Super Smash Bros. Switch - The BEST Look at the Fiery Character Silhouettes Yet? Our Thoughts!

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • Nibroc.Rock has update his image to determine the character silhouettes in the Smash Bros. Switch reveal trailer! We take a closer look at his changes and whether this makes the ideas more or less accurate!
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Comments • 1 884

  • TheSacredSavage _
    TheSacredSavage _ 7 months ago

    I think the one on the left of bowser is shulk with his monado pointing to bowser

  • Nandin Lopez
    Nandin Lopez 8 months ago +1

    Now everyone can relax, ...

    Everyone is here.

  • GFFN
    GFFN 8 months ago

    What if ALL the fighters return????

  • Thicc
    Thicc 9 months ago +1

    There all here

  • Sharkkan
    Sharkkan 9 months ago +2

    Now that most of the characters were revealed at the E3, I’m curious to know who were these characters 🤔

  • StarSoulGirls Justice And Kindness




  • 6amerBr0
    6amerBr0 9 months ago +1

    Man when Smash Switch comes out it will be so nostalgic hearing the music they bring back from 3DS and Wii U. Wii U and 3DS will be a thing of the past.

  • troloyalomolo
    troloyalomolo 10 months ago

    I hope pac-man returns

  • Cookies 1453
    Cookies 1453 10 months ago +1

    I tinck zelda is marth and capitan falco four me it semes zelda breath of the wild version.

  • Cookies 1453
    Cookies 1453 10 months ago +1

    I realy realy realy hope that zelda breath of the wild version can make her way into smash shes my favorite nintendo female character. i will me so mad if they dont add tje botw version it dosent make any sence linck botw and zelda tp is just out of place

  • Benbot714 Gamin - Brawl Stars

    no weege?

  • Miss Kilvas
    Miss Kilvas 11 months ago

    Why does everyone see Zelda? All I see is Ike, the arm in the silhouette is way too muscular, and they're so tall T_T Ike even stands all slouchy like that.

  • Nick Dubrock
    Nick Dubrock 11 months ago

    Nibroc.Rock ... seems familiar....?

  • Boxhead
    Boxhead 11 months ago

    Great, they got my main in there.

  • Sad Meme
    Sad Meme 11 months ago

    stop at 0:56
    between ness and mario
    the spammers are back

  • Jesus Arango
    Jesus Arango 11 months ago


  • Mason Todd
    Mason Todd 11 months ago

    Hi Nathaniel I’ve just seen something in the smash teaser in the background a tennis racket so maybe waluigi

  • Nevermind
    Nevermind 11 months ago

    Pretty sure mario and luigi are in the middle with link in between them. Everyone thinks luigi is link's shield.

  • R!OT Shadow
    R!OT Shadow 11 months ago

    Knowing about how the switch has improved drastically in graphics I feel characters are silhouettes because they gonna look much better and Nintendo are not giving way anymore clues

  • Darken
    Darken 11 months ago

    I love this!
    I hope the smash community grows bigger as we uncover this mystery until the game releases.

  • Novuscourvous
    Novuscourvous 11 months ago

    was hoping samus would have a new look. and maybe we would see bayonetta there

  • Cutie
    Cutie 11 months ago

    I think it's
    Donkey Kong
    Captain Falcon

  • GBA 049
    GBA 049 11 months ago

    I think everyone is overthinking this a bit too much. It's just the normal list of the roster of a couple characters that have already been in Smashbros. and are not newcomers. Hell, Nintendo doesn't give a shit about height differences anyway. I mean look at Pokémon.

  • Prince Fox Gaming
    Prince Fox Gaming 11 months ago

    "Link" is clearly supposed to be pit... duh

  • Super-T-64 LEGENDS

    Hey gamexplain what would you think if nintendo made a Gameboy character for Super Smash? I got some ideas for the character and made a little moveset. Anyways here is the move set.
    1) SP CLAPPER= Gameboy will use a gameboy advance sp to shut the screen down on your opponent.
    2) Green Ray= Gameboy will shine his screen into your opponents face and 40% chance of stunning your opponent.
    3) Battery Saver= Basically a Shield.
    4) Virtual Beam= A red beam to charge up to wipe your opponent out. (Kind of like R.O.B's one move)
    5) Cart Shot= Really simple you shoot a cartridge out from the back and aim the cartridge at your opponent
    6) (Final Smash) Calling all boys= Gameboy Gathers all of his friends and they create a massive lazer that does damage and dims the screen but you must use motion controls to use it. (like the GB & SP)
    7) (Other final Smash) GB-Tron= All of the accessories in the gameboy family merge together to create a highly defensed and powerful game machine. (might remind you a little of ED-209 from robocop, but a lot different in shape)

  • Detostasis
    Detostasis Year ago

    What about Bert and Ernie? Are they going to be a skin swap for the Ice Climbers?

