COME TO TARGET WITH US! *making tik toks, holiday shopping & more* | Vlogmas Day 7

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
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Comments • 476

  • Lindsey Deal
    Lindsey Deal Month ago +384

    "Throw everything in the closet!" What a mood😂💛

  • Porter Robinson
    Porter Robinson Month ago +2

    “I’m bored. Can I come over?” Oh my god if she said that to me I would die ....

  • mwuah sheila
    mwuah sheila Month ago

    I love your energy! It’s making me forget a heartache I feel right now.

  • Sunny Chen
    Sunny Chen Month ago

    Hey Adelaine! To answer about the diva cup, it ain't that bad girl! You need to make sure you wash your hands before handling the diva cup and you just pour into the toilet. When you first use it, use a panty liners as a back up in case anything happens until you get a hang of it! I personally love it, but Mirena has stopped my periods now (TMI) lol

  • Jaylyn
    Jaylyn Month ago

    Were is lola I haven't seen her :c Is something wrong

  • ashley sux
    ashley sux Month ago

    omg so a menstrual cup can be used for a lot longer than a tampon, so you can basically have it in all day and not need to change it in public. also if you absolutely need to you pour the cup into the toilet and you can just use like a disinfecting wipe to clean it or tbh if its an emergency and u dont have any it is not the end of the world if you pour it out and dont clean it, just make sure to clean it right when you get a chance.

  • Dominique Greaves
    Dominique Greaves Month ago

    That tip of the day hit me hard...shit😂😂😂😂

  • S M
    S M Month ago

    I noticed the chicken you gave blue was green it looked like avocado I just wanted you to know that dogs are not allowed avocado x

  • Bekka Dowland
    Bekka Dowland Month ago +1

    Blue looks so cute in those hats aweee

  • Frances Lee
    Frances Lee Month ago

    Day 1 of commenting until Adelaine replies
    Comment 2: catching up on the vlogs

  • Just Call Me Annie
    Just Call Me Annie Month ago

    Blue looked amazing in the antlers & hat!

  • Mizzle Baaby
    Mizzle Baaby Month ago

    I would love to meet you at target and make a tik tok with you

  • Hazar Fakhoury
    Hazar Fakhoury Month ago

    Where is mat , did you guys broke up ?!

  • Kelsey Wood-LaFarr
    Kelsey Wood-LaFarr Month ago

    Do nail vlog

  • Tiff
    Tiff Month ago

    Adelaine being obsessed with Target is me. 😂😂

  • Kaitlyn Chartrand
    Kaitlyn Chartrand Month ago

    Small TVclipr here!

  • Rhodé
    Rhodé Month ago

    Menstral cups are great! But sometimes it’s a hassle to empty it, in public restrooms. But you can take a water bottle with you and you’ll be good. I think that’s the only downside, everything else is great about it! Does take a little time to get used to, but after that it’s really great!

  • HxneyBee
    HxneyBee Month ago

    I love how happy u are u rlly cheer me up💛✨

  • Yaritza Ortega
    Yaritza Ortega Month ago

    Did you and Matt break up??

  • Hailey Nicole
    Hailey Nicole Month ago

    Omg girl where did you get those hat like hangers from because I so need something for my hats

  • Luna Phan
    Luna Phan Month ago

    you seem like your constantly trying to be happy9 you always are happy but it seems different these days), trying to keep yourself busy and when matt arent in your videos it makes me think that you guys are on a break or have broken up.

  • Rachel Joseph
    Rachel Joseph Month ago

    oooh she bright she voldemort IMao

  • Cocoli Huda
    Cocoli Huda Month ago +1

    Hey Adelaide I just want know if everything between you and Matt is ok, non of my business but just wondering

  • Rachel D
    Rachel D Month ago +1

    I feel you with the contacts so much!! I’m blind without mine but I of course have glasses too!!😂😂

  • ClearlyMicaela
    ClearlyMicaela Month ago

    man that tip of the day hit different lol

  • Courtney Fotia
    Courtney Fotia Month ago

    I have a question how do you bring Blue into all these shops without getting in trouble

  • r b
    r b Month ago

    sierra seems so annoyed with adelaine the whole video LOL

  • April Zermeno
    April Zermeno Month ago

    $150 but yet you can spend thousands on a bag lol doesn't make sense 😂

  • Amandine Divakaran
    Amandine Divakaran Month ago

    Where's Matt and Lola???!!! I miss seeing them in your vlogs

  • Crystal Gagnon
    Crystal Gagnon Month ago

    My sister and her wife LOVE the diva cup.
    I have one but I swear it's too big and its uncomfortable.. it's kinda cool and interesting definitely try it!

