Captain Marvel: The Kree-Skrull War Explained


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  • Carl Dooley
    Carl Dooley Day ago

    I hope that the Shi'ar make a cameo appearance. then the Empress\Xavier relationship can be a thing too.

  • badwolf1913
    badwolf1913 2 days ago

    dude, what movie was that from??
    (lmfao.. the "cow" scene)

  • Paul
    Paul 4 days ago

    Encino man was called California man in the UK

  • ernie wyatt
    ernie wyatt 4 days ago

    HAPPY, MARIA HILL, PEPPER POTTS, HAWKEYE, AND NICK FURY would blow everyone away and make some outstanding storyline.

  • Luke Cage
    Luke Cage 5 days ago +2

    will a skrull make an appearance as stan lee?

  • Melvin Collins
    Melvin Collins 5 days ago

    I think the skrulls are either Thor or Dr Strange, because their accents are awful.

  • Glen Martin
    Glen Martin 6 days ago

    Captain America is a skrull, that is why Thanos had that weird reaction when Cap grabbed the infinity gauntlet. Thanos was surprised because he realized that Cap was a skrull.

    • Jay Tender
      Jay Tender 6 days ago

      Glen Martin Or maybe Captain America is just really strong 💪

  • Oluseun Adeyinka
    Oluseun Adeyinka 6 days ago

    Can you make a video for we non-nerds on why so many of your fellow nerds bitching over this character?

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas 7 days ago

    Thunderbolt Ross

  • The Loobis
    The Loobis 7 days ago

    So Marvel was a guy. I knew it. Making him a chick is fucking lame.

  • Jonathan Hairston
    Jonathan Hairston 8 days ago

    SkrULLL.. not scroll!

  • Blacklily Orchard
    Blacklily Orchard 9 days ago

    skrulls were easter egged in Jessica jones

  • Cookin Up Wit Gene Jr
    Cookin Up Wit Gene Jr 10 days ago

    Thanos is a skrull

  • amatsu mikabosi
    amatsu mikabosi 10 days ago +1

    Kevin fiegie is a skrull

  • Slick YRM
    Slick YRM 11 days ago

    Who and why does it say "It's me, Bat-Man" at 7:47 lol

  • John Darcangelo
    John Darcangelo 12 days ago +4

    So how come Mar Vell isn't blue?

  • UltimateDARK SEID
    UltimateDARK SEID 13 days ago

    I hate captain marvel

  • RideSmoothTV
    RideSmoothTV 13 days ago +5

    Can I just say this.....THIS KREE - SKRULL SHIT IS CONFUSING!

  • 74mackd
    74mackd 19 days ago

    War Machine is a Skrull.

  • Paul Williamson
    Paul Williamson 19 days ago

    The twist is all of earth is Skrull.
    We are all skrulls, we have just forgotten our truth

  • Psiberzerker
    Psiberzerker 20 days ago

    Black Widow. Her characterization begins and ends with Double Agent, so I always suspect her first. Probably Victoria Hand as well. (She was a Triple Agent at one point.)

  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020 20 days ago

    Was Iceman ever involved in any of these stories?

    • Norman Lee
      Norman Lee 20 days ago

      No, none of the X-Men were involved in the Kree-Skrull conflict

  • Christopher Shivar
    Christopher Shivar 20 days ago

    Black Widow is a Skrull. Just watch

  • Roland Meißner
    Roland Meißner 21 day ago

    Nick fury

  • Eric Stonecipher
    Eric Stonecipher 21 day ago

    Black widow

  • Ted ThePilot
    Ted ThePilot 22 days ago

    I hope Luis does the narration

  • Antony M
    Antony M 23 days ago

    Marvell was a man..All that comics back in the day regarding Kree-Skrull war ,happened with Captain Marvell ,he was the central figure,it all evolved around HIm..Now they are making a movie with a female captain marvell,and they will make more movies with the Kree-Skrull wars,again with captain Marvell as a woman..Well screw that..they constantly change everything..these people are clowns..!!!