  • jo bu
    jo bu Year ago

    Ther is falcon not robin

  • DeltaPro137
    DeltaPro137 Year ago

    Though its unlikely I really want Shadow the Hedgehog to make the cut this time

  • Thefoxoftimeandspace

    Why is everyone asking for Goku...

  • kudofanX
    kudofanX Year ago

    As long as Roy and Mega Man are in it I don't really care.

  • Eli C
    Eli C Year ago +1


  • Moocen
    Moocen Year ago +1

    Why do you make these videos? Why do we need to know your thoughts? This means nothing.

  • Dozer
    Dozer Year ago

    I'm not joking I think that tall person is waluigi

  • damian vd berg
    damian vd berg Year ago

    If goku wont be added imma kill myself :)

  • McBehrer
    McBehrer Year ago

    Why are you missing Luigi in between Link and Zelda?

  • Ankha: Ruiner of Jokes, Stater of the Obvious

    Look at the trailer again! The one that they think is Zelda is Shulk! You can see the Monado on his back!!!

  • squwiid p
    squwiid p Year ago

    Botw link is short

  • Bootleg Genius
    Bootleg Genius Year ago


  • Star Petal Arts
    Star Petal Arts Year ago

    In the video what everyone thinks is Mario, I don't; because the silhouette is missing in the last part of the trailer. I think that Link took off his Hylian hood scattering it into the wind. I think that Mario is the Silhouette that everyone is placing as Ness.
    Also what everyone is thinking is Marth I see as Wii-Fit Trainer.
    Also what people think is DK's Thumb I see as Peach's parasol's lace trim.
    The main thing is I think all these characters are starting the new game's roster.

  • dat dere communist waddle dee

    Also I noticed that the kirby model is a tad more bigger than usual or it's just me

  • dat dere communist waddle dee

    And hopefully bandana dee is a unlockable or you have him from the start like megaman but this roster will be the biggest one yet

  • dat dere communist waddle dee

    Man they all seem pissed by that i mean yoshi and Kirby those faces looked pure angry.....damn

  • Mr.YeahYeah
    Mr.YeahYeah Year ago +2

    What I think this could be is probably an anniversary game for smash bros, It could include all the smash bros games in one. Like the Master Chief collection or something.

  • Chris G
    Chris G Year ago

    Characters that are most likely NOT to return IMO: Roy, Ryu, Mewtwo, Shulk, Corrin, Duck Hunt, Cloud and Lucina. Some are obvious such as 3rd party characters, while others like Mewtwo, Shulk and Roy I could see being replaced by more relevant characters in their series, i.e. Decidueye, Rex, and a new FE rep. That said I am sure more will be added than cut and the overall experience will be improved.

  • Video Dash 33
    Video Dash 33 Year ago

    If you look at Bowser Jr., you’ll see that the black outline is actually Yoshi. So how did he get that?

  • Dio Rules
    Dio Rules Year ago

    How did Bowser Jr go to Yoshi?

  • gabejr25 _
    gabejr25 _ Year ago

    I just want Snake and Cloud to return...

  • Waffles
    Waffles Year ago

    From what I can see: Mario, Link, Zelda, Bowser, DK, Pit, Ness, Fox, Wario, Sheik, Samus, Peach, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Marth, and Kirby.
    At least that confirms that Pit is returning to Smash 5, since his double-edged sword is a dead giveaway.

  • Matty
    Matty Year ago

    It looks like there is someone/something else to the right of Yoshi and in front of DK

  • panflio pelayo
    panflio pelayo Year ago

    Goku for smash

  • Swoogity Boogity
    Swoogity Boogity Year ago

    This trailer gave me goosebumps

  • misterandylink
    misterandylink Year ago

    It's a different link. Breath of the wild link might be shorter than twilight princess link who is the same size as twilight princess zelda.

  • Indigo Raptor
    Indigo Raptor Year ago

    I want doomslayer for smash

  • Chris Fielding
    Chris Fielding Year ago +1

    Nintendo has won the Internet again I see. Love it.

  • kvn//cool gamer xD
    kvn//cool gamer xD Year ago +1

    I want mr im really Felling it

  • Forte Astro
    Forte Astro Year ago +2

    Hopefully, Megaman is in... You guys ask too much for side characters whereas the main character should be in.

  • Just A Cat
    Just A Cat Year ago

    Let's see... Yoshi, Pit, Donkey Kong, Peach, Ness, Marth (Hope Alm is a new comer), Mario, Link, Sheik 😍, Pikachu, Samus, Kirby, Zelda, Bowser, Fox, Captain Falcon, and Wario

  • GameLoserYT
    GameLoserYT Year ago +4

    But where is Jimmy Neutron?

  • Yusof Elmahboub
    Yusof Elmahboub Year ago

    No it’s captain falcon.

  • Yusof Elmahboub
    Yusof Elmahboub Year ago

    I think the one on the right is the dark souls character

  • ShortSoufie
    ShortSoufie Year ago +1


    *walks out of the room*

  • Ostiris Rurouni
    Ostiris Rurouni Year ago

    You are unbelieveable!!!! 👍

  • Ladybird
    Ladybird Year ago

    PLEASE BRING BACK ICE CLIMBERS ;-; This Is all I want.