  • Madi Currie
    Madi Currie Month ago +1

    Omg I nearly died that hat on blue is soooooooooo cute!

  • Gabriela Anna
    Gabriela Anna Month ago

    Love your vlogmas so much! Thank you for being such a happy and fun place on the internet!!

  • Allie Nicole
    Allie Nicole Month ago

    haha the haul and blues little noises

  • boo bear
    boo bear Month ago

    not gonna lie sierra looks like she’s kinda forced to be adelaine’s friend but actually doesn’t like her 😂

  • Susan Gingerich
    Susan Gingerich Month ago

    No Adelaine, chipotle hits different everyday

  • Grace Davis
    Grace Davis Month ago

    I will come and clean your closet for you!!! Agh its driving me insane!!

  • Jane Andrews
    Jane Andrews Month ago

    do you ever watch a video and suddenly really want what the youtube is eating.

  • Viviana N
    Viviana N Month ago

    Watching your vlogs recently feels different... I get a vibe that youre hiding something and youre trying so hard to be happy... also Andres vlogs show a different side of y'all so now I feel uncomfortable 😂

  • Chloe Jervis
    Chloe Jervis Month ago +1

    is matt and adelaine still together cuz i’ve no seen him in vlogs for ages or lola x

    NEENEE VITOLLO Month ago

    They let you take your dog in the store lol

  • Oli Kamer
    Oli Kamer Month ago

    In a public toilet you empty it in the toilet and wash it with some water from a bottle!! Using them makes periods twenty times easier, i swearrrr by mine

  • torijl22
    torijl22 Month ago

    Target isn't pet friendly, girl

  • Sarah Lisa Gonzalez


  • Layla Roberson
    Layla Roberson Month ago

    Hey Adelaine!!! Luv u! 💛

  • Charity Webster
    Charity Webster Month ago

    I work at target and somehow I always leave with at least one bag 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  • Sofia Santos
    Sofia Santos Month ago +1

    maybe blue misses lola and matt, that's why she's reacting that way...

  • Abbie Thornton
    Abbie Thornton Month ago

    wheres matt

  • Camille Weinheimer
    Camille Weinheimer Month ago

    thank you for always being the sunshine in my day 💛 I love watching your videos Adelaine

  • Grace 111
    Grace 111 Month ago

    Order some pizza 🥳

    **gets salad 😔

  • Maira Gil
    Maira Gil Month ago

    At my target uncrustables are next to the gluten free freezer section

  • Michelle xo
    Michelle xo Month ago +4

    Tampons need to be holiday addition for those who get their period on Christmas and every other holiday like ME agh

  • Justyna Lazik
    Justyna Lazik Month ago

    Can you do declutter my closet? I love watching that kind of videos

  • Alejandra Soto
    Alejandra Soto Month ago

    Where’s Matt?

  • Maria Cervantes
    Maria Cervantes Month ago

    I used to use tampons but I got scared because of the toxic shock and pads are so uncomfortable I tried the diva cup and I honestly love it at first I was a little intimidated and scared for the same reason but it’s honestly way better

  • Olivia Cate
    Olivia Cate Month ago

    It wouldn’t be a Adelaine vlog with out target lol

  • Michelle xo
    Michelle xo Month ago +1

    Adelaine, Canada misses you 😩

  • emilia grey
    emilia grey Month ago

    literally saw the thumbnail and tripped out becos its looks like there were 2 adelaines and andre

  • Courtney Seale
    Courtney Seale Month ago

    Cups are amazing! You can keep them in for 12 hours (even with a heavy flow) and you don’t have to worry about the cost of feminine products. It does take a lil getting used to the first few months. But all in all it’s worth it.

  • Emily Camilleri
    Emily Camilleri Month ago +1

    Lucky you have target

  • Tramaine Antoinette

    loool my google mini is going wild over here! hahaha