Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Official Trailer 2 - In Theaters May 31

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
  • Following the global success of “Godzilla” and “Kong: Skull Island” comes the next chapter in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ cinematic MonsterVerse, an epic action adventure that pits Godzilla against some of the most popular monsters in pop culture history. The new story follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. When these ancient super-species-thought to be mere myths-rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity’s very existence hanging in the balance.
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  • Craig H.
    Craig H. 18 hours ago

    King Ghidorah: Save.... Mothra.......
    Godzilla: what?
    King Ghidora: Save... Mothra!!.....
    Godzilla Why'd you say that name?

  • Krofna
    Krofna 18 hours ago

    thats what im talking about!!! big fuckers battling it out!!

  • vanguard1234523
    vanguard1234523 18 hours ago

    so how much do we want to bet a Mothra dies in this movie to establish threat because people only casually acquainted with the character are less likely to be familiar with her tendency to leave eggs behind.

  • Something Awesome
    Something Awesome 18 hours ago

    Please have a post credit scene where more monsters are revealed.. please

  • Laurenz Canent
    Laurenz Canent 18 hours ago

    1:59 When Mothra sees a lava lamp.

  • jummon koshai
    jummon koshai 18 hours ago

    Let them fight

  • Michael Song
    Michael Song 18 hours ago

    I know that Godzilla was sometimes an ally and sometimes an enemy of humanity. I know that King Ghidora was always an enemy of Godzilla and never the ally of humanity. I don't know anything about Rhodan.
    Lastly, based on few clips I saw, I'm guessing Mothra was always an ally of humamity? Is that about right?

  • JRM
    JRM 18 hours ago

    2:11 Una bestia como godzilla no se podría mover a esa velocidad :v

  • Sergio Ramirez
    Sergio Ramirez 18 hours ago +1



  • Suxx 2 Suck Gaming
    Suxx 2 Suck Gaming 18 hours ago

    So I guess this is not the Godzilla v King Kong movie, still looks cool though

  • Cristian Luengas
    Cristian Luengas 18 hours ago

    Wtf that was asome

  • Jay Crew
    Jay Crew 18 hours ago

    Godzilla vs Eleven?!?!

  • Poppleton's big day
    Poppleton's big day 18 hours ago

    0:58 it’s torterra from pokemon!

  • Just Awesome Your
    Just Awesome Your 18 hours ago

    I’m getting goosebumps from this

  • Topolino Z
    Topolino Z 18 hours ago

    Every 5 years we get new Godzilla movie! So original 🙄

  • Angga
    Angga 18 hours ago

    Where’s that “Kong Will Win” comment :D LOL!!!! They can’t never said that

  • Valentin Roman
    Valentin Roman 18 hours ago

    Good movie 😲👍👍

  • Raymond Lugo
    Raymond Lugo 18 hours ago

    Directed by lu shiangon which also means"miachael bay"

  • Morphic c
    Morphic c 18 hours ago


  • kevin adrian
    kevin adrian 18 hours ago

    Still better than TVclip Rewind 2018

  • TheGrimReaper
    TheGrimReaper 18 hours ago

    Wheres Gigan?

  • Estelio Konto
    Estelio Konto 18 hours ago

    Where is king kong,in the movie kong at the end of the movie it shows an ester-egg it shows godzilla and king ghidorah

  • Nickbomb 09
    Nickbomb 09 18 hours ago

    Ma homie Rodan tearing up the block skirrrrrrrrrt

  • amar bagaskara
    amar bagaskara 18 hours ago

    Avenger : most ambitious crossovers
    Godzilla king of monster : hold my beer

  • Aesthetic Productions
    Aesthetic Productions 18 hours ago

    Isn't it that guy from that Verizon commercial?

  • Ryan Hagen
    Ryan Hagen 18 hours ago

    Godzilla newbie question: Is Godzilla actually the King of the monsters? Or is this King Gidorah?

    • MegaNerdyJock
      MegaNerdyJock 18 hours ago

      Ryan Hagen in this movie they are fighting for the title

  • Jeffry Hiendy
    Jeffry Hiendy 18 hours ago

    Really? Ghidorah is not gold???

    • MegaNerdyJock
      MegaNerdyJock 18 hours ago

      Jeffry Hiendy he is gold but all footage of his is an night so you can’t really see it

  • Shiznuts
    Shiznuts 18 hours ago

    I remember a time when movies had suspense and eventhough they were fiction, they sorta felt 'believable' if you will.
    These days movies go straight over the top right away and have more of a bad comedy feel rather than leaving an impression.
    I want movies like The Abyss again.

  • Guillermo Rangel
    Guillermo Rangel 18 hours ago +1

    I’m ready to see Godzilla king of the monsters for next year

  • Makena Man
    Makena Man 18 hours ago

    Holly shit!!! Yes!!! Fucking pumped

  • Robzon Rodriguez
    Robzon Rodriguez 18 hours ago

    Voltei ao meu Sofá na minha Infância neste exato momento, Obrigado pelas Lágrimas de Emoção. 😭❤

  • thatParadox
    thatParadox 18 hours ago

    CGI looks bad. Hopefully it's better in the actual film.