  • God Sammit
    God Sammit Year ago

    Wario confirmed.

  • Spectral
    Spectral Year ago

    I wonder which main series zelda has seen the most action?

  • The Animated Gamer

    Does this mean Bert and Ernie are really confirmed?

  • Sean Chellette
    Sean Chellette Year ago

    Its the veteran cast just giving face, they always show the originals then the new vomers. All I care about is Pikachu, yoshi, kirby!!

  • AeroditeSonic Gaming

    I think Zeldas outline is Shulks becaise you can kinda see what seems to be the monado, but the position of the blade it self is what kinda throws this thought off

  • C Money
    C Money Year ago

    Who’s the character between CF and bowser?

  • PK Banoman
    PK Banoman Year ago

    But Ness’ hat is tipped the other direction...


  • The Mysterious Mew

    I think they will add a lot of fire emblem characters

  • someactorkid
    someactorkid Year ago

    I like how you guys keep ignoring Luigi right next to Link

  • Trami Nguyen
    Trami Nguyen Year ago

    Who is return for the Smash 5?

  • EAce
    EAce Year ago

    If wario and mega man weren't here I'd say they were for a melee remake

  • Goombasareawesome

    I love that Smashxplain is back.

  • Jacob Torres
    Jacob Torres Year ago

    You think links final smash will involve the other champions or botw Zelda if she won't get to be in this game

  • Funkeymonk Loeschman

    In the trailer I thought Zelda was roy

  • Terry Foster
    Terry Foster Year ago

    That is not Zelda it's marth

  • SpoonRaccoon
    SpoonRaccoon Year ago

    Hopefully this isn’t the entire roster. I want to see more characters.

  • dot
    dot Year ago

    Why is it so hard to grasp that it could be the Zelda we've always seen in Smash? (maybe not specifically in that image, but still)

  • Shimmy Vermillion
    Shimmy Vermillion Year ago +8

    The question is
    1. Is ZeRo coming back... Yes
    2. Is Miiverse coming back?
    3. Is JoeKing making Sma5h videos again since they're making a new Smash
    4. Will Omni Make Smash Shorts again

  • TLS
    TLS Year ago +1

    I think we're going to get a holiday 2018 release. It'll make more people want Switches (like what Mario Odyssey did) so they can play the new Smash game.

  • SuperSonicDylan
    SuperSonicDylan Year ago

    I originally thought the thing in between Peach and DK's head was Daisy.

  • D G
    D G Year ago +1

    I really hope they change Zelda’s outfit. It’s so fucking outdated.

  • miguel garcia
    miguel garcia Year ago

    I thought the Zelda silhouette was the swordsman guy with a blue armor from Fire Emblem series

  • DeclarinJam
    DeclarinJam Year ago

    Bring back WOLF!

  • Krowphay
    Krowphay Year ago

    I'm pretty sure Link's proposed shield in the silhouette is actually Luigi's head, on a body that is mostly hidden due to the logo not reaching low enough. You can kind of make out the outer shape of a relaxed right arm between Link's legs. This raises the same concerns as Zelda in the video though, because Luigi is supposed to be the taller brother...
    As for the silhouette being proposed as Zelda, what if that one is actually Marth, and the one you think is Marth is really Shulk? Would it be too weird for a Smash 4 newcomer to appear here?

  • Mai
    Mai Year ago

    Isn’t Zelda supposed to be shulk

  • XX Monkey ninja
    XX Monkey ninja Year ago

    Look I just want Fox

  • Wumbo123
    Wumbo123 Year ago +1


  • Do Not Pass GO!
    Do Not Pass GO! Year ago

    I still think the figure between Samus and Bowser is Shulk.

  • gamemastr7
    gamemastr7 Year ago

    I'm not sure if this is correct, but to the left of Bowser I think I see Fox. I can see is pointy ears. Lol =D

  • GDKsan
    GDKsan Year ago

    BOTW has no power, why the fuck would she even be a fighter in this ?

  • Steve G
    Steve G Year ago

    It's Shulk not Zelda. You can see the holes in his sword on his back

  • srobinson124
    srobinson124 Year ago

    Bowser? Thats clearly knack

  • Jarock316
    Jarock316 Year ago

    Everyone here speculating about the characters shown. Meanwhile I'm here wondering what this means for the Amiibo's for the previous Smash game.

  • G the G.O.A.T
    G the G.O.A.T Year ago

    Shrek plz

  • EzeGengar15
    EzeGengar15 Year ago +3

    The fact that the silluotte of zelda looks like have a headband make thinks that is......Snake

  • Dr. Animatronic
    Dr. Animatronic Year ago

    Pac man is not in it
    Credits doesn't say Namco

  • Soapb0bby
    Soapb0bby Year ago

    If Clippy isn't in the game then I'm not buying