    • Mauricio Merida
      Mauricio Merida 22 days ago +1

      He is still a man, Jude Law would play him, he will die and give Carol his powers, there is no change there.


    How can everyone be missing the fact that black widow is a skrull !!!! If it was Fury Captain Marvel would sense it. Come on

  • u235u235u235
    u235u235u235 25 days ago

    why does Brie Larson look bored to be in the movie and hardly smiles?

  • J. kross
    J. kross 25 days ago

    One is still suck as a cow lol

  • Jsmes Wagner
    Jsmes Wagner 26 days ago

    Captian ma rei su...ta da I'm MS marvel wait I'm a feminist I'm captian marvel cause if I'm not its sexist..

  • George Chin
    George Chin 26 days ago +3

    Doesn't bring up the Blue Area of the Moon and that the War started over a contest.

    • Thomas Grable
      Thomas Grable 24 days ago +1

      The rivalry between the Kree and the Cotati, and the benevolent Skrulls offering membership to only one species.

  • patrick williams
    patrick williams 27 days ago

    Great job!!!!

  • buckweezy1942
    buckweezy1942 29 days ago

    Anybody catch that supersport there riding in?....😍nice

  • Dan Reese
    Dan Reese Month ago

    Goes back further than that with Captain Marvel in a green and white suit in the Gene Cohen 68' comic. He is the best Marvel in my book .

  • Jason Bean
    Jason Bean Month ago

    It's about time!:)

  • Luther Blackmar
    Luther Blackmar Month ago

    The Negative Zone warlord was Annihilus(a-nie-hill-us)

  • kirby march barcena

    Danvers should have been "Colonel Marvel" since she is actually a US Air Force Colonel.

  • Nerraw Nehc
    Nerraw Nehc Month ago

    Its cap!!! I saw a spoiler....

  • J.Russell Hickman
    J.Russell Hickman Month ago

    I am guessing the Black Widow has been a skrull for some time

  • MegaDcmp
    MegaDcmp Month ago +5

    Disney/Marvel have created quite a dilemma for themselves. With Captain Marvel coming out soon, how are they to decide who is the best/most powerful/most interesting/most inspiring superhero ever? Last year it was Black Panther, cause, you know. . . well. . . let's just say no one was allowed to review it honestly. . . ANYWAY, now we have a woman heading her own movie, which agenda is going to win?

    • MegaDcmp
      MegaDcmp 4 days ago

      Once again, missing the point. I have no problem with the movie being made, and I have no problem with the movie being good, if it turns out so. My point is that the media fawned over Black Panther, proclaiming it to be the 'best Marvel movie.' (I didn't find it that great, I put it on par with Ant Man or Dr. Strange, but certainly Black Panther was much better than Iron Man 2 or 3.) My point, which I will state here again (please try to focus instead of creating your own notion of what you THINK I must mean), is that the rare less-than-stellar review of Black Panther resulted in the reviewer being called racist. Based on the tone and direction of our current culture, I fully expect a similar dynamic with Captain Marvel. And by the way, your assertion that I have no logical arguments, and that I 'Lol just can't win,' is nonsensical, as I haven't present a logical argument, or attempt to do so. I made a jocular assertion. I see that you have some sort of perspective or agenda that disallows you from refraining from attacking people who have a different world view than you; for that, I am sorry for you, but moreso for the people who have to listen to your tripe on a daily basis. I doubt much will change that, short of the culture changing back to a more balanced and rational approach, which will make it much harder for people like you to twist the statements of everyone you disagree with then attack their phantom 'logic.' But feel free to keep chiming in with your nonsense.

    • Clarence Jacobs
      Clarence Jacobs 5 days ago

      Wonder why they "can't review it honestly" hmmmm

    • Snehil Shrey
      Snehil Shrey 13 days ago +2

      1- English isn't my native language BUT I do know the shit you're talking bout it. I just wanted to blatantly hear it from you.
      How's making single female led movie after a wave of 20 male led ones pandering? If anything, making 20 male led ones seems more pandering. Lol you just can't win in this argument. You have no logical arguments that you can make bout this film. Just not even a single one.
      2- Kevin Feige doesn't care bout pandering. Studio was the one who didn't want to do this film and if it wasn't for him, you'd be happy now.

