Chef Serves Gordon Grilled Lettuce - Kitchen Nightmares


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  • newlend six
    newlend six 15 hours ago


  • iAsbestos
    iAsbestos Day ago

    2:23 meth not even once.

  • iAsbestos
    iAsbestos Day ago


  • Commie Doggo
    Commie Doggo 3 days ago

    It's foot lettuce

  • Zillyan Tran
    Zillyan Tran 3 days ago

    At least the lettuce wasn’t canned..

  • Ic3 Zar
    Ic3 Zar 3 days ago +1

    @ 2:32 Atleast they have fresh melons😍

  • A Brizzo
    A Brizzo 4 days ago

    Warm lettuce is disgusting

  • Guan Li
    Guan Li 4 days ago

    Waiter: How will you want your lettuce made?
    Me: Medium-Rare please.

  • Demon-鬼
    Demon-鬼 4 days ago

    Top 10 anime betrayals of all time

  • War Ghost squad
    War Ghost squad 4 days ago

    He wanted to BD him lol

  • Gran Valcun
    Gran Valcun 5 days ago

    Man she is gorgeous....

  • Shahzaman Shaikh
    Shahzaman Shaikh 5 days ago

    The waitress is actually thicc

  • Nate Jusko
    Nate Jusko 5 days ago

    Grilled romaine is actually pretty common, and when done properly is really good. I typically like Gordon Ramsay, but this was one criticism that was unwarranted.
    Oh, and look what he has on the menu for his top NYC restaurant...grilled lettuce...what a pompous ass.

  • Hansen Lay
    Hansen Lay 5 days ago +1


  • DK Fam
    DK Fam 5 days ago +1

    That Restuarant Looks Like Something I Would Make Belive When I Was 5

  • an Ordinary Otaku
    an Ordinary Otaku 6 days ago

    That hairline tho

  • leelee espisol
    leelee espisol 6 days ago

    Well grilled salad hasn't hit Mexico yet either!😂


    Damn ami can serve me anytime

  • Surjasarathi Adhya
    Surjasarathi Adhya 6 days ago

    imagine selling one of the world's top chefs a fried piece of lettuce

  • Alexa Jones
    Alexa Jones 6 days ago

    Whats the season and episode?

  • danallen36492
    danallen36492 6 days ago

    Ugh i think im gonna vomit

  • Lisa Plambeck
    Lisa Plambeck 6 days ago

    'Grilled lettuce'? Who the fucking hell grills lettuce!? I can barely cook, and even *I* know how unbelievably stupid that is!

  • Mark Lajko
    Mark Lajko 7 days ago

    Rip Kevin

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka 7 days ago +1

    *can’t go wrong*

  • Zoë Jane Ellis
    Zoë Jane Ellis 7 days ago +1

    Ok so lettuce everyone laughs😂

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 7 days ago

    I hope Kevin was fired

  • IceCube1235 :D
    IceCube1235 :D 7 days ago

    Fucking lettuce how is that Mexican? Btw I’m Mexican and that is not Mexican nor Indian

  • Life With Caroline
    Life With Caroline 7 days ago +1

    As long as he like my food, we will get along just fine....


  • Elmo the rapist 2.0
    Elmo the rapist 2.0 7 days ago

    I bet they were paid to laugh

  • Gonul Olmez
    Gonul Olmez 7 days ago

    If i read it i can taste the flavour already.

  • Gamer Saracen
    Gamer Saracen 7 days ago +1

    I loose my appetite when I see a black ugly girl serving my meal.

  • Reef
    Reef 7 days ago

    I imagined him saying "that chicken is so raw it started to eat the lettuce "

  • EatMyPotato
    EatMyPotato 7 days ago

    My face when i studied so hard or an exam and gets a 0 2:52

  • Blu
    Blu 7 days ago +2

    that lettuce doesnt look grilled enough! it still looks focking raw!

