Neville and Souness have HEATED debate over Marcus Rashford and Man United’s striking options!

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
    Gary Neville and Graeme Souness have a heated debate over Marcus Rashford and Manchester United's other striking-options.
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  • Amanley Load VGTOW come bitchute

    roy keane - "Just go get kane, go get em. what you all lookin at me for? put in disserray just go get him"
    Love this guy

  • Michael Lengel
    Michael Lengel 4 days ago

    Graeme was a great player, poor manager, and worse pundit. And that's from a Liverpool fan...

  • James Williamson
    James Williamson 6 days ago

    Alll this talk of Utd team improvements. What have Msn Utd always had
    2 great centre backs
    2 strong Midfielders
    A superb winger
    And a great striker!!!
    Fill those gaps and it’s a good start
    Management get the money out and get it sorted!!!!!!!!

    CALEWPRO 7 days ago

    No one

    Absolutely no one

    Souness “Pogba”

  • Bob 1
    Bob 1 9 days ago

    "What are you all staring at?" haha. He's right though, they've taken other club's best strikers many times so why not?

  • what other food? Fish
    what other food? Fish 11 days ago

    I'm not a Rashford guy.. I think the convenient excuse is he's young.. But I don't think he's that good.. Wearing the #10 jersey is a mistake. Rashford is overrated. Honestly I'd sell him.. He's another Danny Welbeck

  • Robert Rainbow
    Robert Rainbow 11 days ago

    Neville needs to stop defending man united players deep down actually accept that since Ferguson's gone man u were gunna go down hill

  • J R
    J R 13 days ago

    United should bring back CR7 !

  • Tim McElroy
    Tim McElroy 16 days ago +1

    Pretty funny now in hindsight with Jose sitting next to Roy, hearing him say United should buy Kane and that Spurs are in disarray....Believe Spurs had been in contact with him around this time as well lmao

  • dave
    dave 23 days ago

    I agree with Sourness and Mourinio here.

  • Gary Edmonds
    Gary Edmonds 25 days ago

    Shut up souness, Robbie Fowler scored over 20 Goals a season and more but Liverpool never won the league!!

  • Mike
    Mike 26 days ago

    Souness an OG

  • pk_1
    pk_1 27 days ago

    Kane sucks

  • Wako G
    Wako G Month ago

    What you all staring at 😂😂😂😂the fukin best

  • Bob Hey
    Bob Hey Month ago

    Not a single soul
    Souness: But it's man united.

    IAN LANGLEY Month ago

    What you saying about Marcus Rashford !!? 🤔
    He's shut up you old timers.🤣🤣🤩🤣 🧤⚽🤭

  • Smyla Beast
    Smyla Beast Month ago

    Hope they do keep with rashfird...n keep losing

  • Sander Sovrlic
    Sander Sovrlic Month ago

    I always get the feeling that Neville is too afraid to disagree with Keane on anything.

  • Jack Milner
    Jack Milner Month ago

    I love Roy Keane.

  • Matthew Kheyfets
    Matthew Kheyfets Month ago

    Honestly, id give ole more time. Performances haven't been great, everyone can see that. But I think ole, like Pep and Klopp and now lampard, and poch, is trying to create his own project. This transfer window, he's only bought defenders. However, defenders can't do much when the the midfield is depleted like United's is right now, I don't think anything can be said until that midfield is done. One of the pundits did one thing correct about Rashford I another video: the amount of runs he makes and doesn't get the pass is a shame. And I watched a United game and honestly, they are mostly right. Rashford makes so many good time but the midfield didn't find him early enough or at all. And since they lose the ball a lot or can't keep it, United's defense always under pressure, so they let in goals. Until he's
    They're allowed to fix that midfield, I think ole deserves to stay.

  • Jordan McCreedy
    Jordan McCreedy Month ago

    One thing, Souness talks so much shite.. never listens to what the other pundits have to say, he always turns every conversation into an argument

  • Jonathan Leung
    Jonathan Leung Month ago

    Souness is such a tit

  • lee m
    lee m Month ago

    He's not the main striker anyway martial is

  • clive watson
    clive watson Month ago

    Who cares all over paid premandonas

  • Ajay Narayankutty
    Ajay Narayankutty Month ago

    Grame Souness has no idea of what he's talking. "Buy a big money striker and play around him" like seriously??
    This guy deserves to be a Liverpool Legend, No Pun Intended.

  • Mo Shak
    Mo Shak Month ago +1

    the only person that spoke sense there was Jose mourinho souness didn't know what he was debating about with neville he finished the dabate long ago manchester united need to sign a striker to play they style of football

  • ccc ddd
    ccc ddd Month ago

    Jose with this ManU team without Maguire, Wan Bissaka: beat Man City,Liverpool,Tottenham,Juventus,Chelsea,Arsenal etc etc

  • Jesse Luna
    Jesse Luna Month ago

    Jose said he’s a man who needs SPACE to create chances, meaning that a back to goal 9 isn’t the way to go. Move him to CM and find a new 9 who can play like a HARRY KANE and rescue him from Spurs. They (United) don’t utilize the young people they have and that’s their downfall

  • Harry Jones
    Harry Jones Month ago

    Souness is wrong Garys right. Thats why we got rid of Lukaku we need more than just goals

  • Magdi Ali
    Magdi Ali Month ago

    Listen to Mourenhio

  • A C
    A C Month ago

    Man utd need Lewandowski...

