Seth MacFarlane Calls Out Harvey Weinstein Back In 2013

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  • KillerFrank
    KillerFrank Hour ago

    He was trying to warn us and we didn't know until hindsight. Thank you Seth.

  • Agus Cesio
    Agus Cesio 6 hours ago

    I dare you to look at Emma Stone's face and tell me that is not the face of somebody who knew. Hypocrite.

  • Baba'O Riley
    Baba'O Riley 2 days ago

    Everybody knew he was a sexual predator, they covered it for over 25 years, ALL OF THEM, including Meryl Streep, queen of hipocrisy

  • Yeredben YAH
    Yeredben YAH 2 days ago

    Beast mode (ON/off)

  • Nick M
    Nick M 3 days ago

    Holy shit!

  • Alex Kosova
    Alex Kosova 3 days ago

    I thought the Oscars was fancier than that

  • RobJuanDeLaNooch
    RobJuanDeLaNooch 3 days ago

    Man Emma Stone looks so flushed and malnourished here. She looks almost nothing like she did in Superbad and Zombieland. The pressures of Hollywood I suppose.

  • Fish Knuckle
    Fish Knuckle 4 days ago

    Holy fuck! Seth's face was serious as fuck after the punch line. He genuinely meant it.
    Off to see if I can find a video of him directly after the Weinstein thing broke.
    Need to see Seth's 'I told you so' face.

  • Prerona
    Prerona 5 days ago

    Emma Stone knew and did nothing. Nothing at all. And now she kinda-sorta speaks up. Sickening.

  • Mr. Matt
    Mr. Matt 6 days ago

    just goes to show their "outrage" was as premeditated as every other scripted role they played.

  • vLad
    vLad 7 days ago

    Emma's face says it all 😁

  • Soreofhing
    Soreofhing 7 days ago

    Weinstein is sexual predator and must be locked up for a very long time.

  • Chris Dans
    Chris Dans 8 days ago

    Seth you legend!

  • Toxic Boy
    Toxic Boy 8 days ago

    Seth McFarlane using his only weapon - humour. And everyone laughed it off like an uncle making a dirty joke at a family barbecue. Disgusting. Fucking fight these assholes and rip their entitled dicks off!

  • Kid I know
    Kid I know 9 days ago

    Wasnt a joke, you can tell by his face and her nervous laugh

  • Æ N I E M A
    Æ N I E M A 9 days ago

    Videos like this shows that the Hollywood elites like Meryl Streep all knew.

  • The Daily Chloe Show
    The Daily Chloe Show 10 days ago

    Is nobody going to point out the fact Seth looks like he's not saying it as a joke?

  • Bianca Valentino
    Bianca Valentino 11 days ago

    Lol he’s basically the start of coming out with the truth.

  • TheJshow
    TheJshow 12 days ago

    I swear it looks like Emma and Seth planned that line... they both have the same reaction to the cunts laughing.

  • Max Steiner
    Max Steiner 13 days ago

    Part of me enjoys this, but it’s also quite cringeworthy. I’d like to see an interview with Seth M. regarding his previous knowledge of such things

  • Smullet90
    Smullet90 14 days ago

    Nobody thought this was just a joke, everyone knew it in Hollywood.

  • Zenith Stratosphere
    Zenith Stratosphere 17 days ago +1

    Meryl Streep claimed nobody knew, even herself. Isn't that a hard one to believe as she has worked intimately with him and his money making Hollywood friends for years. Follow the money trail and Meryl Streep has certainly made a LOT of money due to her direct association with Harvey Weinstein.

  • 1naruto59
    1naruto59 18 days ago

    he also called out brett ratner and kevin spacey years ago on family guy

  • trinity mh
    trinity mh 20 days ago +1

    I respect Seth for making this comment on such a platform. He did this out of anger from what a friend had told him about an experience she had with Weinstein. The laughs sounded uncomfortable, and his expression priceless.

    • trinity mh
      trinity mh 20 days ago

      "a joke is truth wrapped in a smile"...a sarcastic smile

  • Nathaniel York
    Nathaniel York 21 day ago

    I love Seth

  • dindu nuffin
    dindu nuffin 24 days ago

    Wow, such, such, such, such a waste of my fucking time.

  • Bryan L.
    Bryan L. 24 days ago

    truth to power

  • Davies
    Davies 26 days ago

    More like Seth calling Harvey ugly.

  • margareth michelina
    margareth michelina 26 days ago

    Well, Seth Macfarlane can read the future somehow. In Family Guy, he predicted Bruce Jenner is a woman and now he is.

