easily been a cheap gimmick. What I love is this film gives you a newfound respect for those who have the courage to chase their passion.

  • Noah Lepper
    Noah Lepper 9 months ago

    "Oh hai Mark"

  • fahri zulfikar
    fahri zulfikar 9 months ago

    Keep your stupid review in your pocket!

  • Thatonefilmmaker
    Thatonefilmmaker 9 months ago

    go check out what I thought on the disaster artist on my channel and leave a like and a sub if you liked it

  • Walter Lounsbery
    Walter Lounsbery 9 months ago

    I am surprised the movie "Ed Wood" is not mentioned.

  • G Richard Yamagata
    G Richard Yamagata 9 months ago

    Great Movie! Great Review! Thumbs Up!!!

  • The Nerd Who Loves Entertainment GMJ

    Johnny: I did not hit her it's not true. It's Bullshit, I did not hit her. I did Nawt!
    Oh Hi Jahns!

  • Guy Fieri Is My God
    Guy Fieri Is My God 9 months ago

    Hahahaha great story Jeremy

  • Gabriel Radu Taranciuc
    Gabriel Radu Taranciuc 9 months ago

    Man this was an Awesometacular dry year, it's only his fifth. Are we even gonna get to at least ten for a decent top ten?

  • Mr.agent 47
    Mr.agent 47 9 months ago +1

    Such a good movie.

  • joe Fish
    joe Fish 9 months ago

    Old is shit and new is GOLD

  • TIG5574
    TIG5574 9 months ago

    Just saw The Rom on TVclip 5 hours before I posted this.
    I then went to Amazon to order the book, The Disaster Artist.
    I then went to IMDB to read the trivia of The Room (all 115 items).
    I then watched Collider to watch their watch through of The Room where I lmao again watching them ltao.
    I then watched about a dozen reviews of The Disaster Artist from you and others and all of you loved it.
    I plan to see The Disaster Artist this weekend now....but hopefully will read the book first and yes rewatch The Room before I see it.
    I have become an instant fanboy of this horrible movie lol. I want to know EVERYTHING I can about it. Its fucking toxic!

  • Jeremiah Vink
    Jeremiah Vink 9 months ago

    The Room is my favorite movie

  • Lance Daniels
    Lance Daniels 9 months ago

    ha ha ha. oh Jeremy. im so glad to have you as number one movie reviewer guy. you not villain, you hero. ha ha ha. anyway, how's your sex life?

  • Kole Dornseifer
    Kole Dornseifer 9 months ago

    I went to the doctor after I saw this movie

    I definitely have breast cancer

  • Zaku II Zaki
    Zaku II Zaki 9 months ago

    The Room? Is it the silent hill game?^^

  • DeanMurdo
    DeanMurdo 9 months ago

    Please review My Friend Dahmer

  • Vinayak Pande
    Vinayak Pande 9 months ago

    The life story of a rich douchebag who made a shitty ass movie that he wanted to be artsy but was actually shitty and pretentious? No thanks.

  • johnrico26
    johnrico26 9 months ago

    Anything for my princess. You are my future wife.

  • Yorky Gonzalez
    Yorky Gonzalez 9 months ago

    Anyway how’s your sex life?

  • Brent Walker
    Brent Walker 9 months ago

    in a few minutes bitch

  • JRGProjects
    JRGProjects 9 months ago

    I wonder if Wiseau has a mental disorder. It would explain a great many things.

  • Calum John Roberts
    Calum John Roberts 9 months ago

    The Disaster Artist was a terrific insight into how the best bad film ever got made. I don't know why but I think Tommy Wisaeu has some kind of special needs. He doesn't have any form of social skills and the way he acts is totally abnormal for any neurotypical person but reasonably common for someone who's not necessarily autistic but has some form of learning difficulties. I think partially the reason the Room has done so well over the years not so much that it is a brilliant piece of cinematic trash which it is, but that Tommy Wisaeu was at the time he was making it a sitting target for abuse.
    This isn't acceptable and needs to progressively improved on in the future.

  • Nihilzen
    Nihilzen 9 months ago

    Why didn't yt tell me your upload of this review >:( love this though definitely deserves awesometacular

  • Mason Spencer. Roblox and Vlogs

    This movie is my favourite movie

  • Jeremy Ravencaw
    Jeremy Ravencaw 9 months ago

    lower level of dogshit

  • Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau

    I DID NOT.
    OH HI, MARK.