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 7 days ago

    Wonder if the chef gets girls with that hair cut

  • Christopher Chicas
    Christopher Chicas 8 days ago

    If I owned a Restraunt I would purposely make it shitty just to meet Gordon lol

  • smasher 71
    smasher 71 8 days ago +1

    People looked like that they didn't know anything but they laughed

  • Jenny Lara
    Jenny Lara 8 days ago

    Lol fusion confusion

  • Jay Perez
    Jay Perez 8 days ago

    might as well as just heat up some kale and dip it in ketchup

  • whyyy Taylor.
    whyyy Taylor. 8 days ago +1

    grilled lettuce is my favourite like obvs

  • DuTtReACtS
    DuTtReACtS 8 days ago

    V e g a n n i b b a s b e l i k e

  • Basically Basic
    Basically Basic 8 days ago

    New and improved _grilled foot lettuce_

  • Selim Koc
    Selim Koc 8 days ago

    Seasen that shit

  • bye bye
    bye bye 8 days ago

    Amy looks like Martin Lawrence

  • Kevin Yusuf
    Kevin Yusuf 8 days ago

    2:19 - Staged..

  • PromistNG
    PromistNG 8 days ago

    His forehead is bigger than nino's ego

  • Heather Sawyer
    Heather Sawyer 8 days ago

    _Number fifteeeen: Park's Edge Grilled Foot Lettuuuce._
    _The last thing you'd want in your caesar salad is a burned grilled lettuuuuce. But as it turns out, that might be what you gæt._

  • Hey, Im weird
    Hey, Im weird 9 days ago +1

    Watch, this is what vegetarians eat.

  • Anthony Yang
    Anthony Yang 9 days ago

    Nino would clean that lettuce super good

  • msnannybean
    msnannybean 9 days ago

    Grilled lettuce is common in the states

  • hazem amer
    hazem amer 9 days ago

    The girl is very nice

  • Jhosua Roldan
    Jhosua Roldan 9 days ago

    Mexican, asian, indian??
    Asian, indian???????
    Looks like someone didn't took geography class.

  • Dyubos 69
    Dyubos 69 9 days ago

    I'm no cook but I'm pretty sure i won't grill a whole lettuce. Retard move 😂

  • Cjbrooks24
    Cjbrooks24 9 days ago

    Amy is so fine 😍😍

  • Lyle Tangonan
    Lyle Tangonan 9 days ago

    She lowcc bad

  • Samiul Hassan
    Samiul Hassan 10 days ago +3

    The bartender reminded me of people from GTA 5

  • Mr Potato
    Mr Potato 10 days ago

    Its called why would Gordon even bother? He is not the only person who gets to decide if the food is bad or what if the lettuce is grilled....we do things in our own way which made us special...

  • Mark Mazelon
    Mark Mazelon 10 days ago

    i actually want to try it

  • akshay biswas
    akshay biswas 10 days ago

    Which episode is it ???

  • Krul Tepes
    Krul Tepes 11 days ago +2

    0:12 Indian is Asian also tho

  • Marko Alvarez
    Marko Alvarez 12 days ago +1

    Who comes up with the idea of grilling lettuce

  • Oui Oui
    Oui Oui 12 days ago

    oh wow! that bartender must be really annoying to work with...

  • Lyro witzgag
    Lyro witzgag 13 days ago

    atleast they did not boiled the lettuce.

  • Randall Bowman
    Randall Bowman 14 days ago

    year salt arrange guy submit mexican capture play guilty alliance toe repair.

  • TryingChimera80 xx
    TryingChimera80 xx 14 days ago

    "Fusion confusion" - Gordon Ramsey

  • Ashley Miranda
    Ashley Miranda 14 days ago

    Waitress serving good looks 🔥

  • 出口成文 Gentleman - Fok Sifu's Kitchen

    Who's here watching this video because of Molly Baz with Bon Appétit?