  • TheChief1916
    TheChief1916 27 days ago

    Wudn say he called him out everyone in that room knew what was going on all weak cowards

  • Dave Tyler
    Dave Tyler 27 days ago

    Seth wasn't calling him it out. He was joking. Calling him it out is a different thing

  • Armpit Gland
    Armpit Gland 29 days ago

    Seth is a fucking god

  • Amanda
    Amanda Month ago

    Damn. 😱

  • blade runner
    blade runner Month ago

    I guess they'll do anything to climb the latter ... and the sad part is that they all new about this so called predator ... there all sold out !!! Really I don't have any sympathy for the devil !!!

  • Red Pill Society
    Red Pill Society Month ago +1

    They all knew.

  • vinny Durham
    vinny Durham Month ago

    Rather than making a stupid joke about it that initially went over people's head why didn't tell the police

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown Month ago

    Proof that Seth MacFarlane did more in this joke to expose harvey weinstein than Oprah Winfrey ever fucking did.

  • Kid Sundance
    Kid Sundance Month ago

    Wow he had some big BALLS

  • Chameleon X
    Chameleon X Month ago

    I don't condone rape but women use their sexuality for gain all the time. I've met women who outright say they go on dating sites for free meals, drinks and whatever else they can get without putting out...ever.
    But if men use their resources for personal gain it's different and an outright witch hunt.

  • Wizard Wand Music
    Wizard Wand Music Month ago

    Way 2 Late

  • Chiefgotpiff Piff
    Chiefgotpiff Piff Month ago

    Rule #1if you have no marks on you its not rape stop being whores

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    I like Seth cuz he isn’t a rich douche

  • -BeyondAir-
    -BeyondAir- Month ago +1

    you cringe you lose
    you lose you cringe

  • Stefan Larsen
    Stefan Larsen Month ago

    yeah, because all these people who've been "bravely" speaking out now knew all these years what he was doing. weinstein isnt as much the problem as the opportunistic cancers who make up hollywood are

  • Sydney O'Bier
    Sydney O'Bier Month ago

    #HeKnew lmao. All I can see is the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme playing over Seth’s face at the end, several headlines of Weinstein allegations moving past the screen, and their stupid laughter as he just continues to look at them like “wow, you dumbf*cks, it wasn’t a joke.” 😭

  • Devin Hansen
    Devin Hansen Month ago +1

    I didn't even know who Harvey Weinstein was before all this.

  • Pales Taamu
    Pales Taamu Month ago

    Seth has a face on like he's saying 'I ain't joking ya fools'

  • S S
    S S Month ago

    Lmao the fact that everyone thought he was joking but in reality he was serious af

  • Mike Page
    Mike Page Month ago

    That would be Oscars "we saw your boobs" 2013.

  • ChillyCloth
    ChillyCloth Month ago +1

    is this real

  • Austin P
    Austin P Month ago +3

    dude Seth don't gaf bout shit. man I swear he's the goat

  • cam brown
    cam brown Month ago

    I just watched a family guy episode that said bruce jenner was a girl lol and it was made wayyy before

  • B Caldwell
    B Caldwell Month ago

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you... Nostradamus!!!

  • kim gomez
    kim gomez Month ago

    seth knew. he's a good guy thats why i like him so much.

  • Axel Morales
    Axel Morales Month ago

    Fuck this shit. The so-called "times up movement and #metoo" crap is ridiculous. How are they doing this now if the claimed they didn't know before? And "no longer being silent now" when this has been happening for more than 3 decades? Hollywood may have some great actors, because that makes them great liars. They suddenly give a shit and many of the females celebs are trying to make men look in Hollywood look evil, THAT is sexist. There are many male celebrities who are being accused randomly from left to right and when they crumble the women and men at awards ceremony's laugh. Of course what those harrasser's did was completely wrong and cruel, but it does not need to go that far with even more stupidity. Fuck man, even MY MOM thinks that the movements are stupid because it made no sense after nothing for so long and then becoming a huge liberal media topic. Lady celebs, stop trying to make men look disgusting and at least be with the good ones and try to do what you came to do in Hollywood: to make art.
    Make the entertainment that it always was since the beginning. We're here to make entertainment, not putting in politics, movements, racism or presidency in this. Hollywood is for people to have fun, work with, and simply make the fun for audiences as well.
    Make Hollywood the ART that it is, no bullshit.

  • Hell Orkz
    Hell Orkz Month ago


  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave Month ago +1

    Yet, Oprah goes on stage and talks all this shit about women's oppression to the same Hollywood crowd that kept it on the low! Now Oprah is a hero and the next future president!...please.

  • FlowerTrollSan
    FlowerTrollSan Month ago

    Holy shit, this + the Kevin Spacey basement bit from Family Guy. Seth always knew what's up and tried to tell everyone.