    • MegaDcmp
      MegaDcmp 13 days ago +2

      Perhaps you are limited in your reasoning and comprehension, and so missed the obvious point: the current cultural climate has led the weak-minded and weak-willed to feel the need to pander to certain groups and make those groups 'better' than other groups. And when anyone doesn't get on board with tgsst pandering (which in itself is racist and sexist), they are attacked in the media, and are assaulted with cheap and pathetically-motivated insults (that's where you come in). I simply pointed out (in a jocular manner) that the studio has put themselves in a position where they have to choose which group they feel they have to pander to the most.

  • lexusdude
    lexusdude Month ago

    .......WHY??!!!......WHY ARE THE KREE AND SKRULLS FIGHTING??! Is it over land?! a woman?! money?! space cows?!! WHY damn it. You did all this and didn't answer the most basic of questions arrrrgh!!!!

    • Norman Lee
      Norman Lee 20 days ago +1

      Before the Skrulls made first contact with the Kree, the Skrulls were a peaceful species. Upon first contact the Skrulls discovered the planet Hala had 2 different species of sentient life: The primitive Kree, who were in the early stage of caveman tribal development and the telepathic Cotati, a plant-like species. So the Skrulls held a year long contest to see which was superior. The Kree lost. Out of anger the Kree killed the Skrull ambassador and his crew, expanded their knowledge of Skrull technology, built a fleet of warships, developed a militaristic empire and when they felt they were ready, the Kree attacked the Skrulls, out of pride and to prove the Kree were not an inferior species. In defense the Skrulls learned the ways of war creating the Kree-Skrull war

    • lexusdude
      lexusdude 27 days ago

      +john scarano God bless you John Scarano a trillion thank you!!!

    • john scarano
      john scarano 27 days ago +2

      The kree killed a skrull ambassador envoy and back engineered their technology. They did this because the skrull decided they aren't worthy of trade.

    • Dan Reese
      Dan Reese Month ago

      Over Space . That is the land people fight over in Sci Fi

    • lexusdude
      lexusdude Month ago

      +Debajyoti Nath yet again the question of "why" they are fighting flys over another head. I give up.

  • Jeremy McCoy
    Jeremy McCoy Month ago

    I remain convinced wong is a Skrull.

  • Jon Ofarrell
    Jon Ofarrell Month ago +10

    Nick fury is the skrull

  • Manny Leela
    Manny Leela Month ago

    It's the Intelligence Supreme stupid.

    • Norman Lee
      Norman Lee 20 days ago +1

      actually it's Supreme Intelligence or Supremor

  • Camo Rambo
    Camo Rambo Month ago

    We baked some good food and cooking 🥘

  • maxoconnor
    maxoconnor Month ago +1

    Obadiah Stane, Black Widow, Dr. Vanko, High Council, And a few more

  • 4RM626
    4RM626 Month ago +5


    • Dub Nation
      Dub Nation Month ago +1

      Then take your uniterested ass back to dceu because clearly marvel isn't your brand Eve though it's a marvel universe you silly rabbitv

    • Spectra Phantom
      Spectra Phantom Month ago

      Forza Ac Milan Spongebob reference

    • Forza Ac Milan
      Forza Ac Milan Month ago


  • Pro 9
    Pro 9 Month ago

    Hulk can be a skrull.. As he is afraid of the titan..... And nik fury is a skrull too

  • Rohit varma Bhupathiraju

    My dibs on Black widow being a Skrull.

  • john hyper
    john hyper Month ago

    Ugh ... not real excited about the skrull plot .... impersonators .... not really original idea , cliche' like... to be honest Capt. Marvel looks kind of blah to me

    • Norman Lee
      Norman Lee 20 days ago

      not original? Stan Lee introduced the shape-shifting Skrulls back in 1962 in Fantastic Four/Issue #2/1962 JAN. Cite a story that used such alien impersonators that predates this story

    • Dub Nation
      Dub Nation Month ago

      Are you doubting marvel studios with your negative talk .you must not be a true marvel fan .go back to dceu where you belong or try Disney if you think that they can satisfy your needs .