  • King Ghidorah
    King Ghidorah 18 hours ago

    Godzilla (1954)
    Godzilla (1955) Raids again
    Godzilla (1962) King kong vs godzilla
    Godzilla (1964) Mothra vs godzilla ghidorah the three headed dragon
    Godzilla (1965) invasion of astro - monster
    Godzilla (1966) Godzilla vs the sea monster
    Godzilla (1967) son of godzilla
    Godzilla (1968) destroy all monsters
    Godzilla (1969) all monsters attack
    Godzilla (1971) godzilla vs hedorah
    Godzilla (1972) godzilla vs gigan
    Godzilla (1973) godzilla vs megalon
    Godzilla (1974) godzilla vs mechagodzilla
    Godzilla (1975) terror of mechagodzilla
    Godzilla (1984) the return of godzilla
    Godzilla (1989) godzilla vs biollante
    Godzilla (1991) godzilla vs king ghidorah
    Godzilla (1992) godzilla vs mothra
    Godzilla (1993) godzilla vs mechagodzilla 2
    Godzilla (1994) godzilla vs space godzilla
    Godzilla (1995) godzilla vs destroyah
    Godzilla (1998) zilla
    Godzilla (1999) godzilla 2000: Millenniam
    Godzilla (2000) godzilla vs megaguirus
    Godzilla (2001) godzilla, mothra, king ghidorah giant monsters all out atack
    Godzilla (2002) godzilla against mechagodzilla
    Godzilla (2003) godzilla tokyo S.O.S
    Godzilla (2004) Final wars
    Godzilla (2007) always sunset on third street
    Godzilla (2014) Alpha predator
    Godzilla (2016) Resurgence Shin godzilla
    Godzilla (2017) Planet of the monsters
    Godzilla (2018) Ready player one mechagodzilla
    Godzilla (2018) City on the edge battle
    Godzilla (2018) The planet eater
    Godzilla (2019) King of the monsters
    Godzilla (2020) Kong vs Godzilla
    Godzilla (2022) Godzilla 3 Destroy all monsters

  • Emoji Cool
    Emoji Cool 18 hours ago

    Holy shit! This is some payper view heavy weight title boxing match level vibes.

  • Mark Torres
    Mark Torres 18 hours ago

    Okay then, where do I preorder my tickets?

  • Taiki Hashimoto
    Taiki Hashimoto 18 hours ago

    I'm happy that not only Japanese are Godzilla snacks

  • Vazrin
    Vazrin 18 hours ago

    When you see godzilla running you know its on! And mothra is gona be bad ass wow just wow this movie got me dying over here o.O!

  • Yash Patel
    Yash Patel 18 hours ago

    This movie will earn praise for its visuals and story for sure

  • Fantasy Table
    Fantasy Table 18 hours ago

    Eleven what you doing here the stranger things Squad need you

  • Kyle Thomann
    Kyle Thomann 18 hours ago

    Can someone tell whats in the water at 0:08 i cant seem to make it out?

  • m g
    m g 18 hours ago

    The king has come back

  • Carl E
    Carl E 18 hours ago

    What kind of retard would watch this shit ?

    BROLY GUNNZ 18 hours ago

    I really do like how they gave Godzilla that anti heroic side

  • DJ Phat Ballz
    DJ Phat Ballz 18 hours ago +1

    CGI towards the end looks a little wonky but other than that I’m hyped af

  • Jeffry Hiendy
    Jeffry Hiendy 18 hours ago

    When godzilla vs ghidorah,
    I have the meme
    Godzilla: i will kill you ghidorah
    Ghidorah: lol you can't kill me because i am bigger than you!
    Godzilla: seems like dafuq??
    Ghidorah: but you can't kill me
    Godzilla: lol! I have monthra
    Ghidorah: you have monthra??? I have rodan
    Godzilla: wtf?? Wait! I have something
    Ghidorah: what??
    Godzilla: EAT THIS! (And godzilla shoots his atomic breath)
    Ghidorah: oh SHIT!

  • Niladri
    Niladri 18 hours ago

    Zilla is running like Usain Bolt, Gidhora is freaking awesome, Rodan spinning in mid-air, Mothra is.... Flying fast. THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!! But glimpse of Fire Godzilla was 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Joe Laggz
    Joe Laggz 18 hours ago

    Anybody else get chills?

  • hendrick martin pardiñas

    That last scene of this trailer.
    Head on The G and the g. Haha

  • amin Otsford sofiyant
    amin Otsford sofiyant 18 hours ago


  • Redha A Rachman
    Redha A Rachman 18 hours ago +1


  • KorianBossMonster
    KorianBossMonster 18 hours ago


  • SeizmoGraf
    SeizmoGraf 18 hours ago

    WOW. Not sure if this is flawless or overkill.

  • Break Beat
    Break Beat 18 hours ago

    Godzilla:King of the Monsters

  • Rizky Permana
    Rizky Permana 18 hours ago

    A twist . King ghidora is Godzilla ex ...