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim Month ago

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂that guy ..

  • Oscar Goodwin
    Oscar Goodwin Month ago

    He also made a Kevin Spacey pedophile joke on Family Guy years ago. So they've know for a while.

  • TheBigBadRedMantis
    TheBigBadRedMantis Month ago +1

    Emma Stone was there smiling and now she's all for the equality horseshit, hypocrisy has no limits with the hollywood people.

  • Angelo Hronis
    Angelo Hronis Month ago

    0:31 Seth: "That wasn't a joke"

  • GoodMorningRatchets


  • DestinyC1020
    DestinyC1020 Month ago

    Oh snap!! 😨

  • t z
    t z Month ago

    ah Seth. There's always truth to every joke

  • Robert Huppie
    Robert Huppie Month ago

    My names seth mcfarlane and suddenly i have all the libs in my back pocket

  • Retro Leo
    Retro Leo Month ago

    No applause at all for Helen Hunt.

  • Captain James Tiberious Kirk


  • Nicolas Muñoz
    Nicolas Muñoz Month ago

    Enormous balls to say that!!!jjajajja

  • flyhound97
    flyhound97 Month ago

    I like how the title and the description say 2013 four times and the first thing you hear Seth say is 2012.

  • Rory Calhoun
    Rory Calhoun Month ago

    it's funny because Harvey's a serial rapist!

  • Rudy C
    Rudy C Month ago

    Do men have to pretend to be attracted to those ugly women?

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago

    What a great voice Seth has ..

  • Emily B
    Emily B Month ago


  • Bryan Montes
    Bryan Montes Month ago

    Seth usually gives us clues about what’s really happening

  • Jenkem Jones
    Jenkem Jones Month ago

    im sure is just as much a fucking pervert as anybody else, he works for fox, fox is pure evil, im willing to bet seth isnt innocent either.

  • Josh Grauer
    Josh Grauer Month ago

    So, am I right to assume that Harvey weinstein's former classmates hearts are not the only thing that he has touched?

  • GregSaurusRex 000
    GregSaurusRex 000 Month ago

    And this way i don't feel bad for none of these hoes. All of y'all laughed and knew about it

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max Month ago

    He's not fucking joking he's being fucling forreal

  • Breaking News
    Breaking News Month ago +1

    After Seth evaded death on 9/11, he became a GOD himself!

  • GOD is my lord and protector

    He wasn't joking lol


    ***Repressed Gay***

  • Rationalist Society

    And yet nobody knew! Wow. What are the odds

  • GCarlin Disciple
    GCarlin Disciple Month ago

    Oh, you mean back when every single person he allegedly abused let it slide because he was making them millions of dollars. I wouldn't listen to a hooker 5 years after the "incident" so be independent ladies and shut the fuck up

  • Ralph Griswold
    Ralph Griswold Month ago

    He didnt call him out he just proved they all knew and didnt care

  • The Learner
    The Learner Month ago

    If everything I see about Mc is real he is just awesome.

  • Peter Rabin
    Peter Rabin Month ago

    All the libtards knew . Makes their anti trump virtue signalling even more hypocritical

  • Papa Lannister
    Papa Lannister Month ago

    Seth McFarlane = OG

  • Johnny Depp
    Johnny Depp Month ago

    Fuck Harvey Weinstein the creepy fucker

  • tinaloveseddie
    tinaloveseddie Month ago +1

    He knew.... they ALL knew!😏

  • John House
    John House Month ago

    Fuck Seth the fag

  • Seven
    Seven Month ago

    Hollywood is like the government so many disturbing dirty secrets

  • Biwaqu
    Biwaqu Month ago

    I love Seth, he‘s so fucking funny 😆

  • Catzilla
    Catzilla Month ago

    0:32 I love Seth's look there. _"Oh, yeah. I totally went there. I bet you won't invite me to NEXT year's Oscars, huh?"_

  • woodyfive0
    woodyfive0 Month ago

    Cortney Love warned everyone in like 2005 and no one said shit. IF anyone of these women would of came forward all those years ago a lot of heart ache and bullshit could of been avoided. That is to bad

  • isabel vazquez
    isabel vazquez Month ago

    You’re all fucking disgusting

  • Joe  S
    Joe S Month ago

    Meryl Streep scolded any girl, who complained about Harvey. Don’t you dare. He is Hillary brother.

  • ngiw
    ngiw Month ago

    I think Seth is really disgusted by Weinstein, judging from the expression on his face

  • Luis Estrada
    Luis Estrada 2 months ago

    No fucks given on this day lol

  • Screw You
    Screw You 2 months ago

    Just shows how this was an open secret in Hollywood and nobody did anything as usual