  • arachnid gaming
    arachnid gaming Month ago

    Love the editing

  • Wanda B
    Wanda B Month ago

    Who is Rick Jones?

    • Thomas Grable
      Thomas Grable 24 days ago

      Sidekick extraordinaire, and partly responsible for creating the Hulk.

  • Joe Fish
    Joe Fish Month ago

    Why you ripping off Comics Explained?

  • Marce Mecalco
    Marce Mecalco 3 months ago

    You should do reviews of the new Netflix show Maniac

  • Henry Strydom
    Henry Strydom 3 months ago


  • bdscavenger
    bdscavenger 3 months ago

    will the inhumans be in the upcoming captain marvel movie and avengers 4?

  • Jesse Rodriguez
    Jesse Rodriguez 3 months ago +2

    Ramsey Bolton was the best of the Inhumans.

  • Elizabeth Edoukoi
    Elizabeth Edoukoi 3 months ago +4

    American horror story episode 3 nooooowwwwwww

    • DaliaG
      DaliaG 3 months ago


  • Drewkkake
    Drewkkake 3 months ago +27

    Danvers comes into contact during an air force mission, she gets exposed to kree tech which is now engrained into her body. Mar-Vell takes her with him into space and wipes her memory. Eventually her battle in the Kree-Skrull war, her ship falls to earth, where Nick Fury helps her to find something(hulkling?) before the Skrulls who landed on the beach can find it. She saves the day, believes to have ridden earth of the Skrulls, and leaves to complete her war. Promises she will be back, and leaves her pager for Fury. She comes back, realizes she has to fight Thanos, and in defeating thanos, realizes there has already been a secret invasion.

    • Christopher Shivar
      Christopher Shivar 20 days ago

      Cap is killing Thanos

    • OCSJC :.
      OCSJC :. 22 days ago

      Another one? First hydra now skrulls?

    • Jsmes Wagner
      Jsmes Wagner 26 days ago

      Mar Rey su

    • jakkeday1
      jakkeday1 27 days ago

      My bad - I thought he was playing Yon-Rogg!! The rumour seemed to fit with Jude Law’s description of his character.

  • Duarte Albuquerque
    Duarte Albuquerque 3 months ago +5

    warmachine is a skrull or hakweye because the actor is better but my vote goes to warmachine

    • Kenny J. McBride
      Kenny J. McBride Month ago

      I thought I was the only one who wants to see this. Only thing holding me back is the injury from Civil War likely would've exposed the Skrull. 😒

  • Mitch Gurowitz
    Mitch Gurowitz 3 months ago +14

    Good observations, your pronunciation of Annihilus was hysterical.

  • Metal Otaku Banzai
    Metal Otaku Banzai 3 months ago +8

    Wow great job explaining this. It can be very confusing to non Comic Book readers.

    • u235u235u235
      u235u235u235 25 days ago

      +Sean OBrien comic books are written for teenagers, and frankly boring.

    • Debajyoti Nath
      Debajyoti Nath Month ago +1

      +Sean OBrien I understand your point but you have to admit that everyone don't like reading. A motion picture is much more appealing and entertaining. Do you think everyone who watched and made the Harry Potter movies such a big hit, also read the novels? Naah...

    • Debajyoti Nath
      Debajyoti Nath Month ago

      Believe me, even comics are very confusing. The writers were never very consistent with their theories, the power levels, the timelines etc.

    • Sean OBrien
      Sean OBrien Month ago +1

      Or you could just read a comic? Or watch the abengers earths mightiest heroes cartoon. Its what i dont get about non comic readers you'll watch movues about comicbook characters but you wont read a comic about them?

  • Nyack Vaughn
    Nyack Vaughn 3 months ago


  • Rafael Matos
    Rafael Matos 3 months ago +1