  • BenVal
    BenVal 18 hours ago

    47 seconds, wtf is that? are those insect legs?

  • Fookin Laser Sights
    Fookin Laser Sights 18 hours ago

    Rest In Peace wallet 2005-2019

  • Aswad Fate
    Aswad Fate 18 hours ago

    That EPIC music doe!!!

  • Brad Nelson
    Brad Nelson 18 hours ago

    Clash between Godzilla and King Ghidorah

    IWANTTOEATURFACE 18 hours ago +1

    Ret dem fight!

  • jinkies
    jinkies 18 hours ago

    so pumped !!! 😆😆😆

  • Nickbomb 09
    Nickbomb 09 18 hours ago +1

    I just peed my pants...

  • Connor
    Connor 18 hours ago

    Godzilla: "I'm fast as fuck boi"

  • lilpeepboy 47
    lilpeepboy 47 18 hours ago

    Attack on titan movie

  • Gael Diaz
    Gael Diaz 18 hours ago

    This looks bad ass

  • You Buggin
    You Buggin 18 hours ago

    It’s gonna be so hype when kong fights godzilla can’t wait to see that in theaters

  • edchanful
    edchanful 18 hours ago

    This is too massive seriously hhhmmmmmm too much for their size

  • The Kill factor 369
    The Kill factor 369 18 hours ago

    Yea, Mothra looks amazing.

  • alekshandro
    alekshandro 18 hours ago

    Ok Warner, take my fucking money

  • orionstark
    orionstark 18 hours ago

    2 things come to mind as I watch this trailer. The first is that shots of monsters battling in the dark where it is hard to see does not excite me. The second is that Pacific Rim has ruined all future kaiju movies for me. I cannot watch this without thinking "Someone needs to call in the jaegers."

  • K.R. Ayyelos
    K.R. Ayyelos 18 hours ago

    A nice bit of nostalgia that I am glad they are revisiting. Love me some Gojira!

  • Batman
    Batman 18 hours ago


  • Glendon Abatayo
    Glendon Abatayo 18 hours ago

    Is that kong?? 1:53 dooooope!!!

    NAUFAL ID 18 hours ago

    Amazing.. this godzilla is epic

  • Angelo321luna
    Angelo321luna 18 hours ago


  • OO Zak
    OO Zak 18 hours ago

    How to train your dragon

  • NatioN
    NatioN 18 hours ago

    Well that's a doomsday for united states

  • Angga
    Angga 18 hours ago


  • BanananaNathan
    BanananaNathan 18 hours ago

    how convenient the day after my bday,
    at least i have an excuse

  • sufferintoilet
    sufferintoilet 18 hours ago +1

    Damn they're T H I C C

  • Project Nerdvana
    Project Nerdvana 18 hours ago

    Take my money. Take it all!

  • Jagjit Singh
    Jagjit Singh 18 hours ago

    Godzilla: The King of all Shits

  • SyemManuys Brods
    SyemManuys Brods 18 hours ago

    I love the first part it's look like in Stranger Things 😍

  • Kizer Soze
    Kizer Soze 18 hours ago

    Well this looks better than Pacific Rim:Uprising.

  • ozymandias
    ozymandias 18 hours ago

    Sigh same as part 1 everything's too fucking dark to see anything

  • Random Youtuber
    Random Youtuber 18 hours ago

    King of the Monsters is coming to town

  • Maria H
    Maria H 18 hours ago


  • ch ie
    ch ie 18 hours ago

    Omg cant wait to watch this ...

  • AJCarr
    AJCarr 18 hours ago +1

    This is *the* movie for IMAX

  • CJCroen1393
    CJCroen1393 18 hours ago +1

    The King of the Monsters fights for the Earth
    The Queen of the Monsters fights for its people
    The One Born of Fire fights for his own freedom
    The Death Song of Three Storms fights for their destruction

  • C M
    C M 18 hours ago +1

    Seeing his spines Glow!? RAGER!

  • Hail Beer
    Hail Beer 18 hours ago +1

    He strong.
    He thiccc.
    But most importantly.

    He be quicc.

    MR. STARK 18 hours ago +1

    2:16 The titans clash☠

  • officer 612
    officer 612 18 hours ago +1

    Let. Them. Fight.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 18 hours ago +1

    This looks fucking amazing. Thank you Kaiju Jesus for this gift.

    • Jacob
      Jacob 18 hours ago

      Am I the only person who excited just by saying the word Ghidorah?

  • Wo Ghy
    Wo Ghy 18 hours ago

    Looks totally brainless but honestly ? I'm HYPED !

  • andrew phillips
    andrew phillips 18 hours ago


  • Jonathan Ng
    Jonathan Ng 18 hours ago

    the last bit looks too obviously fake

  • Kai Richardson
    Kai Richardson 18 hours ago

    Yesterday: Stranger Things 3 teaser
    Today: Godzilla 2 trailer 2
    I think there's a pattern

  • Propx Elite
    Propx Elite 18 hours ago

    Never seen Godzilla run that fast

  • Ivan 23 Caravantes
    Ivan 23 Caravantes 18 hours ago

    Another one? Oh lord