  • Andrew Forbes
    Andrew Forbes 9 months ago

    Check out my thoughts on The Disaster Artist:

  • Yasmyne McDonald
    Yasmyne McDonald 9 months ago

    I just saw this today, and you're right. It does put a lot of things in contacts, even if the original was out of it. My favorite part of it was the shot for shot scene split screen at the end.

  • xxMintoStarxx
    xxMintoStarxx 9 months ago

    Ahahaha! What a story Jeremy!

    Anyway, how's your sex life?

  • Dark soul
    Dark soul 9 months ago

    isn't it just hilariously ironic how the room is known as one of the worst movies ever, but the movie about the making of the room is massively successful and known as one of the best movies of the year?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 months ago

    This view is awesome. It is tearing me apart!!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 months ago

    My favorite so bad it s good movies are The Room, Showgirls, Wicker man, and The Happening.

  • AOS 64
    AOS 64 9 months ago

    Anyone else notice the duration of this video??

  • Joseph James.
    Joseph James. 9 months ago

    The disaster artist 2: samurai cop.

  • Tracer
    Tracer 9 months ago

    It's been a long time since I finished a movie with a smile on my face. This film deserves an award.

  • Millennial Reject
    Millennial Reject 9 months ago

    Tommy should post The Room on TVclip and monetize the shit out of it. Just saying ahahaha

  • magmablock
    magmablock 9 months ago

    I fed up with this woyreuold

  • D Orozco
    D Orozco 9 months ago

    Just read the book

  • Octavio89
    Octavio89 9 months ago

    I've counted 51 jumpcuts in a video that is 4:19 long, which means that in average you do a jumpcut every 5,07 seconds. Your 'reviews' are really among the laziest and worst stuff I've ever seen on TVclip.

    • tomstonemale
      tomstonemale 3 months ago

      Fuck off, dude. You are clearly are new to the channel if you think the jumpcuts are because of lazyness.

  • Rawk4Life
    Rawk4Life 9 months ago

    One thing I liked about "The Disaster Artist" is that it purposely featured cameos by well known talent such as actors Sharon Stone and Bryan Cranston, and directors J.J. Abrams and Judd Apatow.

  • Rawk4Life
    Rawk4Life 9 months ago

    I didn't think the movie was "Awesometacular," but it did exceed my expectations. Though I am not a Seth Rogan fan, I'm glad it was mostly the Franco brothers with the speaking lines, and less from Rogan. Plus, if you think about it, The Disaster Artist is the 21st Century version of Hudson Hawk. It was originally pitched as a serious toned movie, but ended up unintentionally being a comedy.

  • Robert Lee, Countertenor

    I don't get the hype over this movie. Wasted 22 bucks to see in IMAX because it was the soonest showing at the theater I went to but while I did not HATE it, I chuckled briefly maybe 3x. And of the 5 others in the theater, one of them let out a slight chuckle. It was heartfelt, but lame compared to the accolades they seem to be adorning it with.

  • Tommy Wiseau
    Tommy Wiseau 9 months ago

    Wow great review Jeremy! Anyway how’s your sex life ?

  • Sean Kearns
    Sean Kearns 9 months ago

    You know what they say, love is blind

  • supermariosonic 298
    supermariosonic 298 9 months ago

    The Disaster Artist is not just one of my favourite movies of 2017, it's one of my new favourite movies of all time.

  • Talan
    Talan 9 months ago

    T-Minus 1 day...yeah already forgot...

  • Lord fondleRoy XVI I
    Lord fondleRoy XVI I 9 months ago

    Tommy had a bad accident i dont know what but it left him with an odd accent and weird thinking but alot of money from the lawsuit he won from the accident

  • jack bran
    jack bran 9 months ago

    I disagree on Tommy Wiseau just being this weirdo who had no idea what he was doing. It was his vision. For better or worse. He does have a certain charm, and charisma, and it really showed in the comedic aftermath.

  • Joseph Muir
    Joseph Muir 9 months ago

    How much coke do you think that Jahns does?

  • TheHawk2001
    TheHawk2001 9 months ago

    what a story Jeremy!

  • HBO 1
    HBO 1 9 months ago

    Is the movie available to watch now? keep me updated pls

  • DP_2020
    DP_2020 9 months ago

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