  • Anthony Linley
    Anthony Linley 15 days ago

    Ami Gilchrist - You are welcome

  • skylah danielle
    skylah danielle 15 days ago

    how do these people in the restaurant act like gordon Ramsey and film crew aren’t behind them

  • Gianpaolo C.
    Gianpaolo C. 15 days ago

    “Grilled lettuce, *can’t go wrong* “

  • Sum yout00ber
    Sum yout00ber 15 days ago

    Nino would NEVER grill lettuce

  • Nathaniel Carr
    Nathaniel Carr 16 days ago

    Perceive city no high significantly motivate really rage.

  • mark riesgo
    mark riesgo 17 days ago

    "How are you?"
    "Hi how are you?"
    Uhhhh what? Lol.

  • Amanda Page
    Amanda Page 17 days ago

    Bartender was right.

  • Laura Flint
    Laura Flint 18 days ago

    He likes black women

  • Learning Unlearning
    Learning Unlearning 19 days ago

    Kevin 😂😂😂

  • Nuclear_King
    Nuclear_King 21 day ago

    I’d ram that waitress cheeks

  • lord electron
    lord electron 21 day ago

    Got a good idea Chicken beef pork milk shake ultimate PROTIEN SHAKE results are to be slimy sticky squishy smelly but edible

  • #679 Chocolate_Fijian

    Ami smile is cute😍🔥

  • Sick Sad World
    Sick Sad World 23 days ago

    Ami Ami Ami... my my my 😍

  • beeenjamin100
    beeenjamin100 23 days ago +3

    Grilled salad
    " Cant go wrong really "

  • James Gilbert
    James Gilbert 24 days ago

    So, I haven’t been there yet to see exactly what it is, but Gordon Ramsay Steak in Baltimore has a Grilled Caesar Salad on it’s menu.
    Also, there is an episode of F-Word where Gordon Ramsay and his Chefs serve pan cooked buttered lettuce. Chef Ramsay even says something along the lines of “If you haven’t had cooked lettuce, it’s delicious and really brings out the flavor.”
    I think Gordon Ramsay is a great chef, a legitimately nice person, and out to help people. But I feel that the attacking of the idea of grilling the lettuce was not a fair approach or angle. If you can make a grilled salad, but his execution was wrong, I could understand, but he calls out the idea of cooking lettuce to the entire restaurant when he has cooked lettuce on his own menu.

  • sirocox5297
    sirocox5297 24 days ago

    I like her gestures

  • Mr. Otaku
    Mr. Otaku 24 days ago +3

    Waiter: *Serves grilled lettuce* Gordon: "It's raw."

  • Joel Ventura
    Joel Ventura 24 days ago

    Ami is so gorgeous 😍😍😍

  • Lhae Greenleaf
    Lhae Greenleaf 25 days ago

    My man kevin just wanted his time to shine. Smfh.

  • cmm3699
    cmm3699 26 days ago

    The fucked in thing is I was just reading an August edition of cooking light and they had a grilled Caesar salad. Like the fuck bro???

  • pokerace420
    pokerace420 29 days ago +5

    "UMMM, NOT?"

  • Mouse four
    Mouse four Month ago


  • Matthew Blum
    Matthew Blum Month ago

    This show reminds me of professional wrestling-fake.

  • Hol up
    Hol up Month ago +2

    Is that an actual attractive black girl? Those are rare

  • chulachak chakkaphak

    What about the lamb sauce

  • Restore Humanity!
    Restore Humanity! Month ago

    Maybe the chef was afraid that girdon would say it is RRRRAAAAWWWW!!

  • Juan Manuel Colombo Blanco

    Number 15: Restaurant grlled lettuce. The last thing Gordom Ramsey would want are grilled vegetables on his plate. Well this might be exactly what he gets...

  • martywhitevan
    martywhitevan Month ago

    Grilled Romaine is one of the new trends in the USA....but it doesnt sound good to me

  • peartreat
    peartreat Month ago

    Forget Ramsey I LOVE grilled lettuce!!!

  • dannycool59x
    dannycool59x Month ago

    yo they did my boy kevin wrong

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