Georges St-Pierre wrestling NHL's Georges Laraque who has 100 pounds Advantage

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
  • GSP wrestling NHL's Georges Laraque, who has nearly 100 pounds on the welterweight G.O.A.T. The event took plae on TSN TV's Off The Record, on May 21, 2010.

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  • Rene A. Ybarra
    Rene A. Ybarra 2 months ago

    Gsp knows how to control the pace

  • RikaKazak
    RikaKazak 4 months ago

    GSP is a LEGEND!

  • Dan Hawman
    Dan Hawman 4 months ago

    Wrestling is gay

  • Paul Dominic Untalasco
    Paul Dominic Untalasco 4 months ago +4

    Everyone else: Such a beast!
    Dudes who bullied GSP in primary: Could we volunteer to the MARS program?
    Fan Fact: GSP actually met a person who bullied him and inspired him to be a better person. GSP said he harbors no ill feelings. GSP's anti bullying drive is also something to talk about.

    • Library Card
      Library Card Month ago

      I think he does harbor some ill feelings but seeing his bully in the state he was in (begging for money) brought out his empathy. It's also easier not to feel bitter about bullying when you have accomplished so much in life. GSP is awesome but his story isn't the norm, normally the bully does 'better' at life, stats prove this.

  • X3MA
    X3MA 4 months ago +15

    Imagine what he could do, to a normal guy.
    Really puts things in perspective.

  • Mok C
    Mok C 4 months ago +3

    GSP Ngannou when?

  • zootedsuit
    zootedsuit 4 months ago +21

    GSP has drilled those moves 1000x more than most humans.

  • Aidan Horner
    Aidan Horner 4 months ago

    Gsp rly the goat

  • walperstyle
    walperstyle Year ago

    GSP better slam a few Molson's and get that weight up too.