• Published on Jan 27, 2017
  • "New" is a relative term. I've been living here for 3 months and this is how far I've gotten. Also, sorry for the shaky hands. I told you I can't do caffeine.
    Pieces from the apartment:
    Canopy bed //
    Marble Entry Table //
    Copper Clock //
    Crosley Speaker //
    Dining Table //
    Faux Leather Dining Chairs //
    IKEA Cowhide Rug //
    Gold Round Mirror //
    Console Table //
    Black Basket //
    Black Marble Candle Holder //
    Barstools //
    Rocking Chair //
    TV Stand //
    Gold Wire Circle Shelf //
    No Bad Days Pillow //
    CB2 ottoman //
    Leather ottoman (similar) //
    Aztec Pillow //
    Concrete Plant Pot //
    Nesting Tables //
    SMEG Tea Kettle //
    Coffee Canister //
    Tea Canister //
    Glass x Leather Vase //
    Salt Bowl //
    Tea Bar Marble Tier //
    Marble Utensil Holder //
    Marble Paper Towel Holder //
    Marble Cutting Board //
    Red Chairs //
    Lighting Kit //
    Hammock Chairs //
    also: +
    If you’ve read this far, comment 'fiddle fam'
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    ALBER PAJARES Month ago

    Girls ¡ accept house invitations, coffee, bed or whatever..,

  • Diane Espinosa
    Diane Espinosa 2 months ago

    The Malm dresser that you said was breaking in your closet, is probably eligable to be a recall dresser which if you find the little sticker that says MALM on it with some little numbers on the edge, you can get cash for it if you return it back to ikea :) I work at the returns department at ikea and I hope this helps.
    Also very important, it has to be older than 2016

  • MajorKi
    MajorKi 3 months ago

    where is the industrial shelf from?

  • Natalie Carlene
    Natalie Carlene 4 months ago

    Megan's speaker is beautiful 😍 6:14

  • N K
    N K 4 months ago

    You're living in like at least 60% of my aesthetic

  • Little chicken Cortez
    Little chicken Cortez 5 months ago

    Fidle fam

  • Marianne Bellorin
    Marianne Bellorin 5 months ago

    That ikea cowhide rug isn’t fake

  • Alice Dovey
    Alice Dovey 5 months ago

    Um.....most aesthetic person ever????

  • nufsefjord76
    nufsefjord76 5 months ago

    Cool Place :-) How big is it? Regards from Norway

  • softharriet
    softharriet 5 months ago

    where did that copy of yes please come from?? i adore amy poehler sm that copy is so beautiful

  • TheBlurbs D.
    TheBlurbs D. 6 months ago

    Where’s her couch from? And no I don’t see it in the down bar

  • Brenda Wangeci May
    Brenda Wangeci May 7 months ago

    Very beautiful apartment. But I just wish TVcliprs would stop talking too much during house tours and just let us see the house.

  • Nurah Abrahams
    Nurah Abrahams 7 months ago

    Your apartment is stunning

  • Deepika Sharma
    Deepika Sharma 7 months ago

    Oh my God!
    Girl i saw you and i am so in love with you, you are sooooooo.... beautiful 😍.
    And then comes your apartment which i love as well. 😜

  • Great One
    Great One 7 months ago


  • RondaMist
    RondaMist 7 months ago

    How does she have all this money?

  • RondaMist
    RondaMist 7 months ago

    How does she have all this money?

  • ninasgottamakeit
    ninasgottamakeit 8 months ago

    Holy shit

  • 1BR4H1M SH0W
    1BR4H1M SH0W 8 months ago

    She look like Chloe Bennett

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    Gabrielle McDonald 8 months ago

    Fiddle fam😆

  • diana levy
    diana levy 8 months ago

    I watched this and I’m in lov so subscribed

  • Kyla Williams
    Kyla Williams 8 months ago

    I love your interior design, and you got a lovely apartment! But i stopped watching it cause your filming on this video game a headache... Its not you, its the focusing and out of focusing.

  • 6r4cey 6r4cey
    6r4cey 6r4cey 8 months ago


  • Jetstream
    Jetstream 8 months ago

    I love your style!

  • sd201027
    sd201027 8 months ago

    You’re funny 😂

  • mznbhd
    mznbhd 9 months ago

    Can you design my room lmao

  • Harper Leigh
    Harper Leigh 9 months ago

    You look like Jodi Arias

  • Leila Ghauri
    Leila Ghauri 10 months ago

    Cool tour!
    I moved too!
    I posted an empty apartment tour video :)
    Check it out and let me know what you think?
    Spoiler alert: My place is not as pretty as yours :P

  • Morning Star Yellow Owl
    Morning Star Yellow Owl 10 months ago

    What’s that under the toilet? Squatting potty? Lol 5:58

  • Turtlee
    Turtlee 10 months ago

    That Glass that said Detox, you should Drop it, since Dr. Dre never will 🤷🤷

    I hope some people get the joke.....

  • Riya Choudhary
    Riya Choudhary 11 months ago

    I love the perfect poem

  • Sabrina Warnick
    Sabrina Warnick 11 months ago

    Omg girl i loveeee your apartment!!

  • Natalie Carlene
    Natalie Carlene 11 months ago

    anyone know where I can get a radio that she has in 6:13 ?

  • Genesis Ariass
    Genesis Ariass 11 months ago

    who else realized the 305 to my city quote in the background??

  • Janie C
    Janie C 11 months ago


  • Angel Piñero
    Angel Piñero Year ago


  • FalconsZone6
    FalconsZone6 Year ago +1

    U have some pretty feet

  • Life Advice From A Twenty Something love this!!! Check me out too if ya can!

  • camille
    camille Year ago

    CASKET hahahah

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    Lily Kelson Year ago

    I love your house. I love how it is so white!

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    Kay Rascon Year ago

    why can't i afford stuff like this D:

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    I'm Useless Year ago

    Oh my god Megan has amazing calligraphy
    P.s I love you Megan 😍😍😍😍

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    Alice Turnbull Year ago

    megan you should try some aromatherapy

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    Found you through Shane and I love you already!

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    Where do you get your prints from? Like "the world is your oyster" and the "hell yeah". Looking for stuff like that for my apartment!

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  • Tia. Rodri
    Tia. Rodri Year ago

    on another note I have decided to one day have a bedroom like yours bc that canopy bed is GORGEOUS. xx

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    Beautiful place, love your sense of style and your personal style as you are, speak, joke, etc..

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    Where did you buy all the frames to frame your pictures? Like the bigger sized ones?

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    Literally aesthetic I love it!

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    you are SO entertaining n I love the apartment

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    Im going to hire you to decorate my house

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    Not MY personal aesthetic, but that doesn't mean I can't recognize great decor! Beautiful apartment!

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  • I have something to say


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    The Cutts Family Year ago

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