    • LARL
      LARL Month ago

      Why would he leave Bayern for United? He's also just recently extended his contract. :/

  • Dr Sanguine Sunrise

    I hate to say it, S'our'ness is right. You shouldn't be looking for this or that type of striker, you just want one that will score 25+ goals a season, FULL STOP.
    Now, the question should be who is available, that is the problem - most top clubs, don't and won't sell. But leading goal scorers in Europe at the moment, I don't know, Mbappe is out, Ronaldo is out, so how about...
    Lewandowski? Bayern will NOT SELL.
    Tammy Abraham? Not when you have Rashford and Chelsea WON'T SELL.
    Teemu Pukki? Norwich might sell.
    Ciro Immobile?

  • hvg7067
    hvg7067 Month ago

    One and a half minutes in the video and you realise that Souness was just a good player, nothing more. He can't make a valid counter argument to Neville's argument that players need time to develop into their peak power.

  • Owen Tarusenga
    Owen Tarusenga Month ago

    Hit the like button if Mourinho 2 minutes on rashford was pure football wisdom

  • Twenty4
    Twenty4 Month ago

    Sounnes '' look where United are now they should take anything ''
    Also Souness 5 seconds later '' I'm not saying they should take anything ''

  • Blackout Plays
    Blackout Plays Month ago

    Souness does my head in

  • soflynn22
    soflynn22 Month ago

    This is box office.... no Liverpool ex pros required, ex united managers and players savage enough.
    No one dare talk over Mourinho though

  • awesome gamer45
    awesome gamer45 Month ago

    Out of them all the new comers made more sense, mourinho and keane whereas those 2 bloks are going at it over rashford but maybe neville is wrong at this point man utd just need a well established striker to fill in for the lack of goals

  • Adit Agarwal
    Adit Agarwal Month ago

    Souness is indirectly saying you can't win anything with kids bro just ask SAF abt this
    Plus i think it wont take 30 yrs to win premier league again

  • Mark Austin
    Mark Austin Month ago

    Why is any minor difference of opinion regarded as heated??

  • Robert Gilmaney
    Robert Gilmaney Month ago

    shut up souness

  • Sen484
    Sen484 Month ago

    Firmino works for Liverpool because he has Salah and Mane next to him who make the most of his ability. If you can get goals from out wide, then by all means go ahead and find that centre forward like Firmino. But without goals from out wide, you need a proper striker like Kane or Aguero to guarantee some goal threat.

  • YS Entertainment
    YS Entertainment Month ago +1

    What's Souness problem with Neville? 🤣🤣🤣.... btw, Jose's comment was brilliant. Still angry at man utd for firing him.

  • Jason j
    Jason j Month ago

    Neville is clueless and bias

  • Joshua Thomas Kuriakose

    The midfield is a mess not rashford

  • Mr. Positive
    Mr. Positive Month ago

    Neville is a proper man Utd fan. Won't have a bad word said even though it's the truth lol

  • Graeme Criddle
    Graeme Criddle Month ago

    Pains me to say it but i agree with Neville...

  • squirrel7t7
    squirrel7t7 Month ago

    No striker can do it on their own. Rashfords form is false atm..His stats and experience for his age are very good but he needs better players around him to create. Hes getting unfair criticism for being in a bang average team. Same reason Pogba wants out.

  • James Pitcher
    James Pitcher Month ago

    The strikers can't do much when nothing is being created for them and ultimately that's the problem. When Pogba is out, we lack any creativity whatsoever, so when Rashford does miss a chance it feels much, much worse than it is. If we had a midfielder who was creating 6, 7, 8 clear chances every game game and Rashford misses a few but scores a couple, no one will say anything. It's the fact that the chances are coming few and far between at the moment which is making his performances look really bad.

  • SIJ07
    SIJ07 Month ago

    Gary Neville speaks like Frank jr from FRIENDS xD

  • Alexander Trefz
    Alexander Trefz Month ago

    What on earth is this old sack talking about?! Striker is by miiiiles the easiest place on the football pitch! Is he high?

  • dagenhamdave
    dagenhamdave Month ago

    im man utd fan i rember souness when i was a kid he was hard man he noes wot hes talking about

  • dagenhamdave
    dagenhamdave Month ago

    dont argue with souness neville souness was the bolloks

  • Hasan Habib
    Hasan Habib Month ago

    I’m a united fan and Rashford is just pants.

  • dagenhamdave
    dagenhamdave Month ago

    shut up neville souness is right

  • DMB
    DMB Month ago

    Yeah like Kane would go to Man Utd

  • Frankie Shankly
    Frankie Shankly Month ago

    Gary Neville was a hell of a player for Utd, dont know if he got any prizes but I knew... If I hated him, he was good:)

  • B Roadman
    B Roadman Month ago

    the best players are the audience

  • Martin G
    Martin G Month ago

    Let,s call it as it is. Manchesturd utd are shite. FULL STOP. Now what they need is an up and comiing manager called alex fergie. I reckon he,ll stay forever(he,s still picking the team for ole gooner whoever anyway)and the Mancherturds can,t live without him. They,re dismal lives as supporters have been ROY KEANE,D!!!!!! And by the way, can Jossey Dollally,s Singlish get any worse???? Pogba is your saviour . Pin everything on him. He,s brilliant, believe me

  • Miss Demeanor
    Miss Demeanor Month ago

    Look to the past. They have a Giggs in Rashford, they have a Scholes in Pogba. The two of those played for 12 years with a mix of people to aim at from Van Nistlrooy to Cole to Berbatov to Rooney. United need someone in the middle to keep things in place and they need someone who can sit tight, take the ball and put it in the damned net regardless of what is in front of him. And that is what they don't have or have anyone who can become right now. You can attack Jose's record and recent form but he is a tactical genius. His fault is that he changes the play to suit the opposition instead of say "this is how we play, you score 2 we score 4" but when it comes to winning a single game that really matters, or assessing a player for what they really are, he is at the top of the tree.