GAME MASTER TRAPPED US in ABANDONED ESCAPE ROOM PRISON!! (with top secret mystery clues inside)

  • Published on Oct 19, 2018
  • After Grace Sharer and Stephen Sharer found β€œREBECCA ZAMOLO WORKING WITH GAME MASTER TO TRAP US!! (top secret escape room house with mystery evidence clues inside)” the Sharer Family quickly found out that the Game Master was trying to put them in a top secret abandoned jail cell, prison escape room. In this haunted abandoned jail cage Stephen and his sister Grace needed to find top secret mystery clues in order to escape and get out of the room. Steven searched for secret spy clues and Grace tried to as well. The Sharer Fam found a few puzzle pieces that looked like they belonged to Pumpkin Patch and maybe even Rebecca Zamolo. They also found a mystery box hiding in another jail cell! Could the #GameMaster be planing to keep the Sharers in the jail escape room forever? watch to find out!
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    Stephen Sharer Game Master Lie Detector in Rebecca Zamolo:
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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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  • Lacy Leland
    Lacy Leland 4 hours ago


  • nunu sanders
    nunu sanders Day ago


  • joanne smith
    joanne smith 4 days ago


  • joanne smith
    joanne smith 4 days ago

    Lift the bed up and pull her out.

  • Erin Ziemer
    Erin Ziemer 5 days ago

    I saw the game master

  • Shirley Benner
    Shirley Benner 5 days ago

    12:06 the game master was peaking out of the corner

  • Andrew Mixon
    Andrew Mixon 5 days ago

    Key is under the bed

  • Melissa Baca
    Melissa Baca 5 days ago

    Every time you guys were talking I would see the game master

  • Rodger Clark
    Rodger Clark 5 days ago

    I know how to make

  • Arturo Luis Lopez
    Arturo Luis Lopez 6 days ago

    Game master spy 12:07

  • Lauren Emmerton
    Lauren Emmerton 6 days ago

    Pumpkin patch is in the box I saw his mask

  • Atik Nizami
    Atik Nizami 6 days ago

    There is some one

  • Antonio E
    Antonio E 6 days ago


  • Sarah Baker
    Sarah Baker 6 days ago


  • V is for Vincent
    V is for Vincent 7 days ago

    I sawed the game master in the back ground

  • V is for Vincent
    V is for Vincent 7 days ago

    The box that you guys found from the vent was the same box from Rebecca’s Channal when she was in Hiawii

  • Phyllis Stewart
    Phyllis Stewart 8 days ago

    Try finding a ninja gadget

  • Darcy Cupit
    Darcy Cupit 9 days ago

    I saw the game master

  • Kepston Cambell
    Kepston Cambell 9 days ago +2

    When you gave Rebecca the keys the hacker was 3celI away watching you escaping

  • Vay P
    Vay P 9 days ago

    8 11

  • Vay P
    Vay P 10 days ago

    My name is Vayah the gm is thaer

  • Likith Olive
    Likith Olive 10 days ago

    We need a pen

  • Kathy Kautz
    Kathy Kautz 11 days ago


  • Wahid Saefaden
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  • Deborah Foy
    Deborah Foy 12 days ago


    DEFMUTE 12 days ago

    13 minutes of my life I will never get back. Please TVclip never suggest anything from these morons ever again, a 12 year old child has better problem solving skills

  • Charlene Edgeley
    Charlene Edgeley 13 days ago +2

    You have to find the key you do To unlock the hand cups okay my name is

  • michael suffolk
    michael suffolk 13 days ago +7

    i know how to work handcuffs there's a nob at the end

  • Lizzy Bobby
    Lizzy Bobby 14 days ago +2


  • Polina Ogromnova
    Polina Ogromnova 14 days ago

    i dont

  • Sara Najm
    Sara Najm 14 days ago

    The key is to get out

  • Jake Thivierge
    Jake Thivierge 17 days ago

    Knocks on the window behindοΏΌ

  • Al Wernham
    Al Wernham 17 days ago +2

    Rebecca is not working for the game master u are working for the game master

  • amyandrewr1
    amyandrewr1 17 days ago


  • nadia puad
    nadia puad 17 days ago +2

    I saw the gamemaster at 10:28 like if you saw him

  • Betty Litaker
    Betty Litaker 17 days ago

    Rebecca zamolo said you are the game master

  • Makayla Keel
    Makayla Keel 18 days ago

    Stephen do you have a cub to scrape on the bars

  • Makayla Keel
    Makayla Keel 18 days ago +1

    But why did the game master hand cuff grace but not you

  • Zainab Basel Jawad Habib Alkhayyat

    Project zorgo is watching

  • curtis Mealham
    curtis Mealham 20 days ago

    There is a box in the bars on the wall

  • Mahendra Jagnarine
    Mahendra Jagnarine 20 days ago

    The hacker are there

  • Samuel Sabino
    Samuel Sabino 21 day ago


  • Samuel Sabino
    Samuel Sabino 21 day ago


  • Nikkia Spears
    Nikkia Spears 22 days ago

    Did yall get out

  • Caked Smith
    Caked Smith 22 days ago +6

    The game master was at the end of the jail hall

  • lowry1504
    lowry1504 22 days ago +12

    I saw the game master while you were talking to rebbeca

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones 23 days ago


  • shirin walid
    shirin walid 24 days ago

    the GM was spying on you guy

  • Rico Chang
    Rico Chang 24 days ago

    Only A key can help you I think?

  • Pete Ricc
    Pete Ricc 24 days ago


  • NICKEY Bee
    NICKEY Bee 25 days ago +1




  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung 25 days ago

    The gm is at the gate

  • Mirna Franco
    Mirna Franco 26 days ago

    I sawa hacker

  • Christopher Fonseca acesnof

    Isn't that project zorgo not the game master???

  • Qasim Littlejohn
    Qasim Littlejohn 26 days ago


  • Qasim Littlejohn
    Qasim Littlejohn 26 days ago +1


  • Fernando Aleman
    Fernando Aleman 26 days ago +3

    I sow game master waiol Steven was taing the magnet

  • nate b
    nate b 27 days ago

    There is a somthinh on the bard windo

  • Kate Malone
    Kate Malone 27 days ago +1



  • Lusy Ortiz
    Lusy Ortiz 28 days ago

    O hell no

  • Ubaid Shah
    Ubaid Shah 28 days ago +7

    the gm was spying on you when you wore talking to rebecca

  • Leinda Barlow
    Leinda Barlow 29 days ago


  • Hinton
    Hinton 29 days ago

    Slh is in the box

  • Luther Cheatham
    Luther Cheatham 29 days ago +5

    I was in the place you were in

  • hBelinda Turnbull
    hBelinda Turnbull Month ago

    How did you get here 😳

  • Dig Master
    Dig Master Month ago


  • Rosioru Samira
    Rosioru Samira Month ago


  • Ian Williams
    Ian Williams Month ago

    You haven't checked uner the bed

  • Ian Williams
    Ian Williams Month ago

    You need to have kse

  • Pamela Anderson
    Pamela Anderson Month ago

    At 10:26 seconds the Game Master was in the far far right

  • Presto Todd
    Presto Todd Month ago

    Ok I will

  • Sarah Ashurst
    Sarah Ashurst Month ago

    the cey is next to the pol

  • syedali1046
    syedali1046 Month ago


  • Mike Huddleston
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  • Yenni Nguyen
    Yenni Nguyen Month ago